20100424 Utah County Nominating Convention

This meeting had a variety of County elections and Rep Chaffetz received and award for his work in DC thus far. Read more

20100424 District 59 election

This small meeting was held in a classroom with the County delegates from Legislative District 59. It was nice to meet with so many people that I am familiar with. Read more

20100412 Merrill Cook US Senate candidate

We met at the Spaghetti Factory. The room started with about 30 and filled up to about 50. It was a good chance to hear what his focus was going to be on in this race. Read more

20100406 Tim Bridgewater US Senate candidate

This was a townhall meeting held in the Orem City Hall. There were over 30 people there and Tim provided some good insights in to his candidacy. Read more

20100403 Mike Lee US Senate candidate

This was a good chance to listen to Mike present some of his ideas and then open up to questions. There were around 50 people at this event held at Ivory Ridge in Lehi.

20100331 UT County Candidates mingle

I had a chance to meet in Springville with a number of candidates who are running for County offices. If you go to the candidates sites you can get more “glossy” information. It was hard to get to meet the candidates since the format was so loose, but here are some of my notes.

Read more