20151107 UCRP Central Committee

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11/7/2015 9:11:34 AM Business Craig Frank Anyone can help us with presentation? We can’t get the slides to the projector
11/7/2015 9:12:59 AM Call To Order Craig Frank Prayer – kevin bryly, pledge – rog craig
11/7/2015 9:13:20 AM Prayer
11/7/2015 9:14:05 AM Pledge
11/7/2015 9:14:40 AM Business Craig Frank “We appreciate you comein gon this Saturday. Get a chance to hear from local and national leaders.
Approve the agenda.
Moved and second. Vote – unanimous”
11/7/2015 9:15:19 AM Business Craig Frank “Like to invite Rep Chaffetz at this time. I remberg a few years a go a dining room table. What about running for congress. What a great idea.
Thanks for being here this morning – from Washington to be with us and watch a soccer game.
Jason Chaffetz.”
11/7/2015 9:16:18 AM Report Jason Chaffetx “Thanks for begin here early and particpating in credentialing. This is what makes us great and storng. It is citizen involemvent at every lever.l.
I am still pinching myself. I get to see that captial. You get to see the mess and sdiasata. This country ahs gone through great things.
A coupel of minutes then a Q&A.
A couple of dates 1816 was formed the Oversight governemtn reform committee. It was set to wath over all spending. It has grown and contracted.
Then in mid 1800 Lincoln came in and he challegned the Mexican Americna war starated in the right place. They called him spotty linoln. They were going after the Presdient.
I am very fortntuatne to the be chariman of that committtee. It is the fifth time that after 3 terms someone has become chariman.
Our majority leader was not going to get a promotion without some discussion. I challeged int her ace and ulitmately Palul Ryan won that for whom I ahave great srespect.
27 years old and 9 terms in the House. Thisgs are dramatically different without Boehner.
We can talk more about that. I don’t expect to agree or vote as Ryan does but I can tell you if that ifwe can improve the process then we will have more respsect and better product at the end of the process.
1876 was the last time that the House successfully impeached a civil officer. I intrtroduce a resolution to the floor to impeach thee IRS commissioner. Here we have a situation where there has been known srong doing. Quick review.
2011 Dave Camp who was chair of ways and means said that we think there is targeting. They get that letter and it is just a coincidence that Lerner’s hard drive crashed on that week. The chief of staff comptuer crashed too. 5-7 pm on Strurday afternoon. All the drecords of who had swiped in were destoryed.
In mid 2013 the IG said that there had been tragetting 300 aplications set aside. Compared to others. At that time the President said “”it was wrong and he would work hadn in hadn and worked to solve it.””
There were 5 open investigations. The wasys and menas oversignt, senate financen, and FBI. So President put in charge a maxed out investigator. To President Obama.
With Subpoena he puts in a new IRS Commissioner and we issue new request for preservation – yes we will get you that information. With 5 investigations in 2013.
Feb 2 2014 and Obama goes on televeions and says there is not even a smidgeon of corruption in the IRS and there are open investigations. He says this. Kate Duvall comes in and she is the one who is uspposed to find the docuemtns. She has done a depositionand I will tell you that tshe remembers well the day.
Feb 2 I came in tot eh office and found there was a gap in the Lois Lerne emails. And we could not recover them.
It was March 4, 30 days later that the docuemnts were desstoryed. They were destoryed a month later. The IRS said nothing had been destoryed. And nothing is recoverable.
Kate Duvall got a promotion. In charge of docuemntation production on Benghazi.
You can not make this stuff up. We have issued a report and filed tha pappers.
6 of us sit on the judiciary. This is unprecendented and havent’ done for along time. That is what we are doing.
I don’t want to take up too much time. I am flying off internationally. We are doing another investigation due to Benghazi. I have 12 embassies. Clinotn changed security when she came in. It is a territory of the US and it is downright scandalous. I am down in Indonesia. 100 million embassy over budget – opulent building and choc full o fproblems.
Colin Powell set up standard designs and.
Clinton came up with architecture is what conveyed the values of conutryies.
Lond embassy 500 million is now 1.5 billion.
We are going to dive into that and I am going to spend time out thtere and figure out what kidnd of a mess we have there.”
11/7/2015 9:28:40 AM Question Is there any chance we can get Romney to run?
11/7/2015 9:28:49 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “I am still crying because he is not. I would love it if he did. I ahven’t endosres and supported anyone. I would be happy to be us all better than Hillary Clinton.
We are 85 days out so.”
11/7/2015 9:29:29 AM Question Why does Congress seem helpless?
11/7/2015 9:29:37 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “Light up my facebook. Throw here in jail and hange here suggested by some.
But they don’t give me handcuffs. I don’t have the ability tot throw in jail. We have to be careful with that. There are a lot of people that come before my committee that should at least not get there pension.
We have the power of the purse. We have cut the IRS purse by 100s of millions of dollars. WE have a 3 billion dollar cut coming up. It doesn’t seem to have an effect. We have cut discretionarey spend and it goes largely unnoticed. 260 billion buts neighborhood. The power of the purse.
The second point is shingin osunlight on it. What they did on the secret service is good. The ehad of the secret serveice stepped down. The head of the DEA, you remember the parties? We drew that back up and she had to step down.
The chimical safety board. We are going after the IRS commissioner.
We are going after head of the OPM. They made here the head of the alrgest HR operation in the world. We had the alrgest data breach in theisotry of our country. IF it wasn’t for our committeee you wouldn’t hear about these things.
I issued a letter to Secretary Clinton. I sent the letter to hold her accountable for the emails and all the doucments for preserving the doucments. I wen tto Libya. I have been there. You wouldn’t even know abou the scandals if we didn’t do our work in our committee. We have sunlight.
I have a ability to issue a subpoena – we use that judiciously.”
11/7/2015 9:34:04 AM Question “Thanks for coming. Question from executive committee.
CDC – MMR and Autism, desruction of documents, misleadnign eter. Will you call in Dr. Willion Thomponso from CDC?”
11/7/2015 9:35:01 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “We have had some of these meetings. Our staff has spent time and I cannot release that yet. I need to meet with these people personally.
Whetehr that happens in a hearing TBD. Our number One focus right now deals with Healthcare. We are dealing with Healthe care exchanges. Oregon spent 300 million on non-exisiting webiste.
This is on the list and we will address it.”
11/7/2015 9:36:13 AM Question Hillary Clinton, benghazit aside – looked at email. She had a private server. I agree that the light o day but the problem isn’t that we need to find corrupt or not, it is them not caring. She need to be held accoutnable.
11/7/2015 9:37:03 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “The question is about holding Hillary Clinton accoutnabale. What I have told my staff from the committee perspective. Because she is first lady, senator and candidate. We shouldnn’t be tougher or softer. We should rtreat her like everyone else.
Trey Gowdy is a good friend. He is a good guy. We are on oversight and judiciary. We have breakfast and dinner together. What we agreed to with Speaker Boehner. We were going to allow Benghazi cmmittee to play out. When you compare the email you see that they were not giving us all the emails.
Clo””Close the emails”” – State Department certify that we have ALL the email. There is not question whether we can do that. You will not give us all the emails? As it relates to Hillary Clinton you have a duty to set up and let us have email.
It wasn’t us that came up with her own server. That server was set up on the same day as when she had hearing. Benghazi cmte will take the lead on that. I asked questions about General Petraeus. You had CIA and miliatary director.
Why did DOJ come uhold this over his head for so long and he came up with plea deal. I have faith on Comy with FBI. I have a lot of faith in Director COMey – he is a man of integrity. Those pursuits continue.
I don’t understand why in that hearing for Benghazi they presented to the world that the Secratey she sent email to her daughter. How could she mislead family and world about the Genesiz.
Can you name a single other person who would still be in the race. You want to look at a Super PAC you look at the national media.”
11/7/2015 9:42:18 AM Question Does Congress have the power to not mamke this illegal to lose backups and out side email?
11/7/2015 9:42:43 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “We do have the Federal Recoards act. You are not supposed to be using your own servers. You have to FOIA access. When we issue subpoena and other.
By the way first week of November we still don’t have emails. It was less than a month ago that they just got the first batch of. 3 years to find email.”
11/7/2015 9:43:56 AM Question Governemtn is the largest and most powerful organization. Trying to chagne a large organaization is hard. The train running down the track – do you belive in the long run we can change.
11/7/2015 9:44:29 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “Can you really change? I am eternal optimiast. We need a Comander in Chiefe that cares awbout what we do. Personal privacy. The things that we belive in. That is why this election is so critical. We have to win Florida, Virigatnia and Ohio. It is amazing to ehar people say how great a job Obama is doing. There was notbody that would vote in favor of his budget.
How bad is your budget if Peoplosi wouldn’t fvtoe for it.
You have to start with the Beast. You can’t operate if you don’t have the money. You have to cut the budgets. The net increase in the budgets. Up 120,0000 employees. The new employees who get to regulate things each and every day. The TSA now has 50,000 people working there.
We have cut it back and the net increase is way down.
I will leave you with this. Thank you for your time. Thanks for being invovled.
We need more young people. We nee dmore peole in our tent. The evenidenc and policies and pricniples are in our side.
That is a big part of Paul Ryan. You have to win the argument then you can win thte votes.
The media does not want the message out there. We have to win those communication wars. We need all hadns on deck at all levels. Thank you for you time.”
11/7/2015 9:48:25 AM Business Craig Frank “Thank you for spending time with us. I lvoe the reports and hogetting to ehar about DC.
I like to fire off text to our deldation and get response back. I apologize fo the media mix up here again. We have minutes from September 26 to be approved.
Motion, second, vote – unanimous.”
11/7/2015 9:49:41 AM Business Craig Frank Officer report – robert crag.
11/7/2015 9:49:55 AM Report Robert Craig “I will be brief today. In the last few mnonths we have had minial expense from our party. Cash balance is 16k. I do have the forms for monthly donations. We can start doing that this month. We would encouarge you . I will be coming up that aisle with the box. You can help us out with the monthly.
We also can take credit cards today you can do that. These expense we have. We can take care of this meeting at the least.”
11/7/2015 9:51:41 AM Report Kristin Chevrier “Thank you for being here – attendance for last time. Artuturo Morales and LD 61 this time. They had 60% attendance at the Sep meeting. Then LD60 had 57% attendance. Then LD 66 had 53% attendance. We will be doing this every time.
216 attendance here today
Dates: Jan 23, 2016 UCRP CC, I want to us encourage to move waway from paper.
Mar 22 is Caucus night. Presidental primary. We are trying to spread out and use different schools.
Apr 16 approved as County Convention date.
Apr 23 is State Convention.”
11/7/2015 9:55:46 AM Business Craig Frank Read changes. Movtion to accpet, vote
11/7/2015 9:56:05 AM Report “Nemo movie. He has freed himself from the aquarium and is reunitied with father. Dory finds herself confined in anet with the fish. I know how ot help them. His father is hesitant to have son be in harms way. “”Swim together. Swim down”” As a concerted effort they are abel to overcome liberty confinding ents.
I was encourage by tehresults of this last election on Tuesday and heard about the efforts of indidivuals of those who fight against things that restrict liberty. Many of you worked to inform your neighbors.
A good friend stated that one person can make a difference. 1 or 10 or 100 fighting. We are learning many increases are being moved forward by the minority.
I appreciate the efforts of those who work tireleysesly. I whope that we will all continue in that fight. Thank you.”
11/7/2015 9:58:44 AM Report Craig Frank “I apreciate these officers and time they put in. There is a huge effort and great energy that is spent on our behavlf. I want to recognize our pareliamnetaryiean Steve White here today.
I want to thank you. All of us could be somewehre elese. Many of you put in countless ohours in serive in your cmmunity. I appreciate all that you do. Thank you.
I want to recognize elected officials. Some I have served with others have come in since I left. Any from the House and Senate Here.
Senator Bramble is in China. Dayton and Peterson also had responsibilities – General Peterson. I want to yield a fiew minutes of my time to Craig Thorne. He ahs performed flag duty in many of our meetings. He is an officre fo VFW. He is part of a project that is worthwhile. There are these icons for the fchildren whose parents are away on duty.”
11/7/2015 10:01:59 AM Report “What we would like you to do or invite you to do – Build a Bear in Orem in Univ Mall. You can build whatever animal you want with a uniform. Buy a voice box. The parents who are deployed can make a special message for their child. The bear is then sent to to the parents for recording.
It has really done a lot fto help with separation anxiety for the children. When you go to build the Bar you can ajust leave it and operation teddy bear will come and take care of them.”
11/7/2015 10:03:35 AM Report Craig Frank “I have ben to our installation up at the point and with the children and watched their eyes as they received the bears. The joy is something to behold. As we have opportunities in the holidays and be engaged tin those kidsn of things. We are going ot be there Tuesday night this week to kick it off.
Iwant to also mention that we have awebsite. UCRP.org. There is a vast array of informaiton.
I feel detached. I didn’t realize that the orchestra pit would be here but I want to reach out to you. Applause for the tech people who are here.
First I want to mention that the State party has set up a prsidential priamry in our cacus night. We will have more informaiton on that on how we do that. This is the first opportunity that Utah ahs had on that level. This will be watched from all over the nation. We will be able to trend set and cast our votes. On a night where we are all trying to elect our local delgates and officials in our precincts. As you set your sechedules.
March 22 is the date set for the party in Utah. Ucrp.org.
I want to mention that our State Treasureer Richard Ellis is resigning. On November 21 the state cenral committee will meet and present 3 individusals. I have heard of 4 individuals who have engaged in that race so far. Neil Walter, Phil Connor, ___, and one other person. If you want to be engaged then get ahold of your State representatave and helt your voice be heard through them. I want you to participate. It is an interim appointemtn and they will run in 2016 cycle.
There is some rumors that we will have amid term vacancy. A relatively formal announcment ofrom Senator Jackson would be moving out of town. His son will be playing at Duke University and he will be leaving. We will have a midterm vacancy. Twe are ready and prepared with rules and requirements and other lawsuit and issues realted to takeing care of that.
I wanted to address one things as my main topic – when we had an executive committee and they mentioned lawsuit SB54 update.
As you recall in Jan 2014 this body passed a resolution to support the cacus convention system. This is absed on constituional precepts. These elemtns are consistent with those ideals of representative govenremtn. We have an opportunity to put that in to a greassroots effect. We can make our leaders know in our neighborhood what our expectations are. Thorugh this system in Utah we have a grea toption. It keeps the cost of elections down. It can be very expensive. And best that you are not beholden to special interestes and money to pay for expensive races.
In 2014 you passed a resolution to support that.
After you had resolution and they passed the SB54, the bst part is that there isa tab for all this infomration. I would encourage you to read that informaiton. Take advantage of these resources.
Chairman Evans had us vote on the language the confim what it means to be a Republican. We identified and voted and passed to become QPP “”qualified political party”” versus RPP “”registered””. According to QPP you can use cacus convention system or signature route. I went to the federal building and listend to the court room and listened to the discussion in the courtroom. As we litened to the exhcnage from Judge Neffer – he found that Utah Republican Party is a private organization and can define its membership. We require registration as Republican and support constitution and bylaws and identify with and support platform.
You can no longer be unaffilitiated to be an elected officer beccause that is a member of the party requirement. We now require certain aspects of loyalty.
There are 640,000 registered republican, 610,000 unaffiliated. You don’t have to require it but you can encourage them to affiliate.
Just think if we were to double our numbers.
There seems to be question now whether a party can require signatures. There is a rumor that the state party will engage in a state court. Some could ask whether a member could affilitate and then move out of the prtocol and still be in the party. Some suggest that they give u ptheir membership if they leave.
We will continue to work through this and get you updates on this issue since there is a conflict.
We are working on getting through our Senate Districut tours.”
11/7/2015 10:27:31 AM Business Craig Frank Lisa Shepperd – volunteer officer. Who will make a presentation.
11/7/2015 10:28:22 AM Business Lisa Shepherd “We have a briefcast here.
We have John Holback’s personal gavel. He served for 3 years. He left this earth on October 21 at age 55. He served in US Marine Corp. First professional Parliametnatian. He was district aid in parliamentarian. Many of you saw him at State conventions. He found great satfiscation to hlistening to people. He wanted all be their best.
Our meeting with John is not adjourned.
How many can say they have served since 1967? There is one. I would like to ask Byron Harward and Terry Ann to come up here. When he was 17 years old he found out what service was about and contacted Howard Nielsen to get involved. While Senior organized at Provo High. In 1982 he was campaign manager and chair helping with 3rd district. He served as county party treasurer, vice chair.
Provides para legal services 1986 served in House. Assistant Whip and Whip with Rob Bishop. 1994 wrote the bill that became.
He is majoring in Photography in UVU.”
11/7/2015 10:36:03 AM Recognition Byron Harward “I care about thi sparty and what it does. The most important thing was in the middle of my service. It was when I was driving under the overpass – UVCC to become a University. It took careful planning. It may look like Republicans and Democrats but really there are a mix of lines until you get one of those things Utah County against the rest of the state. John Valentine was in the House who could help. I wasn on higher education approciations committee. The thing that was interesting was that everyone had to do their part at just the right time.
If we got money then it was taken from there. UofU was going to win if we were not careful. This was not a Utah County Republican effort – Tim Moran and Eldon Money had their roles to play and we were all meeting every month for over a year to get this dne.
My part awas to not do something. Lots of opposition and there came a time when you can see Lyle Hillyard invited me to allocate money earliy in the process to UVU when it was not ready. The timing worked better in the end and we found the money earmarked later.
The session always got on at Wed at midnight and then I thought there was nothing more importatn then getting that first difficult appropriation in that proces.s UVU now exceeds every insistution in the tstate. Seeing the number of people who benefit today. I apprciateted you leeting me serve there”
11/7/2015 10:41:27 AM Business Craig Frank “Thank you for your services.
It was interesting listening to thatose names. I remember some of those names in black and white photos in the halls of those buildings. What a great legacy we have.
We will move ot our next item on the agenda. Thank you for the recognitions.
Committee reports. John Morris and turn time ot new C&B chair Nils Becstrand.”
11/7/2015 10:43:13 AM Report John Morris “I know you are anxious to not hear anything. Just to let you know we had our meetings per bylaws. We elected me as chair and we immediately stareted working on our objectives. 2015 is ramping up in 2016. One thing we looked at is physical assets that UCRP has. Want to be accoutnable for what we have. There were different locations and hopefully all in one place now. As chair Criag has asked me to reportsas you need. We need more trust and sivibility. This is our party and your party.
My name and information is on the ucrp.org. If you have any questions let me know.”
11/7/2015 10:45:37 AM Report Nils Beckstrand “Good morning C&B report. I will try and be brief. 20 years of service in the party. My phone number is also on the site. I really appreciate all the people on the committee. I look forward to working with them. Mission, process and priroties.
I encourage you to read our mission in the bylaws. We have two things: be guardians. Documents should be clear and consistent and easy to use.
You the central committee – tarnsparency, consistency and clear process. When we get proposals we want to seek all sides of the issues. The word editing should be finished by the time whe get here.
Last thigns on prioirities: It is pretty easy to say how but doing is harder. We want to set up prioirityes based on positive and negative outcomes of action. Some probablesm can be better solved outside of our committee. Resources are importatn.
I want ot encourage all of us to learn our couments.”
11/7/2015 10:49:22 AM Business Craig Frank “We look forward to seeing you in the future. Changes due to SB54 will require some chagnes. Think of the emmber on the committee that are really strong. They have good skills and thank sofr their cvolunteerring. We have raised 475 this morning. We encourage you the sign up on the perpetual.
We will go to a couple of quick speeches from elelcted officials. Kennedy, Doctor, Esquire and titles.”
11/7/2015 10:51:20 AM Report Mike Kennedy “Good to see you. It is a pleasure to be here. SB54 and gas tax. It is informative and instructive. I want you to know how these things work.
On SB54 – the Count My Vote people are out there. TO become a candidate in the party is 1000 signatures. For Senate you only need 2000 signatures. I voted against SB54 in the first place. It is what it is but there is a problem. The CMV people are out there and it does not take them that much to ge the signauttres. This caucus convnetion system needs to be prepared for that.
I hope that you are infavor of that. If our system does not work right – equal value of cacus and signature invdiaudls. It is not the same. There is a disavantage in the process of convention versus primary. I may have an opponenet. We want to put our things formwawrd.
A few days ago there was an election – there are some in this room who disagree with me. I am glad that Prop One failed I don’t know about you. Prop One came from a flawed bill. On the last night of the session – Sine Die (latin). At 11:40pm we get an infrastructue and gas tax bill that has gone through six divisions and we had substiture #6 and we have 20 minutes to read and vote. That was not right. Middle of the night last night of the session. It passed. I voted against it.
The dynamicsa re the 5 cent gas tax hits. Then the gas taxes is indexed for inflation. It moves up and down any where from 30 – 40 cents per gallon. You remember the decals that showed taxes – that was part of the bill for you voteres we didn’t want to tell you what you pay . . I thought that was bad and no susnshine. I think it is a great system to know how much we pay. I think that was contra transparency.
I was fascintaed by those who came to me and I had municiapl and other individuasl who came to me and told me how importatn the tax was.
I would like your assessment. It was asked by the Utah County to raise the tax bill. Iwant to see us do the review of what we will spend on. It is a revenue increase for the government. I want to know the need. I am not in favor of indexing. The legisalature shoud have to take th power seriously. I was stunned to hear that it was my job to raise taxes.
I was so stunned that I did not have a godo response. My job is to be very serious about taking money from your pocket to fund very importatn an appropriate need. I am a Utha County representative and we feel that very seriusly. I don’t’ want to take money out of your pockets. It is a difficult taks. Blood sport. It is . I don’t have all the answers. WE inthis county have the right answers.”
11/7/2015 11:01:11 AM Business Craig Frank “We asked Represetnative Kennedy since he repserants the best of the best. The nice thins is that they know when they have to pass the bilsl they have to live in their neighborhoods with the people that they are passing the bills. I appreciate his service.
I want to check with the team. We have done everything we need to do. Next meeting is Jan 23. Please be here.”