20150418 UCRP Central Committee

When Action Who What
4/18/2015 8:15:26 AM Information Casey Voekes Due to the adoption of th agenda policy items will no longer be added to tha genda as set. People may add to tha genda at the rppporatpei te. We have a new rule.
4/18/2015 8:16:01 AM Business Casey Voekes Approval of minutes
4/18/2015 8:16:13 AM Presentation Kirby Glad The minitues are in a handout. I sent a n email asking for corrections. I liestd that we wer have a country versus county convention. That changes the minutes based on the fixed typo.
4/18/2015 8:17:01 AM Minutes Casey Voekes Approve the minutes. Approved without objection.
4/18/2015 8:17:13 AM Business Casey Voekes I am going to egin by hearing from Adrueill Herrina dn Kirby Glad and from Rob Crade and then I will swarp up the officers reports.
4/18/2015 8:17:38 AM Report Adrielle Herring “The only thing to report is that we have successfully had a lIncol Day dinner with 45k dollerr. Please give the sponsor appreciateion. We also woul giv ea recommendation when you are looking for services. I am excited to be hear today.
Lets have a courtsey and ecitgn time todgether as we elect our party leadership.”
4/18/2015 8:18:29 AM Report Kirby Glad “Make notice of our meetings scheduel. Theis gorup set it. We adopted this meeting sceheudl. Our next meeting is Sept 26.
In the minutes/ agenda we passed out there are a number of derlgaet change. Some wilhave been approved and others will be approved. I like to do it in case there are any obejctions. I wont’ read the list since you have it inf front of you.
I recommend we adopt and approve the list.”
4/18/2015 8:19:43 AM Motion Kirby Glad Move the adotpioin of the list.
4/18/2015 8:19:57 AM Vote Casey Voekes “Is there any discussion?
Approve the avote – vocal Aye.”
4/18/2015 8:20:31 AM Report Rob Cray “I actually had the budget report to show you our up to date. I don’t’ have it up on the screen. If anyone ever wants that . Youa re walwys welcome to contact me and saks questions.
This year so far we have received 44k (42 from lincoln day) 19k in expense fincluding todayas convention.
We hd some 2014 expenses that we paid this year at the beginning of the year of 8k.
We now have a balance of 16k.
Our current bank account balance is 1k.”
4/18/2015 8:22:25 AM Business Casey Voekes “Next is training segment. I was tongin to do it as a parting givft. Unfortuantley last night, as always happens before these meeitngs. This is th pattern and it has been apattern for nearly a decade.
We get together as wleaders and get it all going with good einttnions and have different situations. WE prepaare and then we make administrative things.
I wanted to ustilize technoology more and then 24 hours before this kind of meeting emails go out. This happened 3 months ago 6 months ago. And It happens all the time.
This morning I was talking wot someont who was a vicimt of these emails in th past.
The only regret that I didn’t’ have. You need to sue thess people. Calling them and having a convesation doesn’t work. So unforatnalye we get to a point where we get to therse meetgins I was looking for attorniesy and Trying to get after th utah ethics group.
Insterad of the trainign and griping I am going to take the next 5 – 10 minutes to hear your response.
I will first present a repspone to the Utah for ethiscs.
I got a lot of email with questions. This kind of sneaky and undeerhanded apporach. IT is pretty tacky. I am going ot defend myself and wil hold people accountable. I will focuse on this kind of nonsense. I donet want to impune motice and libel and slander.
I am going to start responding.”
4/18/2015 8:26:41 AM Report Casey Voekes “Read the email:
Utah for Ethics. — (copy in email here about the domain name)
First of all thDaryl Acumen was elected as Vice Chari. He moved about 200 feet from our County. He has incredible data. He scrubs the list regularly and has better data than the party. He offered to allow us to blast these emails for free.
I frequently use Michale Jolley and oDarly’s email.
In 2012 we talkeda bout fear and lack of data. I don’t usually fear outsurveys. As a group we should have surveys. The Democrats contineu to do well in these elections because they talk extensively about their concner because of their data.
We can only have good data if we are asking. My intention is to avoid the landmines that we walked in to. I want the new leaders to know the concners. It has healped. We were able to make a change based on the last survey.
Daryl has not been “”hired.”” He wants to ehlp the party awith his service and he has not received a penny.

This anonymous email went to your personal email. I have shared my thoughts on the canddiates. You shouldn’t vote for people based on their domain.
I didn’t want to hide the data.
Now that I am in leadership some people think you are a bad bad person.
I called Daryl and it tok 2 hours for hiim to call me back. Daryl has a family and was not going to be taking the data yesterday to his clients. He was at the Costco with his family.
I mentioned Michael Jolley to coall and confirm that people were on board with the sterring committee.
I am sorry if anyone was confused about the candidates.
If you take the survey who onw the results – the party.

It is clearly the intntion to mislead the survey – this is the impuning that my attorney say is the bad part

4/18/2015 8:38:34 AM Information Jacob Anderegg We took the bait and wasted a lot of people’s time this morning. Getting together and hashing through personal gripes. You have a group of people who want to kingdome build within the organtzation. Lets caget to the training and the candiates.
4/18/2015 8:39:29 AM Information Casey Voekes “Unfortunately I spent time doealing with this. People told me to send a response. I don’t’ want to get in to the mud. We as a party need to say enough is enough.
We need to delte the email and tell them no and they are insane. We need to ignore. I was not able to prepare the training because I didn’t have the time to do it.
My bsines partners will tell you. This party has always been my top rporptiry duroing thise two years.
I needed to answer this email and address the questions. I want su ot have a successful convetnion. If your deltgates are razzed and want to set a fire on beacuase of that email.
Any follow upquestions?
Hear from State Party Chair.”
4/18/2015 8:42:25 AM Report James Evans “Thank you. Id ont’ know how to faollow that. I am fighting with Count My vote.
Many hae asked about the lawtusi tand the dreiction of the party as a hwhole.
Prior to our injuction on the 10th.there was no way toget the required changes in on time. As you know it take sa lot of time to get things passed through a body of deleagete. Especially when it was conroversial. We wer not able to come up with the answer.
In the hearing something amazing happeend. Judge Newford illumninated thate pathway and it was like he was shingin a light on the issue.
He kept referring to theis – you can resolve this through your membership. You know if you look at your membership uyou c an resolve this.
We brought up other pathways – but you can resolve that through your membership requirements. In many of our heads the membership is all registered Republicans. We allow the state to amintain our membership roles. We give it to the state to keep the roles.
After the judge referecningd the membership part anumber of times then we asked – what do we want to do with our candidtes?
We want them to run the gauntlet so we know wehre they stand and we want to vote these candidates out as Repulicans and this is where they stand on the paltform.
This new opportunitiey with the petition path was that the perceiption was they just hae to get signatures and they can spend tons of money and say what they are.
As the judge said, we control our membership. Imagine if you decided to become a candidate – if you had certain requirements to be a part fo the party.
If you are required to engage for proepr bvetting then you will have to fit our needs.
In short we are putting together a framework that will ensure thos ethat are petiion candiates wiill have to jump through hoops.
No one is getting through without proper scruitiny.
The judge is clear that he will go theough the process of legally resolving this. We will have to take action and make a selection. He said come back after you make a seleciton.
He wants us to conintue with the lawsuit – as we move forwad we will review our membership requirements. It will need to be a more specific description for our candidates so they can be required to meet our requimenets.
The fact that we have had an excellent vetting preoess has then required them to be excellent and a result is the state running at the top. We have a disciplined party apparatus that involves you today.
We want to make sure no matter what path you take you are vetted. We are going to be becoming stronger as a party.
The underlying concerns will be litigated and finished by January 2016. He helped us come up with the legitimate requirements. We are going to explore that to the fullest.”
4/18/2015 8:51:32 AM Question Background checks?
4/18/2015 8:51:45 AM Answer James Evans “That will be State delegates to decide. Your county will need to make that decision.
What we are doing is making sure that we expand the framework of the memberhsip so we can be consituttionaly sound. Canddates will be compelled based on us redifining our memberhsiop. That is how you can enfoce.
Signing a discloruse will have to sign a discolure. If you can’t sign it then you are not a member of the party. You are elevating your profile in the party and your brand. We won’t force it to be a candidate.”
4/18/2015 8:53:39 AM Question Who gets to define rRepulican.
4/18/2015 8:54:01 AM Answer James Evans “We are putting together a framework for that and that is how it will be decided. Keep in mind – this does not affect people thare not candidates then this does not affect you. If you choose to nolnger be a candidtate.
If you choose to run fo roffice then you would trigger the requirments. The reason I am putting it ou there now is we want vigorus discussion. We have never had to discuss this before becaseu we have not had this much intrusion into our process.
Don’t feel shy about igvein your fedback – just be nice about it.”
4/18/2015 8:56:00 AM Report Casey Voekes “Diane on CC&B?
Final comments from me.
We have gotten a lot done in this party during the past 2 years. The last coupel of years we have not had controlversial speakers at Lincoln Day. During these two years I invtied Matt Walsh and he spoke of the principels of the party.
Rafael Cruze, Sean Yers last year. They spoke about the party in a sdistrict and abrupt way.
Why does the Conttitution land the way idt does. We had a concer to reactivate the college repuclibacn.
We worked with the lecedted foficel.
The agenda reform process we helped reduce time wasted.
GOP committee has moved our cause forward.
Jim Matheson is done.
Common Core issues were highlighted and focused on.
Party leaders got out and talked about the party. Many leadrs in the past have been quiet.
We attacked problems and not people. I have completed at moments about stragne beavhore. I have not been graetful that my age has not invovled my decision have been trusted. You treat me as a peer.
I have built some very good friendships. I am gareful for this committee and menotore. I will certinly miss being a parcitipant in this process as I have for th last couple of years.
Any other business.”
4/18/2015 8:59:43 AM Adjourn Casey Voekes
4/18/2015 8:15:11 AM Call to Order Casey Voekes
4/18/2015 8:15:18 AM Prayer

20150418 UCRP Organizing Convention

When Action Who What
4/18/2015 10:55:52 AM Call to Order Casey Voekes “Welcome to the 2015 orgnization convnetion fo the Utah County Replubcain Party.
For 20 seconds I want to address one quick thing. There are arlways a flurry o femail that go out the night before. There are those who say that I should flurry out an email.
I want ot read to you the response to anonymous emails. The man who fears no truth – has nothing to eear. Your Chairs and Vice chairs can answer any questions you may have.
This morning we will begin with praryer – Tamara Atkin.
Color by veterans of foreign wars.
National Anthem by Holly Mayne.”
4/18/2015 9:30:28 AM Prayer Tamara Atkin
4/18/2015 9:34:34 AM Pledge
4/18/2015 9:34:41 AM National Anthem
4/18/2015 9:34:45 AM Business Casey Voekes “The convention I got together the same team as last years. We are back at it is again. You will see them throughout the day and they are awesome.
Governor Bangerter’s funeral is today. In order tohear from our leadership we will hear from them before they need to elave. I want to say thte the governeor has been awesome to work with.
I have loved his calls to meet with him an the mnor and his office. I have appreciated his lietstning to ur in this county and our party. He is a great menotre and freiend aand I will miss the opportunity to work frwith him.”
4/18/2015 9:36:25 AM Report Governor Herbert “Thank you. I am honored to beheere its coming home tfor me. I am gratefulf ro the heariatege that we have here. I see the heart of our economin recovery coming from Utah County and this is the art and soul of the Repulibacn paryt.
Let me just mentione three things.
Gover Banereters funeral today. I think we fortget that he was the firt Replubcain governore for 30 years. He took over during a very diffucult time. I can relate because we took over during recession.
In 1970 it was 16%, and primer reate was in 20+%.
He is known for the pumps on the negative side. I havad him at the mansion 4 days before he passed away and he looked great. He spoke to our honorary colonels who are from the hightway patrol. He takled about his history and hprinciples and gave some conseul. One of the things was that the idea of the pumps came from Matheson and he just implemented. It saidaved some money from floodking. He said,
“”I could have blamed the propelbem on administration””
I did not know the connection with Scott Matheson. We don’t just blame – we get things done.
Some people ask why we are so successful in our state. I was at a dinner. Bill Hasleam I is the Chair of the Governors Association.
I was introduced as the governemor wit every other stats in its rear vewi mirror. How can we have great success?
I was invited to go back to Washington to meet with Pew Center who had the same question. They asked me to come back and spend some time. Why are you at the top of the list in every mesausrable way. I talked about tax poslic8y, volenetterism, tas xpoloicy.
The ereason you are doing so much good – is becaue your people are so much better in Utah.
This is not a nationla platform to run on. You are better – havd have values that are keeping the sate up.
Last point on that same vein – we received honor form US Chmaber of Cmmerce – list as Number 1 in America – top 10 in all of their categories. This is the second year in a row. It shows that people are recognzing wahat is taking place. They said why tey picked Utah the number 1.
We find the sperice of cooperation and olllaboration that we don’t find other palces. We have self- determintation and collaborative spriet and find solutions for success. We in fact really do work together to solve problesem.s
Ronal Regan is thsaid US is shining city on the hill. If people have liberty and freedom with personl responsibility.
Utah is ths thining city on the hilel. We need to be out there for the reast fo the states and the country. We are the shining city on the hill. I am grateful to be yoru governeor. Graterful for the county and your service.
Keep America the best place in the world. Thank you very much.”
4/18/2015 9:44:28 AM Report John Dougall “it’s great to be with you. I get the rpivilega of traveling this state. It is great ot be with you.
Iw ant o thank Casey. We are independet and being Chair you have done a great job. Now I told Caeay I would be frual in my comments.
A few week ago Tribue did a tribute to Lee in the Senatre.
Senator Lee needs to remember that Extremeisinm in the defense of liberty is no vice. Keep of the great job.
In closing we have a great time agahead. Governemtn is like a baby a lian aptetie at one end and no respoisbility at the other end.”
4/18/2015 9:46:37 AM Report James Evans “I just spoke to central committee and whont rehash what I talked about. I want ed to express my greatitued to Casey Voekes. He is the second youngest county party chari. We need that in theis party. We need them here. We need Casey to continue. The only requirement I have tfor this group. Youa re an independte bunch. We need to help corral you in yoru interface with the aprty.
There are some strong voices. On behavlf of the Replucan Party – here is the one year at the Elephant bclub.
Memberhsip pin – this liettel gold elephant. I whis all the candiate a good luck today. I can honsetly say that Utah County si the engine within the Replubcan party. We look to eingenuity and keep doing what you are doing.”
4/18/2015 9:48:59 AM Business Casey Voekes Thank you Govenreor, Auditor and Party Chair. This actually is the moent wihen we come to order for th convention and officialty proceeding with business. Chair recognizes credentials committee
4/18/2015 9:49:36 AM Report Kirby Glad “The list of delegates for the convention begins at the caucus. Any changes are approve by precintct chair. Those shcnaees were reveiwed and we have mad the list afvailable. Any candidates and party officers and offer any challenges as needed. No challenges have been received.
The currently avaialble list be creditnaled.”
4/18/2015 9:50:43 AM Motion Casey Voekes
4/18/2015 9:50:54 AM Motion Doug Brinley was voted to be delegeat but called as mission president. We have a replacement – daniel young has done his best to vet the candidate. We mised the deadline so I move that we credential him.
4/18/2015 9:51:40 AM Vote Casey Voekes Daniel Young. Ayes have it (3 nos)
4/18/2015 9:52:28 AM Vote Casey Voekes Vote on credentials committee report – ayes have it by raised credentials
4/18/2015 9:52:52 AM Business Casey Voekes “834 delegates credentialed as of 9:34 am.
Rules committee report – Diane Crhistaense”
4/18/2015 9:53:17 AM Rules Diane Christensen “Please turn in the program to the first real page – not insert.
A few different district lcation changes.
After the Leg Caucuses are over please put up your own chairs. White chairs stack, red chairs are on racks.
LD 27 – cafeteria, 68 -> 110,
The official rules of the convention are one page in and were approved by Exec ocommitte on April 2nd. We have had not difficulties in following of the furles. Thanks to the candidates. I recommend the rules of the 2015 be approved.”
4/18/2015 9:56:00 AM Vote Casey Voekes Discussion. Vote to adopt the rules of requires 2/3 vote.
4/18/2015 9:56:32 AM Business Casey Voekes “Adoption of agenda. The one that is on the Insert. I want to move us through the agenda. Officer reports wer at beginning but I want to get straigh to votigin.
Without objection the agenda will gbe adopted.
Withoout objection election judges appointed.
During the filing candidates there are three candidates who expreienced freeze when they filed. 2 of the candidates were able to get on the ballot. We would like the name of the 3rd individuals name to be on the ballots.
I move that we accept this District 16 add the candidates name to the ballot.”
4/18/2015 9:59:10 AM Question Kristin Chevrier “Purpose of adding the candidate. They communicated with the secretary – because of the system failure and deadline. He wnate dus to bring this up. When this was brought ot my attention.
My brother had a problem with the filing 10 minutes before. Cindy had the same problem – we wanted this dto be conde openly.”
4/18/2015 10:00:59 AM Report Kirby Glad “There were issues – I didn’t close it exactly at 5pm. I would normally appeal to the rules chair. I wanted to just move fowrawrd.
I head that Cindy had withdrawn her request. I reconfirmed that.”
4/18/2015 10:02:11 AM Question Proof
4/18/2015 10:02:27 AM Answer Casey Voekes Name mismatches in the system.
4/18/2015 10:02:39 AM Vote Casey Voekes Ayes have it.
4/18/2015 10:02:55 AM Division
4/18/2015 10:02:58 AM Vote Casey Voekes Vote by standing. Ayes have it.
4/18/2015 10:03:33 AM Point of Order Excpetion of the rules required 2/3?
4/18/2015 10:03:42 AM Answer Casey Voekes No – we are adding the candidate – majority required but we had 2/3 easily.
4/18/2015 10:04:26 AM Business Casey Voekes “Election by acclatmation – Robert Cray as Treasurer. Congratulations Rob.
Among a copule of other apointements – Addrielle is wonderful and Rob has books really good because we use Quicken now.
The enxt item of business I fthe elections overview. We will be using preapred ballots for these elections.
If you did not get one then go to the elections table which is ?? I don”t know where.”
4/18/2015 10:05:59 AM Information “If you are missing ballots. Don’t panic if you don’t’ have a ballot. If you don’e have one of the ballots do not just voet on the wrong ballot. Come to room 107 and we will certify.
If you know you are missing one right now let us know and you can go to credentials table out there now.”
4/18/2015 10:07:13 AM Request for Information Lowell Nelson Ballots for State Committee?
4/18/2015 10:07:35 AM Information Kirby Glad As you look at credential you will see the room. That is your credential. The bollat will be at the meeting.
4/18/2015 10:08:12 AM Business Casey Voekes “We will now hear from each of the candidates. They will speak in order of the random drawing. They will have 5 minutes of presentation. Any breach in decorum will result in forfeiture time. Refraim from calling in to other caharcters or motives.
We will begin with Chair candiates and Vice Chair. Then announcemtns. Then Secraetary.
Carey will wave her hand around when the time is up.”
4/18/2015 10:10:30 AM Candidate Kirby Glad “I am told that eher are two qualifacaiton. Smart enough to do the job. Dumb enough to want th ejob.
When I pledge allegiance to the flag I am maing a committemnt to secure the blessings of liberty and postereiy. I belive I am the candiadtea fo rthe office.
In our party #4 purpseo is nominateing the canddaites. But number 1 is usporoting condiatsution.
Whether SB54 stands or not we need to take the message oude of the aparty. We need to have discussions owiht those who are liberal and not like us.
We nee dot have a more compassionate message. We love the poor – we have poverty. We believe our principles lead to policy.
We hate lawlessness not immigratns. We need to focus our Purlican rlations program.
We need n information gbooteh at Freedom Festival and need to be at every group. OpEd in every newspaper.
We shoul dhave teenagoe Replucan chapter.
Colelgre repluciane.
We need to reach out to new hisplance citiznes.
W have a repuation of being commiteed to Reupoicbna principles. We should be also Chrisitan. We should be kind and have a pissionate political discussion. That is the party we need to be.
If you love you neighbor. You do not send an nonymous email questioning their integrity. We are all talking about communidation and better meetings.
I submit you select someone who can do thie things and can implement.
I am the candaite who has bene making things happen and keeping things running smootlhy and getting thigns done. The only chair candiate who has raied money and ma doing it. Id din’twaint to raise it.
I ahave made our party more issues oformatue. I am certified parliatmentatiran. I hav ecareated several key events.
I think there are lots of way to serve and I am wiling to serve in any way to move it forward.
You have seen that I am wiling to move things forward and admint mistakes andI am prarpere dto be your chair. I ask for you vote.”
4/18/2015 10:15:59 AM Nomination It is an honor to introduce Cory Malloy . Jemnifer lambert – Dist 6. Together we hit the groudn running as a team. He doesn’t just talk bit and do little. We mapped out aour pland and move forward. He can make things happen. He creates results. Two of this greatest streanght is getting this doens through collaboration. I have sen him take cahrge. Thiis needs an organized an good timea. I ask you to voe for Corry Malloy as Chair.
4/18/2015 10:17:31 AM Candidate Corey Malloy “Jennifer is one of the big leaders of this party. I was moved this morngin when we stood and pledged allegiance to the flag. We san ghte national anthem. I could not believe th eovwerhelmin goodnes in the s groutp.
One fo the greatest htings in this party is exacatly what the Governor said. This is the ahert and duls of the party. Ihave a great love and appreciateion of this party. I know what it si like ot put yourself outthere and v et the candiates. I know what it is like to pick what is the right princpiles.
Wha is the princpile that lines you up as a repuclianc. Many or most ofthem. Youar ehrea declaring yourself as a Replcianc.
The thing that I can bring is a givison of this party and where were at and ned to go. This iyear will be abig year. We nee todo everytihgin we can to repress our influesn.
I do pulica relations everydya. This is something we need to do is expcercise our influes. We need to do a lot of work fo rthis next eslextion.
Know what w kne and don’t know. We have a lto toda do.
I was talking to Michael, a College Replucan he asked what we needt to d. I plan to work with each and every one of you to educate and ring up whese next people.
I have av ision – One of theg reat hitng is to unify for a great cause. We have met as a District and talkeda bout wha is comeing forwaht to the Cnetal committtee meeting. The power of the party should come from here.
I would appreciate your vitea nd am grateful to be with you. Thank you very much.”
4/18/2015 10:21:32 AM Nomination “I represent Saratog Sring and represent .
I nominate Wendy Baggeley for chair fo the party.
Some of you may repmember when Eagle Mountain was the butt of cjokes. Wendy and I cam down on opposeite sides of serveral issues. She addressed the issue and she and I disagreed but I gained so much respsect for her. She has served to train and I vote for her.”
4/18/2015 10:22:47 AM Nomination “My name is Hannah Baggely – when baggleys’ daughter. I love politics. It is awseom. I am one of those kids who got talke early on. That doesn’t happen. I was trainged Most people don’t get trained about what politics si. They werent’ talught buy someone like my mom. You learn from somen e what politics is about.
When my mo took a break 4 years ago some said she lost her ability to lead. For those who think she can’t do things becacue she is nice. You arereally wrong. My mom took a break as a political relation boot camp. She taught us what ist means to be Replucan and hav principles.”
4/18/2015 10:24:54 AM Candidate “Pain can be very differeicult. I just came down with an abcess tooth.
If you ignore your teeth it will go away.
There is an infection in our party and national level. We bicerk for hours over incsequential things.
Some think we are ineffective group. We need to do more mand can do more. I am very graetful for what Casey and ofther have done. It will take a lot more work and I want to take that ball down to the endzone and.
I belive that you can do a lot by smiles. This mam bear will fight fro what is right.
The infection in our party, county and countrye an be fixed.
Vote for Wendy Baggelley as County Party Chair.”
4/18/2015 10:27:07 AM Candidate Craig Frank “I am runiing for chair. My wife Kin is not ehre. My oldest daughter Kim is getting married and her bridal showr is this morning. I am sorry they are nto with me. She is marrying a Replicna though.
Kirstin has been working for Wayne Neiderhauwser since her graduation at UofU. Whil I wasin the legislature she was my interen..
My children grew up under my arm and the Replucan weing. We have appreciated her influcne.
George Wahsington taught us best about aquatins our children .
TA primary object of our deducation should be in gvoneremtn.
I raised 4 Repucliang children. It was oddly enough one of our kids dates – I asked the boy what prety he was in.
As a Chair, along with other respoinsiblityeis. I will bring several things to this talbe and organization. I will organize a traveling bog top tour in the 8 distircuts. I will invte them to meet with the LD leaders and precinty chairs and the delegates the agenda that we plan to push in the next ession.
I will brgin the whiteboard. And will travel aroudn the county now that my kdis are grwon and waway.
We will discuss on improtnat principles and ideals. We will educate on the cuacus system. We
We will have a greater focus on committees tha will vet piceces of lthings that come before us. In the legistlarutre you havea vetting committee ato get through things. No more one -time adventures.
We need to increase our technology and improve our tecnoogy. I have been a lawmaker fo rnine years. I would aks that you vote for me as pary chair.
Thank you.”
4/18/2015 10:32:52 AM Candidate Benjamin Summerhalder “I was born and raised in Oregon – this was liquid sunshien last week. You don’t’ see that many people who tan. We rust.
I want to share with you my vision for the Utah County Replicanc Party. A party that is respsected and the example of traditional concservative princpoels.
One voice and people listen througout the country. We can make that vision a reality. These are the princpls we belive in. We should discuss this and not agendsa.. We have made some progress under Casey.
A Replucan party is a big tetn and diverse. Because of that we will never agree on all thigns all of the time. My wife and I hav been married for 30 years.
Ronal Regan said someone who agrees with you 80% of time is a freidn not a rtrairo. The County My Vote I support the overturning of this. We need to deal with SB54 and put together our plans now to deal with this.
There needs to be better communication withte officers. We nedd to show our friends and neighborar that we blieve in the same thingsk They should be in the same party. We aatn to meet with you and you need to talk with your neighbors and ask them what ideas they have to solve that.
How would you feel about coming to the meetings when we have all the dieas before us. We ask you what ideas will work and why.
Then we take those ideas back and and implement them. I thikn you would be more adtive and engaed in the party. You would feelyou have a voice again and are being heard.
The job ov the vie chair is uspport the chari. I have the expereicne to serve as Vice Chair – LD ChairI am dedicated to the paltform and will do what it take sto get the job done.
I thank you for your time and ask you for your vote as your next vice chair.”
4/18/2015 10:38:14 AM Candidate “Good morning ladies and genetlemen. I was moved when we sange the national anthem. I don’t know how it is out there. I am just very produ to be areplucainc.
As I have compaigned. I would like to thank you for your participateion and passion. You are the elete among the eliete.
I would like to thank my fellow candidates. They have been consummarte genetlement and respsectful.
I am a lifelong replucain. I rember wantching Regan. I went on with that passion to serve my community to get my MBA degree. Public Administration – MBA for governemetn and NPOs. I am not an attorney I think that is a brownie point.
Three reason hy to vote for Scott Ward.
Professionla – in the plubcna dn private secotre. I got fmy first job and Herbert was Commissioner. I have been involved in opliicits in saome way. Iwas also a lobbyist for aw hile whiel I was in the telecomm industry. How to talk to people in srespocul way to complish mutually benefit thins.
Personality – I We need leadership that is ready take the abton and lead when needed. But we also need to listen to and not divide hourselves and work tegther effectively at all leverls.
I have a Plan. The vie chair is to suppor the Chair. I am going to bring my ideas to the committee and formulat ea unified plan. I sent out the video with Lou Holz at the Univserity of Teas. I ean from everyone everywhere. We need to ealrn some things to turn our aprty organizaiton in to the best in the country.
We need to get our own house in order and we will need to look to ourselve. We may have to change our dieas or tactices so we ca focus on what is good for the party.
I hope that we share the vision of a uniifed party. We will be strong and united. If anyone dares challenge the caucus system.”
4/18/2015 10:43:49 AM Candidate “it was in the fall of 1787. Ciztizens wahtne dot ehar what had been procudced./?
Franklin said that we were a Repluc “”if you can keep it.”” I am a Replucaln because I belive in a representative form a fogvernemtn. We are not a democracy.
One fo the best defitions I have heard. A replucan is a well armed sheep constetning the vote. Teveryone has rights and the rights are n’t given by cogvenremtn so they can’t be taken away by fongerne.
Goerneremtns are instittuted to proectte the reights. If you have sdonread the platform reacently. Things at times can become blasé.
I relly appreciate fom our paltform.
“”indiivdual responsaiblity and accountilibyt””
“”Protect each persons right to life liberty and property.””
“”The problem education resta with student and paretn.””
“”The right to keep arnd bear amrs””
“”Taxation should be as miniamla as possible.””
Some know my why – Ray bradlye – she ihas been at the forefront of the fight over common core. We hwave been sharing our finding and leafl concerns. My wife has graveled the antion and talought about local control. The Replucain party paatform used to talk about getting rid fo the departement of education . We leveihere the piriarmy control is the family. Some of you don’t’ belive that the Comone Core is dangerous.
I currently server ad LD Chair in 27. I have been delegeat in 201, 2012, 2014. I was in the convention when Mike Lee and Bridgetwater were at the convention.
I appreciate Mike Lee. I have to tell you that I am super fortuatnet to be an LD chair in Hihghland area. Miek Kenenedy does a fantastic Job. And my senatore is mark Madsen. Al Jackson representes the rest of the majority sitrcit.
I belive in our values. We need to do things that make us more republican.
Thank you.”
4/18/2015 10:49:26 AM Candidate “I poose the question is gonverment working fo rus or are we working for the vognvemrent. Isaree they living up to the platform. Life, Lbierty and pruse of happiness.
We as replucinas howld these tenets to be true. It is rwrten in our hearts.
We defend the defenseless and the libery of oterhs as well as our own.
We do not belive in equaliy outomce s but men have potential to achieve what they strive to achieve.
Working in govnerment is a diffiutl job espectialy when you bevlie g voeremtn has answers.
I would like to talk about SB54. It was meant to weaken our party. It is nothing thsort of a knife in the back of the system, party and the votesr who helped get them elected. The same men who failed to find fault are seeking to destroy the .
The causec system worked when He was defetated by Mike Lee. We need to start living up to our party platform.
I want to read a quick quote – “”antion can siurve fools an …. An eneymy at the gates ifs know. A traitore works thourh the halls iteself. The Tritor epeaks in teha ccents fo the victims. He appeasl to the baseness that lies deep in the eart fo all men. He works secretly at knight. A murder is no less to be feared.””
Have we opened to doors with SB54. The gates are let down and now we need to treathenth thened.
The past session there were over 800 bills and 520 passed and this by a party that blieves in limited governemtn.
We need to stop referring to legistlarotre a slaw maers. They take it too literally.
I wish I could refer to all our legisatlros as defeners of liberty. Being defenders of party proviede the hope of the body athat looks our for our needs.
Between the city, county, state, fderal and globally.
I would like your vote and appreciate yours support. Thank you.”
4/18/2015 10:55:58 AM Nomination Becky is a hard worker. She works behind the scens
4/18/2015 10:56:17 AM Candidate Becky Pirente “I am runing for secretaroy and honored to be among the candites today. I aprpecaite Casey Voeks.
Years ago a man when to Afriac looking for diamonds. Menwhile the man that bought the farm. The farmland was full of diamonds and you are the diamonds. We don’t need tow nder where our Next leader is. It is among all of you.
You are welcome here and needed here.
If you leect me to serve as secreatey I will focus on minutes, record and data. I will keep track of all the informati. I will update your infomraiton so that one one isever forgotten.
We know that it is about keeping organizaiton. This is also a leadehsip osotiion. I will help us set out vision leadership and goael.
I will use omy vote to stadn up for a opositibt productive.
We hav had a few who do the work for many. We must be more willing to open and share and poareticpate more to learn and grow from each other.
Using tariningd and montehly meetings.
A publica realtions plan and community planning. We need to staeop just atlking with each other and talk to together.
I have worked as an activites in many causes and on camopaigns. When I served as account Exec Directore. We made over 300 calls. I helped to make the program to get up to date informatin.
I have serveda s LD Chair and trainined on hwo to do things in the party. In 2009 I heped recreuite 5000 people to be new delegates and all of my efforts have been to helpus stand united.
As your secreatery. I would owkr with you. You are diamonds.
I ask for you vote”
4/18/2015 11:01:04 AM Candidate Kristin Chevrier “I am runin gfor secreatary because I know the value of accurate, accesible records and timly commuindcation. Expreience Drive visiona dn can dget the job done.
You should have received my power pakeced email, tarinings and video trainings. Through 25 years I have worki wiint he party.
I have worked in groups, training and groups an.
I belive in thfairness int eh process. I have been interested in empowereing pwopel in the process. I have adapted to chagnes. Whwn ea canddiate in 2009 asked mt to hsot cottgage. I stattred the first Host the Candidate meeting. Imy example created the enw norm for party elections. WheI looked for creative solutions to run the cacus. I have demonstrated an ability to achieve common goales.
I am trusted to do what I say and serve. I have a thorough understanding of the rolls and procesesreu. I am fully prepared to serve you. I will treview the policy and see how we can serve more fffectively. I haveserved other aprty secretary. I Hsoudl be the most transapretne. I can farir and netural in service. The embermver asn the publica should have accuracy. I will gkeep it accurate. No technology can replcae this
I have ser ved in many capacities in the last 25 years.
I belive that more vaoices make better decisions. I serve because of the principles that I belive should be afoundation. The party ois the vehicle to transport the ipincpiles to law. I belive the caucus keeps it close to the people. The role of this party. I would be honored to serve as you secreatry. Pelase vote Kristin for secretary.”
4/18/2015 11:06:18 AM Business Casey Voekes “After voting pelase go to your senate district.
Senate go to 11:55 then House to 12:25. You need to move quickly.
You will want to come back for second round of balloting.
At this time make sure you are prepared for party races.
Credentials as of 10:30 – 888 delegates credentialed.
Bill Mortimer instructions”
4/18/2015 11:08:15 AM Information “7 different colored ballots in your packet.
For this vote they will mark #1 and you put in the ballot box.
You will all stand and the ballot boxes will come through the rows.”
4/18/2015 11:11:04 AM Ballot Caleb Christian open
4/18/2015 11:20:51 AM
4/18/2015 11:20:58 AM Results Casey Voekes “Secry – 900
451 to win
Becky 411
Cheveri 479 – new secy
445 to win
Ben 167
Kevin Braddy 427
Sean 99
Ward 195
Second Round – Kevin Braddy, Scott Ward, Ben Summer
454 to win
Kirby 279
Wendy 162
Corey 167
Craig 299
Second round – Kirby, Corey, Craig
Do not have SCC results
I will explain ballots.
Balloting room talked about problems. We will proceed with the process”
4/18/2015 12:40:11 PM Report Kirby Glad “The way we have the credentials counted. 14 different people from each district.
One foth the distrct shad miscounted. Whenw e found out there wre more votes cast – then we counted each page
920 Credentialed people actually based on our double confirmed count.”
4/18/2015 12:40:59 PM Information Casey Voekes “Round Two VC is purple
Ben, Scott or Kevin
Round Two for Chair orange
Kirby, Corey, Craig
Ballot boxes ready?
We will hear from commissioners and distiguished service awards and one of the awards is the Reagan award. Doing that through the rest of the program . We will wait for the ballot boxes.
They should mark #3 in this vote since some of the Senates dmarked the #2
Balloting Is open”
4/18/2015 12:44:32 PM Vote
4/18/2015 12:59:22 PM Business Casey Voekes “I have been impressed to work with a number of people. We have not done some of thw arwards fro a nubmer of years. It is a thankless job and we do it because we want to make a difference.
Two arawds – ditinguished service award.
I want to recognize – Tamara Atkin – she has been an increadible member of the party. A go getter and doier. The linconld Day was due to her ahrd work. We want to thank you Tamara.”
4/18/2015 1:01:19 PM Business Casey Voekes “This perosn has reached out to me bfore every meeting that we have. He wants to make sure falg is there and people are line up to do the colors. This person is always coming up with ways to serve – Craig Thorne, if you could come up? Where is Craig?
He is alasy out traing to do good causes.Our Ronald Regan Award – It looks nice. It hais for those who have given excpetional service.
If it werent for this person . I want to give this to Addrielle Herring. I wouldn’t still be in this office with out her belife. I love Addrielle.
Thank you.
We are going to hear from our County Party officers.”
4/18/2015 1:04:03 PM Report Greg Graves “Ii should have taken speking advice from Tammy today. I don’t know what it is like to have defamatory emails.
First off, thank you being here. From last year at this time – it has been an honor to be elected by you. I would like to thank all those who run. I applaud those who are willing to server. The Mayors and councils. It has been an honro to work with them.
It has been great to keep Utah County the heart of Utah. I want to hear all diagloge and open sides. I will be opne an dhonest if we have a difference of opininos.
My votes will always be in favor of thwer the majority of people are. I have been alb oe towk with honest and hard people. I want to keep our county safe and good for the future. Since taking office I have gained a greater appreciation f orth eUtah Sherriffs office. In a growing climate where it is more dangersou I applaud them.
Thank you. Working toegher with them we have been able to have some budget innovations that have savued hundresd of thousands oa dollars. I wid I ould review budget line by line to save dolalre.s This process we have save d nearly 500k to the bottom line so far.
We have seen changes that need to be made to keep us respoinsbiel for the future. This process has been easy because of the resposec tyou show for th ecounty. I have an open door and anm an open book. I will always protect this county. This is the county that people look to. People want to know how we deal with services without rasing the staxes. It is because of all of you. When we work together we can not be stopped. We do not need to make eccuseese.
Thank you for all you do. I love the opprututnity to serve you. Thank you all.”
4/18/2015 1:08:26 PM Report Bill Lee “It is a pelasure to be with you and among you. I belive that I am speaking to part of my bosses. The reset are the cizinse of this county. I ahd had the opoportunity to go to an exconomic summit and there was a question asked. He used to say “”I am proud that I never ducked the issues.”” It is imporatatn for me not to duck the issues.
I have been aksed, “”what’s it like.”” It took em a while to figure out the pohne. When they ask the quesiton I answer with “”think about Lagoon”” and some of the dires where some are scary some are just floating around. Sometimes I am talking with the lawyers I thinik about the rider that goes areound and around.
I am pleased and honorede to serve you. Everyon once in a while you get yourself caught in the ahunted house. Theings are said that get you surprise you. Here are some of th things that is comign up.
Properoty rights. It is imporatnet we stand up for the private prooeroty. Give the owene the stronger hand.
This Tuesday there is a vote for the bonding for this county for bus taranit in Provo and Orem. That is going to happen this Tuesday. I think this is premature. If you would like to com you can tell us where you stand.
As you are well aware in the area around there there is information I would like to see the people vote on fthis issue. Once abain, if you would like to do that as well. You can sign the petition. You can get outh there with 20,000 signatures. In the end, I wanted to thank Casey and all those who have served and do serve.
It takes courage to do things. Let us do the right things. Then in the end we will have no regrtes because we did not duck the issues.”
4/18/2015 1:13:24 PM Report Larry Ellertson “Good afternoon. I appreciate the opportunity to be here. I am one of you look at the way I am dressed. My commitment has alwys been are remains I study the issues and try to make the best deisions. I applaud all the pallning that was in the past. We have that same obligations – we live in the curretn day world and need to look to the future to make things good for aoour children and grand chilrdnere. I hope that you appreciate that.
We have a number of issues that we deal with – sound fiscal policy and making decisions that fit that mold
There are issues with Plubci ands at all levels. Water and planning for water. That is essential to you. That will be something that if we don’t have it , it is essential.
Proeprty rights have bene msentioned. There are differening opinions. I teamke them very seriously. I try to work out win-win solutions since there are borader perspectives and the public good. I hope you appreciate that.
Infrastrucutre – transpopration, trails and water, and drainage issues. W just ake them for granted. We hope that we have adequately planned and taken care of.
Mental helath and substance abues in the jails. They do a greatmentdous job – all the sherrifs deparetment.
Nonetheless as we move forward, we are involved in looking at the jsutice system and how they fit together.
80% of tpeopel in jail are there for drug abuse. Some are there for mentally ill. We are trying t figure that one out.
We are busy at work trying to balance the many different things that are comign to us.
One of the other things that we are invovled in doing is one we take for bgranted – that is Utah Lake. It is there. We don’t fully understand it. We sometonies have the wrong impressions. We are working on reclaiming it and allow it to gbe used.
It’s imporatnt that we all undertand that we are a team and need to work together. We need to ooem together and not be driven aparat. We should build unity and above all, do no harm.
Thank you.”
4/18/2015 1:19:02 PM Business Casey Voekes “Thanks for your remarks. I want to say something ablout commissioner Lee – My brother says you are the best bos and he loves working for you.
Officer reports
Criag Thorne is here – thakns for you service.
Craig is a good guy and has always been kind. He always comes in – he is always smiling nad happy.
Announcement from Jacki Wilson – our constitution has been made less releatn. Our religious freedom has been assailed. We must teach the truth about our malinged pilgrim forefathers.
Pilgrims 2015 needs more help, heart and hand. Please call to help.
Jacki, you are awsome too. Officer reports.”
4/18/2015 1:21:42 PM Report Casey Voekes “You have heard a lot from me – if you have been her for the meetings you have haerd from me. Over the last couple of years I have had one thing that I very much did not enjoy about this job. Someitmes you give up a freedom of speech when you are repesenting.
I am jlooing forward very much to regaining that this afternoon. I watned to talk about a couple of things.
I have been on Lehi Board of Adjusetments. I avhe beenedd City Council meetings and other things. That is not to brag but the reason I want to bring it up is that your freedomsa nd liberties are being attacked an dassailed at the lcoal leverls. Wwhen our cities act like HOAs rather than cities and our school districts think buildings rea mor eipmratnat than teachers then we lose our way.
This is where Utah County needs to stand aprat from other counties. We do not need our cities – I often say that if ever I were elected to City or County governemtn – the first thing I would do would give them Sim City sot they could play the game and not do anything else. There are really good people with Sim City. We don’t need that kidn of central palnning.
We don’t need to have all these national planners. We are supposed to be a little bit boisterous – it is the sea of liberty. That is so true. It is supposed be rambucntions.
I belive it should be respectful but it is not a bad thing if we have disagreement and sicussion and chlallgene the status quot and ask questions. That is something we need to do.
The efficiency of our meetings – that central American created message – divinely came but expressed here in America. We in the party should be an effective and smart isittutiont. We should b ewise about it. Sometimes this means it may be incovnennient. Delegates must be the evangelists for our system and what we belive in.
Twe dounf out how many foremre delgeats have nothing good to say about the system. Otherwise you are just aying it is them, their fault. But we need to look at ourselves.
I have had the oppporutnity to be involved heavily. I ran for School Board 3 weeks off my mission. I felt like an issue needed to be highlighted. In that time I developed a repuations with the Shool Board. They won’t listne to me. Some of my approaches were a bit more like a 21 year old.
I have modereated my tone and message. This weins liberals and others. ThiThe issues of ater common tacross parties. So one of the final things I want to wrap up with tis that people have asked what I will do. You have ecome to this knowedlge.
May partners had to be okay with me finishing myi term here. They supported me. My business is what I love to do. I love being with my family.
But I thikn when you have woken up and are aware fo the gravity fo the situation. You are compelled to act.
I will be changing nmy ponen number for a hwile and try and fina d girl to marry me – I am very tired. One of the things that I have come to admire about Senator Mike Lee – He has been beat up for taking a position and figirhtin for liberties. He is tired and happy to be home. He is here w… They just need to have cubicles – they are not special. They are own servants. They need to be put it all out there. I am totally fatigued at this point.
If I had the time maagnemtn skilsl to do this well then I would havenot have burnt out as quickly. I am super graetful that you burned me out.
I haven’t talked a lot about God these past comuple years. I am not as comforatble about that in public life. I am ntoa a bliever that we are elected be cuase of one imperefect eprson got voted over another. Hewants us to do our best.
We should throw it down and give our aboslute best.
His divine provideance led to the creation of this sates. It lead to this coutnryes creation. He has ahd an intereste in theis land and what happens here as an example. As this county party elexcte this leaderhsip in this county, whihn this state within this country. This should hearld the cause of liberty. IT is woven into the DNA of this land here.
As I said I undrstand politics. I enjoy chates with friends, movies, ater sports, creating, buildng and serving people. I however very much believe do not go gentle into that good night. It has been a poem have follwed since a kids. Give it your best.
The couns has remarkable bpoele to have worked with. I want the gratiitued to be felt. I am only 26 I have aged over the past 5 years. I will give this my absolute best. It is wasy when I watch you. Thank you very much for the last 2 years. (standing ovation)”
4/18/2015 1:35:40 PM Business Casey Voekes We are going to hear from vice chair – Results firsr. There will be another round.
4/18/2015 1:36:11 PM Results Casey Voekes “Careyu Dison is awseom is going to work with me at the Scpae Cneter
VC 789 ballots
395 to win
Ben 148
Scott 162
Kevin 479 – new County Party Vice Chari

Kirby 286
Corey 172
Craig 331
Kirby and Craig go to the thrid round”
4/18/2015 1:38:09 PM Vote Casey Voekes
4/18/2015 1:39:03 PM Ballot Casey Voekes “Balloting closed and now we will have officer reports.
We are going to go ahead snd hear from Adrielle”
4/18/2015 1:48:17 PM Report Adrielle Herring “I am not going ot tek time to give report I will et chat. It hasb een w a wonderful term. Casey is a kindred sprirt. We ned to be kind toeach other and assume the best of one another. I have seen mahy good people have their motivesi mpuned. I hope we can get past that.
That is really just my hope for this party moving forawad.”
4/18/2015 1:49:28 PM Report Kirby Glad “I am glad that balloting is finished and I wastned to wait to give report until after.
I said I would make information avaialb eto you. And to the acndiates and to the dlegeats. No one has to wait for the secraty. I have done that.
I have tried to make the meetings more effective and our new process of making sure the agenda has an opt item at the end is something that I proposed. Central Committee meeting that is focuse on issues.
I feel that I have done a godo job of ckpeeing my promorise to you. I have been happy to work on tas your secretary.
We haveas much need to live by our crhistian values. Wif you love your neightbor you want to bring thei objects to help them. You should never try guild and parliamentariy tricks.
The first person you talk to is the person that oppposes you. Then we can bring something through the refiners bfreof before .
We have no need for dividion in our party. We individauslly need to forgive those who offenede us last year, 5 years asog. People are still carrying ag burden of anger. We have to reat each other with love and not opposisiton.”
4/18/2015 1:52:30 PM Report Rob Clary “I don’t’ know if theis a campaign or report. The people who are here right now – we want to give you 20.00 for your loyalty.
In reality the fact that you are here I was new to this process In my home had cacus a few years ago and I thgouth about theis process as a delegate. I wondered about who might run and be elected.
How do I know they will do the job? I love our platform and that was me in the document.
When I was growing up in the olden days with 14 TV channels. I remember staying up late and watch the national tnthem. What a great way to end the day.
It’s that loyalty of fulfilling that position – that caused me to run that night. I doditn ‘know if the perosn whoould do the job but I knew that I would.
One of the things that I worry about is the delgeates that are not here now. I made a commitment and I fulfill that commitment.
I am going to be done doing this. I am not in any position now because I seek for it. I am here because of my loyalyt. I appreciate what you do to helap your neighbor.
(there are only around 240 people now)
We only receive money by donation. We need to do a much better job of collectin gmoney. We can do better to raise the funds so we can have godo meetings. This meeting will talk $7000.00 today. How are we going to pay for that?
We have the “”Check a Buck”” which is money that weill be sent to the party of your choice. I have a check in my book from last years check a buck $5000.00. We use that money to pay for this building.
When you get a chance to say where you want the money to go. Please pass along to your precinct and go to your tax return – and mark Republican. We can make that four times as uch as we got this year.
I gave some numbers during my last report. 44k income, 42k from Lincoln Day dinner.
Expenses through March 19k. 16k net. Checkbook balance is 21k.
You are part of this body. We want to raise more money. I don’t raise funds but show where the numbers go.
I really do appreciate what you do and hope that you will contineu to serve this party in a positive and uplifting way. I want to let you know my gratitude.
Two reasons people didn’t run gainst bme – either they don’t’ like to work with money or think I will do a good job. I hope it is the second.
Everyone who ran is a good person. I appreciate the hard work you do. DO more than just be a voter.
In the days ahead you don’t just read papers and the siduscsions they have – you should vet them well.”
4/18/2015 2:04:07 PM Results Casey Voekes “SCC is not done but we have results form the race. I am just waiting for the percentages to be figured out.
We have about another 25 minutes for the SCC results.
kirby 236
craig 329”
4/18/2015 2:05:54 PM Point of Information Ballot box to drop donations in.
4/18/2015 2:06:18 PM Report Craig Frank “Thanks for staying so late. They have been a great group of people who are goin g out. Round os applause.
Our party is ready and rwilling to go great places. We have a commitment that we make sure people understand how imporatn it is to publish principles to adhere to and stand by. We need to be able to debate and discuss over and over. The Chair of the party is an arbiter. We need to go forward with that thougth in mind. We need to vet in the hallways the ideas over and over . Everybody shouel have a voice.
I looking forward to a hamburuger. Thank you for being here. Contact me at my cell number and I look forward to having a great discussion.
I hand my first amendments rights to casey now. Enjoy those while I will have to try to provide a mutual position from leadership.
Thanks you.”
4/18/2015 2:09:15 PM Report Kevin Braddy “I am excited to work with all of you thanks you.
I epxress my appreciateion to the laderhsip team.
Thanks you.”
4/18/2015 2:44:53 PM