20100327 Val Peterson introduction

Val kindly made himself available today (3/27) for an introduction and I was able to ask him a number of questions. I was grateful for the time. We had a good discussion about states rights, helping grow the business community, and improving education. I am impressed by Val’s experience with the legislature, local education, and the entrepreneurial community. I look forward to seeing more of Val at upcoming events.

20100323 Precinct 39 caucus

It was a great time to gather together with other people from our precinct. The turnout this year was 4 times the number of people two years ago. I am not certain what was the reason, but I believe that everyone is very concerned about the recent passing of the health care bill on Sunday (3/21/2010). Helmut Hobush was chair and ran the meeting very well. Thanks. We elected a number of new officers and delegates.
Chair: Merrill Hansen
Vice Chair: Helmut Hobush
Secretary/Treasurer: Evelyn Lewis
State Delegate:
Lee Hill
Kim Anderson
County Delegate:
David Henrie
Marlyn Garner
Laurel Martinson

I am grateful for all those who participated and look forward to providing more information on this site as I meet more of the candidates. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

20100309 Cherilyn Eagar US Senate Candidate

This was a good evening meeting where a number of us were able to hear from Cherilyn, a candidate running for the Senate. There were about 45 people at this event. I appreciated hearing Cherilyn’s positions on the energy, finance, and states rights.
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