20160123 UCRP Central Committee

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1/23/2016 9:06:00 AM Call To Order Craig Frank
1/23/2016 9:06:31 AM Prayer
1/23/2016 9:06:34 AM Pledge
1/23/2016 9:07:04 AM Business Craig Frank “Secretary reminds me there are 50 copies fo minutes and agenda down at the front.
You have the agenda before you. I’t take motion.
Mtion – Lowell Nelson, Roger Andrews
Aye vy voice
Motion on the minutes.
David Clark, Matthew Hailstone
No discussion
Officer Report – Treasurer Rob Craig”
1/23/2016 9:08:46 AM Report Rob Cray “Some of you the next time we’ll see you ithere may not be some of you. I want to thank each of you for the time you have given us. Please consider continuing and staying with us.
We appreciate your serlvice as delegates and part of the party. We want to continue to encourage you to interact and act in the aparty.
Please encourage those in your neighborrod to be a voice for the good.
Report the income and expense from last year. It is online in the online documents added late last night. I will take quests afterwards.
The total cash funds for linconln day is 18k.
That is my report.”
1/23/2016 9:10:52 AM Report Kristin Chevrier “Thank you for being here this morning. I want to do attendance awards for last time. N
omr Thurston district fo 52.7%
Second Brad Daws 60%, Mike Kennedy’s district 3rd.
Ratificaiton of new Officers and Delgates.”
1/23/2016 9:11:54 AM Vote Craig Frank “Motion to ratify the names. Shane Peirce
No discussion.
Should be LDEO for Preston Davis.”
1/23/2016 9:13:24 AM Report Kristin Chevrier Leg session egins on Monday. Caucs on Mar 22. We have had a lot of leg districts turn in location. The county nominat 4/18, 4/23 for state nominating convention.
1/23/2016 9:14:03 AM Report “Famous quote fro Batiat. Governemtn is the greatst fiction of those who atempt to live on semoone elses. I was amazed at Jason’s town hall where there were many who were about having the governmetn do things for them. I found myself coming away from that meeting somewhat disturbed.
“”What are you going to do to pay my health care?”” “”How about sociatl security?””
It is easy to ba angry. Our values area are dreirded. Our childrena dn grand chirldre are laden with a debt t. When we are angry we are not persuasive or successful. So I had to cath myself. Don’t get angry about the state of things. That you wish they could improve more quickly.
Reagan was a master at breathing otimism into his speaches. Looking forward to doing better.
He ahd an optimistic view of America. We are heare to hear from our leected officiatl.s At we head in to this season I hope we focus on what we can do to improves.
Thank you.”
1/23/2016 9:17:04 AM Report Craig Frank “I had no clue how many hours to run thi party and now I know. I thank my officers. I want to thank their families. They have spent ohour sin the pursuit of tha party. It take aagreat deal of energy and effort. I want to acknowledge that publicy.
I would like to acknowledge Steve White for his service.. I want to kick off the box with my traditional 10. We are finalizing our Lincoln Day dinner prepr.
What ar great opportunity, please purchase a couple of seats. Go tto the post fo Lincon Day Dinner. You will not want to miss this one. I want to hear more about the movie that we will see. I can’t wait to hear this presentation. I have read part of the book. Seen the movie. I want to ehar it from the horses mouth.”
1/23/2016 9:19:52 AM Report Rob Cray “You noticied the talbe. Thanks for those who have signed up. Thank you for that. We also have the opportunity at the table to sign you up here. We also have the book, 13 hours. We are selling them at 22.00. We are trygin to work through a conflict with UVU on selling the books at the event.
We are excited to have John Teigen to hear his personl story from Benghazi. Wthere is just some great things that you learn and I cam ourt from the movie quite drained. We will have thim here to speak with us.
This is a dinner to come together as Rebpulicnas to set differences aside. It si not a potlitical night. We have cmmon interests in a lot of things. You can stop at the table out here. You can also go on to the site. It is going to start at 6pm. Dinner at 7pm. After John is willing to meet and greet to sign or shake hands.”
1/23/2016 9:22:49 AM Report Craig Frank “I think he will spend 45 minutes to debrief of what happened there. Chaffetz has had the Trey Gowedy here as the chair of the committee. He is on top of this. This issue in a normal style thiws would have been buried, but due to Trey and Jason they have kept this alive. This will address one of the members of the candidate of the opposition. This is a chance to renew patriotism. Govenermnt is our servanta, not our master.
We should keep them inline. And in a place where they answer to us. I think we are headed in a good direction. I hope we have a great leader in the party to lead us.
As Rob mentioned we will have different sponsorships for tables. There are still a few general sats left to purchase.
I want to spend a couple minutes addressing topics as key to our success that have been in media.
I said I would give a prestnation on primary together with caucus night. The State Party promised to provide a patcket yseterday.
The primary will be in conjuntion with caucus night. It will be APP driven. There is a computer program that has been created and proviced for this purpose. You will have the almost instantaneous results, which is great. That does not happen with paper ballots. Tthis should be faster than instant. Also if you don’t’ have a ahdnheld ap driven life. You will be able to check in with soemone else there to vote and it will be confidential.
Be aware that that process will be an hoption for you We have had a number sign up for the primary. There is a tab at the top who have signed up for the primary. There are 12 candidates who are there on the list. I am excited to see what happense. It is a great day for Utah.
UCRP website.
You should be getting the mailchimp newsletters. Please come up and tell us if you are not getting them. We try to keep the list up to date but things are relatively fluid.
I wanted to mention a enws report . I was in discussions with Chris from channel 2. He asked about membership requirements. I had been quioted as thrwoing members out fo the party for not voting the way I tell you to. I have made painstaklyingly cautious moves to make sure that the decisios that are made in this organization are doine in a non-unilateral process. Our steering is awesome. Our executive team is awesome. You are awesome. I have had a lot of conversations with you over the last 8 months. If you are not calling me I don’t know what you are thinking. Occassionally the media gets something wrong so I feel it neccesary to corect. I did not say you will kicked out oa the party if you vote for a cnadiate who is accpeting signatures.
What I have done is provded for clarification of the docuemtns. The UCRP and State Party – the epxecation of the membership and leadrship team. We are a private organization. We are are a 501( in the party with the stStea and we are private organization.
State: who registers to vote and complies with consitution and bylaws.
County: register as repulicans and support republicand candidates and the party platform.
Officersa and leaders (have us raise the hands as the list of officers is read) – agree to the rules
Publicly support only Repubclianc dandidates. You will be subject to revmoeal for cause from elected office. UCRP Byalw 5.
I have spoken to Paul Roly. He wrote an article the other day that with the Craig Frank purity test. I have made decisions to include everybody. When you hear Paul say hI will kick people out, its wrong. I think that there are certain expecations for all of us. I would sugget that we need to look at our responsibilities. As I apply principle in our documents it creates fairness, accessibility and transparency. When you don’t use the documetns that have time and minds behind them we’ve created some great things.
There should be relatively no question what the direction is heading. One more thing.
Second Point I have been tagged as we are going to put our candidtes through a purity test. That is the wrong name fo rthe process for the excutive committee who meets with written rules for the candidates. Bylaw 5.
Candidates shall be requred to meet with the committee or its designee to discuss wreitne instructions and willinges to adhere to hhighest degree of honesty, morality and integrity .. “”shall be requrested to meet””
Our Exectuvie commmittee met tfor a doucment for the cnanddites to fill out regarding their fitness to act. It is a request. They can say yes or no.
The Party shall comply with the law. The judicial will judge on the ambiguity. We will abide by the law. This form is on the website.
The States candidates who districts overlap county boundaries will run in State Nomintang convention. The ones wholly in our county we will requrest for them to meet with us. This is taken almost word for word out of bylaw 5. We encourgage the other candidates that are running on the Ste convnetion we are putthing their names on the party website.
This disclosure statemetn is taken word for word out of state party bylaws. This was adopted by Exectuvie committee OR they can add list of exceptions.
I will never take a unilateral decision except to rule out of order some things in these types of meetings. This is aprt of a great and equitable process and I don’t’ want to interject our biases. We are trying to stay as neutral as we can.
I wanted to give you that. If you have questions, please, please text or call me.
It is an honor to serve and be part of this process. I am grateful fro this leadership team. Pleaes stay invovled as we transition through the next caucus. Thank you for making yourselves available.
Thank you.”
1/23/2016 9:48:03 AM Business Craig Frank “We collected 563.00 today. Thank you. If we missed any of you then there is a talb ein the lobby. I want to thakn our leaders who have come here today. We wante dto get them before you as they head in to th session ion Monday. They will be workign through March like I have never seen people work. 22 hours and 6.5 tdays. If youw atn to know a godo time then I can tell you wehere an when to be there. We respecte admire and revet them. The sacrivifce that they give to our community is hard to describe.
After committee reports (per the agenda).
Lisa Shepherd, Lowell Nelson, and David Loper and Nils Beckstrand.”
1/23/2016 9:50:30 AM Report Lisa Shepherd “Before I do recogniton fo rthis quareters volunteer. I wante dto recognize anotehr another vlaunteer, Craig Gfrank. I would just like to tell you that it is an honor to servce with him. We are chosever and diverse committee. It is a pleaseure to serve this cycle. I want to recognize volunteers. Taylor Williams – from UVU our colleege. We have some old party loyal people taking care of credentialing. I also wanted to vgive my own plug for Lincoln Dy Dinner. We have Comedy Sports coming with Tig. We are lucky to have the referreee. He is bringhing their “”A”” game. We are super excited about this evening.
This person has been actively engaged for 37 years and willing to serve in many capacities. Original drafters of the Consitution. He has served in 1978 on campaign, 1980 with Jim Hansen. Chair of Republican Party and served the district for a number of years. State Central from 1995 – 2003. He currently serving as Parliamentarian – Steve White.”
1/23/2016 9:54:54 AM Answer Steve White Lisa, why do you need my political resume? Kay Thorseon.When I came to Provo from Vernal in 1980 to work on Jim Hansen’s campaign. Kay was theat the desk in the vlunteer. When I was working with Lee farnsworth. It is not just glamor it is Kay thorsen who I aencouarge us to look back and see those people who in their primae came a lot of time for others.
1/23/2016 9:56:18 AM Report Lowell Nelson “Today is my favorite meeting. This quarter to ehar from our legislators. In connection with this event want edo to describe 3 things. Help them, Prepare for cacuses and champion our system.
We can give legisaltor input on bills. They have to read them all and undersatnd them. Many of the bills are not black and white. Decideing what to do on a bill helps to provide input. Partculaaly if we have expereicne in the bill information > we need a way to get gacces. Leg.utah.gov. You can access every bill that they will take in this session. You can lok back to 1896. How many of you have been there?
Read the bills and then reach out to your representative and senator. When you talk to your friends and collegues – you can point them to the website. There is a form on the website that allows you to provide insight. You can tell them why you support or oppose a bill. Provide all your information so they can reach out to you. The site will help you track the bills. You can tack bills that are about Utah Code 20A. You can track bilsl that are sponsored by someone or in a committee. The Reading calendar page also shows how the bills move through the calendar.
You can listen to the streaming audio from the hearings and the floor. Tht is good for helping your legislators. You can bring information to them.
Prepare for caucus. The party wants to be well prepared. We will not provide detailed training here but we intend to tell you about preparations. We wil have a 90 minute training event in March. It will be on the website.3 trainings in the county across the county. North: 2/25, 7-8:30 at Lehi Jr. High School. 3/5 9-10:30 at MVHS cafeteria, 3/8 7-8:30 here at Maple Mountain. Your district may train as well. Advertising and posting notices. Rules, duties, voting, and after the caucus. We will bring back the online training. 3 more training sessions after for new officers. 3/24, 3/26 (AM), 3/29. Training and then meet and greet with candidates so that they can be vetted.
Championing the system: Utahs parties have benefited from the convention system. It gives a real say on who is elected in the system. It gives our neighbors the responsibility to measure against the standard. The winners are those who ideas most appeals to the delgates – not just name and money. The winners become the nominees. Substance, not form, not sound bites. I hope that as we rub shoulders we will proclaim and promote the caucus convention system.”
1/23/2016 10:11:52 AM Report “The audit committee is selecting firms to audit. The timetable will be in Q2 of this eyar. Part of the reason for delay is that we need fundting to complete the review. Please sign up for the Dinner since those contributions will go to the audit and really help our process. When people like you and I are involved in financial and as volunteers that keeps the people involved in the process instead of special interests. This party wouldn’t be the same without you.
You can also supoort with the automatic payment since that will take out our guess work. We are hoping that we will have enough monies versus having the automatic system in place.
Did you hear joke about interesting audit? Me neither.
We are supposed to bring up significant discrepancies – if any of you have questions please bring them to me Dave Loper. I look forward to this cycle. I want us to encourage our neighbors to be part of this process.”
1/23/2016 10:15:46 AM Report “I have the opportunity to serve in the CC&B and they are principled and hard working. When I want to give my opinion I know that I have to support my opinion. The principles we use are based on governing pricniples. Some of the things we are working on is fixing some abiguities. There are have been recommendations and we are deliberarting. We are watching closely the SB 54. When we bring something to you it will be fully cooked. We are soliciting lots of input.
In the process of making a changes and it is in 19 different places. I think we are going to put it up on the website so that people can see it more easily. As I mentioned last time I reported to you. I have read our documetns and now have read State and Nation and other parties and they have solved problems. I would encourgage you to read our docuemtns. Recent events have made me look at our documetns more.
It is a pleasure to serve and I look forward to the next year and a half. Thanks.”
1/23/2016 10:18:37 AM Business Craig Frank We thank our legislators for their service and representing us. We’ll ask the audio folks to turn up the mikes.
1/23/2016 10:20:00 AM Point of Information The agenda is not matching the website.
1/23/2016 10:20:21 AM Business Craig Frank
1/23/2016 10:22:22 AM Motion To appeal., Second. Doris
1/23/2016 10:25:08 AM Call the Question Aye
1/23/2016 10:26:16 AM Vote Craig Frank “Noes have it.
I apologiize for that.”
1/23/2016 10:28:27 AM Information Take 2 – 3 mintues for the next session. We will then open it to this body. Let’s demonstrate our kindness. Start with Senator Madsen.
1/23/2016 10:29:16 AM Report Mark Madsen “There is a lot of archeological infomration around Famp Floyd that is my bill.
I am also running a bill for those with 9 medical condidtions can get cannabis. I ran a bill last year and it failed and we looked at the whole issues and addressed the concerns. We learned from other states and their experience. We have a bill that does allow these patients to get help from their doctors. Because of the federal laws and other aspects of this issue. The Republican congress ahs cut off enforecemtn for the guidance fromt e executive branch. This has to vavoid uninteneded populations and has no health risks.
We havea n idea that it is in other states. We have to have grows process testinag and dispensing in Utah..
1/23/2016 10:33:23 AM Report Mark Roberts “From Payson, Genola, Goshen and Cedar Fort. A few bills – one deals with bees it is unlawful to raise bees without signuing up your hives every year. IT removes the unlawful aspects. From mandatory to voluntary. There are 22 stats that don’t legislate. More people are keeping bees. I have had people tell me that they don’t like honey and helps niighbors polinate. He gives honey away every year. The more bees hout poliinatiing. The better.
The history of registration is to ehlp with notivication. Disease is a cocner.
Another bill deals with direct producer to consumer sales of food products will expand acceess and farmers markets. Wyomoing passed this last year. I decided to opick it up good for Utah.”
1/23/2016 10:36:52 AM Report Francis Gibson “Welcome to my district. My kids go to school here. Up the canyon to covered bridge. Majority Whip. This year is the biggets budget. I will tellyou that ther are over 1200 which is too damned many. mMany of those bills will not come ot fruition.
Thanks for being here. There are two types of people in the worled . Consumers and producers. Producers kept producing and consumers bitched aobut the way it was produced. The same people do everything.
Our General fund has zero growth but education has brown. We want to get that money to the right plac.e The general fund has no grwoth. Rep Sanpei will get tot aalk about that. I would I live in your district if you send me information. I will make your voice haeard if you are in my district.
Thatk you for being here. I’ll challenge my colleagues to geth these things discussed.”
1/23/2016 10:39:52 AM Report Brian Green “East side of AF. I have a number of bills but highlight a few. All of them are consisten with past bills. In my 3 sessions I have followed one guidning prcinple – to proct the rights of the citizens and not run their lives Conceptually – I have got a bill to remove imporpoper rights to stop people from petition. I want us to wallow you to do that. Proection of privacy thougth ending the unrestricted ability to access your individual and person administrative records.
Also presumption of innocence and due process. Don’t like civil asset forfeiture.
My conitnuing evffforts to regulate your professional and business activities – only those matters that adress publich health and safety.”
1/23/2016 10:42:03 AM Report kevin Stratton Northeas provo and Lindon. One fo the things we face in our political subdivisions. The federal intrusion in out our local not only fiscally but every aspect. Myself and Seanator Hinkins ahs been working on is federal land. 2 of every 3 acres in controlled in Utah by BLM. We want to make the information available to you. We have been asked to chair the information related to economic impact. We have had a legal analysis performed that shows the federal government – perpetually holding land is wrong. We are working on that.
1/23/2016 10:44:20 AM Report David Hinkins “Emory county, springville, mapleton and souther part of Wasatch County. I appreciate being here. Representative Stratton we co-chair public lands. We did study with universtivies. It is costed 285 million. Right now they get 3 cents. We have state institutional trust land for every dollar spent 14 dollars comes back. We have proven that we can manage it much better.
I have a few other bills that I will be running is Childrens heart disease. Awareness license plate. Also Nurse Practioner bill to espand their abilities. We have issues in our rural areas. Navajo reservation get help from Federal funds that they can’t get from DC now.”
1/23/2016 10:46:56 AM Report Curt Bramble “Provo and portion of Orem. I appreciate the information to have you contact us. Give us the way to reach out to you. Sometimes it is easier to talke on phone versus email so let us know who you are.
A couple of bills I was asked about. Education, Trnasportation and such. There are other bills that dominate the media. I have 2 of those that I may be the sponso for common sense carry – 2nd Amendment without asking governemtn. Representatives from higher education have talked with me about it. It will probably be interesting. Senator Madsen made Florida on the marijuana bill. Senator Dayton on defunding Planned Parenthood and I have the Pain Capable child proection act – when they react to pain then abortion should be illegal. We are a pro-life stat encommunity. That is one of the rights. Children in the womb are vulnerable.
2 other areas – tax incentives in economic developmetn. We lead the nation. We developed a philosophy to not give money. If they make the investment then we on the backend will allow them to earn incentives. There are two major expansions – IM Flash in Lehi. Finally, technologicaly changes – Tesla and car manufacturing companeis that will alow manufaturears to sell cars. The final bill related to technology – Uber and Lyft they came to the talbe. We wanted them comply with the law and”
1/23/2016 10:52:00 AM Report Dave Lifferth “Most of Eagle Mountain – Floow up to bill last year. No caller ID spoofing. I learned that there are a lot of laws that the federal investigators don’t get involved unless it crsses a million dollars. Cyber Crime laws so that we can prosectue it in state. My background is in technology. If you get an IT Staff that wants to hel pme on the bill, contact me.
Second bill I may not have to run. Girl qualified for scholarship but because she took an AP class the Regent Scholarship. I went to bat and the scholarship was granted.
I have a drone bill – someo fthe legislation is too over reaching. It is already illegal to interfere, you can’t do that by yourself or car. News drone was filing the fire but it got in the way so they had to pull out fo the ir. They can remove drones.”
1/23/2016 10:55:15 AM Report Brad Daw The heart of Utah Valley – Costco of Orem. I am workigno n legislation but give a coupel points. Have seen a physicians desk reference. My wife was an RN. The physicians desk reference can be trusted to prescribe medications. There are still interactions but it is as good as it can be. There is no good if physicians don’t prescribe drugs that are approved. Meet with doctors who do research on this issue. Marijuana being a schedule 1 has medicinal qualities. How do we look at prescribing to patients – it is supported by the medical community. Smaller list of diseases and we got the research from the community. These are the diseases that they agree with. As reasearch comes available they can recommend more later.
1/23/2016 10:59:05 AM Report Jake Anderegg “House 6 which is Lehi and Saratoga Springs. Several bills with improvement to education. Parents choise in how data is collected, used and stored. Between those bills we want to strengthen the options parenst have and limits and approval required. The idea is that we can limit the data that might be used for social engineering and agendas on the federal level. Whenever there is a 3rd party they must have a contract in place regarding the information. When the contract terminates what happens with the information.
I have an alternative pathway for students to become apprentices. If a Junior in HS or above and you can go work in the field actiity. Get paid to do it. You come out with practical knowledge with diploma and associates degree and no debt.”
1/23/2016 11:02:19 AM Report Norm Thurston “South part of provo. I asked a couple of local officers what they wanted me to talk about. Education and Internet sales tax. Education – want to get legislatore our of classroom. The state has too much involvemtn in that calss level. HB94. Allow teachers to teach and parents be paretns.
Internet sales tax – increase or enhance the collection. I am willing to have a conversation. Not a windfall. We can not have 4000 tax jurisdictions. If you look at our budget we have to figure something out. If we make more money then we need to cut other rates.”
1/23/2016 11:04:38 AM Report Kay Christofferson “Lehi, AF and Highland. One to highlight is that there are several familiies that adopt kids with special needs. As the children get a little older and mature they show effets of the abues they have been subject to. These parents need extra help sometimes. The DCFS they get to a point but they require famliies giving up custody just to get help they need. One of my bills is to correct that.
As I went to talk to constituents they ask about cutting government growth and expense. One of the thigns in to introduce free market forces into government services by introducing private services through contract. That introduces the fre market priniples. I have worked with several agencies and the governor to support that.
I am in support of public lands transfer. I applaud that effort.”
1/23/2016 11:07:31 AM Report Val Peterson “Thank you for coming. I represent 59. Amendments to STEM bills. We have created a great position in the state. We have 5000 positions that are open and not filled. We have given tools to educators to help their students become successful in math. We are putting more people in to our engineering programs. We granted an additional 451 engineers.
The other things is the In God We Trust plate – over 10k plates. I want to make that one of the standard choices. It will be part of the standard plates that we have. There are a lot of issues to discuss this eyear. Email us and let us know your opininos.”
1/23/2016 11:09:45 AM Report Dean Sanpei “House 63. My primary job in executitve paprovations. Last year we did several good thing. We increased the rainy day limit. We also set aside 111 million. Ongoing capital improvements. It is hard to fund unless you set aside. We paid of 331 million general debt. We funded more things with cash.
That doesn’t come easily since the voices to spend are loud. They are extremely loud. It feelsl ike it is crickets. This came from theis delgates leaderships. This is your voice and we have to have that. Moving forward we have a surplus on Education but General fund is deficit. Income tax is rising but sales tax is falling. You can forecast what is going to happen and when. We will go through another downturn. We will have to do what we did in the past and fightthe voices and it will be this delegation that will do that.”
1/23/2016 11:12:33 AM Report Mike McKell “Spanish Fork and area. I am grateful to sever with thises people. Thank these legislators . Missing Henderson and Dayton today. I have approached this sesison different than in the past. We have an epidemic of presectipion drug abuse. I am going to work on this I am going to work on this. We are 7th in the nation because the epidemic acorss the nation. I want us to work on opoid reversla program. Professor at UofU who is working with some in our people in my districut. I want us to drop this by 20% but we need to do this.
Drug reversl process.”
1/23/2016 11:14:47 AM Information 11:15 if you have questions then.
1/23/2016 11:15:29 AM Question SR08 I have a question and seen proposals not come out. How do we improve our connection with you and the party and then the actions?
1/23/2016 11:16:38 AM Answer Dave Lifferth I agre that we need to have greater interaction. I am recognized nationally on social media. State your case and engage your legialtor. Be on the media nd interact with others. Be out there.
1/23/2016 11:17:47 AM Answer Mike McKell I teach these citizenship in the community merit badge. Wthere are a lot of us online and those who are not. I fyou have an issue with us. My phone is on. As we move forwrad thyou can come forward to the phone. One of the key issues was medicatid expansion. Gibson single handedly stopped that. The biggest issue Jake Fought that. Before you hammer them on facebook call us.
1/23/2016 11:19:06 AM Question Kirby Glad Same question different group. How do we have more impact to you. How can we as central committee have a more importatn voice. We pass resolutions – what do you look for?
1/23/2016 11:19:43 AM Answer Brad Daw I thikn that to me the best way the party has to hold us accoutnable is the caucus convention ssytem. I have to stand before that group – those hwho are most connected and I have to report to you. Here is what I have done. This is how I havetreid to respsernt the platform. That is the first and bet answer. That system styas isn place – you as delgates hold us accountable. To segue in to previous. You have my phone and email. I answer it. I respond and happy to talk to you any time to be responsive to you.
1/23/2016 11:21:26 AM Question Budget question – Dean is doing a great job. I know there is asurplus now. I know that education funds come from oil and gas. But now prices down then will wie have enough later.
1/23/2016 11:22:19 AM Answer Curt Bramble In Utah we have a differen situation for funding. Our constitution sets aside all income dollars. Oils revenue go to general fund. Sales tax. Oil an gas.
1/23/2016 11:23:31 AM Answer Francis Gibson From grants and public lands some money but that goes to local districts.
1/23/2016 11:24:06 AM Question Water conferenece this past week. SB80? To bring sales tax back to water. There has been a split both to transportation. We are a drought state and need to come back to water. We are also seeing effects of people going to AF and we don’t’ see tax revenues for that. Our shopping should benefit just a little bit. Highland will not be huge commercial center.
1/23/2016 11:25:32 AM Answer Curt Bramble Allocation of sales taxes is based on population and POS. That has been a subject of debate. Wages, job creation, this is huge for Alpine and Highland. TO change the allocation is the biggest challenge we need to hear the alternatives. We don’t like cities commiting. If you have ideas bring them forward.
1/23/2016 11:27:04 AM Question Income tax revenue going to education. SJR 4 proposal to amend constitution was the return to education funding from k-12 to higher education.
1/23/2016 11:27:59 AM Answer Kevin Stratton “Traditionally through public lands. When depression happened we added income tax to fund education. Public Lands – I think it would be godo to hear a bit more from the CC to tell us what Utah County is interested in having us do.
That bill.”
1/23/2016 11:29:37 AM Answer Dean Sanpei I want to talk about there notion. Income tax is ellocated fro education. There is some flexiblity that happens. In higher education. If the education fund is higher we can direct to higher education and can reduce general fund and send to other puposes. We are mandated to balance the budget. Having the flexibility. I have watched the oil number running. It effects the whole budget. If we don’t have adequate funds. If we took away the flexibility then we won’t be able to balance the budget. I ahven’t seen SJR4.
1/23/2016 11:31:35 AM Answer Francis Gibson I would be cautious to take it away from higher ed. There are over 2000 jobs that need education. 2 year training versus 4 year. There are a lot of kids who take AP classes. Higher education is not accepting the courses. We have oporutnity of kids to come out. My own daughter left hgih school made 1 C. and couldn’t make Regents Scholarship. Concurrent enrollement where kids are taking course don’t ge the credit. If they leave schools with 20 hours of credit, I want to hold the higher education. I would be heisatted to pull away but it is a lever.
1/23/2016 11:33:48 AM Information Please thank them for coming.
1/23/2016 11:34:06 AM Business Craig Frank “I would like to them them for spending time to be with us. It gets crazy about this time of year. We apprecaite them carving out the 45 days to cover us.
Credentials report – 225.
Rule that a quroum is present.
Discussion and vote on the resolution.”
1/23/2016 11:36:13 AM Motion Adopt resolution to remove control from federal control.
1/23/2016 11:36:37 AM Discussion “I hope you have had a chance to read the resolutiona dn the amendment to the resolution. I am not going to tlak about ti but give back story.
I was invited to talk to Lt. Governor Bell about ithe intrusion. He asked Senator Dayton to run the bill that became SB 287. It had several triggers that said Utah shall exit but what passed was Utah “”may”” exit.
Governor Herbert acknowledged we are to get out of the agreement that violates certain triggers. If a federal law conflicts then .. National database, teachers database, tracking of home school or private. One school has to start the ball rolling. We need to reclaim our power. Who will stand up to the federal government. In exchange for small portion of our own money.
The initial resolution wassent to legislators and they added their amendments and support. I ask you adopt the amended version. We do not take from Title I or reduce spending. It stopes Utah from sending money to feds. Representative Dave Lifferth has agreed to opening a bill file to do this.
Pass this resolution to support this.”
1/23/2016 11:40:50 AM Motion Motion to amend the resolution as posted.
1/23/2016 11:41:26 AM Second David Clark
1/23/2016 11:41:38 AM Discussion I just want to say that every student succeeds at during Christmas – a little over a day. 1065 pages long. I enlisted hel pfrom mothers around Utah. We droppeed everything and every page. It was really concerning. There have been a lot of press resleases – but those of us who read really disagree. We need to hold our elected representatives to not let these fundamental rights be lost.
1/23/2016 11:43:08 AM Opposition Ada Wilson “There are lots of names ocnnected with this of people that I resepsect. Everything that I have heard actually says that the agreement gives more flexibility to the state. This si not a good time to dismiss federal funds.
This is partly a struggle of parental and political control, not the Fed and State. This seems like a play for political control. I am very possessive of the control. I feel this is an intrusion of the party.
In this raising of all these fears. Who is benefitting?”
1/23/2016 11:45:28 AM Favor For those who may not have paid attention. This is re-auth of NCLB. Our elected officials voted agasint this bill. Senator Hatch might have voted for it. And it passed here at the state we can make these changes here in Utah.
1/23/2016 11:46:27 AM Opposition Really this is more Provo 19, I am mainly asking for clarification. What is the withholding?
1/23/2016 11:47:18 AM Answer With in the input from the Legislator. We have a bill of the taxes that the legislators. We are still paying our allocation but we don’t.
1/23/2016 11:49:00 AM Answer There are funds that we allocate (14.5 – 7.4%) that comes back to us. The Governor
1/23/2016 11:51:05 AM Call the Question
1/23/2016 11:51:15 AM Vote Craig Frank “Unanimous
1 opposed”
1/23/2016 11:51:55 AM Call the Question
1/23/2016 11:51:59 AM Vote Craig Frank Amended resolution.
1/23/2016 11:52:30 AM Business Craig Frank Adopted and passed as amended.
1/23/2016 11:52:44 AM Adjourn

20151107 UCRP Central Committee

When Action Who What
11/7/2015 9:11:34 AM Business Craig Frank Anyone can help us with presentation? We can’t get the slides to the projector
11/7/2015 9:12:59 AM Call To Order Craig Frank Prayer – kevin bryly, pledge – rog craig
11/7/2015 9:13:20 AM Prayer
11/7/2015 9:14:05 AM Pledge
11/7/2015 9:14:40 AM Business Craig Frank “We appreciate you comein gon this Saturday. Get a chance to hear from local and national leaders.
Approve the agenda.
Moved and second. Vote – unanimous”
11/7/2015 9:15:19 AM Business Craig Frank “Like to invite Rep Chaffetz at this time. I remberg a few years a go a dining room table. What about running for congress. What a great idea.
Thanks for being here this morning – from Washington to be with us and watch a soccer game.
Jason Chaffetz.”
11/7/2015 9:16:18 AM Report Jason Chaffetx “Thanks for begin here early and particpating in credentialing. This is what makes us great and storng. It is citizen involemvent at every lever.l.
I am still pinching myself. I get to see that captial. You get to see the mess and sdiasata. This country ahs gone through great things.
A coupel of minutes then a Q&A.
A couple of dates 1816 was formed the Oversight governemtn reform committee. It was set to wath over all spending. It has grown and contracted.
Then in mid 1800 Lincoln came in and he challegned the Mexican Americna war starated in the right place. They called him spotty linoln. They were going after the Presdient.
I am very fortntuatne to the be chariman of that committtee. It is the fifth time that after 3 terms someone has become chariman.
Our majority leader was not going to get a promotion without some discussion. I challeged int her ace and ulitmately Palul Ryan won that for whom I ahave great srespect.
27 years old and 9 terms in the House. Thisgs are dramatically different without Boehner.
We can talk more about that. I don’t expect to agree or vote as Ryan does but I can tell you if that ifwe can improve the process then we will have more respsect and better product at the end of the process.
1876 was the last time that the House successfully impeached a civil officer. I intrtroduce a resolution to the floor to impeach thee IRS commissioner. Here we have a situation where there has been known srong doing. Quick review.
2011 Dave Camp who was chair of ways and means said that we think there is targeting. They get that letter and it is just a coincidence that Lerner’s hard drive crashed on that week. The chief of staff comptuer crashed too. 5-7 pm on Strurday afternoon. All the drecords of who had swiped in were destoryed.
In mid 2013 the IG said that there had been tragetting 300 aplications set aside. Compared to others. At that time the President said “”it was wrong and he would work hadn in hadn and worked to solve it.””
There were 5 open investigations. The wasys and menas oversignt, senate financen, and FBI. So President put in charge a maxed out investigator. To President Obama.
With Subpoena he puts in a new IRS Commissioner and we issue new request for preservation – yes we will get you that information. With 5 investigations in 2013.
Feb 2 2014 and Obama goes on televeions and says there is not even a smidgeon of corruption in the IRS and there are open investigations. He says this. Kate Duvall comes in and she is the one who is uspposed to find the docuemtns. She has done a depositionand I will tell you that tshe remembers well the day.
Feb 2 I came in tot eh office and found there was a gap in the Lois Lerne emails. And we could not recover them.
It was March 4, 30 days later that the docuemnts were desstoryed. They were destoryed a month later. The IRS said nothing had been destoryed. And nothing is recoverable.
Kate Duvall got a promotion. In charge of docuemntation production on Benghazi.
You can not make this stuff up. We have issued a report and filed tha pappers.
6 of us sit on the judiciary. This is unprecendented and havent’ done for along time. That is what we are doing.
I don’t want to take up too much time. I am flying off internationally. We are doing another investigation due to Benghazi. I have 12 embassies. Clinotn changed security when she came in. It is a territory of the US and it is downright scandalous. I am down in Indonesia. 100 million embassy over budget – opulent building and choc full o fproblems.
Colin Powell set up standard designs and.
Clinton came up with architecture is what conveyed the values of conutryies.
Lond embassy 500 million is now 1.5 billion.
We are going to dive into that and I am going to spend time out thtere and figure out what kidnd of a mess we have there.”
11/7/2015 9:28:40 AM Question Is there any chance we can get Romney to run?
11/7/2015 9:28:49 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “I am still crying because he is not. I would love it if he did. I ahven’t endosres and supported anyone. I would be happy to be us all better than Hillary Clinton.
We are 85 days out so.”
11/7/2015 9:29:29 AM Question Why does Congress seem helpless?
11/7/2015 9:29:37 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “Light up my facebook. Throw here in jail and hange here suggested by some.
But they don’t give me handcuffs. I don’t have the ability tot throw in jail. We have to be careful with that. There are a lot of people that come before my committee that should at least not get there pension.
We have the power of the purse. We have cut the IRS purse by 100s of millions of dollars. WE have a 3 billion dollar cut coming up. It doesn’t seem to have an effect. We have cut discretionarey spend and it goes largely unnoticed. 260 billion buts neighborhood. The power of the purse.
The second point is shingin osunlight on it. What they did on the secret service is good. The ehad of the secret serveice stepped down. The head of the DEA, you remember the parties? We drew that back up and she had to step down.
The chimical safety board. We are going after the IRS commissioner.
We are going after head of the OPM. They made here the head of the alrgest HR operation in the world. We had the alrgest data breach in theisotry of our country. IF it wasn’t for our committeee you wouldn’t hear about these things.
I issued a letter to Secretary Clinton. I sent the letter to hold her accountable for the emails and all the doucments for preserving the doucments. I wen tto Libya. I have been there. You wouldn’t even know abou the scandals if we didn’t do our work in our committee. We have sunlight.
I have a ability to issue a subpoena – we use that judiciously.”
11/7/2015 9:34:04 AM Question “Thanks for coming. Question from executive committee.
CDC – MMR and Autism, desruction of documents, misleadnign eter. Will you call in Dr. Willion Thomponso from CDC?”
11/7/2015 9:35:01 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “We have had some of these meetings. Our staff has spent time and I cannot release that yet. I need to meet with these people personally.
Whetehr that happens in a hearing TBD. Our number One focus right now deals with Healthcare. We are dealing with Healthe care exchanges. Oregon spent 300 million on non-exisiting webiste.
This is on the list and we will address it.”
11/7/2015 9:36:13 AM Question Hillary Clinton, benghazit aside – looked at email. She had a private server. I agree that the light o day but the problem isn’t that we need to find corrupt or not, it is them not caring. She need to be held accoutnable.
11/7/2015 9:37:03 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “The question is about holding Hillary Clinton accoutnabale. What I have told my staff from the committee perspective. Because she is first lady, senator and candidate. We shouldnn’t be tougher or softer. We should rtreat her like everyone else.
Trey Gowdy is a good friend. He is a good guy. We are on oversight and judiciary. We have breakfast and dinner together. What we agreed to with Speaker Boehner. We were going to allow Benghazi cmmittee to play out. When you compare the email you see that they were not giving us all the emails.
Clo””Close the emails”” – State Department certify that we have ALL the email. There is not question whether we can do that. You will not give us all the emails? As it relates to Hillary Clinton you have a duty to set up and let us have email.
It wasn’t us that came up with her own server. That server was set up on the same day as when she had hearing. Benghazi cmte will take the lead on that. I asked questions about General Petraeus. You had CIA and miliatary director.
Why did DOJ come uhold this over his head for so long and he came up with plea deal. I have faith on Comy with FBI. I have a lot of faith in Director COMey – he is a man of integrity. Those pursuits continue.
I don’t understand why in that hearing for Benghazi they presented to the world that the Secratey she sent email to her daughter. How could she mislead family and world about the Genesiz.
Can you name a single other person who would still be in the race. You want to look at a Super PAC you look at the national media.”
11/7/2015 9:42:18 AM Question Does Congress have the power to not mamke this illegal to lose backups and out side email?
11/7/2015 9:42:43 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “We do have the Federal Recoards act. You are not supposed to be using your own servers. You have to FOIA access. When we issue subpoena and other.
By the way first week of November we still don’t have emails. It was less than a month ago that they just got the first batch of. 3 years to find email.”
11/7/2015 9:43:56 AM Question Governemtn is the largest and most powerful organization. Trying to chagne a large organaization is hard. The train running down the track – do you belive in the long run we can change.
11/7/2015 9:44:29 AM Answer Jason Chaffetx “Can you really change? I am eternal optimiast. We need a Comander in Chiefe that cares awbout what we do. Personal privacy. The things that we belive in. That is why this election is so critical. We have to win Florida, Virigatnia and Ohio. It is amazing to ehar people say how great a job Obama is doing. There was notbody that would vote in favor of his budget.
How bad is your budget if Peoplosi wouldn’t fvtoe for it.
You have to start with the Beast. You can’t operate if you don’t have the money. You have to cut the budgets. The net increase in the budgets. Up 120,0000 employees. The new employees who get to regulate things each and every day. The TSA now has 50,000 people working there.
We have cut it back and the net increase is way down.
I will leave you with this. Thank you for your time. Thanks for being invovled.
We need more young people. We nee dmore peole in our tent. The evenidenc and policies and pricniples are in our side.
That is a big part of Paul Ryan. You have to win the argument then you can win thte votes.
The media does not want the message out there. We have to win those communication wars. We need all hadns on deck at all levels. Thank you for you time.”
11/7/2015 9:48:25 AM Business Craig Frank “Thank you for spending time with us. I lvoe the reports and hogetting to ehar about DC.
I like to fire off text to our deldation and get response back. I apologize fo the media mix up here again. We have minutes from September 26 to be approved.
Motion, second, vote – unanimous.”
11/7/2015 9:49:41 AM Business Craig Frank Officer report – robert crag.
11/7/2015 9:49:55 AM Report Robert Craig “I will be brief today. In the last few mnonths we have had minial expense from our party. Cash balance is 16k. I do have the forms for monthly donations. We can start doing that this month. We would encouarge you . I will be coming up that aisle with the box. You can help us out with the monthly.
We also can take credit cards today you can do that. These expense we have. We can take care of this meeting at the least.”
11/7/2015 9:51:41 AM Report Kristin Chevrier “Thank you for being here – attendance for last time. Artuturo Morales and LD 61 this time. They had 60% attendance at the Sep meeting. Then LD60 had 57% attendance. Then LD 66 had 53% attendance. We will be doing this every time.
216 attendance here today
Dates: Jan 23, 2016 UCRP CC, I want to us encourage to move waway from paper.
Mar 22 is Caucus night. Presidental primary. We are trying to spread out and use different schools.
Apr 16 approved as County Convention date.
Apr 23 is State Convention.”
11/7/2015 9:55:46 AM Business Craig Frank Read changes. Movtion to accpet, vote
11/7/2015 9:56:05 AM Report “Nemo movie. He has freed himself from the aquarium and is reunitied with father. Dory finds herself confined in anet with the fish. I know how ot help them. His father is hesitant to have son be in harms way. “”Swim together. Swim down”” As a concerted effort they are abel to overcome liberty confinding ents.
I was encourage by tehresults of this last election on Tuesday and heard about the efforts of indidivuals of those who fight against things that restrict liberty. Many of you worked to inform your neighbors.
A good friend stated that one person can make a difference. 1 or 10 or 100 fighting. We are learning many increases are being moved forward by the minority.
I appreciate the efforts of those who work tireleysesly. I whope that we will all continue in that fight. Thank you.”
11/7/2015 9:58:44 AM Report Craig Frank “I apreciate these officers and time they put in. There is a huge effort and great energy that is spent on our behavlf. I want to recognize our pareliamnetaryiean Steve White here today.
I want to thank you. All of us could be somewehre elese. Many of you put in countless ohours in serive in your cmmunity. I appreciate all that you do. Thank you.
I want to recognize elected officials. Some I have served with others have come in since I left. Any from the House and Senate Here.
Senator Bramble is in China. Dayton and Peterson also had responsibilities – General Peterson. I want to yield a fiew minutes of my time to Craig Thorne. He ahs performed flag duty in many of our meetings. He is an officre fo VFW. He is part of a project that is worthwhile. There are these icons for the fchildren whose parents are away on duty.”
11/7/2015 10:01:59 AM Report “What we would like you to do or invite you to do – Build a Bear in Orem in Univ Mall. You can build whatever animal you want with a uniform. Buy a voice box. The parents who are deployed can make a special message for their child. The bear is then sent to to the parents for recording.
It has really done a lot fto help with separation anxiety for the children. When you go to build the Bar you can ajust leave it and operation teddy bear will come and take care of them.”
11/7/2015 10:03:35 AM Report Craig Frank “I have ben to our installation up at the point and with the children and watched their eyes as they received the bears. The joy is something to behold. As we have opportunities in the holidays and be engaged tin those kidsn of things. We are going ot be there Tuesday night this week to kick it off.
Iwant to also mention that we have awebsite. UCRP.org. There is a vast array of informaiton.
I feel detached. I didn’t realize that the orchestra pit would be here but I want to reach out to you. Applause for the tech people who are here.
First I want to mention that the State party has set up a prsidential priamry in our cacus night. We will have more informaiton on that on how we do that. This is the first opportunity that Utah ahs had on that level. This will be watched from all over the nation. We will be able to trend set and cast our votes. On a night where we are all trying to elect our local delgates and officials in our precincts. As you set your sechedules.
March 22 is the date set for the party in Utah. Ucrp.org.
I want to mention that our State Treasureer Richard Ellis is resigning. On November 21 the state cenral committee will meet and present 3 individusals. I have heard of 4 individuals who have engaged in that race so far. Neil Walter, Phil Connor, ___, and one other person. If you want to be engaged then get ahold of your State representatave and helt your voice be heard through them. I want you to participate. It is an interim appointemtn and they will run in 2016 cycle.
There is some rumors that we will have amid term vacancy. A relatively formal announcment ofrom Senator Jackson would be moving out of town. His son will be playing at Duke University and he will be leaving. We will have a midterm vacancy. Twe are ready and prepared with rules and requirements and other lawsuit and issues realted to takeing care of that.
I wanted to address one things as my main topic – when we had an executive committee and they mentioned lawsuit SB54 update.
As you recall in Jan 2014 this body passed a resolution to support the cacus convention system. This is absed on constituional precepts. These elemtns are consistent with those ideals of representative govenremtn. We have an opportunity to put that in to a greassroots effect. We can make our leaders know in our neighborhood what our expectations are. Thorugh this system in Utah we have a grea toption. It keeps the cost of elections down. It can be very expensive. And best that you are not beholden to special interestes and money to pay for expensive races.
In 2014 you passed a resolution to support that.
After you had resolution and they passed the SB54, the bst part is that there isa tab for all this infomration. I would encourage you to read that informaiton. Take advantage of these resources.
Chairman Evans had us vote on the language the confim what it means to be a Republican. We identified and voted and passed to become QPP “”qualified political party”” versus RPP “”registered””. According to QPP you can use cacus convention system or signature route. I went to the federal building and listend to the court room and listened to the discussion in the courtroom. As we litened to the exhcnage from Judge Neffer – he found that Utah Republican Party is a private organization and can define its membership. We require registration as Republican and support constitution and bylaws and identify with and support platform.
You can no longer be unaffilitiated to be an elected officer beccause that is a member of the party requirement. We now require certain aspects of loyalty.
There are 640,000 registered republican, 610,000 unaffiliated. You don’t have to require it but you can encourage them to affiliate.
Just think if we were to double our numbers.
There seems to be question now whether a party can require signatures. There is a rumor that the state party will engage in a state court. Some could ask whether a member could affilitate and then move out of the prtocol and still be in the party. Some suggest that they give u ptheir membership if they leave.
We will continue to work through this and get you updates on this issue since there is a conflict.
We are working on getting through our Senate Districut tours.”
11/7/2015 10:27:31 AM Business Craig Frank Lisa Shepperd – volunteer officer. Who will make a presentation.
11/7/2015 10:28:22 AM Business Lisa Shepherd “We have a briefcast here.
We have John Holback’s personal gavel. He served for 3 years. He left this earth on October 21 at age 55. He served in US Marine Corp. First professional Parliametnatian. He was district aid in parliamentarian. Many of you saw him at State conventions. He found great satfiscation to hlistening to people. He wanted all be their best.
Our meeting with John is not adjourned.
How many can say they have served since 1967? There is one. I would like to ask Byron Harward and Terry Ann to come up here. When he was 17 years old he found out what service was about and contacted Howard Nielsen to get involved. While Senior organized at Provo High. In 1982 he was campaign manager and chair helping with 3rd district. He served as county party treasurer, vice chair.
Provides para legal services 1986 served in House. Assistant Whip and Whip with Rob Bishop. 1994 wrote the bill that became.
He is majoring in Photography in UVU.”
11/7/2015 10:36:03 AM Recognition Byron Harward “I care about thi sparty and what it does. The most important thing was in the middle of my service. It was when I was driving under the overpass – UVCC to become a University. It took careful planning. It may look like Republicans and Democrats but really there are a mix of lines until you get one of those things Utah County against the rest of the state. John Valentine was in the House who could help. I wasn on higher education approciations committee. The thing that was interesting was that everyone had to do their part at just the right time.
If we got money then it was taken from there. UofU was going to win if we were not careful. This was not a Utah County Republican effort – Tim Moran and Eldon Money had their roles to play and we were all meeting every month for over a year to get this dne.
My part awas to not do something. Lots of opposition and there came a time when you can see Lyle Hillyard invited me to allocate money earliy in the process to UVU when it was not ready. The timing worked better in the end and we found the money earmarked later.
The session always got on at Wed at midnight and then I thought there was nothing more importatn then getting that first difficult appropriation in that proces.s UVU now exceeds every insistution in the tstate. Seeing the number of people who benefit today. I apprciateted you leeting me serve there”
11/7/2015 10:41:27 AM Business Craig Frank “Thank you for your services.
It was interesting listening to thatose names. I remember some of those names in black and white photos in the halls of those buildings. What a great legacy we have.
We will move ot our next item on the agenda. Thank you for the recognitions.
Committee reports. John Morris and turn time ot new C&B chair Nils Becstrand.”
11/7/2015 10:43:13 AM Report John Morris “I know you are anxious to not hear anything. Just to let you know we had our meetings per bylaws. We elected me as chair and we immediately stareted working on our objectives. 2015 is ramping up in 2016. One thing we looked at is physical assets that UCRP has. Want to be accoutnable for what we have. There were different locations and hopefully all in one place now. As chair Criag has asked me to reportsas you need. We need more trust and sivibility. This is our party and your party.
My name and information is on the ucrp.org. If you have any questions let me know.”
11/7/2015 10:45:37 AM Report Nils Beckstrand “Good morning C&B report. I will try and be brief. 20 years of service in the party. My phone number is also on the site. I really appreciate all the people on the committee. I look forward to working with them. Mission, process and priroties.
I encourage you to read our mission in the bylaws. We have two things: be guardians. Documents should be clear and consistent and easy to use.
You the central committee – tarnsparency, consistency and clear process. When we get proposals we want to seek all sides of the issues. The word editing should be finished by the time whe get here.
Last thigns on prioirities: It is pretty easy to say how but doing is harder. We want to set up prioirityes based on positive and negative outcomes of action. Some probablesm can be better solved outside of our committee. Resources are importatn.
I want ot encourage all of us to learn our couments.”
11/7/2015 10:49:22 AM Business Craig Frank “We look forward to seeing you in the future. Changes due to SB54 will require some chagnes. Think of the emmber on the committee that are really strong. They have good skills and thank sofr their cvolunteerring. We have raised 475 this morning. We encourage you the sign up on the perpetual.
We will go to a couple of quick speeches from elelcted officials. Kennedy, Doctor, Esquire and titles.”
11/7/2015 10:51:20 AM Report Mike Kennedy “Good to see you. It is a pleasure to be here. SB54 and gas tax. It is informative and instructive. I want you to know how these things work.
On SB54 – the Count My Vote people are out there. TO become a candidate in the party is 1000 signatures. For Senate you only need 2000 signatures. I voted against SB54 in the first place. It is what it is but there is a problem. The CMV people are out there and it does not take them that much to ge the signauttres. This caucus convnetion system needs to be prepared for that.
I hope that you are infavor of that. If our system does not work right – equal value of cacus and signature invdiaudls. It is not the same. There is a disavantage in the process of convention versus primary. I may have an opponenet. We want to put our things formwawrd.
A few days ago there was an election – there are some in this room who disagree with me. I am glad that Prop One failed I don’t know about you. Prop One came from a flawed bill. On the last night of the session – Sine Die (latin). At 11:40pm we get an infrastructue and gas tax bill that has gone through six divisions and we had substiture #6 and we have 20 minutes to read and vote. That was not right. Middle of the night last night of the session. It passed. I voted against it.
The dynamicsa re the 5 cent gas tax hits. Then the gas taxes is indexed for inflation. It moves up and down any where from 30 – 40 cents per gallon. You remember the decals that showed taxes – that was part of the bill for you voteres we didn’t want to tell you what you pay . . I thought that was bad and no susnshine. I think it is a great system to know how much we pay. I think that was contra transparency.
I was fascintaed by those who came to me and I had municiapl and other individuasl who came to me and told me how importatn the tax was.
I would like your assessment. It was asked by the Utah County to raise the tax bill. Iwant to see us do the review of what we will spend on. It is a revenue increase for the government. I want to know the need. I am not in favor of indexing. The legisalature shoud have to take th power seriously. I was stunned to hear that it was my job to raise taxes.
I was so stunned that I did not have a godo response. My job is to be very serious about taking money from your pocket to fund very importatn an appropriate need. I am a Utha County representative and we feel that very seriusly. I don’t’ want to take money out of your pockets. It is a difficult taks. Blood sport. It is . I don’t have all the answers. WE inthis county have the right answers.”
11/7/2015 11:01:11 AM Business Craig Frank “We asked Represetnative Kennedy since he repserants the best of the best. The nice thins is that they know when they have to pass the bilsl they have to live in their neighborhoods with the people that they are passing the bills. I appreciate his service.
I want to check with the team. We have done everything we need to do. Next meeting is Jan 23. Please be here.”

20150926 UCRP Central Committee

When Action Who What
9/26/2015 9:01:16 AM Call To Order Craig Frank I deem there is a quorum and I call the meeting to order
9/26/2015 9:01:38 AM Prayer
9/26/2015 9:02:38 AM Pledge
9/26/2015 9:02:41 AM Business Craig Frank You should have copies of the minutes
9/26/2015 9:02:54 AM Motion Lisa Shepherd Adopt minutes
9/26/2015 9:03:08 AM Business Craig Frank Move to agenda. You have copies.
9/26/2015 9:03:32 AM Motion Adopt agenda
9/26/2015 9:03:45 AM Second
9/26/2015 9:03:52 AM Discussion Casey Voekes “Objection. I would like to move to amend the agenda.
Move that we add an item at the top of the agenda because some would like it early. Resolution opposing proposition part 1.
Before Offider Report
10 minutes or presentation time for resolution and 6 minutes for and 6 minutes against.”
9/26/2015 9:06:10 AM Request for Information Kirby Glad 10 just intro and against?
9/26/2015 9:06:32 AM Motion Casey Voekes “I made a resolution and we can have the opposition. Agenda item before officer reports.
10 minutes of intro, then 6 in favor and 9 against.”
9/26/2015 9:07:57 AM Second Tamara Atkin
9/26/2015 9:08:16 AM Restatement Craig Frank -restating motion
9/26/2015 9:09:04 AM Point of Order Kirby Glad If Executive meeting is not held then we cannot based on Constitution.
9/26/2015 9:09:25 AM Information Craig Frank Our Exec Cmte reviewed this morning at 7:30. We did review and this document is properly reveiwed and in order.
9/26/2015 9:10:28 AM Amend Stan Lockhart “My goal is to take care of the business and watch a football.
3 minutes in favor and 3 against”
9/26/2015 9:10:43 AM Debate
9/26/2015 9:10:50 AM Call the Question
9/26/2015 9:11:10 AM Vote It passes. The agenda has been amended.
9/26/2015 9:11:51 AM Quorum Call I rule that we have a quorum based on lifted credentials.
9/26/2015 9:12:05 AM Rules Craig Frank Address the rules
9/26/2015 9:12:23 AM Point of Order Need to adopt the amended agenda.
9/26/2015 9:12:40 AM Vote Adopted
9/26/2015 9:12:45 AM Rules Craig Frank Adopt. Ayes it passes.
9/26/2015 9:13:56 AM Rules Craig Frank LD leadership elections.
9/26/2015 9:14:31 AM Discussion “Item 3d – with nominations from the floor “”or no one has filed”””
9/26/2015 9:15:48 AM Rules Craig Frank “Favor of adopting the amended rules.
Change to follow Bylaws, “”where fewer than 2 candidates exist”””
9/26/2015 9:19:49 AM Vote Craig Frank Quick succession of adoptions and amendments.
9/26/2015 9:20:28 AM Motion Casey Voekes “Move tha we vote in favor of the Resolution opposing Proposition.
More time next Tuesday and Wednesday we will hold meetings. To speak to the concern of process, it was presented days after we conceived of it. We presented over a week ago. Tax policy is out of control. The Sales tax and gone ups 3 times.
Commissioner Lee is alone in the County on this issue. We love him. He is amazing and fighting the fight for all of us every day.”
9/26/2015 9:24:12 AM Favor Bill Lee “There is a member of this body that asked me this question, “”what is the moral line of perenct of tax – 20, 30, 50%”” Are we are 20%? I know the government needs revenue, but how much is enough to make it work.
We can vote yes on this and No in November. 60% goes to mass trnasit. We need to invest in our future but appropriately with the support of this people. Let’s be wise in this and please vote yeas on this resolution.”
9/26/2015 9:24:16 AM Against Kirby Glad “I am probably going to vote against the increase in Novbember. I don’t believe we should exercise our position in this way. I appreciate commissioner Lee’s commente. I know the other commissioners are smart guuys. I think that for our voice to mean soemthing it has to be based on good information from both sides of the issue.
I don’t think we have enough information to make a fair decision.”
9/26/2015 9:25:49 AM Against Mike Terry Lindon 6. My point is that virtually every one of the footnotes are to newspaper articles. The old adage of trusting the patper is not true. I am looing for better support. If the only thing you can cite is newspaper, then that is weak.
9/26/2015 9:27:01 AM Against I have never seen the text of the document. It wasn’t on the table. I can’t vote for it because I don’t have it.
9/26/2015 9:27:49 AM Vote Craig Frank “We adopt resolution opposing Proposition 1 as it is before you.
Passes by majority.”
9/26/2015 9:28:53 AM Report Dan Hone “Finance chair on steering committee. Pressed for time.We want to reinvent what we are doing. “”Commit””, “”Invest””, “”Sustain”” 5, 10 and 20 dollars. Automatic withdrawals will start in October. 5 from 10% of party would pay for everything. The one strength that the party has over lobbyists is getting the word out through you. We as a party can help sponsor those meetings. It will cost some money.
Meet those who are running ffor office and other activities. This next year we will get more involvement from you.
We are working through our technical problems. You will get a receipt.
We have common values and virtues.
We need to support those in office and running for office. The state doesn’t provide sufficeient funds to run an active office – so they don’t have to rely on lobbyists and others.”
9/26/2015 9:35:53 AM Report It is a pleasure to work with Dan. Most of you should have the financial documents from last year with the budget. YTD on 2015 for this year. 2016 proposed budget.
9/26/2015 9:37:29 AM Motion Craig Frank “3.5 hours of budget meeting and the work of executive committee.
Adopt proposed 2016 budget.”
9/26/2015 9:38:20 AM Object Mark Barlow “3rd item down is candidsate support and convention and primary.
Then in the budget don’t show support for candidates after they are our candidates.”
9/26/2015 9:39:07 AM Answer Craig Frank Have treasurer answer.
9/26/2015 9:39:22 AM Answer We combined line items 75 of them. The primary is to support all candidates equally.After we have our candidate we will give another. Ther is some to give to help some to people to actually run who would not have run.
9/26/2015 9:40:32 AM Answer Craig Frank “This was part of a Dan Hone conversation. We want to be impartial of qualified candidtates so we wanted to give a coupel of hundered for party candidates to help them get started. They can be expensive. In this case they can receive money from our party as a qualified candidate to finance minor costs.
When they make it through convention then they would receive unopposed dollars that are neutral. After Primary they could receive more funding.”
9/26/2015 9:44:41 AM Amend “Republican party is conservative and frugal. Last year we spent 36,000 last year. Caucus. The video contest didn’t work. Let’s get the 3000 to college republicans.
Scratch the video contest”
9/26/2015 9:45:44 AM Vote Craig Frank Passes
9/26/2015 9:46:22 AM Discussion Budget 12k versus 20k.
9/26/2015 9:46:34 AM Answer Craig Frank Historical figures are 100k to 12k. Election year is larger.Provide seating and sponsorship that brings positive cash flow. 50k income is conservative with 40% expense ratio. February 6, 2016.
9/26/2015 9:48:34 AM Discussion Planning to spend and raise. Caucus night that needs to be explained. What have we raised? Will expenses be matched to our income?
9/26/2015 9:49:16 AM Answer Craig Frank We will spend no more than we have. I have not run cuacus before.
9/26/2015 9:49:37 AM Answer There was a lot of discussion. I thank you for this participation. We have focus and participation and that is fantastic. Caucus night we made around 20k. We had alrge discussion and the funds are raised at the grassroots. Caucus night is the only event we tough on everyone. We want to support you more this year. We want to raise more funds on that night. We thinkk there is more.Those who have run one do you think we could help you better with paperwork or other things. We want to set a high goal then we can shoot for something.
9/26/2015 9:51:46 AM Question How many precincts 267 voting precincts. So each precinct will raise more than 200. That is giong to be a big effort.
9/26/2015 9:53:05 AM Discussion Talked about after the convention we would split our money. Will we support those who get on with signatures?
9/26/2015 9:53:36 AM Answer Craig Frank I did say qualifying coming out of convention. We would support equally so the signature pathway is not coming out of the convention.
9/26/2015 9:54:40 AM Discussion Given it is presidential year I would like to request information on 2012 so that we can compare apples to apples.
9/26/2015 9:55:10 AM Answer Craig Frank I don’t have those numbers but it is being pulled up right now.
9/26/2015 9:56:13 AM Point of Information Lowell Nelson There will be a preferential vote in the 2016 caucus?
9/26/2015 9:56:39 AM Answer Craig Frank Quick report later on.
9/26/2015 9:56:50 AM Call the Question
9/26/2015 9:56:54 AM Vote Craig Frank Adopt as amended. Passes.
9/26/2015 9:57:22 AM Report Kristin Chevrier “I lvoe workign with this steering committee. They are very engaged and professional. I want to thank the volunteers to help set up things in the hallyways. All the people behind the scenes before today.
Kirby for granting my every wish on VoterClick. Our next meeting is November 7 at Mountain View.
Pull out your handheld devices and go to ucrp.org.
I would like everyone to pull up meetings and agendas so we don’t have to spend as much money to spend on copies.”
9/26/2015 10:00:17 AM Report Kevin Braddy “VC of UC republican party.
I have been inspired at these meetings. State Auditor has kept it brief.
“”We hold these truths to be..”” I have been re-reading Matthew Spalding “”We still hold these truths””
He reminds of liberty, natural rights and other truths. We wtill hold them. To see how unique they are we can compare to equivalents.
Our promises life, liberty and happiness. Theirs speaks of affordable health care and othe details. Let’s reclaim our future.”
9/26/2015 10:02:43 AM Business Craig Frank “I want to thank this committee. It has been a pleasure to serve with them. We are technical and hghly motivated. I want to thank each of them because they have been workign hard as we have put together this event..
I wanted to also thank you for being here. I want to call your attention to website. Michael Jolley started this. It is the heart of the technological aspect of the party.
You will find all our couments for this meeting here. We will keep making sure this is available before all the meetings. Thanks for those who generated it.
This is where you are going to go. Find candidates and other information.
We have moved the office from mouth of the canyon to a storage shed. Jeff Alexander has lent us office. But we are now digital.
Final thing. One other thing that has taken time has been a misunderstanding of our website has been tied to a private industry. We use ucrp.org State party is utgop.org. I want to clarify that.
This is going to cost me time and money. I want good officers. Please, I will pass the box again. Please take time to add yours in.
Next item”
9/26/2015 10:10:01 AM Report Lisa Shepherd “(Volunteers officer) Thank you. We’ll be quick. Voluntter please step down BYU College Republicans.
We want to highlight those who contribute. If you are aware of soemlone, let us know. Eamil me or other officer. We have discussed and would like to present someone 1992 and has served in .. LD48 education officer, conference rooms etc. Doyle Mortimer. He couldn’t be here. La Jolla Groves 50.00 certificate.
Party Chair 2009 – 2011. Impelemented technology to have attendance. Will leave our org as he heads to Montana – Taylor Oldroyd.
Lastly – you have received email for the last 4 years. State central committee meeting participant. We will miss Keri Witte’s reports about central committee.”
9/26/2015 10:15:03 AM Business Craig Frank “I want to recognize another volunteer. New parliamentarian – Steve White. Thanks for his service.
Credential reports”
9/26/2015 10:16:06 AM Credential Kristin Chevrier 251 of committee members here. Ratification of new delegates.
9/26/2015 10:16:54 AM Motion Craig Frank “We will adopt without objection.
Standing committee elections. You have the rules before you.
Audit, Constitution and Bylaws committee. There is an option for acclamation. We had 7 candidates who filed and so we can see in the agenda.”
9/26/2015 10:18:41 AM Vote Craig Frank “All in favor. Pases by acclamation for Audit committee. 2 spots open.
People from the floor offered to serve. Closed nominations.
Vote by acclamation. Thank you for serving. Thanks for those who filed.”
9/26/2015 10:22:23 AM Information Lowell Nelson “Go to LD caucus meetings. Highlight several rules – in red at the bottom you have LD qualified voter. If you do not have the words then you can not vote. The body who elects standing committee is not the same as district leadership.
If there are fewer than 2 then nominations are open and you may self nominate. You can not close if someone wants to self nominate.
One election at a time so the chair is complete. Limit 3 minutes unless you bump it up.
With a tie – run ballot a second time then you can do a coin toss.”
9/26/2015 10:26:03 AM Point of Information Casey Voekes For those who can not serve. If you are in steering you can not run.
9/26/2015 11:34:50 AM

20150815 Utah Organizing Convention

When Action Who What
8/15/2015 1:34:59 PM Information James Evans Good morning. We are asking our volunteers to help our deleegates get usehered in.
8/15/2015 10:03:13 AM Welcome James Evans “It’s seems like just a year ago what we were here and now we are back. So this is your last duty as a stae delegate. I want to thank all of you that have taken time out to cmoe today to make importatnt deision.
Welcome to the 2015 Orgniazaing Convention. Praryer by Chris Stewaret, then Pledge, then national anthem.”
8/15/2015 10:04:11 AM Prayer
8/15/2015 10:05:59 AM Pledge
8/15/2015 10:10:49 AM Information James Evans “What a way to start convntion. I want us to have acome to gether to be usinted as a party. I am proud to introduce Sean Yere as honorary co-char. Enid Mickelson will call the cnvetnion to order.
I will turn the time over to Enid until the end of the lection process.
8/15/2015 10:11:44 AM Introductions sean Reyes “Welcome. It si wonderful to here as honorary co-chare. I want to recongiz offciers on the statge. Mister Willy Billings. I want to recongizne Michelle Mumford. Thanks for your contriduction. And cameron robinson. Thanks. It has been my privielge to serve these past eserveral years. Let’s thank them one more time for their service. Also on the statge is Carey Diskcson and Jessica who are serving as todays Parliamentarians. Thanks to Dawn Savage an, Erica Savege, and the spencers. Thanks to the tremendous staff working for th party who work long ohours and give so much to the party.
In addtion the folowing deserver rcongintion. Thomas Whright finance chair and mumford our gernal counsel. There are many individuasl who have heepld make this a success. Please thank all of them for the ir tireless service. F
For the most critical item of business – coshair selfie.
I have done a quick job of trying to slash my speech down to fre up time. If twe cut the federal defict like I cut ths epech we would be better off.
I want to thakn those pulic officials whoa re electerd. Staff and supporters. I want to thakn you and each of yeou who traveled form all over the state. You all are the guardians of the conservicative principles of this party. Thank you for the time yo uinvesta dn how seriously you take your responsibilitie.s You are elected officials and public servants in your own right.
I hate politics. Many “”ticks”” Poicitianon alsway ask the question of how the office anc serve them. But a publica servant asks how they can serve. I know of no better service than what you do.
I ant to address some critizicms. Nationally the Demoscarst have mocked for so many caniddates.
But really there are only 17 candidates – what I say to the crcitcs. Think what you want about them. There are 17 people who would be a better president than Hillary Clinton.
Another thing. Some say Utah is divided and fractured. If we are diviend then our succeesses are more impressive. A purely repulicabne DC delegation. I even went to Emory coutny and there were Elelphonats marching int heparade. We have a leader you may disagree with but we ar successful. I have been with him up and down the state. He has worked to prectes our system. Never seeking attention for himself and only interestd in the party. If you woueld join me in thanking leadership team, please stand, James Evans.
He is a super man up and down the state. We have ahad this much success as a splintered party just thingk about what we dcand do when united. We need to be on the same team.
This is what I would say to the detractore. We have the right principles and values. Solid leadership. We are getting stronger and look out for us in 2016.
Some Democrats say we are not diverse. I don’t’ know if they have looked around our party lately.. We have a wonderful represenation. We demostrate that Replucan values speaks to values across groups. We ar eleading the way. If anyone wants to critizce the party, let me make one more observation. We have the ladership that is unprecedencted and we exert the most pressure nation wide than any other fedreal deldgation.
Governor Herbett is Chari so National Goversnors and Bramble an Chari of NCSL – we control the nation. If we had the Klingon empire we could rule the univers. I am going to foroge my report later on but will give you some highlights.
The Office recently won 5 awards for agency, and public service. We were awarded the Ethics in Governemnt waard. I enjoyed being with Mike Lee for recongintion in conservative causes. We were protcecting children in the world.. I have just secured a new attoryney to represent our interestes in th Supreme Court. We are filing lawsuits and briefs against Obama in Gun Control, Publica Lands, Specides or many areas of concern. IT is not just because of policiy disagreement but to remind tthem that thiere is a 10th aemendtemnt and there is a sacred Constustution and no person even the pResident is a above the law.
When the EPA chose to control the waters of the US this is the most outraouges event. By the way, why would we want EPA to control water? They just released 3 million gallons of toxic sludge in Utah. I will hold them accountable.
I will be vistiing the mine site this week.
I know you are taking about defunding planned parenthood. For ethical reasons we do not discoluse thinge s we are rinvatstationg. I am worling on protecting born and unbornd to the full extent of the law.
I’ve got a page of closing remarks. The cOncsitation was divinly inspried. Righte came from the monarch – Wrong. They are not from King and lOrds from the King and tois to the people. Always and forever. This is who we are as Americans and Replucans. Publicand private morality is needed. I pray for the powe to stay true to these princples.
What lies before us and and begind is tincoy compared to what lies in us. Emerson.
God bless you our party and United Staes. Good luck to all the candidates today.”
8/15/2015 10:27:11 AM Information Enid Mickelsen “Godo mornigning. I should have said Aloha to get response.
James while runing unopposed thought it would be approraite for me to run the elections. Today.
I am going to currently call it unoffically to order but we need to take care of some business.
We need to have a credentials committee report but some of you have just registered – so we will take some ations first.
We have a group of Sponsors called the Chsairmans Circle. He asked people to donate 25,000 to the party. Anyone that did that was invited to address this convention for not more than 8 minutes. We are going to ask the first of our circle members to make their presentation. You will want to share your appreciateion for their generostiy.
Governor Gary Herbert will be first to share his message with us.”
8/15/2015 10:29:47 AM Information Spencer Cox “I aprpeciated this appoportunity to adderess the group. Most people don’t’ know me as lt gove. Itt has been my privielge to meet you. I often confuse people by showing up instaed of him.
We did some ccommercials on of our intervie on the street. I asked them the question if they knoew the lt vgvero. The shows have editores usually. Who clean it up. There were 60 people we talked to and none of them knew me.
A lady in the dome. And was ased to take apicture of someone versus to be in the picture.
I thank you for your sacrifice. I want to share one more thing regarding SB54. I oversee elections. I am the one that gets sued. That is my role.
I have had people say – why not just not enforece SB54 and I took an oth.
I do not pick and choose which laws I enforece – we have a President that does that.
We are trying to figure this out and get it right. W will do it faithfully.
I have had the honor of working with Governro Heber. He cares about Utah ahdn has vision and priciple.
The governor was selected to the behte chair os fht national gove assoc. He always say that he is the only governor is runnign f for presidnet.
People are looking at Utah for leadership. There is a lack of courage that is happening in many parts of our coutnry. The states of the Union need to step forward and solve the probles.m Ist si the foundingfathers wanted.
There is one governor that is standing at the head. You know what is happendin here. It is our turn to lead.
Please welcome govenor Gary Herbert.”
8/15/2015 10:34:36 AM Information Gary Herbert “Thank you.
Who was that guy? He looked familiar…
Thank you for taking yoru tiem and being part fo the convention today. Thanks for your services Let me metnion a fewe things that ar germain to aour gathering.
Dan Jones talkead about right track and wrong trap poll. 75% thingk we are on the wrong track.
In Utah we are asked and we have about 75% in the affirmative on the right track. We have not reached the primised land but ar eheade din thre right direciotn. This ai I ag reate place fo r business. We have great quality of life and we have success here. We are being looked at.
Why Utah? What is happening? We have an opportunity to be the role model. There ar eplenty of bad role models.
We have one of our candiates who said – “”we want to achive 4% growth in UTS”” the mdedia attacked hime saying it is unrealistic. Pie in the sky. Plitico says it is impossible.
4% may be impossibel for them but they forot to tell Utah. We set a goal as the best performing economy in America. We knew wehre we wanted to go. The latest Dep of Labor says we are at 5.2% which means that for the fifth month in are row we are number 1 in America. We are going int eh rigth direction.
We need to say number 1. We need to deal with challenges. One has been aluded to. Federal overreach. IT si burdensonsme and sotly to reach. IT hets lands, ecudcation and ehalth and human services.
We need to stand up with self determination. We need to take responsibility in our lirves. To that end, as the NGA Chair aI have created a card with wth governonre. Fidning solutions and ways to help our lives.
I hearkedn to a quite from James Madion on Federal 45. State versus Federal govnermtn. He talked about the poweres being enumerated as dfninte and few. The opwer to tstates are numerous and indefeinte. We understand staes right sand powers. WE get our own outcomes. C
Check the budgets of the 50 states and see how we are doing. If you combine the budgets of all states it is 1..7 trillion dollars. The budget from Obama is 3.99 trillion – 2.5 times more than the combined spending of the states. WE hae it upside down. This over time the stats are just back seat drivers with the federal chaufeers. We need to put the stase back int ehdirers seat.
The publicanlands ia a big issue. The orverreach is observable. I support Bishp and cChaffetz to work with acres. We are losing lumber industrey due to beetel and forest fire. The loss of grazing. There is a better way to do it. Utah should have a bold postiion.
UI supprot Bishp in what he is doing and we should have a rold in public lands.
We have a unique challenge in Utah with education. Our mediat age si 29.2 year sof age. We are tech savvy and biluguarl. We need to keep workin on education. I a pleased to see their efforts. We are improving the graducation rates aby aroudn 5% pointes. W ewnat to make sure that Utah is in control of standsa and test curriculum. I am a Regan Replbucanand believe we can do away with Federal DofE. We can deal with eissues going foreadr. We need to work together to accomlish things.
I was introduced to a dmeeting with annumber of people.
I want to introduce Utah whose state has every other states in the rear view mirroe. Brigham Young said this is the right place.
Iam the 17th and still say this is the right place. It is the right place to live and we have the qest quality of life. Liike cream rising to the top we are the best. I asaulte you for what you do. Thank you very much.”
8/15/2015 10:44:49 AM Information Enid Mickelsen I am told that we need a few more mintues for credentials report. I am going to make one more suggestion. I let him because he is the governor and he didn’t’ know I was going to be strict. I am going to hold peole to the 8 mintues as much as we want to hear from our officals this is your Saturday too. We will know hear from Seantor Mike Leee.
8/15/2015 10:45:54 AM Information Mike Lee “Hello. Thank you very much. Thank you Jemae for runing sucha a great vonnetion. I say this every time I come here. It is great to be back in the United Staets of America.
I don’t get that kind of welcome in DC> When I furst ran in 2010 I probimited that I would serve by following the constiatusion. I probmised to stand agasint broken stat u quo. ItTHe contstiatuoin ahs makde america great.
I also promised to put the action – it was time to take the same path taken by the first generation of patriots. The Boston Tea party in 1773 was a protesta agaisnt the ogvnermetn that we do not want. Too much tax, regualste and is so far form the people that they don’tre spond to the needs.
History remembers it becaue they mad the moved from Boston to Philadelhpie. Thye need to make the new govnerment. We nee to porppse better govenremtn. That is why we are here today. A great man once said that a true soldier fights not becau eof what he hates in front of him but loves whe he has at hom.e.
A true conservative who is motivated by home isnt’a bout the govenremtn we don’t want.
I have spent the alst 4.5 years apposing policies but at the same time doing so ina way that involves proposeing better alternaties. This is the Utah way. Pricnplesa nd postiative offering alternatives.
Fighting for those in Utah and round tha oucnty for those that the status quo is leaving behind. I am pleased to responrt that earmarks are not more.
The pork grease that ofstered a genration of meals is dead. But stadly much remains before us.
Obabamacare ravagaes our system. Aek home pay is tangenat College is still too expenseive. Meanshiwle a continual stream of scandls in wathsing has been liying to them and tagerin those who are conseravatevie. Meanshilw poor families remain trapped inpoverty and the middle class is being qsqueezed tithget . Tinsiders maniputlate the law of that the expense of th emiddle class. After 7 years the chagne that was promised has not come.
The Preidsetn has become the status quos most stauchn defender. He belives that the status quo will work. If yony you will give me more money. It si that broken status quo that commits wme to run for US Senate. I set out to be different. I didn’tw want to be washingtons voice to Utah but Utahs’ voice to Wahsington.
Most of all I wanted or rpesenestat our unique model of success. Limited goenremtn leads to unlimited opportunity. Success can be searned by everone. And n one gets left behind. Utah has the stronges teconomeny and culter in America.
WE are famous for our vigor and gfutre. Our best entrepresenuers are not exeuctives. They are young compels starting a family. The most important investment is not a bank. They are sleeping in arms or spending a week in camp. Or waiting for amission call or college accpetanace letter.
The buseinss of Utah is Utahns. It is not about a good living it is about gulind a good life.
Freedome doesn’t mean youa re on your own but that we aare in this together.
That is the insight I bring to the Senate and the debat for the last foru years. I have worked to fix borken govenremtn. It is why have led the fidght for balanced budget amenedment.
Worked to fitht gainst Obaamcare. I have fought for tax paryes and working familiyes. I have worked on welfare reforms. Regualtory reforms so that the laws are made by lawmakers and not burereaucrats.
For education reforms that make college and apreecarentishie.
For a ttrong miliatyr at Hiill Air Force base and freedom is not free.
I have fought o werfore reform by ending corporatea welfare. It is why have forught to protect life and oppose fundingfor groups that sell tissue for profits.
For the last 7 years they have been workingo n the opposte ideas. A prhase comes to mind – when you are at the bottom fo adeep hole, please stop digging.
At the end of the day we have to remember the challeges that we face are steep. WE as aprmercinas know that our best days area ahed of us. As Winston Churchill said we can be counted on to do the right thisn after everythign else. A centurey is long enough to try that.
The journey we need to maek today is to move from Boston to Philatdeflephia to maek the governemtn we do want.
Join me in the cause to restore Constitotutoinlay lmited gonverment in Amercia. WE hav to act now. Pleaes join with me to resotre contintautionally lmited govnerment to America.”
8/15/2015 10:58:54 AM Credential Boyd Pugmire “There were not challenges abrought aaiansta.
1155 pre-registered — 1945 delegates total at this point. I move the adoption of the credentials report.”
8/15/2015 10:59:44 AM Motion Enid Mickelsen It was moved by committee
8/15/2015 11:00:01 AM Vote Enid Mickelsen “Unanimous aryes.
Registration will remain open until first eelction. We ave have a final report.”
8/15/2015 11:00:28 AM Business Enid Mickelsen Next is a Rules Report
8/15/2015 11:00:45 AM Rules The rules committee pposeospe the rules that are found on 6-9 on the program. These habe veen uesed int hapst.
8/15/2015 11:01:25 AM Business Enid Mickelsen A second is not needed.
8/15/2015 11:01:36 AM Motion Lowell Nelson Motion to amend
8/15/2015 11:01:44 AM Business Enid Mickelsen “What we would like to do – if anyone has amotion to amend the ruels if you would step to the microphone and identy the rule that you wish to amend. We will see which rules require discussion. We will othersie voet on the other rules that do not need modification.
All who mwish to amend pelase step to mike.”
8/15/2015 11:02:44 AM Motion Lowell Nelson Rule H as in Happy Days.
8/15/2015 11:02:55 AM Business Enid Mickelsen Are there any other proposed amendments to the rules.
8/15/2015 11:03:08 AM Motion Nancy Lord Rule M to amend in the rules.
8/15/2015 11:03:19 AM Business Enid Mickelsen We will move to adopt rules with the excetpiton of H and M.
8/15/2015 11:03:53 AM Vote Enid Mickelsen “Please stand. None opposed.
The rules are passed with exceptino H and M.”
8/15/2015 11:04:29 AM Motion Lowell Nelson “H I wish to append the second paragraph.
In case of a tie vote by central committee it shall be forwarded to convention.”
8/15/2015 11:05:21 AM Business Enid Mickelsen That rule is part of the C&BC procedures. Out of order.
8/15/2015 11:06:08 AM Appeal Lowell Nelson I disagree and would like to debate. As the gatekeeper they have withheld the amenment. A tie voete should go thte runner.
8/15/2015 11:07:05 AM Business Enid Mickelsen Is there someone that wishes to speak agasint.
8/15/2015 11:07:38 AM Question Do you see that the couements can be amended?
8/15/2015 11:08:08 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen Yes at the appropriate time.
8/15/2015 11:08:55 AM Motion Enid Mickelsen Anyone in favor the motion of the chair?
8/15/2015 11:09:11 AM Motion Nancy Lord Isnt’ there a proviiono in the current ruels for a 2/3 over rule.?
8/15/2015 11:09:33 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen There isa question of notice. When people fiel for office and how to be nominated. This body can not suspend rules for notice. IT would be manifeestly unfair to suspend notice rules.
8/15/2015 11:10:14 AM Question Nancy Lord Information. In Bylaw 7.5 reads that suspension shall be 2/3.
8/15/2015 11:10:44 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen “Point of order is out. Since we cannot change notice.
Here is what I am going to say. This motion si out of order. It seesk to change the rules that happened before this convention.
You can change the rules for the ture as long as it has been presented correctly.
If you support the ruling of the chair please stand.”
8/15/2015 11:12:06 AM Vote Enid Mickelsen “This requires a majority. There is a clear majoirty. The motion is out of order.
I call for the adoption of Rule H.
Ayes have it.”
8/15/2015 11:12:50 AM Point of Information Is this the same Nancy Lord that bgouth lawsuti against ht party?
8/15/2015 11:13:13 AM Answer Nancy Lord “We asked the judge to tell the party to follow their own rules. This rather than skimmingo nff seats to delgates and officials. We asked the jusdget to follow the rule.
The e rule did not include the rule.
I have the right to respond.”
8/15/2015 11:14:09 AM Motion Nancy Lord “Proposed amdnetment to rule M – the sentence that exists in the bylaw 7.5
Add suspension of the rules shall be by 2/3 of conventnion delegates present when a quorum is present.”
8/15/2015 11:15:20 AM Business Enid Mickelsen “Do we have a problem with notice?
You cannot add a rule that suspends things like we can suspend notice – ti will not apply to items that could not be suspended.”
8/15/2015 11:16:13 AM Appeal Nancy Lord I appeal
8/15/2015 11:16:18 AM Business Enid Mickelsen It is my ruling that the spsension can exist but will not apply if the rule is not legitatme.
8/15/2015 11:16:59 AM Answer Nancy Lord “There is no previous notice in the Bylaws. What is in Bylaws overrides Roberts.
You promied that you would bring something back the next year. You said it was wrong that C&B rsuppress. I have a recording of the convention that you said it.
I appeal your ruling based on Bylaw. The amendmenrt was received and should have been noticed.
The 2 to 2 vote killed it before it came to vonention. IT should have come before us. We should not be punished for that vote.”
8/15/2015 11:18:56 AM Point of Information “I am not aperson who understands of lot of rules.
Why was the suspension ommited if we have the quorum and we are a governing body?
Why not give us the power if it is withn our power.”
8/15/2015 11:19:47 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen “This is the governing boyd o fthe party along with elected officers, state central and exectuve committee.
These changes are directed in a certain way. This is what we have set up. The last convention agreed to those rules. When we don’t’ have something that applies we go to Roberts. The protections are there to protect the body so you know what you will vote on.
You are saying that we as a body should be able to jump over those rules. We canonot do that by changing the agenda.”
8/15/2015 11:21:39 AM Debate “That ability to change something. We want to give that to us.
I want this.”
8/15/2015 11:22:05 AM Business Enid Mickelsen We have the ability to do certain things. But we can’t change anything at anytime.
8/15/2015 11:22:40 AM Point of Information Cherilyn Eager There are times when suspended but that is not now and I just hope this body will listen to all the deliberations that is happening now. We have to go through serious considerations – laborious work.
8/15/2015 11:23:46 AM Debate “Speak on the negative of this proposal. We have ahd an opportunity to be prepared. We have looked through chapter and vers of utah law. We have looked on canddiates and papers to get best judgeemnt. With notice.
TO just come here without that then that would not be fair to review without jus the pressure of the moment. I believe this is a poor decision to vote this through.”
8/15/2015 11:25:04 AM Point of Information Lowell Nelson What is the notice requirment for this convention?
8/15/2015 11:25:19 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen Mrs. Lord I gave you the opporunity to speak. I fyou don’t like the rules. You don’t always get your change because the majority does not always agree with tyou. I will move this forward and we will vote on this motion.
8/15/2015 11:26:16 AM Vote Enid Mickelsen “Please stand.
Clearly a majority.”
8/15/2015 11:26:54 AM Point of Information Question about the notice?
8/15/2015 11:27:59 AM Vote Enid Mickelsen “Adopting Rule M as written please stand.
8/15/2015 11:28:25 AM Point of Order This microphone is broken? We never voted on the actual amendment.
8/15/2015 11:29:17 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen You are correct that we can proceed on her motion.
8/15/2015 11:29:51 AM Vote Enid Mickelsen We have now adopted all of the rules without amendment.
8/15/2015 11:30:11 AM Business Enid Mickelsen We will move forward with adopting the agenda.
8/15/2015 11:30:45 AM Motion Adopt agenda
8/15/2015 11:30:56 AM Point of Information You had mentioned the previous was out of order.
8/15/2015 11:31:15 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen I said that we could move to the point of the agenda and it will probably be another time without the notice requirement being met.
8/15/2015 11:31:45 AM Point of Information Nancy Lord “Why did proposal 1 not get proper notice?
It did not get proper notice.”
8/15/2015 11:32:07 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen “That is not correct factually.
Many of the delegates did not receive this.”
8/15/2015 11:32:58 AM Information Enid Mickelsen “There were not different pacakges sent to different people. So with half of you getting the information and half of you not then what does that mean.
I will get James Evans to the mike.”
8/15/2015 11:33:40 AM Information James Evans “Let me correct.
The 30 day timeline is the notice. The State Central Committee voted on amendements. The poposal was not included in the first maling. We could have held off for just one mailer.
There was a second mailer, so the notice was 30 days prior. The conclusion that it was noticied when it was acted on june 27. Once they had acted it woas given publicly. Mail time is wha tit is.
I accept your good faith belief that we are working as hard as we can.”
8/15/2015 11:35:50 AM Information Enid Mickelsen The notice requirement is not clear as to what form – the fact that is was on the website and the majority did receive I will rule that it was noticed.
8/15/2015 11:37:05 AM Point of Information Is there a timeframe when we are supposed to see that information?
8/15/2015 11:37:22 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen “It was on the website and the notice was given.
The agenda does not appear to have a detailed description.”
8/15/2015 11:38:37 AM Point of Information “I traveled long distance and didn’t’ get this.
Website is not access for everyone. I did not receive notice in mail.
I do not have Internet access due to rural location. Why wans’t this given out earlier? Why is there a double standard.”
8/15/2015 11:39:29 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen “Hopefully we can move forward. The notice requirements are that we send it to you. Most of you got it some did not. I like my hard copy. It is not just a blanket that it was on the webiste. There was a problem getting it with the agendsa. The problem with the agenda versus how C&B does its business. We keep trying to chagne the times.
Where are we with motions on the floor?
We are on the adoption of the agenda.”
8/15/2015 11:41:05 AM Amend Nancy Lord Remove proposal one from agenda whether or not it received notice.
8/15/2015 11:41:29 AM Second
8/15/2015 11:41:58 AM Motion Nancy Lord Proposal number 1 seeks to redefine party membership that instaead of just checking your box. …
8/15/2015 11:43:20 AM Point of Information What does the constitution say is the notice?
8/15/2015 11:43:37 AM Answer Enid Mickelsen “Here is what we are going to do. This is about one of the amendments. I have ruled repeatedly that it is aout of order to attach to another part of the program.
You have an agenda before you. I have ruled changes out of order.
You have upheld the rulings.”
8/15/2015 11:45:39 AM Motion Adopt agenda.
8/15/2015 11:46:06 AM Debate Please vote. The idea of changing a baseball game at the game is not fair and kicking dirt on the umporei doesn’t help.
8/15/2015 11:46:27 AM Vote 20 stand against.
8/15/2015 11:46:40 AM Vote Enid Mickelsen “Vote on the agenda.
Agenda is adopted (with 10 dissenting stands)”
8/15/2015 11:47:55 AM Business Enid Mickelsen “2015 Convention will officially come to order. Will the candidateas please make their way back to the podium.
We iwill hear from another sponsor – hwho has given 25,000. Mr Johnson take a few minutes to address the body.”
8/15/2015 11:48:57 AM Information Video.
8/15/2015 11:49:27 AM Speaker Johnathan Johnson “Overstock and I are proud of committement we have mde foof resources and money to help our party achive significatn vitcoreirs. It is you that makes tha party great. Some diapare you and wtown hall meetings but you are the commited leaders of our state. Thank you for all that youd.
Leaderhsip is ahwat leaderhsip does. It is not about talking and holing postion it is about doing.
We have to stop just talking about Reagna dn statt acting like him. I can tell you it is a dangerou day when you get rankined #1 in something.IT is dangerous because it is easy to get lulled in to comlacelnt. Remember yeterady rather than focusing on a beter tomorrow .
Leadership is about the future. It is particualr importatn in public service. We are to elect or hire great leaders. The qurolity o ldears we hire will determine our gonerment. The right govenrment needs to get our ot the way so that you can thrive.
Eadership matters now more than ever. IT is not just amnageing. And cheerleading. Not just high approval or just taking action the day before facing delgeats. It should be done months. It is not just about states rights lp servece and then looking to DC.
Leaderhsip is about performance not positon. It takes good and turns it to great.
My name is Jon Johnson and I am ready to lead the tstat of Utah. I want ot be Utahs next governenor. This is official. During the months agaed. I will travel thstate and reach out ot oyou and your neighbors. I will reach out to with ideas. In how we can turn Utah from Good to Great.
We have a governor who will have servced 7.5 years and I know that he wasn’t to keep his job for a 3rd teram. You will need to ameka decsion. Who will you hire to be our party’s notminee. Put me through a rgorus interview process. I am confident you will see that my acndaticy is the difrence between manageing and leading. True ladership is about
I want you to talke with me before the large elections. You can see how he and I difere in strangs trials and priors. If you think holding these typses of debets is a godo idea.
If you like the idea then ytext to 53 445 Yes or No. You deserve to hear the differenc.e
Lets debate how we will actually impovre deucation. We will allow federal govenremnt education throug common core – or lead with local educatores and local dollars.
Let’s debate how we preserve states rights. Federal Govnerenets maneg our lands?
Lete debtea becoming fiscally self reliatn with our serlves. 30% of our budget is from DC. Will we proactively lead when DC runs out of money. Let’s debate how e prerapar fo rgrowth. We will manage through poll after poll? Or we wll lead with clean air?
These are four of the issues we face – if you think we need to debate then text.
Utah is a great tstate. We can make it ven better. I am runnday to lead uUtah.
Hire me to be your next govenret. W need to act like Reagan and paint a fivison. Join me on this journey.”
8/15/2015 11:58:51 AM Business Enid Mickelsen “Cnaidate speeches and elections. All candidate have met the requirements. The candidates will have up to 5 minutes. We are goint o keep you to it.
As there is no opponent to Chair he is election by acclamation – congratulations to James.
As a point of personal privilege. Having been a state chairman myself – there are few jobs wehre you get less occolagdea sna lots of unkind. You do it for free.
I don’t’ know who has taken for flak and greif. There is not a more fierce defender of the casucs system thaatn James. He ahs gotten donors upset at him.
We need people to write checks and people who volunteer.
I thank you for going and getting elected in your local area. I want to aplaud Jame and thank him.
We have made some chagnes and this will rub us all the wrong way at some point.
While he was doing that we had enourmous success in 2014 including an all Republican delegation – first in a long time. Much of this has to do thanks to James for leading through difficult perioed. We want to tgain on those successes in 2016.
Thank you.
I have not always agreed with him. He has hung in with us and desrves your support.
For the office of vice chair there are 3 candidtesat.
Kathlee anderson
Phil wright
Rick votaw”
8/15/2015 12:09:15 PM Candidate Kathleen Anderson “even though I have been invovled int hparty fo the past 2 decasdes but most of you don’t’ know me. Despire our histor of fallible people we have endured. All are created equal and no one is insignificat.
I belive in the party of Lincoln and am commited to our princples. Wit ht echallenges we fac ein our stae and nation.
Now it he time for unity. A house divided will surely fall. America has never been united by birth, blood or soil. We are made of immigratnts who year to be free. Our cietzenry has rejoidce dn wept together. We hav raised a colelctive fist. We ar not goint ot take it any more. It is time for us to become usnited and reach out to those who share our vision. Therea amny young people that belive in limited govenrment and unlimited opportuntiy. No more fireing swauds.
We need to turn I can bc to republican. We hav ecome form a postiion of wekannesss. We are ina a position of streangh because our princpies worka nd emplower people. Poru principels are neded to unite our nation and pruse the best future.
The left ohas our matessageda nd out plaeyd. We will not shrug our shoulders. We will sauqre our shoulders instaend. This begins today with each one of us. I will be tasked with fudnrainign. I love gein in the redest state in the nation – but is si wrong to opproate in the red. We ned to be united by a common vision and inspreid by ab better cause. I will bring leaders to our table. Once we unite and people see we are in the princple then they will rise up and step up and they will pony up to be part of our story.
I have nocan not stay that I have held a brain (like dor carson) I have held a bby.
I am runing for vice chair – if you share my vision peopl fvote for me today. Thank you.”
8/15/2015 12:09:01 PM Candidate Phill Wright “Thakn you for being here. I am honored to have my wife and some of my childeren with me today. I was recently the chari in the Davis County party. I said I would defend the system – I took a lot of arrows – some in the back. I understan the importatnce of fund rainsing. We raised thousands of dollars aagisnt CMV move. We reaised money for the tate party to defend agaisnt HB54.
I beveli that we should not have aour rights infrigned upon by outside organization and group. SB54 allows a candiadate to bclaim a Rreplucain – it creates an open primary which alows them to creat our canidiate. I don’t work hard to let others choose my candidatea. This is the reason why we are involved an have passion. We are united by our platform.
The one3htird suppoted king and the onquites one and then thep atriots. Those who gave their lives so you and I could be thhere today. They had faith that their cause was just. They belive that word of Elijah – they that be with us are more than they that be with them.
Under our current preseidtne our values are repasbilced polictal coreectness. Cecil the lion versu body parts of babies . I want to thank governore for defunding planned parenthood in stat of utah.
No one can afford Obamacare, when our amensty was under attack and Obam gave the order to stand down o.
I believe cecause of our systm we are ar strong stateih. We need the caucus convntion syste. If we adhere to our opltforms and princples. We can tell washiington that thy e that be with us are more than they bat be with them.
I will work with James eEavns if I receive your vote today as vice chair of the reuplican party. Thank you very much”
8/15/2015 12:14:40 PM Nomination James Evans “(lots of people on stage) I am James Evans and as chair of the party I am proud to nominate Rick Votaw as vice chair. I take this nomination very seriously.
I know that you don’t like too much coordination. As much as I have been kicked around I felt tht ist was improtant enough that you know what a vice chari does. We needs someon who has experiecna dn can step in. He needs to be independetn enough to stand up to me and will be acting on your beahl.
Rick is the kind of guy that works hard andkeeps head down. He is humber in nature. He wasn’t you to be able to do your jobs. He ahs been with me and you fighting for the caucu convention systen. He awnt syou to be aable to rexpress your opinon.”
8/15/2015 12:17:05 PM Second Stan Lockhart “I want to thank Jeamse. It is a hard job. There are no perks. I am gratfuel for effots.
Rick is alitel arough aroudn the edeges but here is what I have learned about Rick. He truly believe in the pricinpels and he puts his own time and effort in. He is rough and not the most diplomatic. He will represent you. He dones’t just give time – he gives his money even. This man will be a great chari ffo this party.”
8/15/2015 12:18:23 PM Candidate Rick Votaw “I want to thank you as the delgates that owns this party. I am not wornning for thos so Ican work for you. I am commited to make this party a team to keep moving forward. I served as director of special projects. I have sidnged up over 300000 people to vote by mail. I was invovled in ths strongest growth. I will keep helping us build our organizaiton.
We now need to add in the Teenage repulicans. We need to grown them in to trees. Our Women SREplican is grown as well.
I have skilss in technology. I stand here and uhumblin ask for your votes as vice chair tfor the party.”
8/15/2015 12:20:31 PM Business Enid Mickelsen Two candidates for secretary
8/15/2015 12:20:56 PM Nomination I wsih I was sying good morning. I am chariwom o fSalt county replican party. Iwatn to nominate the represente as afuture of our party. I have worked with him for the last 30 yares. I belive that he sit he best hocice for esecreatry.
8/15/2015 12:21:41 PM Second Ken Ivory It is improtatn we stand up for liberty and he called me a while ago and asked aobu thwere I stand. I have seen him executre on that. Our nation needs strong and energetice people. I ask for you to vote for Bryce Christensn.
8/15/2015 12:22:30 PM Candidate Bryce Christensen “I am honored to speak to you today. Some of you know that I urn a small business. Of weeding cakes. I am acolleges student at UofU. I am medical student. And plan to be at UofU. I stared in politics many years ago. The debt was huge and our debt is coninteuing to grow. This is the issue that pushed me to work. I worked ain our county delgeate.
I worked on the collge replucanas. At Uof U we had only 40 members but now 250. I belive in states rights and think we can do better. I ave mowrkionon the state. I belive we can fundatementlay chagne how the colleg ruplicans opreate in the state. I have served in a number of leadership opsitions. And I pledge to support this. I have wored with other people in the psotiionso n all the issues.
Lots of people talkk about giving young a change. I have done this. I think we can do this andmake a difference. I think it is si the college age popel that need to see we are their party.
Thank you so much.”
8/15/2015 12:26:55 PM Nomination Richard Snelgrove I endoser and support Jacquei for Party secretaiy. She is the person we need to lead us. Join with me today in supportin Jacuqie fr
8/15/2015 12:27:38 PM Candidate Jacquie Nielsen “I am asking for your vote. I am an entrepresenure and run choain stores. We have 12 sons bewteen us, 3 who have served thi countyr. I understand the cost of freedom. During the past 7 years I have served ina number of roles. I have organized cacus and conventions. I have worked to elp raise funds. I started with lunders leadership fo Thomas Wrigths.
Then I spent 18 months running a great campaing under Dave Hansen. In party leadrshipo it is our job to rsupport all candidates. I have worked to suppor all candidates – council mena dn women as well and US representative and seantors. I have woarkld the rpecincts and hadned out fliyes.
I have held hundersa of signs in a very liberal county. I will provide minues and records as required by docuemtns. I support the Utah Repulican party platofrm. I will fight to rpeserve it. I bleive iti si whey have have great leaderhsip. I became the state senate nominee thorugh the cacus syste. I will work so that all candidates can get their informat. We as indidvudals, can and do make adifferenc.e Together can wen cahgne the world around us.
I will work to unite th party of the tough isseu. I will atend meetagin and not delegaet it so taaff and get our nominess aelected. Lethanks you.”
8/15/2015 12:31:20 PM Business Enid Mickelsen I would like us to close registration and have the credential registration to close. We have issue to address after the elction of fficers. We will now close registration and close ther port. Regration will not be open until after balloting is closed.
8/15/2015 12:32:53 PM Candidate Mel Nimmer “We are here to make decisiona dn leecte officers. We need the best leaders. Our first and foremeost duty is to find the best Replucains to ge telected. Not just locally but statewide.
We need soneom as a treaureer someon who can work with the other officers and someone with an excellent repuation. Someone who can be truested with the funds.
I am that person. I am ready to get to worok fo r you today. Theppeol behind me know me and my integrity. I have a godo working relahsip with our chair and toerhs running. Many know me and have supporte dme aeven when we don’t’ agre. As long as we agree 80% we can stand.
Last fall, chairman Evens presented a budget but the budget had not gone fbefore the committee. IT has not been reviewd. He infomred us that whe had disabpnd bdett committee. He then agreed that the proper review would be followed. He made a mistake, admiteed and made amends. We are all human and make mistankes and should make amends.
GO and sin no moor. I have made mistakes but I have worked diligetnly to amend.
My account liscens has never been at risk. I larened leasson as a young man to be honorable and do my job as called upon. Last minute attacks are from cowards and it is the lowest form of politicking. Therea are a few who give a badn name.
My opponent went in to public and I went to prviate.
He gets to audit what I do.
I have served in companies f rtheir fanancie. I have run for puplic office and have campaigned for many offices through out this state.
I am not asign you to vote me in for a job. We need to get our local leaders up to America. Bod bless this countyr and this party.”
8/15/2015 12:38:42 PM Nomination Lamar Christensen “Together with numerous other party leaders I am honored to nomiate and enoser abram young. Hwe his own strong values I suspte ihe is right.
I love public service and I introduce to you Dave Young.”
8/15/2015 12:39:51 PM Candidate Abram Young “I am going to be brief. I have enjoyed to getting to know wmny of you. I appreciate the support form throughtout the sstate. My wifes support is the most importatn. Since High CSChool.
Like most of you I have not run fo rhigh office. We are citzne Rpublicans. We care about our communities and try to make them better. I have worked hard in Sandy and Draper. I have worked to make programs better for you. I have work ed in Boy Scouts and uother grpams. Now is the right time for me to dedicate myself to serve in this party.
I am a CPA , I have not ihidden agenda. I supprot an dlive by the party princpiles.
In addition tot hat I belive the great heritage anin this state needs to be fought for. I am the watchman that you need in this position.
Thank you.”
8/15/2015 12:42:14 PM Business Enid Mickelsen “That concludes the speeches. This takes courage to stand up here and ask fro your trust. One minor issue to address. Farlye you have lefet some personal identativation with use.
At this point we would helar a recendtaila report. They have run a snag they are resolving. They will complete the reporte.
Our next item is a sprecial presetation fo rOrring Hatch.”
8/15/2015 12:43:30 PM Video Orrin Hatch “My name is Orrin Hatch and (Lane Beattie)
(Lew Cramer), (Alan Gardner), (A. Scott Anderson), (Vicke McCall), (Greg Hughes), (Sarah Palin), (news anchors. . .), Lowell Edwards), (max Christenson), (Gail Miller), (John R. Curis), (Stan Lockhard) , (Jazz Bear)”
8/15/2015 12:51:07 PM Speaker Mike Lee As one who works with him eveyr day. It is ahrd to identy who has served more to protcte religious freedom than Senator Hatch. As his freidn as colleague I present the Ronal Reagan Convservatiev Award.
8/15/2015 12:52:21 PM Speaker Orrin Hatch “I am grateful for the kind introduction. I love this state and I am very proud of its rcih history. I want’s their with Brigham Young sine I as in Congress at the time.
I acnate help but remener standing in front o the vnnetion cyears ago. The polls wer clsoe and it was anyones change to win. I am told that Reagn ensodresment was the only pre-primary ensdosrsement . I awas graetful for his endoresment. Regans’ invluece is lareg over our party. From our ealy stage sin the sneatoe I worke diwht ihm on his agendsa.
I liked his princpled and practical approvach. Heawas politacally prudent and provided us with leadreship I honor his memory by following his example.
I apprecaited his recognition as “”mr balanced budget.”” Presendte regan and I share a love for liberty. I sponseord the FRElispre Freedom act. IT providbts burdersn on the free exercise of religion. It allows us to stand agsitn athe plicitally corect people who are rwerecking our coutnry. This legisaltion is more imporatnan now than ever before. I am deeply troublgend by by some as relighois protection is a licens to discripmaten. WE cannot let this be done.
We in Utah shoud stand for these things. Freedom is noever more than one generation waway. We need to recdouble our reefrts to defend liberty. Regans push is relevant today. Many of the clahhneges are the ams. Debt fgrows ans it 7 teims. The size. IT isnt’ Republicans toing that.
The greatsse threat to feedom today is the unbrildered lawlessness of the curent president. Presdient Obamas overreach seems to know now bounds.
His immigraiton actions shileded everyone frexcept ellofwn from immgiration laws. Then he has moidfied EPA clean air. Many discussions must include Obabma Care. He doesn’t’ enofrec the ecnetral provisions of his own laws – defy deadlines and avoid subustisy spending. Time and again the administration has exceeded its authority and sought to escape accountabality
What are we dto do when the federal gonverment becaomes the greatset threat to our freedom. In Reagan we can learnd that e can build our shingin city on a hill we can guild our gonvemernt. We can secure this for future generations. Reagna pushed back andagsinta bureracucyare. He also followe what was politcally feasible. We need to follow his model. That starts with demonstrating that Replucans can governe successfully. We have proven equal to the staks. The Ensate is working again. Under Ried’s leadership we only got 2 ovf 15 votes.
Since wa have been open we have had 165 amendments as if that should ba reuporse to anyone. A copule aof popel lost theoir office bacaue they didn’t’ have any amendments. I see the chagne every day. We have passed 35 pieces of legsiatlation out of our committee and we are just getting started. I am working to enact new reforms for Utah and America.
I worked on critical Trade leisgatiosn. And isn Utah we are going ot unleash the full potention of the economy. We don’t realize that we have 3 billion trade with Erupor and 4 billing owni Asia. This ai a great tatse. This is a very importatn matter and some didn’t think we could gte it approved. In the end we only had 13 Democrat votes and we passed it and it is now law. It will protect the countires from being taken over by China with the TPP. Utah’ is going to play a big roled in this. I also helped author and advance a long term highway bill. Let me knw you didn’t think we could raise the money. We had 20-25 highway contrsution needs just here in Utah. We found enough nomny to do it for 5 years by cutting back on federal gonverment.
We finally did it withou rasingin taxes or adding a fime to the deficit. Even the Dmocrats were amazed.
I worked on the act against child pornography and we will bunt in powerful deterents to help our children.
I also have mediare reforms that will help our seniors. In staed of kicking the can down the road our plan puts mediacare on sustabinable footing. Itw asa major bill and it also fixed the doctors problems because they weren’t getting paid. We solved that problem this year because of a Repliucan congress in the US.
I am leading the fight to repleal and replace Obamacare. There is a difference between talk and doing. I am taking aciton to get us what we need. I led the constatutional case agasint it. I have conteineud with einvestigations on my ocmmittee. I am workon onget ting it repleaed it. You wanti and esee th real costs. But we need alternatives. The oservative National Review called my plan the best. A marketplcaet solution to wllow you to make your own decisionse. Talk sis cheap. We need to accomplish reforms.
We changed the country for the better under Reagan. Republicans in control. We passed the Keystone Bill. It was imporatant to know that we are for good principles.
Each day I tstrve to follow Reagans model and fight hard for Utah and our nation. He was a great exmaple to me.I was cahir of labor committee. ThWe signed vie bills tthat I was able to get through to Reagan. He called me on three of them that were not State oriented. He asked me what I was doing. I had to tell him about my committee. He checkeldd – just keep diong a good job.
We had such a great relationships. He was one of the greatest men but even then he had some of us convservatives saying he didn’t get this done. Its’ not easy.
We are going to win this time. WI have bene all over this country. I will help raise money across the country to help our candidtes win. We will have the people in the Senate and the House to bak the president. IT will make this country great again.
I love this state. I love you aevn those who don’t love me.
This is a great state. We make a difernece. It si a great delgation because of you. I salute you. I love you. God Bless you.”
8/15/2015 1:11:58 PM Business Enid Mickelsen “Thank you. He has been amentor for me for almost 40 years. HE asked me to come to his office and gave me college class advice. I was gald to be here for this award.
I recoginze Boyd Pugmire to give the final crednetials report.”
8/15/2015 1:12:50 PM Credential Boyd Pugmire “2138 delegates registered for this convention.
I move the adoption of the final credentials report.”
8/15/2015 1:13:23 PM Vote Enid Mickelsen “Without objection it will be adopted.
We will now get instrcutions.
We had 4 individuals – who came, registered and left
1 medical, 1 for wedding, 2 for family obligations. We have to do this as a block.
All in favor of allowing to be cast (ayaes clearly have it).”
8/15/2015 1:14:47 PM Information “Thank you. For your infomraiton it is not open yet. Please wait until Enid opens for balloting. Please close and seal boxes.
Please open envelope and take out Round 1 ballot. We will only use Round 2 if we do not have a majority.
Only vote for one candidate. Cearly mark it. If we cannot tell we will not count your ballot.
If you have made a mistake or don’t have ballot please come to us.
Once balloting is open please proceed. We have 12 ballot stations. Credential out with ballot in hand. Do not drop in Round 2 ballots.”
8/15/2015 1:17:58 PM Business Enid Mickelsen “Peter has done a great job. Reminder for each of you that we have a lot of other importatn business. Please do not leave. We may have another round of balloting for vice chair. We need to take care of business that is required for enxt years voting.
Any questions? Polls open.”
8/15/2015 1:19:12 PM Ballot

20150418 UCRP Central Committee

When Action Who What
4/18/2015 8:15:26 AM Information Casey Voekes Due to the adoption of th agenda policy items will no longer be added to tha genda as set. People may add to tha genda at the rppporatpei te. We have a new rule.
4/18/2015 8:16:01 AM Business Casey Voekes Approval of minutes
4/18/2015 8:16:13 AM Presentation Kirby Glad The minitues are in a handout. I sent a n email asking for corrections. I liestd that we wer have a country versus county convention. That changes the minutes based on the fixed typo.
4/18/2015 8:17:01 AM Minutes Casey Voekes Approve the minutes. Approved without objection.
4/18/2015 8:17:13 AM Business Casey Voekes I am going to egin by hearing from Adrueill Herrina dn Kirby Glad and from Rob Crade and then I will swarp up the officers reports.
4/18/2015 8:17:38 AM Report Adrielle Herring “The only thing to report is that we have successfully had a lIncol Day dinner with 45k dollerr. Please give the sponsor appreciateion. We also woul giv ea recommendation when you are looking for services. I am excited to be hear today.
Lets have a courtsey and ecitgn time todgether as we elect our party leadership.”
4/18/2015 8:18:29 AM Report Kirby Glad “Make notice of our meetings scheduel. Theis gorup set it. We adopted this meeting sceheudl. Our next meeting is Sept 26.
In the minutes/ agenda we passed out there are a number of derlgaet change. Some wilhave been approved and others will be approved. I like to do it in case there are any obejctions. I wont’ read the list since you have it inf front of you.
I recommend we adopt and approve the list.”
4/18/2015 8:19:43 AM Motion Kirby Glad Move the adotpioin of the list.
4/18/2015 8:19:57 AM Vote Casey Voekes “Is there any discussion?
Approve the avote – vocal Aye.”
4/18/2015 8:20:31 AM Report Rob Cray “I actually had the budget report to show you our up to date. I don’t’ have it up on the screen. If anyone ever wants that . Youa re walwys welcome to contact me and saks questions.
This year so far we have received 44k (42 from lincoln day) 19k in expense fincluding todayas convention.
We hd some 2014 expenses that we paid this year at the beginning of the year of 8k.
We now have a balance of 16k.
Our current bank account balance is 1k.”
4/18/2015 8:22:25 AM Business Casey Voekes “Next is training segment. I was tongin to do it as a parting givft. Unfortuantley last night, as always happens before these meeitngs. This is th pattern and it has been apattern for nearly a decade.
We get together as wleaders and get it all going with good einttnions and have different situations. WE prepaare and then we make administrative things.
I wanted to ustilize technoology more and then 24 hours before this kind of meeting emails go out. This happened 3 months ago 6 months ago. And It happens all the time.
This morning I was talking wot someont who was a vicimt of these emails in th past.
The only regret that I didn’t’ have. You need to sue thess people. Calling them and having a convesation doesn’t work. So unforatnalye we get to a point where we get to therse meetgins I was looking for attorniesy and Trying to get after th utah ethics group.
Insterad of the trainign and griping I am going to take the next 5 – 10 minutes to hear your response.
I will first present a repspone to the Utah for ethiscs.
I got a lot of email with questions. This kind of sneaky and undeerhanded apporach. IT is pretty tacky. I am going ot defend myself and wil hold people accountable. I will focuse on this kind of nonsense. I donet want to impune motice and libel and slander.
I am going to start responding.”
4/18/2015 8:26:41 AM Report Casey Voekes “Read the email:
Utah for Ethics. — (copy in email here about the domain name)
First of all thDaryl Acumen was elected as Vice Chari. He moved about 200 feet from our County. He has incredible data. He scrubs the list regularly and has better data than the party. He offered to allow us to blast these emails for free.
I frequently use Michale Jolley and oDarly’s email.
In 2012 we talkeda bout fear and lack of data. I don’t usually fear outsurveys. As a group we should have surveys. The Democrats contineu to do well in these elections because they talk extensively about their concner because of their data.
We can only have good data if we are asking. My intention is to avoid the landmines that we walked in to. I want the new leaders to know the concners. It has healped. We were able to make a change based on the last survey.
Daryl has not been “”hired.”” He wants to ehlp the party awith his service and he has not received a penny.

This anonymous email went to your personal email. I have shared my thoughts on the canddiates. You shouldn’t vote for people based on their domain.
I didn’t want to hide the data.
Now that I am in leadership some people think you are a bad bad person.
I called Daryl and it tok 2 hours for hiim to call me back. Daryl has a family and was not going to be taking the data yesterday to his clients. He was at the Costco with his family.
I mentioned Michael Jolley to coall and confirm that people were on board with the sterring committee.
I am sorry if anyone was confused about the candidates.
If you take the survey who onw the results – the party.

It is clearly the intntion to mislead the survey – this is the impuning that my attorney say is the bad part

4/18/2015 8:38:34 AM Information Jacob Anderegg We took the bait and wasted a lot of people’s time this morning. Getting together and hashing through personal gripes. You have a group of people who want to kingdome build within the organtzation. Lets caget to the training and the candiates.
4/18/2015 8:39:29 AM Information Casey Voekes “Unfortunately I spent time doealing with this. People told me to send a response. I don’t’ want to get in to the mud. We as a party need to say enough is enough.
We need to delte the email and tell them no and they are insane. We need to ignore. I was not able to prepare the training because I didn’t have the time to do it.
My bsines partners will tell you. This party has always been my top rporptiry duroing thise two years.
I needed to answer this email and address the questions. I want su ot have a successful convetnion. If your deltgates are razzed and want to set a fire on beacuase of that email.
Any follow upquestions?
Hear from State Party Chair.”
4/18/2015 8:42:25 AM Report James Evans “Thank you. Id ont’ know how to faollow that. I am fighting with Count My vote.
Many hae asked about the lawtusi tand the dreiction of the party as a hwhole.
Prior to our injuction on the 10th.there was no way toget the required changes in on time. As you know it take sa lot of time to get things passed through a body of deleagete. Especially when it was conroversial. We wer not able to come up with the answer.
In the hearing something amazing happeend. Judge Newford illumninated thate pathway and it was like he was shingin a light on the issue.
He kept referring to theis – you can resolve this through your membership. You know if you look at your membership uyou c an resolve this.
We brought up other pathways – but you can resolve that through your membership requirements. In many of our heads the membership is all registered Republicans. We allow the state to amintain our membership roles. We give it to the state to keep the roles.
After the judge referecningd the membership part anumber of times then we asked – what do we want to do with our candidtes?
We want them to run the gauntlet so we know wehre they stand and we want to vote these candidates out as Repulicans and this is where they stand on the paltform.
This new opportunitiey with the petition path was that the perceiption was they just hae to get signatures and they can spend tons of money and say what they are.
As the judge said, we control our membership. Imagine if you decided to become a candidate – if you had certain requirements to be a part fo the party.
If you are required to engage for proepr bvetting then you will have to fit our needs.
In short we are putting together a framework that will ensure thos ethat are petiion candiates wiill have to jump through hoops.
No one is getting through without proper scruitiny.
The judge is clear that he will go theough the process of legally resolving this. We will have to take action and make a selection. He said come back after you make a seleciton.
He wants us to conintue with the lawsuit – as we move forwad we will review our membership requirements. It will need to be a more specific description for our candidates so they can be required to meet our requimenets.
The fact that we have had an excellent vetting preoess has then required them to be excellent and a result is the state running at the top. We have a disciplined party apparatus that involves you today.
We want to make sure no matter what path you take you are vetted. We are going to be becoming stronger as a party.
The underlying concerns will be litigated and finished by January 2016. He helped us come up with the legitimate requirements. We are going to explore that to the fullest.”
4/18/2015 8:51:32 AM Question Background checks?
4/18/2015 8:51:45 AM Answer James Evans “That will be State delegates to decide. Your county will need to make that decision.
What we are doing is making sure that we expand the framework of the memberhsip so we can be consituttionaly sound. Canddates will be compelled based on us redifining our memberhsiop. That is how you can enfoce.
Signing a discloruse will have to sign a discolure. If you can’t sign it then you are not a member of the party. You are elevating your profile in the party and your brand. We won’t force it to be a candidate.”
4/18/2015 8:53:39 AM Question Who gets to define rRepulican.
4/18/2015 8:54:01 AM Answer James Evans “We are putting together a framework for that and that is how it will be decided. Keep in mind – this does not affect people thare not candidates then this does not affect you. If you choose to nolnger be a candidtate.
If you choose to run fo roffice then you would trigger the requirments. The reason I am putting it ou there now is we want vigorus discussion. We have never had to discuss this before becaseu we have not had this much intrusion into our process.
Don’t feel shy about igvein your fedback – just be nice about it.”
4/18/2015 8:56:00 AM Report Casey Voekes “Diane on CC&B?
Final comments from me.
We have gotten a lot done in this party during the past 2 years. The last coupel of years we have not had controlversial speakers at Lincoln Day. During these two years I invtied Matt Walsh and he spoke of the principels of the party.
Rafael Cruze, Sean Yers last year. They spoke about the party in a sdistrict and abrupt way.
Why does the Conttitution land the way idt does. We had a concer to reactivate the college repuclibacn.
We worked with the lecedted foficel.
The agenda reform process we helped reduce time wasted.
GOP committee has moved our cause forward.
Jim Matheson is done.
Common Core issues were highlighted and focused on.
Party leaders got out and talked about the party. Many leadrs in the past have been quiet.
We attacked problems and not people. I have completed at moments about stragne beavhore. I have not been graetful that my age has not invovled my decision have been trusted. You treat me as a peer.
I have built some very good friendships. I am gareful for this committee and menotore. I will certinly miss being a parcitipant in this process as I have for th last couple of years.
Any other business.”
4/18/2015 8:59:43 AM Adjourn Casey Voekes
4/18/2015 8:15:11 AM Call to Order Casey Voekes
4/18/2015 8:15:18 AM Prayer

20150418 UCRP Organizing Convention

When Action Who What
4/18/2015 10:55:52 AM Call to Order Casey Voekes “Welcome to the 2015 orgnization convnetion fo the Utah County Replubcain Party.
For 20 seconds I want to address one quick thing. There are arlways a flurry o femail that go out the night before. There are those who say that I should flurry out an email.
I want ot read to you the response to anonymous emails. The man who fears no truth – has nothing to eear. Your Chairs and Vice chairs can answer any questions you may have.
This morning we will begin with praryer – Tamara Atkin.
Color by veterans of foreign wars.
National Anthem by Holly Mayne.”
4/18/2015 9:30:28 AM Prayer Tamara Atkin
4/18/2015 9:34:34 AM Pledge
4/18/2015 9:34:41 AM National Anthem
4/18/2015 9:34:45 AM Business Casey Voekes “The convention I got together the same team as last years. We are back at it is again. You will see them throughout the day and they are awesome.
Governor Bangerter’s funeral is today. In order tohear from our leadership we will hear from them before they need to elave. I want to say thte the governeor has been awesome to work with.
I have loved his calls to meet with him an the mnor and his office. I have appreciated his lietstning to ur in this county and our party. He is a great menotre and freiend aand I will miss the opportunity to work frwith him.”
4/18/2015 9:36:25 AM Report Governor Herbert “Thank you. I am honored to beheere its coming home tfor me. I am gratefulf ro the heariatege that we have here. I see the heart of our economin recovery coming from Utah County and this is the art and soul of the Repulibacn paryt.
Let me just mentione three things.
Gover Banereters funeral today. I think we fortget that he was the firt Replubcain governore for 30 years. He took over during a very diffucult time. I can relate because we took over during recession.
In 1970 it was 16%, and primer reate was in 20+%.
He is known for the pumps on the negative side. I havad him at the mansion 4 days before he passed away and he looked great. He spoke to our honorary colonels who are from the hightway patrol. He takled about his history and hprinciples and gave some conseul. One of the things was that the idea of the pumps came from Matheson and he just implemented. It saidaved some money from floodking. He said,
“”I could have blamed the propelbem on administration””
I did not know the connection with Scott Matheson. We don’t just blame – we get things done.
Some people ask why we are so successful in our state. I was at a dinner. Bill Hasleam I is the Chair of the Governors Association.
I was introduced as the governemor wit every other stats in its rear vewi mirror. How can we have great success?
I was invited to go back to Washington to meet with Pew Center who had the same question. They asked me to come back and spend some time. Why are you at the top of the list in every mesausrable way. I talked about tax poslic8y, volenetterism, tas xpoloicy.
The ereason you are doing so much good – is becaue your people are so much better in Utah.
This is not a nationla platform to run on. You are better – havd have values that are keeping the sate up.
Last point on that same vein – we received honor form US Chmaber of Cmmerce – list as Number 1 in America – top 10 in all of their categories. This is the second year in a row. It shows that people are recognzing wahat is taking place. They said why tey picked Utah the number 1.
We find the sperice of cooperation and olllaboration that we don’t find other palces. We have self- determintation and collaborative spriet and find solutions for success. We in fact really do work together to solve problesem.s
Ronal Regan is thsaid US is shining city on the hill. If people have liberty and freedom with personl responsibility.
Utah is ths thining city on the hilel. We need to be out there for the reast fo the states and the country. We are the shining city on the hill. I am grateful to be yoru governeor. Graterful for the county and your service.
Keep America the best place in the world. Thank you very much.”
4/18/2015 9:44:28 AM Report John Dougall “it’s great to be with you. I get the rpivilega of traveling this state. It is great ot be with you.
Iw ant o thank Casey. We are independet and being Chair you have done a great job. Now I told Caeay I would be frual in my comments.
A few week ago Tribue did a tribute to Lee in the Senatre.
Senator Lee needs to remember that Extremeisinm in the defense of liberty is no vice. Keep of the great job.
In closing we have a great time agahead. Governemtn is like a baby a lian aptetie at one end and no respoisbility at the other end.”
4/18/2015 9:46:37 AM Report James Evans “I just spoke to central committee and whont rehash what I talked about. I want ed to express my greatitued to Casey Voekes. He is the second youngest county party chari. We need that in theis party. We need them here. We need Casey to continue. The only requirement I have tfor this group. Youa re an independte bunch. We need to help corral you in yoru interface with the aprty.
There are some strong voices. On behavlf of the Replucan Party – here is the one year at the Elephant bclub.
Memberhsip pin – this liettel gold elephant. I whis all the candiate a good luck today. I can honsetly say that Utah County si the engine within the Replubcan party. We look to eingenuity and keep doing what you are doing.”
4/18/2015 9:48:59 AM Business Casey Voekes Thank you Govenreor, Auditor and Party Chair. This actually is the moent wihen we come to order for th convention and officialty proceeding with business. Chair recognizes credentials committee
4/18/2015 9:49:36 AM Report Kirby Glad “The list of delegates for the convention begins at the caucus. Any changes are approve by precintct chair. Those shcnaees were reveiwed and we have mad the list afvailable. Any candidates and party officers and offer any challenges as needed. No challenges have been received.
The currently avaialble list be creditnaled.”
4/18/2015 9:50:43 AM Motion Casey Voekes
4/18/2015 9:50:54 AM Motion Doug Brinley was voted to be delegeat but called as mission president. We have a replacement – daniel young has done his best to vet the candidate. We mised the deadline so I move that we credential him.
4/18/2015 9:51:40 AM Vote Casey Voekes Daniel Young. Ayes have it (3 nos)
4/18/2015 9:52:28 AM Vote Casey Voekes Vote on credentials committee report – ayes have it by raised credentials
4/18/2015 9:52:52 AM Business Casey Voekes “834 delegates credentialed as of 9:34 am.
Rules committee report – Diane Crhistaense”
4/18/2015 9:53:17 AM Rules Diane Christensen “Please turn in the program to the first real page – not insert.
A few different district lcation changes.
After the Leg Caucuses are over please put up your own chairs. White chairs stack, red chairs are on racks.
LD 27 – cafeteria, 68 -> 110,
The official rules of the convention are one page in and were approved by Exec ocommitte on April 2nd. We have had not difficulties in following of the furles. Thanks to the candidates. I recommend the rules of the 2015 be approved.”
4/18/2015 9:56:00 AM Vote Casey Voekes Discussion. Vote to adopt the rules of requires 2/3 vote.
4/18/2015 9:56:32 AM Business Casey Voekes “Adoption of agenda. The one that is on the Insert. I want to move us through the agenda. Officer reports wer at beginning but I want to get straigh to votigin.
Without objection the agenda will gbe adopted.
Withoout objection election judges appointed.
During the filing candidates there are three candidates who expreienced freeze when they filed. 2 of the candidates were able to get on the ballot. We would like the name of the 3rd individuals name to be on the ballots.
I move that we accept this District 16 add the candidates name to the ballot.”
4/18/2015 9:59:10 AM Question Kristin Chevrier “Purpose of adding the candidate. They communicated with the secretary – because of the system failure and deadline. He wnate dus to bring this up. When this was brought ot my attention.
My brother had a problem with the filing 10 minutes before. Cindy had the same problem – we wanted this dto be conde openly.”
4/18/2015 10:00:59 AM Report Kirby Glad “There were issues – I didn’t close it exactly at 5pm. I would normally appeal to the rules chair. I wanted to just move fowrawrd.
I head that Cindy had withdrawn her request. I reconfirmed that.”
4/18/2015 10:02:11 AM Question Proof
4/18/2015 10:02:27 AM Answer Casey Voekes Name mismatches in the system.
4/18/2015 10:02:39 AM Vote Casey Voekes Ayes have it.
4/18/2015 10:02:55 AM Division
4/18/2015 10:02:58 AM Vote Casey Voekes Vote by standing. Ayes have it.
4/18/2015 10:03:33 AM Point of Order Excpetion of the rules required 2/3?
4/18/2015 10:03:42 AM Answer Casey Voekes No – we are adding the candidate – majority required but we had 2/3 easily.
4/18/2015 10:04:26 AM Business Casey Voekes “Election by acclatmation – Robert Cray as Treasurer. Congratulations Rob.
Among a copule of other apointements – Addrielle is wonderful and Rob has books really good because we use Quicken now.
The enxt item of business I fthe elections overview. We will be using preapred ballots for these elections.
If you did not get one then go to the elections table which is ?? I don”t know where.”
4/18/2015 10:05:59 AM Information “If you are missing ballots. Don’t panic if you don’t’ have a ballot. If you don’e have one of the ballots do not just voet on the wrong ballot. Come to room 107 and we will certify.
If you know you are missing one right now let us know and you can go to credentials table out there now.”
4/18/2015 10:07:13 AM Request for Information Lowell Nelson Ballots for State Committee?
4/18/2015 10:07:35 AM Information Kirby Glad As you look at credential you will see the room. That is your credential. The bollat will be at the meeting.
4/18/2015 10:08:12 AM Business Casey Voekes “We will now hear from each of the candidates. They will speak in order of the random drawing. They will have 5 minutes of presentation. Any breach in decorum will result in forfeiture time. Refraim from calling in to other caharcters or motives.
We will begin with Chair candiates and Vice Chair. Then announcemtns. Then Secraetary.
Carey will wave her hand around when the time is up.”
4/18/2015 10:10:30 AM Candidate Kirby Glad “I am told that eher are two qualifacaiton. Smart enough to do the job. Dumb enough to want th ejob.
When I pledge allegiance to the flag I am maing a committemnt to secure the blessings of liberty and postereiy. I belive I am the candiadtea fo rthe office.
In our party #4 purpseo is nominateing the canddaites. But number 1 is usporoting condiatsution.
Whether SB54 stands or not we need to take the message oude of the aparty. We need to have discussions owiht those who are liberal and not like us.
We nee dot have a more compassionate message. We love the poor – we have poverty. We believe our principles lead to policy.
We hate lawlessness not immigratns. We need to focus our Purlican rlations program.
We need n information gbooteh at Freedom Festival and need to be at every group. OpEd in every newspaper.
We shoul dhave teenagoe Replucan chapter.
Colelgre repluciane.
We need to reach out to new hisplance citiznes.
W have a repuation of being commiteed to Reupoicbna principles. We should be also Chrisitan. We should be kind and have a pissionate political discussion. That is the party we need to be.
If you love you neighbor. You do not send an nonymous email questioning their integrity. We are all talking about communidation and better meetings.
I submit you select someone who can do thie things and can implement.
I am the candaite who has bene making things happen and keeping things running smootlhy and getting thigns done. The only chair candiate who has raied money and ma doing it. Id din’twaint to raise it.
I ahave made our party more issues oformatue. I am certified parliatmentatiran. I hav ecareated several key events.
I think there are lots of way to serve and I am wiling to serve in any way to move it forward.
You have seen that I am wiling to move things forward and admint mistakes andI am prarpere dto be your chair. I ask for you vote.”
4/18/2015 10:15:59 AM Nomination It is an honor to introduce Cory Malloy . Jemnifer lambert – Dist 6. Together we hit the groudn running as a team. He doesn’t just talk bit and do little. We mapped out aour pland and move forward. He can make things happen. He creates results. Two of this greatest streanght is getting this doens through collaboration. I have sen him take cahrge. Thiis needs an organized an good timea. I ask you to voe for Corry Malloy as Chair.
4/18/2015 10:17:31 AM Candidate Corey Malloy “Jennifer is one of the big leaders of this party. I was moved this morngin when we stood and pledged allegiance to the flag. We san ghte national anthem. I could not believe th eovwerhelmin goodnes in the s groutp.
One fo the greatest htings in this party is exacatly what the Governor said. This is the ahert and duls of the party. Ihave a great love and appreciateion of this party. I know what it si like ot put yourself outthere and v et the candiates. I know what it is like to pick what is the right princpiles.
Wha is the princpile that lines you up as a repuclianc. Many or most ofthem. Youar ehrea declaring yourself as a Replcianc.
The thing that I can bring is a givison of this party and where were at and ned to go. This iyear will be abig year. We nee todo everytihgin we can to repress our influesn.
I do pulica relations everydya. This is something we need to do is expcercise our influes. We need to do a lot of work fo rthis next eslextion.
Know what w kne and don’t know. We have a lto toda do.
I was talking to Michael, a College Replucan he asked what we needt to d. I plan to work with each and every one of you to educate and ring up whese next people.
I have av ision – One of theg reat hitng is to unify for a great cause. We have met as a District and talkeda bout wha is comeing forwaht to the Cnetal committtee meeting. The power of the party should come from here.
I would appreciate your vitea nd am grateful to be with you. Thank you very much.”
4/18/2015 10:21:32 AM Nomination “I represent Saratog Sring and represent .
I nominate Wendy Baggeley for chair fo the party.
Some of you may repmember when Eagle Mountain was the butt of cjokes. Wendy and I cam down on opposeite sides of serveral issues. She addressed the issue and she and I disagreed but I gained so much respsect for her. She has served to train and I vote for her.”
4/18/2015 10:22:47 AM Nomination “My name is Hannah Baggely – when baggleys’ daughter. I love politics. It is awseom. I am one of those kids who got talke early on. That doesn’t happen. I was trainged Most people don’t get trained about what politics si. They werent’ talught buy someone like my mom. You learn from somen e what politics is about.
When my mo took a break 4 years ago some said she lost her ability to lead. For those who think she can’t do things becacue she is nice. You arereally wrong. My mom took a break as a political relation boot camp. She taught us what ist means to be Replucan and hav principles.”
4/18/2015 10:24:54 AM Candidate “Pain can be very differeicult. I just came down with an abcess tooth.
If you ignore your teeth it will go away.
There is an infection in our party and national level. We bicerk for hours over incsequential things.
Some think we are ineffective group. We need to do more mand can do more. I am very graetful for what Casey and ofther have done. It will take a lot more work and I want to take that ball down to the endzone and.
I belive that you can do a lot by smiles. This mam bear will fight fro what is right.
The infection in our party, county and countrye an be fixed.
Vote for Wendy Baggelley as County Party Chair.”
4/18/2015 10:27:07 AM Candidate Craig Frank “I am runiing for chair. My wife Kin is not ehre. My oldest daughter Kim is getting married and her bridal showr is this morning. I am sorry they are nto with me. She is marrying a Replicna though.
Kirstin has been working for Wayne Neiderhauwser since her graduation at UofU. Whil I wasin the legislature she was my interen..
My children grew up under my arm and the Replucan weing. We have appreciated her influcne.
George Wahsington taught us best about aquatins our children .
TA primary object of our deducation should be in gvoneremtn.
I raised 4 Repucliang children. It was oddly enough one of our kids dates – I asked the boy what prety he was in.
As a Chair, along with other respoinsiblityeis. I will bring several things to this talbe and organization. I will organize a traveling bog top tour in the 8 distircuts. I will invte them to meet with the LD leaders and precinty chairs and the delegates the agenda that we plan to push in the next ession.
I will brgin the whiteboard. And will travel aroudn the county now that my kdis are grwon and waway.
We will discuss on improtnat principles and ideals. We will educate on the cuacus system. We
We will have a greater focus on committees tha will vet piceces of lthings that come before us. In the legistlarutre you havea vetting committee ato get through things. No more one -time adventures.
We need to increase our technology and improve our tecnoogy. I have been a lawmaker fo rnine years. I would aks that you vote for me as pary chair.
Thank you.”
4/18/2015 10:32:52 AM Candidate Benjamin Summerhalder “I was born and raised in Oregon – this was liquid sunshien last week. You don’t’ see that many people who tan. We rust.
I want to share with you my vision for the Utah County Replicanc Party. A party that is respsected and the example of traditional concservative princpoels.
One voice and people listen througout the country. We can make that vision a reality. These are the princpls we belive in. We should discuss this and not agendsa.. We have made some progress under Casey.
A Replucan party is a big tetn and diverse. Because of that we will never agree on all thigns all of the time. My wife and I hav been married for 30 years.
Ronal Regan said someone who agrees with you 80% of time is a freidn not a rtrairo. The County My Vote I support the overturning of this. We need to deal with SB54 and put together our plans now to deal with this.
There needs to be better communication withte officers. We nedd to show our friends and neighborar that we blieve in the same thingsk They should be in the same party. We aatn to meet with you and you need to talk with your neighbors and ask them what ideas they have to solve that.
How would you feel about coming to the meetings when we have all the dieas before us. We ask you what ideas will work and why.
Then we take those ideas back and and implement them. I thikn you would be more adtive and engaed in the party. You would feelyou have a voice again and are being heard.
The job ov the vie chair is uspport the chari. I have the expereicne to serve as Vice Chair – LD ChairI am dedicated to the paltform and will do what it take sto get the job done.
I thank you for your time and ask you for your vote as your next vice chair.”
4/18/2015 10:38:14 AM Candidate “Good morning ladies and genetlemen. I was moved when we sange the national anthem. I don’t know how it is out there. I am just very produ to be areplucainc.
As I have compaigned. I would like to thank you for your participateion and passion. You are the elete among the eliete.
I would like to thank my fellow candidates. They have been consummarte genetlement and respsectful.
I am a lifelong replucain. I rember wantching Regan. I went on with that passion to serve my community to get my MBA degree. Public Administration – MBA for governemetn and NPOs. I am not an attorney I think that is a brownie point.
Three reason hy to vote for Scott Ward.
Professionla – in the plubcna dn private secotre. I got fmy first job and Herbert was Commissioner. I have been involved in opliicits in saome way. Iwas also a lobbyist for aw hile whiel I was in the telecomm industry. How to talk to people in srespocul way to complish mutually benefit thins.
Personality – I We need leadership that is ready take the abton and lead when needed. But we also need to listen to and not divide hourselves and work tegther effectively at all leverls.
I have a Plan. The vie chair is to suppor the Chair. I am going to bring my ideas to the committee and formulat ea unified plan. I sent out the video with Lou Holz at the Univserity of Teas. I ean from everyone everywhere. We need to ealrn some things to turn our aprty organizaiton in to the best in the country.
We need to get our own house in order and we will need to look to ourselve. We may have to change our dieas or tactices so we ca focus on what is good for the party.
I hope that we share the vision of a uniifed party. We will be strong and united. If anyone dares challenge the caucus system.”
4/18/2015 10:43:49 AM Candidate “it was in the fall of 1787. Ciztizens wahtne dot ehar what had been procudced./?
Franklin said that we were a Repluc “”if you can keep it.”” I am a Replucaln because I belive in a representative form a fogvernemtn. We are not a democracy.
One fo the best defitions I have heard. A replucan is a well armed sheep constetning the vote. Teveryone has rights and the rights are n’t given by cogvenremtn so they can’t be taken away by fongerne.
Goerneremtns are instittuted to proectte the reights. If you have sdonread the platform reacently. Things at times can become blasé.
I relly appreciate fom our paltform.
“”indiivdual responsaiblity and accountilibyt””
“”Protect each persons right to life liberty and property.””
“”The problem education resta with student and paretn.””
“”The right to keep arnd bear amrs””
“”Taxation should be as miniamla as possible.””
Some know my why – Ray bradlye – she ihas been at the forefront of the fight over common core. We hwave been sharing our finding and leafl concerns. My wife has graveled the antion and talought about local control. The Replucain party paatform used to talk about getting rid fo the departement of education . We leveihere the piriarmy control is the family. Some of you don’t’ belive that the Comone Core is dangerous.
I currently server ad LD Chair in 27. I have been delegeat in 201, 2012, 2014. I was in the convention when Mike Lee and Bridgetwater were at the convention.
I appreciate Mike Lee. I have to tell you that I am super fortuatnet to be an LD chair in Hihghland area. Miek Kenenedy does a fantastic Job. And my senatore is mark Madsen. Al Jackson representes the rest of the majority sitrcit.
I belive in our values. We need to do things that make us more republican.
Thank you.”
4/18/2015 10:49:26 AM Candidate “I poose the question is gonverment working fo rus or are we working for the vognvemrent. Isaree they living up to the platform. Life, Lbierty and pruse of happiness.
We as replucinas howld these tenets to be true. It is rwrten in our hearts.
We defend the defenseless and the libery of oterhs as well as our own.
We do not belive in equaliy outomce s but men have potential to achieve what they strive to achieve.
Working in govnerment is a diffiutl job espectialy when you bevlie g voeremtn has answers.
I would like to talk about SB54. It was meant to weaken our party. It is nothing thsort of a knife in the back of the system, party and the votesr who helped get them elected. The same men who failed to find fault are seeking to destroy the .
The causec system worked when He was defetated by Mike Lee. We need to start living up to our party platform.
I want to read a quick quote – “”antion can siurve fools an …. An eneymy at the gates ifs know. A traitore works thourh the halls iteself. The Tritor epeaks in teha ccents fo the victims. He appeasl to the baseness that lies deep in the eart fo all men. He works secretly at knight. A murder is no less to be feared.””
Have we opened to doors with SB54. The gates are let down and now we need to treathenth thened.
The past session there were over 800 bills and 520 passed and this by a party that blieves in limited governemtn.
We need to stop referring to legistlarotre a slaw maers. They take it too literally.
I wish I could refer to all our legisatlros as defeners of liberty. Being defenders of party proviede the hope of the body athat looks our for our needs.
Between the city, county, state, fderal and globally.
I would like your vote and appreciate yours support. Thank you.”
4/18/2015 10:55:58 AM Nomination Becky is a hard worker. She works behind the scens
4/18/2015 10:56:17 AM Candidate Becky Pirente “I am runing for secretaroy and honored to be among the candites today. I aprpecaite Casey Voeks.
Years ago a man when to Afriac looking for diamonds. Menwhile the man that bought the farm. The farmland was full of diamonds and you are the diamonds. We don’t need tow nder where our Next leader is. It is among all of you.
You are welcome here and needed here.
If you leect me to serve as secreatey I will focus on minutes, record and data. I will keep track of all the informati. I will update your infomraiton so that one one isever forgotten.
We know that it is about keeping organizaiton. This is also a leadehsip osotiion. I will help us set out vision leadership and goael.
I will use omy vote to stadn up for a opositibt productive.
We hav had a few who do the work for many. We must be more willing to open and share and poareticpate more to learn and grow from each other.
Using tariningd and montehly meetings.
A publica realtions plan and community planning. We need to staeop just atlking with each other and talk to together.
I have worked as an activites in many causes and on camopaigns. When I served as account Exec Directore. We made over 300 calls. I helped to make the program to get up to date informatin.
I have serveda s LD Chair and trainined on hwo to do things in the party. In 2009 I heped recreuite 5000 people to be new delegates and all of my efforts have been to helpus stand united.
As your secreatery. I would owkr with you. You are diamonds.
I ask for you vote”
4/18/2015 11:01:04 AM Candidate Kristin Chevrier “I am runin gfor secreatary because I know the value of accurate, accesible records and timly commuindcation. Expreience Drive visiona dn can dget the job done.
You should have received my power pakeced email, tarinings and video trainings. Through 25 years I have worki wiint he party.
I have worked in groups, training and groups an.
I belive in thfairness int eh process. I have been interested in empowereing pwopel in the process. I have adapted to chagnes. Whwn ea canddiate in 2009 asked mt to hsot cottgage. I stattred the first Host the Candidate meeting. Imy example created the enw norm for party elections. WheI looked for creative solutions to run the cacus. I have demonstrated an ability to achieve common goales.
I am trusted to do what I say and serve. I have a thorough understanding of the rolls and procesesreu. I am fully prepared to serve you. I will treview the policy and see how we can serve more fffectively. I haveserved other aprty secretary. I Hsoudl be the most transapretne. I can farir and netural in service. The embermver asn the publica should have accuracy. I will gkeep it accurate. No technology can replcae this
I have ser ved in many capacities in the last 25 years.
I belive that more vaoices make better decisions. I serve because of the principles that I belive should be afoundation. The party ois the vehicle to transport the ipincpiles to law. I belive the caucus keeps it close to the people. The role of this party. I would be honored to serve as you secreatry. Pelase vote Kristin for secretary.”
4/18/2015 11:06:18 AM Business Casey Voekes “After voting pelase go to your senate district.
Senate go to 11:55 then House to 12:25. You need to move quickly.
You will want to come back for second round of balloting.
At this time make sure you are prepared for party races.
Credentials as of 10:30 – 888 delegates credentialed.
Bill Mortimer instructions”
4/18/2015 11:08:15 AM Information “7 different colored ballots in your packet.
For this vote they will mark #1 and you put in the ballot box.
You will all stand and the ballot boxes will come through the rows.”
4/18/2015 11:11:04 AM Ballot Caleb Christian open
4/18/2015 11:20:51 AM
4/18/2015 11:20:58 AM Results Casey Voekes “Secry – 900
451 to win
Becky 411
Cheveri 479 – new secy
445 to win
Ben 167
Kevin Braddy 427
Sean 99
Ward 195
Second Round – Kevin Braddy, Scott Ward, Ben Summer
454 to win
Kirby 279
Wendy 162
Corey 167
Craig 299
Second round – Kirby, Corey, Craig
Do not have SCC results
I will explain ballots.
Balloting room talked about problems. We will proceed with the process”
4/18/2015 12:40:11 PM Report Kirby Glad “The way we have the credentials counted. 14 different people from each district.
One foth the distrct shad miscounted. Whenw e found out there wre more votes cast – then we counted each page
920 Credentialed people actually based on our double confirmed count.”
4/18/2015 12:40:59 PM Information Casey Voekes “Round Two VC is purple
Ben, Scott or Kevin
Round Two for Chair orange
Kirby, Corey, Craig
Ballot boxes ready?
We will hear from commissioners and distiguished service awards and one of the awards is the Reagan award. Doing that through the rest of the program . We will wait for the ballot boxes.
They should mark #3 in this vote since some of the Senates dmarked the #2
Balloting Is open”
4/18/2015 12:44:32 PM Vote
4/18/2015 12:59:22 PM Business Casey Voekes “I have been impressed to work with a number of people. We have not done some of thw arwards fro a nubmer of years. It is a thankless job and we do it because we want to make a difference.
Two arawds – ditinguished service award.
I want to recognize – Tamara Atkin – she has been an increadible member of the party. A go getter and doier. The linconld Day was due to her ahrd work. We want to thank you Tamara.”
4/18/2015 1:01:19 PM Business Casey Voekes “This perosn has reached out to me bfore every meeting that we have. He wants to make sure falg is there and people are line up to do the colors. This person is always coming up with ways to serve – Craig Thorne, if you could come up? Where is Craig?
He is alasy out traing to do good causes.Our Ronald Regan Award – It looks nice. It hais for those who have given excpetional service.
If it werent for this person . I want to give this to Addrielle Herring. I wouldn’t still be in this office with out her belife. I love Addrielle.
Thank you.
We are going to hear from our County Party officers.”
4/18/2015 1:04:03 PM Report Greg Graves “Ii should have taken speking advice from Tammy today. I don’t know what it is like to have defamatory emails.
First off, thank you being here. From last year at this time – it has been an honor to be elected by you. I would like to thank all those who run. I applaud those who are willing to server. The Mayors and councils. It has been an honro to work with them.
It has been great to keep Utah County the heart of Utah. I want to hear all diagloge and open sides. I will be opne an dhonest if we have a difference of opininos.
My votes will always be in favor of thwer the majority of people are. I have been alb oe towk with honest and hard people. I want to keep our county safe and good for the future. Since taking office I have gained a greater appreciation f orth eUtah Sherriffs office. In a growing climate where it is more dangersou I applaud them.
Thank you. Working toegher with them we have been able to have some budget innovations that have savued hundresd of thousands oa dollars. I wid I ould review budget line by line to save dolalre.s This process we have save d nearly 500k to the bottom line so far.
We have seen changes that need to be made to keep us respoinsbiel for the future. This process has been easy because of the resposec tyou show for th ecounty. I have an open door and anm an open book. I will always protect this county. This is the county that people look to. People want to know how we deal with services without rasing the staxes. It is because of all of you. When we work together we can not be stopped. We do not need to make eccuseese.
Thank you for all you do. I love the opprututnity to serve you. Thank you all.”
4/18/2015 1:08:26 PM Report Bill Lee “It is a pelasure to be with you and among you. I belive that I am speaking to part of my bosses. The reset are the cizinse of this county. I ahd had the opoportunity to go to an exconomic summit and there was a question asked. He used to say “”I am proud that I never ducked the issues.”” It is imporatatn for me not to duck the issues.
I have been aksed, “”what’s it like.”” It took em a while to figure out the pohne. When they ask the quesiton I answer with “”think about Lagoon”” and some of the dires where some are scary some are just floating around. Sometimes I am talking with the lawyers I thinik about the rider that goes areound and around.
I am pleased and honorede to serve you. Everyon once in a while you get yourself caught in the ahunted house. Theings are said that get you surprise you. Here are some of th things that is comign up.
Properoty rights. It is imporatnet we stand up for the private prooeroty. Give the owene the stronger hand.
This Tuesday there is a vote for the bonding for this county for bus taranit in Provo and Orem. That is going to happen this Tuesday. I think this is premature. If you would like to com you can tell us where you stand.
As you are well aware in the area around there there is information I would like to see the people vote on fthis issue. Once abain, if you would like to do that as well. You can sign the petition. You can get outh there with 20,000 signatures. In the end, I wanted to thank Casey and all those who have served and do serve.
It takes courage to do things. Let us do the right things. Then in the end we will have no regrtes because we did not duck the issues.”
4/18/2015 1:13:24 PM Report Larry Ellertson “Good afternoon. I appreciate the opportunity to be here. I am one of you look at the way I am dressed. My commitment has alwys been are remains I study the issues and try to make the best deisions. I applaud all the pallning that was in the past. We have that same obligations – we live in the curretn day world and need to look to the future to make things good for aoour children and grand chilrdnere. I hope that you appreciate that.
We have a number of issues that we deal with – sound fiscal policy and making decisions that fit that mold
There are issues with Plubci ands at all levels. Water and planning for water. That is essential to you. That will be something that if we don’t have it , it is essential.
Proeprty rights have bene msentioned. There are differening opinions. I teamke them very seriously. I try to work out win-win solutions since there are borader perspectives and the public good. I hope you appreciate that.
Infrastrucutre – transpopration, trails and water, and drainage issues. W just ake them for granted. We hope that we have adequately planned and taken care of.
Mental helath and substance abues in the jails. They do a greatmentdous job – all the sherrifs deparetment.
Nonetheless as we move forward, we are involved in looking at the jsutice system and how they fit together.
80% of tpeopel in jail are there for drug abuse. Some are there for mentally ill. We are trying t figure that one out.
We are busy at work trying to balance the many different things that are comign to us.
One of the other things that we are invovled in doing is one we take for bgranted – that is Utah Lake. It is there. We don’t fully understand it. We sometonies have the wrong impressions. We are working on reclaiming it and allow it to gbe used.
It’s imporatnt that we all undertand that we are a team and need to work together. We need to ooem together and not be driven aparat. We should build unity and above all, do no harm.
Thank you.”
4/18/2015 1:19:02 PM Business Casey Voekes “Thanks for your remarks. I want to say something ablout commissioner Lee – My brother says you are the best bos and he loves working for you.
Officer reports
Criag Thorne is here – thakns for you service.
Craig is a good guy and has always been kind. He always comes in – he is always smiling nad happy.
Announcement from Jacki Wilson – our constitution has been made less releatn. Our religious freedom has been assailed. We must teach the truth about our malinged pilgrim forefathers.
Pilgrims 2015 needs more help, heart and hand. Please call to help.
Jacki, you are awsome too. Officer reports.”
4/18/2015 1:21:42 PM Report Casey Voekes “You have heard a lot from me – if you have been her for the meetings you have haerd from me. Over the last couple of years I have had one thing that I very much did not enjoy about this job. Someitmes you give up a freedom of speech when you are repesenting.
I am jlooing forward very much to regaining that this afternoon. I watned to talk about a couple of things.
I have been on Lehi Board of Adjusetments. I avhe beenedd City Council meetings and other things. That is not to brag but the reason I want to bring it up is that your freedomsa nd liberties are being attacked an dassailed at the lcoal leverls. Wwhen our cities act like HOAs rather than cities and our school districts think buildings rea mor eipmratnat than teachers then we lose our way.
This is where Utah County needs to stand aprat from other counties. We do not need our cities – I often say that if ever I were elected to City or County governemtn – the first thing I would do would give them Sim City sot they could play the game and not do anything else. There are really good people with Sim City. We don’t need that kidn of central palnning.
We don’t need to have all these national planners. We are supposed to be a little bit boisterous – it is the sea of liberty. That is so true. It is supposed be rambucntions.
I belive it should be respectful but it is not a bad thing if we have disagreement and sicussion and chlallgene the status quot and ask questions. That is something we need to do.
The efficiency of our meetings – that central American created message – divinely came but expressed here in America. We in the party should be an effective and smart isittutiont. We should b ewise about it. Sometimes this means it may be incovnennient. Delegates must be the evangelists for our system and what we belive in.
Twe dounf out how many foremre delgeats have nothing good to say about the system. Otherwise you are just aying it is them, their fault. But we need to look at ourselves.
I have had the oppporutnity to be involved heavily. I ran for School Board 3 weeks off my mission. I felt like an issue needed to be highlighted. In that time I developed a repuations with the Shool Board. They won’t listne to me. Some of my approaches were a bit more like a 21 year old.
I have modereated my tone and message. This weins liberals and others. ThiThe issues of ater common tacross parties. So one of the final things I want to wrap up with tis that people have asked what I will do. You have ecome to this knowedlge.
May partners had to be okay with me finishing myi term here. They supported me. My business is what I love to do. I love being with my family.
But I thikn when you have woken up and are aware fo the gravity fo the situation. You are compelled to act.
I will be changing nmy ponen number for a hwile and try and fina d girl to marry me – I am very tired. One of the things that I have come to admire about Senator Mike Lee – He has been beat up for taking a position and figirhtin for liberties. He is tired and happy to be home. He is here w… They just need to have cubicles – they are not special. They are own servants. They need to be put it all out there. I am totally fatigued at this point.
If I had the time maagnemtn skilsl to do this well then I would havenot have burnt out as quickly. I am super graetful that you burned me out.
I haven’t talked a lot about God these past comuple years. I am not as comforatble about that in public life. I am ntoa a bliever that we are elected be cuase of one imperefect eprson got voted over another. Hewants us to do our best.
We should throw it down and give our aboslute best.
His divine provideance led to the creation of this sates. It lead to this coutnryes creation. He has ahd an intereste in theis land and what happens here as an example. As this county party elexcte this leaderhsip in this county, whihn this state within this country. This should hearld the cause of liberty. IT is woven into the DNA of this land here.
As I said I undrstand politics. I enjoy chates with friends, movies, ater sports, creating, buildng and serving people. I however very much believe do not go gentle into that good night. It has been a poem have follwed since a kids. Give it your best.
The couns has remarkable bpoele to have worked with. I want the gratiitued to be felt. I am only 26 I have aged over the past 5 years. I will give this my absolute best. It is wasy when I watch you. Thank you very much for the last 2 years. (standing ovation)”
4/18/2015 1:35:40 PM Business Casey Voekes We are going to hear from vice chair – Results firsr. There will be another round.
4/18/2015 1:36:11 PM Results Casey Voekes “Careyu Dison is awseom is going to work with me at the Scpae Cneter
VC 789 ballots
395 to win
Ben 148
Scott 162
Kevin 479 – new County Party Vice Chari

Kirby 286
Corey 172
Craig 331
Kirby and Craig go to the thrid round”
4/18/2015 1:38:09 PM Vote Casey Voekes
4/18/2015 1:39:03 PM Ballot Casey Voekes “Balloting closed and now we will have officer reports.
We are going to go ahead snd hear from Adrielle”
4/18/2015 1:48:17 PM Report Adrielle Herring “I am not going ot tek time to give report I will et chat. It hasb een w a wonderful term. Casey is a kindred sprirt. We ned to be kind toeach other and assume the best of one another. I have seen mahy good people have their motivesi mpuned. I hope we can get past that.
That is really just my hope for this party moving forawad.”
4/18/2015 1:49:28 PM Report Kirby Glad “I am glad that balloting is finished and I wastned to wait to give report until after.
I said I would make information avaialb eto you. And to the acndiates and to the dlegeats. No one has to wait for the secraty. I have done that.
I have tried to make the meetings more effective and our new process of making sure the agenda has an opt item at the end is something that I proposed. Central Committee meeting that is focuse on issues.
I feel that I have done a godo job of ckpeeing my promorise to you. I have been happy to work on tas your secretary.
We haveas much need to live by our crhistian values. Wif you love your neightbor you want to bring thei objects to help them. You should never try guild and parliamentariy tricks.
The first person you talk to is the person that oppposes you. Then we can bring something through the refiners bfreof before .
We have no need for dividion in our party. We individauslly need to forgive those who offenede us last year, 5 years asog. People are still carrying ag burden of anger. We have to reat each other with love and not opposisiton.”
4/18/2015 1:52:30 PM Report Rob Clary “I don’t’ know if theis a campaign or report. The people who are here right now – we want to give you 20.00 for your loyalty.
In reality the fact that you are here I was new to this process In my home had cacus a few years ago and I thgouth about theis process as a delegate. I wondered about who might run and be elected.
How do I know they will do the job? I love our platform and that was me in the document.
When I was growing up in the olden days with 14 TV channels. I remember staying up late and watch the national tnthem. What a great way to end the day.
It’s that loyalty of fulfilling that position – that caused me to run that night. I doditn ‘know if the perosn whoould do the job but I knew that I would.
One of the things that I worry about is the delgeates that are not here now. I made a commitment and I fulfill that commitment.
I am going to be done doing this. I am not in any position now because I seek for it. I am here because of my loyalyt. I appreciate what you do to helap your neighbor.
(there are only around 240 people now)
We only receive money by donation. We need to do a much better job of collectin gmoney. We can do better to raise the funds so we can have godo meetings. This meeting will talk $7000.00 today. How are we going to pay for that?
We have the “”Check a Buck”” which is money that weill be sent to the party of your choice. I have a check in my book from last years check a buck $5000.00. We use that money to pay for this building.
When you get a chance to say where you want the money to go. Please pass along to your precinct and go to your tax return – and mark Republican. We can make that four times as uch as we got this year.
I gave some numbers during my last report. 44k income, 42k from Lincoln Day dinner.
Expenses through March 19k. 16k net. Checkbook balance is 21k.
You are part of this body. We want to raise more money. I don’t raise funds but show where the numbers go.
I really do appreciate what you do and hope that you will contineu to serve this party in a positive and uplifting way. I want to let you know my gratitude.
Two reasons people didn’t run gainst bme – either they don’t’ like to work with money or think I will do a good job. I hope it is the second.
Everyone who ran is a good person. I appreciate the hard work you do. DO more than just be a voter.
In the days ahead you don’t just read papers and the siduscsions they have – you should vet them well.”
4/18/2015 2:04:07 PM Results Casey Voekes “SCC is not done but we have results form the race. I am just waiting for the percentages to be figured out.
We have about another 25 minutes for the SCC results.
kirby 236
craig 329”
4/18/2015 2:05:54 PM Point of Information Ballot box to drop donations in.
4/18/2015 2:06:18 PM Report Craig Frank “Thanks for staying so late. They have been a great group of people who are goin g out. Round os applause.
Our party is ready and rwilling to go great places. We have a commitment that we make sure people understand how imporatn it is to publish principles to adhere to and stand by. We need to be able to debate and discuss over and over. The Chair of the party is an arbiter. We need to go forward with that thougth in mind. We need to vet in the hallways the ideas over and over . Everybody shouel have a voice.
I looking forward to a hamburuger. Thank you for being here. Contact me at my cell number and I look forward to having a great discussion.
I hand my first amendments rights to casey now. Enjoy those while I will have to try to provide a mutual position from leadership.
Thanks you.”
4/18/2015 2:09:15 PM Report Kevin Braddy “I am excited to work with all of you thanks you.
I epxress my appreciateion to the laderhsip team.
Thanks you.”
4/18/2015 2:44:53 PM

20140424 Robert Stevens

@1921 at La Quinta Inn
Robert Stevens running for congress in your district
I have been in Provo when I cam asa freshman in 1979. Masters in CS and have worked int eh valley. WordPoerforect, Noveel and own startup for last 18 years. Stayed at home and have had amore time than most to learn about government and watch news.
In 2006 I watched David Walker and his talk about our debt. He said that if we did not change din 2006 and start to practice fiscal discipline then we would reach the point of no return. He took his message to the people versus in Congress. and then he resigned.
With my programming background, we solve proglema all day long. I started to investigate and noted that if the Constistiution is divine document ehtne what went wrong?
I watch fore news and tired to follow the money. I started watching alternative news and their sites and radio. SOme of these people, thogu they have good intentions they didn’t have or make good progress.
I started to read history books and original documents. I was looking for what went wrong. I have found what is wrong and I know how to fix it.
I am going to take a bottom up approach, so image in you are in the convention in 1787 and yoga re with Groege washington and benajamae and all these greats. You had just conquered the greatest govnerment. But you didn’t want soldiers in your houses and other abuses that you fought a war for. You want a representative gonbemrent.
I want to have a senate with senators who represent our states. Then the smaller sates say that is not .. there is a problem in the small and big states. I suppose there was a lot of discussion. If we are going to have the house of repsrenstative repents us then they had to say how many repserentative should represent us.
Before then we had good vgovernmetn. We know our elected officials and felt that we were represented. Should there bee 1000, 10000 to every one? THey chose 30,000 per each representative. That was in the constitution . That ratio remanded pretty much active until the civil war. Then it was decided that if you hit 30001 then instead of having an immediate election you would wait for census.
So it got a little out of whack but they grew together until 1907 but then it looks like it was completely planned. It seems that it was planned by bankers. They set up some trusts which failed. and in 1907 there was a panic and run on the banks. JP Morgan came to the rescue and he was successful. He decided which would remain and which would fail.
In 1910 they passed an act to send Aldrich out to Europe to study banks there. He can back in 1910 they fixed the number of house of representative numbers. It has been fixed even though the population has increased.
You throw the frog in the pot and slowly turn up the temperatre. If they had continued then we would have 10600 repsenrative in the House right now.
Well that is a lot of epode and how will that help?
The founding fathers knew that most of the damage could happen in Congress. They had a term limit of 2 years. THey can fund things. If you knew your presetnatpative and you could hold them in check as well as you can.
I feel really strongly that the events happened around that era.
1912 you had the sinking of the Titanic. The country was upset and dressed. In 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank was started. It had been tried before by Alexander Hamilton bu then Adnrew Jackson chased them out. They knew they couldn’t do it unless a big event happened.
In 1913 they established the bank and the government passed the 17th amendment so that Senators were no longer sent by the State Legislature. In 1913 you could go and persuade your Senatore.
The 16th amendment was also passed for taxing.
Then they moved away from the Gold Standard.
The Federal Reserve Shareholders now have 4.2 Trillion in assets and it is up by 1 Trillion since last year. Bloomberg is spending his 50million to fight guns. What can they do with 4.2 trillion? If they keep growing at 10% per year then what happens?
What do we do about this?
I feel if we fix the House of Represntatives then all the tinges that we can fix we will fix. If I am elected or if not I want you to put pressure on the reelected officials. We should have local individuals in the area who act like the representatives directly. We will have more eyes to read the bills and debate them. And if our experiment works in our 3rd district then I believe that using viral marketing we can persuade other districts in other states.
We would have more people to keep the govenmrent in check.
That is my speech. And I will open to your questions.

?Did you ever receive and invitation from Mark HEdergrea to debate?
?Aside from job as preogramooer what other experiences?
I am problem solver. Big picture guy. Entreperenatulr guy. CEO of startup for 18 years.
I know about living in means. I never had invetstmante capital since I have started up. I knew that if I overspent it could come out of my pocket.
I am a natural entrepreneur. I don’t’ think we need incremental change but we need someone to get to the deep source of the problem nd come up with simple elemetgan solutions.
?Any congress and government experience?
I was raides in maryland. My fhter spent his life in govnerment work I was win a family of civilians. He wrote was defnee. We had lots of discussions about prepare role of governentm. I worked for DOD for a while.
My training has come from reading James Madison, Benjamain Frankiln and the Constitution of course.

Our system of govnerment was designed so that people who care about govneremnt could get in for the time that they have.

?What is wrong tight CHaffetz?
I thikn Jason has gotten to the point where he has not read all the bills. On January 13 there was a bill with 1546 pages in length. There had been a couple of pages in the fall. On the 15th they all passed it.
I can’t read a bill that big in 2 days. Mike Leee didn’t pass it. He voted agaisnts it.
In 1787 they spent a long summer and produced a comment that was 400o lines long. No one can create and debate a document so large.
-He hasn’t read the bills?
I feel that is why I sent him there. They don’t just rubber stamp things. If elected I will read the bills. If revisions I will compare the revisions. I will have a list of formulate.
Increae freedom?
Increase liberty?
Legalized plunder?
Special interests?
If I go through and it is constitutional then we can debate how much gets spent where.

?Any votes that you are not happy with?
That was the biggest one. I have not had time to go through his entree record. After 8 years of searching I found the problem and I want to get the word out. I want us to fix this problem.
If you want more, this WIRE act has me nervous. I understand the Internet and I know that as soon as you give them the power to shut down one group that opens a can of worm.s THy can polio the Internet. This WIRE act may put Free Speech on the line.
Alternative news sites will be on the line and I think there ar some who will shut it down.

?I appreciate you being willing to run and give people and option. I detest career politician and people vote for most of what they do. I like you have a progression that you can go back to. I am looking for someone who is educated and serve my principles and values not just politicians.
100 Trillion unfeneduatd liability?
I wish I had good news. Walker said there is no solution for it. Trhoughout history government usually pay off debt through hyper inflation and devaluing currency. It has never happened very easily. If you look at Zimbabwe, it is a mess.
In the best situation we would discover something the world needs, then we market that to the world and pay down. It would be great if we could start to balance th budget as fast as we can.
I have looked at the numbers and graphs. I don’t see any way of doing it.

?Securing border?
If the government wanted to secure the border they would have done it a long time ago. We have all sorts of technology and can detect a rabbit moving for miles. We could do laws to penalize for hiring illegal. THey don’t want to two this.
In Jeruasalem they had a big wall that get bombs lobbed over.
In Jerusalem they are very seruos about the border security. I am not sure that building a fence the whole way will stop it since they can climb and go under.

?Do you feel it is a priority?
I thikn the better thing it to pass laws that don’e encourage illegal. You are more likely to go to a country that offers you welfare.

?DHS? Is it necessary how do you feel in general?
THe Deparatement of Homeland Security has exceeded its bounds. We feel on guard like it is a police state. It was supposed to provide common defense across state. If you talk to government they are given a budget every year. TEven though there are some who try to reduce expenditure, most won’t THey want to increase their own budgets. That is the first thing I saw in the Deapraetemant of Defense for education – they told me to go do as much as I could to spend their budget.
DHS is to defend our country. We don’t know how many bases and how large our emprei is. We will have to retract and defend our borders agasint foreign aggressors. How many of us have flown for decades without incidents? I never fly unless I absolutely have to. Airlines can have their own defense or security.
It is completely immoral and embarrassing. I go of the pat down rather than the pictures. THeat things hdoulb e disbanded and it is awful.
Are they doing they to help us get used to the force of goernemvent and losing our rights.?

?I want your opinion because of your thoughts on money. If things done’ change do you thin our money will be worth nothing in the near future?
Since 1913 our dollar has devaluaed almost 98%. I attended a lecture by Joeal Sckousen. He is so far in to the muck. He believes that there is about 200trillion in debt that is out there. He thinks it will be like 8-10 years.
THe Federal Reserve wants to keep this up as long as they can. As long as they can keep producing money out of thin air. Every corporation in AMerica would love to take over that situation.
We are told to prepare for the worst. Hope for the pest, plan for the worst.
It is hard to know because they are a group of private indvidiaulas who have enormous power world wide and they won’t be audited.

?Securing our borders. Immigration reform with our undocumented workers now?
It is. As I have thought about his, entrepreneur do “hamster thinking.” We look at all the possibilities and we evaluate all the ideas and see how they “score.” You could start to round up and send people back. You could do it with the help of the public.
If the President really wanted that to happen then he could say you need to treat them like your own. Give them service and food abut help them go back to their country. But that is not what they want to do.
SO now you have to deal with family. You don’t want to break them up like with slavery. THey may be undocumented but have grown up here. You don’t want to kick them out of “their country.” We should be law abiding abut their are penalties.
If we decide to do reform I would like all those who were to become citizens to understand govneremnt and make the oath of allegiance. THose who go through the process make better Americans because they understand have bought in to it.

?You said that we need to respect th laws that are in place. DO you foresee any change in the way we deal with it? Or just enforce?
If I was the king then these are the things I would talk about with love and compassion. I don’t think that is what they ask to do. When you take down a free society. You create a welfare state. Youc an do that by brining in immigrants from borders. You then have a bother group of people plundering wealth in the background.
Those whoa re collection welfare will want to keep those people in power. That is how societies work. THis pater has been happening for a lead a couple of thousand years. It is too bad we don’t have long members.

?Part of congress is being able o reach across aisle. How would you do that? Obama is going great to split us up and it is a sad thing.
Your question is great.
You have to love your neighbor. You have to show love no matter what stand they take. That opens other opportunities. At BYU they teach about BoomStartup.
If I stand up then 1/5 will love, 1/5 will hate and the others are undecided. Do you want to focus on love group?
If you focus on the love group then market to swing group then they will see it. You pretty much ignore your hate group. You have to love them but ignore them.

?If you come as a Republican from Utah the rest of the world thinks we are crazy. How ill you get them to vote with you?
I am willing to vote with people and compromise.
I would not have voted for the budget there was too much plunder in there. If you have one individuatl who is firm and resolute then you would make progress in this country.

?THe last 6 years of Tea Party has not born that own. Can you expand?
THey have made lots of strides. A large majority of AMericans now know that all is not well in govneremnt. THey have not been honest with us.
We have not won the war but have won some battles and that is progress.

?THey say that Obamas ratings are going up. I am convinced that people are listening.
I would not look at the polls. The same people who push the polls are publishing the papers. I wouldn’t even bother. In the 1920s there is this guy who wrote “Propaganda” he was considered the father of PR. Edward Bearnet. THis could be used for evil too.
THere have been a hundred years and you would be shocked at how releante it is today. THere are ppoel that know it very well.
I would need to push my own change. It is a good. read.

?Woudl you have forte for the FARM bill?
I am not familiar with the Farm bill.
?It is a trillion dollar bill with entitlements 154 million in Brazil.
No. not only would I not vote for that I would publish what I thought was horrendous – the things that passed our checklist and the things that failed.

?Dept of Education?
Abolish as fast as possible. Our state never delegated those power. THere was no Amendment to do that.

?In my job I evaluate reading and writing of 5th graders. THey can’t spell the same word right more. What can Congress do about that? They can’t multiply.
The Congress shouldn’t do anything. It should be at the States and the local school systems. I have often thought, let’s start it all over again. Lets keep our money but hire common defense. Sherrif, then a Teacher. We may have more things where we delegate.but don’t want to feel like a slave like we are now.
It is not a pleasant on. We have been able to get 4 of our children in to BYU. we did not watch TV. We read. Trips, and research. THey all got along and did well. But they have exceed.
I have 4, 5, and 14 year old at home.
Turning off the TV and not letting them play video games was a big decision. Every household can make their own decision. I wish I had had you as a tutor.

?Biggest issue for State of Utah?
RIght now education.

?Feelings about School Board partisan election?

20140412 UTCRP CC, LD mtg, Nominating Convention

20140412 @0704
Call to order – prayer. . .
We will delay for a few minutes
@706 start again (we were missing flag)

Daryl Acumen, Kirby Glad, Parliamentarian
Accept minutes
I like our positive party. I have observed we don’t have anything to do as Republicans in this area so we should be doing some things..
I am not going to do this another year.
I really appreciate this county

A couple of years .. . .

DA) The National Party has recognized us now and they have said, “We should really use your time” since we have the data strategy.
The proudest thing I can say is that I have been one of you for the last 12 years.

KG) The things I promised to do was to put in to your hands the tools to track and get information about your own delegates and voters.
You have had experience with VoterClick so rather than a system for sending email to one secretary for updating email and phone numbers. With power goes responsibility.
You need to keep an accurate and up to date contact list for your delegates.
Feb 28, 2015 is our Lincoln Day dinner. This is where we get the money to run the party. As party leaders we invite you to attend. You will get email from me throughout your 2 year term. I send it from my personal account. I don’t send you crap (junk). You need to know what I send. Please white list me.

(((need to correct email address for Drake Backman)))

My purpose is to empower you to run the party. The information I send is important. Since the caucus there have been quite a number of changes to the delegate list.
Sometimes 5 minutes after a delegate is elected they realize they can’t go to the convention. During the course of the year as they happen we bring them to this body.
I am going to ask that we approve all the changes in block which are in the electronic list according to the precinct chair changes.

CV) Moved by EC to approve the approve the list en masse.
No discussion we are ready for a vote.
Approve the appointments of the list
Unanimous vocal.

KG) Electronic voting. It can often cost $5-10 / person. We have been looking for cost effective ways to do this with smart phones. Not everyone has a smart phone.
Hand raise for smart phone so we can reduce the number of paper ballots. This can make the convention go faster. We owe it to you to use our time more effectively.
This is only a test. When you check in you would be asked if you have a smart device. You would have a code for this meeting.
Those without phones would have a yellow wrist band.
We are going to test right now and vote on your 2 year meeting schedule. We need to be attending this meeting. You are the governing body of the county.
(no wifi network unfortunately this time – sorry)

CV) Motion to approve 2 year meeting schedule.
Motion carries unanimous by voice

KG) Test vote (red, green, blue) Blue wins
Second test 171 like 5 don’t know 4 don’t like

CV) Party Treasurer is excused today for health issue. Kirby will help with that.

KG) Budget is found on back of the first page of your agenda.
Budget is only a plan, not complete approval. Steering committee can adjust this around. When money is spent it has to be authorized again. Amounts up to 3000.00 are approved by the steering committee. 3k-5k is approved by EC (your district chairs) and anything over 5k is approved by you.
We do not go in to debt. We do not spend what we do not have. If we do not get the income we don’t spend it.
We talk about what we want to accomplish. We discuss with EC (25 people) and we get input from all of them. This budget has been worked on for 6 months. The EC did not approve it a couple of times. We are happy to take any short questions. I recommend that we adopt this budget.

CV) It is moved by EC to adopt the budget as presented. Is there any discussion.
Vote to adopt. One dissenting voice vote.

Kristin Chevrier) Under 10 minute training.
Chair is the voice of the party.
Governing documents – keep the rules and organize. RNC, Start Party, County Party, Constitution / Bylaws, Roberts RUles.
Constitution over Bylaws.
Roberts provides guiddelines. Quick overview of one part of parliamentary.
Main motion, Amendment to main motion, amendment to amendment.
Cannot be eliminated except by the will of body
Amend Motion to . . .
Amend the Amendment
Vote (if passes then takes the lead as the initial amendment
Vote (if passes then substitutes of rthe initial motion)

You cannot make scope changes within the meeting without notice
The duties of the members of the Central Committee. There are too many to talk about all of them.
1) Show up to meetings. Need at least 100 chairs and vice chairs to make a quorum. That is one of the reasons it is so important to show up. Any authority that is not expressly designated by the Constitution is reserved to this committee.
a) approve budget
b) approve appointments
c) consider amendments to C&B
d) discipline party officers as needed
2) Voter identification efforts and GOTV efforts. Building the infrastructure of your precinct with captains is an important part
3) Elect from this body 2015 at Q3 meeting you will elect 5 member C&B and Audit Committees.

CV) Situation to address as a Central Committee. Our party volunteer officer is having a problem with credentialing within a district.

?) I move that the volunteers be allowed to credential the candidates as proxies.
The candidates arrived well in advance and we would like to speak with them as long as we can. I think it is best to allow them to stay at their booths. So we have as much time as possible with the delegates.
?) Shane Pierce Leg chair for 57. I support this.
However, this is what happened. Someone showed up and said to give them the candidates credentials. So they wanted to disagree. There should have been a separate list and shouldn’t have to break rules. Let’s follow the procedure.

CV) Credential motion.
Motion carries.

C&B Chair) Proposals may be brought forward.
We have one proposal for vote that is not on the back of agenda. Change to Bylaw 4 in response to Squire and Co. letter. The purpose was to change the internal controls for the bank reconciliation process. We need proper process.

LN) I would amend so that the Chair is not required to approve but must review.
Lisa Shepherd) Move to postpone to next meeting and refer to C&B committee.
Chris ?) This should be a no brainer. I understand the time. It would be the biggest deal and we should vote this which protects everyone involved.
CallTheQuestion) Ayes have it. We will vote now.

CV) Ayes have it. (wait!)
Standing visual vote – No’s have it.
Division. Standing # vote
Ayes have it the motion carries (224 for 192 against) the proposed change will be referred back to committee.

Adjourn Central Committee meeting

@834 – Legislative District 59 Meeting
Val Peterson) I take your vote seriously. Thanks for that. This is a representative form of government. I hope that you are getting my weekly newsletter. I am trying to publish results of surveys. We had over 600 surveys come back. I wanted to know what your opinions are.
What came out of those is the way that I voted 95% of the time.
I thank Will Fowlke who helped put some of this packet together. It was great to meet at delegate training. It was good to hear your interests and concerns.
1) Fiscal highlight on the education budget. We added $60 million for growth. Education funding is pretty complicated.
2) The WPU and then you have all these separate funded programs ie. dual immersion and others.
3) HB131 didn’t pass which was the tablet for every child. This next year you will see something from the Governor. Davis has already completed a tablet per student plan. If you follow me much I champion STEM. We passed another bill this year. One of the key initiatives is to upgrade the math skills. My son is at Timpanogos and math is something I am concerned about. We want them to have those skills so they can compete.
4&5) Alpine School and State School Board. I share your concerns especially on the math front. Heather and Dixie are your two reps.
6) Federal lands question. Hawaii just succeeded through court action to get lands back. We will have to pursue through litigation.
9) Air quality. We passed a tax incentive for those with alternative fuels. One of the things with air pollution – 60% of the emissions is from us and our cars. Those are some issues that we have to be cognizant of. There is the Stericycle plant that we ‘billed’.
HB61 for money to help upgrade equipment.

Thank you for being delegates. Today is a watermark day. We are all electing our county government. Every county officer is up for election. I appreciate the time you have put in as you have vetted candidates. I have talked with you about what you like and don’t like. It makes a difference on where our county and state goes. Thank you for your time. Especially when this is the Saturday of spring break.

?) Appetite for doing anything about marriage?
VP) In the courts now. We passed Amendment 3. We provided a friend of the court brief. From there we are waiting to see what the court does. This is a fight that is strongly felt. We are all concerned in the Legislature and want to win.

?) County and state party platforms. Their statements are different so how do we fix that?
VP) Work with Linda or Tai to work the process.
DaveDuncan) Any member can propose changes.

?) Not funding the tablets?
VP) The way the Legislature set it up was a grant process so that districts could apply for matching money from the state. Just to have internet access would take $50 million. I share your concern on fees. I have asked that we look at fees. Parents have noticed them and it is something to look at.

?) About the teachers and the math we still have teachers that are not good and need testing or review or to get out. I sit in classes and listen to their ineptness. Is there anything we can do?
VP) A couple of answers. I have shared your frustration with some teachers and in some cases we get a good result and others we haven’t. One of the things with STEM is to create a math endorsement to help teachers with skill set. We ran with 104 teachers that did a 3 day seminar with concepts and tools and trying to create a level playing field.
Kids in one class might have a great teacher and then the next year it is not the same level. The STEM bill we passed will help with that.
?) With Core Curriculum and Math 1, 2, 3?
VP) That is why I gave you the phone number for the Board. That is where the decision was made. Call them.

?) STEM I know you like. How about others? We have lost so much of the music.
VP) We need the arts but our math skills are not there. 66% of students at UVU are not prepared. I don’t understand the math piece of Common Core. I have never voted on a curriculum item from Common Core. The more we have local control we will be better off.

?) Help us understand what ASD can do about Common Core?
VP) State Board creates standards and directs the District Boards. I don’t think they will adopt Common Core in Science because of outcry. Ways to change in Math 1, 2, 3 or traditional. I feel that traditional was better. Integrated math is hard to see.
To elicit change we need to go there to the Boards.
There is a task force that is looking at governance. The School Board is a constitutional body outside of Legislative, Judicial, and Executive Branches here in Utah. They have oversight and control of the public education system. That governance task force is looking at the governance.
We implemented a parents committee that the State Board was against. They said that it has helped though after they fought it.

?) One of the things about local control is that ASD can adjust about 15% without changing the overall nature of the program. When I went to Utah State Board I was presented with the “Garden of Eden” and no disagreement. I teach at BYU but I just don’t know of any pedagogical theory that is so celestial so I am feeling there is no room for disagreement etc. I don’t know where to go?
VP) Your School Board members are elected.

?) Elected body can’t we organize along the general election? How about the Unions?
VP) They are elected. Teachers have a big say.
UEA has mixed success. I am probably about 30% vote with UEA and they have had mixed success.

?) What is the process for voting?
VP) ASD is grassroots. State School Board you apply and then the Governor puts forward 2 candidates.

?) Who has oversight over the USOE?
VP) Statute and the Governor. We are the ones that fund the system. We use WPU but then specify particular projects. Then the local School District can raise their own taxes and our influence gets smaller. They negotiate what they wawnt.

?) Federal Government able to directly fund State?
VP) Grant process straight to State Board. The Governor accepted the money so we have the ties with that.


@949 seating in the main hall
@1000 full hall SRO
@1007 gavel
CV)Welcome to 2014 Nominating Convention of UCRP. We will begin with prayer, presentation of colors, pledge and national anthem.
CV) Thank you to all of you for starting this convention with your unity and our commitment to this country.
Thanks to the committees who helped bring this together. We had 15 Leg District meetings with 150-200 people to meet the candidates. You have been phenomenal in attending. Thanks to all your officers and others. We have wonderful relationships with those who are here. I am grateful to the candidates for keeping with this rigorous schedule.
The 2014 nominating convention will come to order.
We will hear from the Governor then Attorney General. I have gotten to know these gentlemen and they have been gracious and welcoming to me and welcomed us to the mansion and the office. He has been a very helpful with everything we have requested along the way.
Let us hear from our Governor Gary Herbert.
Gary Herbert) Thank you for the warm welcome. It is good to be home. I am grateful to be from Utah and grateful to be from Utah County.
Let me say as I heard you sing the National Anthem the Mormon Tabernacle Choir would be proud of your talent. It was a great way to start this activity today.
I am going to be mercifully brief. Let me talk about 2-3 things on my mind.
Thanks for the work you do. It is not easy. It takes on significant responsibility.
Your impact is felt throughout the state and the nation. I appreciate that you take on the responsibility of being a delegate and the heart and soul of the party. This is really the HQ of that. Thank you for your great work.
I want to congratulate those who run for office It is not easy. It takes some fortitude to throw your hat in the ring and say “choose me.” There is some ego and aren’t we glad that good people step forward and say choose me.
Let me also suggest that there are no losers. There are some that will have fewer votes than someone else. We learn and express ideas and find out how we square with the platform. I appreciate those who come short and there may be another opportunity.
Because of you and mainly because of you we are having success in Utah. That is what is embodied here at the grassroots. We receive accolades from all over the country and surprising locations. Utah is the leader in this country in so many ways. This is like cream rising to the top.
People are puzzled about why we are having success and have a great quality of life. Some of us understand why and may take it for granted. Part of Utah and our DNA and the party platform.
I just returned from a Mexico trade mission. We had a chance to meet with Businesses from Mexico – Gruppos Bimbo is a company I hadn’t heard of – Sara Lee you have heard of. That is one of their products. They are the largest bakery in the world. 126,000 employees with 10,000 products in the world. They are going to increase their presence in UT because of our visit.
They happened to have a Board of Directors meeting and met with us. They said this: “We talked about company values and your State Values. We have the same values.
Family, Faith, Hard work, and Integrity and Family comes first.”
I was impressed that they had that as their values and two that they recognized us. It is because of those principles and values that we have great outcomes. UT County is #2 most prosperous for business in America. UT is 4th most diverse economy in America. Graduation and tourism rates are improving. It is because of you.
Let me conclude that we should appreciate those values.
Team Utah – this is more to do with you and not just me. Working together with our local government and county government. You have a great set of legislators here. All of us working together to remind them in Washington of these values. When we look at our platform and what we are doing in Utah – these are the principles that were from our founding fathers. With liberty comes responsibility. Keeping government limited and efficient.
Eschewing the idea of entitlement. I appreciate working with the legislature. We have a balanced budget and we have AAA bonding with credit agencies. The fact that we now have fewer state employees today than in 2001. We have fewer employees providing services but the quality is high. That is remarkable.
Let me conclude where I started. We are a great state because we have people like you who give back. We are having great outcomes in the state because of you. This is the best state. This is a light to the world. Thank you very much.

Sean Reyes) Thank you so much. How are you feeling?
The governor just came back from Mexico another country. I have traveled too. They have legalized marijuana in CO and it is great to be back in America having come back from the 10th circuit court arguments.
I was at a Lincoln Day dinner in another county and was told that I had two minutes to speak. If I went over by a second he would shoot me. And I responded back “you had better finish me with your first shot because I pack and will shoot back..” He responded, “you just earned yourself 30 more seconds.”
I don’t have a Republican opponent in this race. I want a real attorney general who is accountable to you. He needs to represent your issues and your values.
I do have a Democrat opponent. He has already circulated fliers.
He hasn’t noted any of the audits and leadership changes that I have made in the office already. The restructuring to the Constitutional part of the department.
He hasn’t criticized the fact that we gave back money from the office. That is part of our principles.
He hasn’t criticized my visit to 27 of 29 counties.
He hasn’t criticized my fight of the public lands issues that we need so badly for funding our education. That is a fight that we are working on. I have filed a joint suit against the EPA and am working on one for the BLM. We are filing Amicus Briefs in West Virginia case that is against the Obama Administration.
He has not criticized us on the parental and family rights with children. And on privacy rights. It is your information.
We have still been effective on the law enforcement side. We have apprehended an alleged cartel member and human trafficking. This person we have deported 6 times and he has come back. We now have 21 witnesses and it is our commitment to keep this man locked up here so he will not terrorize our children in our schools again.
(switched his tie from blue to green) For my friends at UVU.
The one criticism, he has criticized me for defending Amendment 3 that you passed. He has criticized me for defending (standing ovation) Let me say this. It is not just traditional marriage – it is the state sovereign right to determine what marriage is and should be. That is why we are fighting so hard in Denver.
7 other attorney generals including AG Holder (boos) think I am wrong. I have heard that I am on the wrong side of history and it is not worth fighting.
It is a fight worth standing up for! When I took an oath. You have my commitment to fight. We will continue at the 10th Circuit and the Supreme Court if we need to.
Thank you.

CV) We had Sean as our guest at another meeting. We appreciate how quickly he has restored our confidence in that office. 4 of the largest counties are having their conventions today and they came here first. They are going to start trekking north.

KG) Credentials report. I am also County Party secretary. I want you to know when you sang the Star Spangled Banner did you get goosebumps like I did?
The caucus resslte we added to the list by chairs. We have reviewed list of degleats. The delegate is available online. That list was used: 1632 were authorized
Auditoriusm seats 1600. We have checked in 1492.
If someone show up at 1pm then I would like them to be able to vote. So we will continue to update through the day. You must approve the delegate list.
I move that the list be approved

CV) Adopt the credential report. No discussion. Vote with hand up credential.
Motion carries. Ayes have it.
Rules committee report.

Diane Christensen) Stan Lockhart, Paul Baltes etc. This committee has been very gracious. In your program is a copy of the rules. When the rules went to EC they voted to change on 8c instead of 2 minutes to 3 minutes to be consistent. But that was not changed on all sections. These changes have been approved by the EC and the candidates have been operating under these rules for some time.
Move that we approve with the correction noted.

CV) Any discussion? No discussion.
Motion carries. Ayes have it.
Adopt of the proposed agenda. Without objection the agenda will be adopted.
No objection? We did that in less than an hour, congrats.
Doyle Mortimer appointed as election judge.
-Don’t come up to me. He will speak to you in a moment.

Election by acclamation: Kris Poulson (Assessor), Tracy (Sheriff), Radcliff (surveyor) are our nominees. These are our candidates for those offices.

We will be using prepared ballots for our votes. If you did not receive your envelope please get it now. To explain election process Doyle will explain.

Doyle Mortimer) We have a full house and want to minimize the amount of time it takes to vote. Every ballot is for a race, ballot number and ALL the candidates running in that race. As we begin each one we will explain what to mark.
If you are worried bout a spoiled ballot you can get a re-issue as long as your ballot is not cast.
We don’t want you to get up and go and come back. What we will do when we vote is we will have ballot box go through the rows. 2 people will come through and you will place your ballot in the box. We should be able to do every round in less than 15 minutes that way. When completed we will wait for the extra people on the edges and who may have taken a break.
We will then go back to the back – election room 107 and will count.

CV) We will now hear from each of the candidates. Each candidate will have up to 3 minutes. Any breach in the decorum I will address. I am very nice and have dimples but I will enforce this. People refrain from calling in to question any candidates motives etc.
Commission Seat B:
I am thankful for this opportunity. Carlton B for commission B. I feel strongly about protecting marriage. One of our sacred institutions is under attack. Peoples actual rights of conscience are being violated. They are being forced to go against their most fundamental rights.
Came here 400 years ago for freedom of religion. We can protect marriage at the County level. As we recently saw, the recent exception of the laws were seen at the county issue. I would use our legislative authority that within UT county we will not give license. Marriage was instituted by God. Every person in this world has a mother and father. That is a natural thing and there is meaning there. A child will never result from something other than that. We could pass a law against gravity but it won’t change the fact. Same gender union will never be marriage.
Marriage has always been a state issue, not a federal issue. When we have an unelected federal judge overruling our people and governor, how do we respond? I say that we pass an ordinance at the county level to not do this. We will stand up for that.

(Commissioner Whitney) Ladies and gentlemen, 4 years ago you selected me and I nominate Casey Allen.
Good morning. It is good to see you. I have lost my voice in the speaking engagements in the past 3 weeks. I thank you for the experience. I thank you for taking the time and asking question and facing the issues. Let me introduce myself. I have lived here for 30 years. I graduated with a degree in English.
I spent 20 years raising my children. Commissioner Whitney asked me to come help him and for over 3 years now I have had the privilege of running the office and have been the Exec Assistant. I have seen what it takes to be an effective County Commissioner. It is hard work. It is more about listening and less about talking. More about planning than politics. I saw a need for more accountability and transparency. The commissioners affect your lives everyday.
I want to bring more engagement to the office. New perspective you’ve never seen before.
New energy to get new answers.
I commit to do the hard work. I am ready – more time in politics does not make better service. The longer you serve the more baggage you have thus the less effective you are.

(Nomination) Fellow delegates Bill Lee is a man of principles and integrity. There is a reason why so many delegates support him. Freedom, limited government, and fiscal discipline. It is my pleasure, no privilege go to nominate Bill Lee for seat B.
(Lee) Thank you for being here. I am Republican by choice but conservative by conviction. Conservative principles are the key to our prosperity. I learned these values from a mother who taught me. My mother said, we must trust but verify. 5 years ago I met Mike Lee. For the last 3 years i have been going around this state and applying conservative government principles. It is an honor to have your support and those up here.
Senator Lee said our communities will prosper if we reduce government. A vote for me is to stand up for primary property rights, public safety and individuals. Proper use of tax money and free market principles. I will stand fast in going after our federal lands.
I love this country and this county. Let’s stand together and go forward. As we stand up and look forward and bring things together, let us make UT County a brighter place.

Good morning. I am happy to see all of you who have come out to stand and defend what you believe is right. We shouldn’t fret for those who fight for us to defend our freedom and justice. My name is Oscar and we have 3 wonderful children. I have worked for UT County for 25 years as a Surveyor. I have retired and run my own business for the last 5 years. Many of us don’t realize how blessed we are. However our government is forgetting our basics of what God is here. Some of the restrictions of the government of our Constitutional rights.
Government will not do that only as far as to restrain others. No power is plenary and discretion can be abused:
1) land rights, 2) water rights, 3) economic development and 4) bonded debt
We need to be responsible for the decisions we make. These are items I will focus on. I love UT County and won’t change it for anything. Let me represent you and do the best job for this county. Oscar Saldana – Saeat B.

(nomination) I am James Grierson and I vote. I am here to nominate my father. Not because he is my father but because of the man he is. No job is too small for him to do. He has always taught to be the fist there and last to leave when the job is finished.
He works hard, is compassionate and willing to listen. I nominate Lorne Grierson for County Commission.
(nomination) Here as a common citizen. I met him a couple of years ago in Payson. He has faithfully attended our meetings and he has helped us. He will listen to each one of you.
LG) I appreciate those nominations. I thank you for your service. It is incredible to see the turnout. I have lived here for over 25 years. I love this county.
I am a business problem solver and get things done. I will do that. I swear an oath and I will uphold the Constitution of the US and UT as my first thought not my last. If you interested in someone you can get a hold of and have a vision. I hope you vote for me Seat B. Thank you very much.

Three sessenionl elemstn – exec, judic and leg. I have the breadth and depth that meet sand exceeds. I served on Provo City. I cut teeth on legal.
As software exec at WP and Novell I have managed mjltil million and deatl tiwth budget. In the County I provided strong leadership.
Trementdowu growth is coming and we will tackle togetrh. I will haw ill stay aghea dog the curve to deliver clean energy and wise transit development. IProperty rights are paramount. That is what made this country great.
When the legislature is in session, watch your pocket book. I will be on capital hill reminindg every elgisatlro reminding them that UT County si the heart. We cradle 70000 of the students at BYU and UVU. All we ask is that they feel this deeply and act accordingly.
I believe exceptional accountable vibrant . I do not want to expand beyond 3 . You have to show up and work hard. David Acheson, your vote.

It feels like afternoon since we have been up fro so long. My husband Allan, who is a verterman and serves in National guard. 4 sons. and some additional youth from Eagle Mountatin. As a y
As a young girl I remember my mother taking me to vote. I remember she let me stay up late one year. It was the year that Reagan was elected president. I was proud to be brought up where we knew that Regan would represent our values. I want o represent those values.
I make decisions based on lmited gov, fiscal discipline, proper role.
What sets you apart? I have experience and proven track record. I have reduced spending and privatized services. I have six years as mayor or Eagle Mountain. I ask for you vote so I may preserve the future for my children so they can take their children to vote. I ask for you vote – Heather Jackson.

CV) In accordance with our bylaws, if no one receives majority then top 3 then top 2. Prepare for balloting. Credentialling is closed until the polls are opened again. 1532 delegates credentialed.
Select only one candidate for this seat B.

DM) if you are in the wings make way for our boxes please.
CV) Polls open @1116
Polls closed @1136

94% attendance here!
60% attendance in SL County
Acknowledge my parliamentarian here. Thank you!

Commission Seat A
We live in a secretive society. Mch of the business is conducted bet in closed doors. It is difficult of rnew comes. The game is rigged and incumbents carry water.
There is a negative stigma with politician. THe vast majority is in it of wrong reason. THere is temptation to abuse it. Most don’t realize the bporlem. As County My Vote. We seldom ielect honest popele. THere ar e those who have served muliptle terms.
Our lawyers and jedgetna bring in the problem It is incestuatous. Occasionally one of ours gets in. We lost this game 100 years ago when stopped paying attention. Washington didn’t’ run for aooffice again.
The vetting process has gone awry. The politicians know wha tis good for us?
Good ness is a reflection of those who live here. That is what makes UT county so remarkable and foutgin. I am self mad man. What you see is wha thou get.
I care to take a stand and plegd my honor. I am ready to amok a difference. My name is Howard Stone.

Jake Adernedatg and I nominated Johnny Revill for Seat A. I have known the refills of r8 years now. The term so alt of the arth applies. It is with great pride and disticinton that I look forward to working.
I left wa while ago and thought that my mom was a good person to represent me. Some said that they would vote for her and not me. Thourhg this process you have grilled us with different and interesting anions. Who do you want to repent re you at this county.
your questions have helped me ponder the role and now as we approach this important vote I want you to think of these questions:
Is it imporatn to me to have commission wire thexpericne with service and making difficult decision.
Is it i.e. mportatn to have a record of community service and provide exceptional service?
Is it is important to understand planning and of economic and recital growth respecting private property?
Is it imporatn afor fresh ideas then yes, I am your candidate?
Someone who won’t love trnspareancy

Thomas Jefferson said honest;y of the first chapter in the book of wisdom. I entered this race because it is time to get off the sideline. The time is now to deal with the debt problem. We have restricted our local government from 0 to 240 million in debt. We need to change course right now. We need to do this ourselves.
We do this with the character of lincoln and economics of reagan. We have not seen a significant number of increase in jobs and salaries. Real econonmic growth is when we stop interfering and over regulating.
1 Debit elimination – not free until we are out of debt we need to move together.
2 Lead by example representing UT County platform. This is about all of us. Serviing us It is not able waltz.
3 Transparancy with open dialog. This has been a great 3 weeks. It is true that people tell us that we are not bad, but we can do better. We must take a stand today. Lifetime politicians think they know better. Entitlement started with policiticna.
I can resepresnt you and aI am asking of your support. I will earn your serve every day that I am in office.

Gary Radcliff) What a tribute. I am your county surveyor – Radcliff. I knew Gary for years and he is a dear friend. For those who have coined the phrase of property rights, he understands that very well. He has represented individuals who have concerns with that issue. He understands. He is the real deal. He is principled – 2 points
1 if he tell you he will do something he will do it
2 If the tells you he own’t do something you can take that to the bank too.
ANderson) Gary Radcliff is so great he runs unopposed. We have been together for a while. UT County is wonderful . People have discovered it.
I want to keep my kids here and grandkids. I will not raise taxes. You need to know good and bad bonds. 81% are good bonds for roads and freeways.
UT Taxpaers says we are the best managed county in the state. Seat “A” is for Anderson.

CV) Credentialing closed @1151. Commission Seat A.
1532 credentialed.
1547 credentialed correction.

17 years of personal experience. This can only be one by shots who have fought for the victims before. This job can only be done by those who know when to be tough and show compassion.
I have proven leadership and I have the treats of the police department. I am endorsed by Police and Defense Attorny.
My attorney proecs everyday.
Deleages and friends it is a rpivlage. I am Ben Stanley – candidate of rUtah County. I have never had ea shorter time making a snarguemnt.
I grew up with military but I returned bro BYU law school. I gained the skills to make difference. I learned the prcoeedusre. and I have defended corporate. and reps rented the largest first in the world. I have led them to great success.
I have the expreicne of rithgint eh ships that are off course. I love UT County and we have seen injustice in this count.y I have made the case to m based on judges and docuemtnations. We don’t need another procsecurore. We have 18 proescurotrs that can handle that.
We need experience and guidance. THe powerful sword of might and temper with shield of just and integrity. It is time of rthe right kind of culture.
I have campaigned for transparency and. Be with me to fight for what matters.
In justice somewhere is a threat everywhere. I am grateful for the support ath we have felt.

John Dougall – I have worked with Jacob professionally and he has my complete support.
My name is Jacob Atkin. I am ready to be your auditor. We have the responsibility to stand and defend the rights and values of this star. I will stand with Sean Reyees and defend Amendment 4.
I want to talk about porotecint your vote. I will work to make sur eyou have a correct ballot and are not robbed of your vote. THe right to vote has been paid for by these in the armed focus. We must protect that at all coast.
The duties – I am being supported by Deputies associate. Endorised by Mayor Curtis. THey know about the services that are need. As a CPA with years of experience.
I can build the systems and lead my staff. I can increase communication, customer service and transparency and accountably of call of utah county.
It is a time we all expense more from government and elected officials. . We should eald the way. And I am asking for your vote.

I am your current UT County Auditor. I have appreciated being involved an I appreciate your involvement. I was in your place vetting candidates 20 years ago. THorughout the years I have served as CHair party c. I served as Treasurer. I know what you expect. You want us to not only support but promote the items in the platform.
You want us to safeguard your values and money. I have done that as your auditor. Because of my values I stood up to not issue same sex marriage licenses . Because of my accounting degree and experience I have safeguarded you tax dollars. We have made an effort to review all of you the claims. I have safgaurde.
I have taken responsibility for mistakes ask we can look for improvement. I will contienu to listen to you and make rue we do our due diligence.
I will maintain my indepenced. I believe this apooficee chsould be elected. As an elected official I am beholden to you. I have avoided ensoresmsents. As th Auditore I want to remain independendent. I ask for you vote.

Randy COnvingotn and we stood out as a bright tight for other offices in Utah and the nation. There were some things that we did that were a first. One of those items was electronic recording. The company we helped be the first on now help throughout the country. My tenure was short due to illness andd family. I spent years away and those things have not been done. I believe Millett will implement those things. He has the enthousiams. I endorse him.
McKell – I am a licensed title officer, Raphael Millet.
I appreciate the support of you out there. I appreciate my family. I card deeply about their office. We don’t need to draw on miller and 0 we can purchase OCR software.I am passionate about office. MPA in local and govnermnet to save.
When I took a job 17 eayears ago I had passion and I still do.

Glen Roberts and I owed an operated title company and now work across states. I know of no better Recorder than Jeff Smith.
On behalf of 20 employees please support Jeff Smith.
Experience matters in recorder office. I have worked for 20 years there. Previoeus to recorder I did surveryt and maps and titles. I know the process inside and out. My understanding of the office and leadership experience. My background is in land surveying. When I was elected 4 years ago I have started brining us forward. We continue to keep our webs tie fee and are happy to provide apps. We have a department and office that heps all individual no matter how difficult.
Th The last 4 years have been marked by extraordinary service. I have practical and professional knowledge to say that almost every office is endorsing me in this election. Let us continue the excellence which we have done.

UCCU Preseident and CEO I have worked with Kim Jackson fro server al years. He is education leadership and experience and working knowledge of all things financial. I am convinced that he is prepared to serve well. I am pleased to nominate as a candidate Kim Jackson.
Poulson the current Assessor and I second this nomination.
As many of you know there are 3 words: trusted, reliable and experienced. I am a numbers guy. THis is not comfortable. I want to debit on left and credit on right.
I have security license experience. 26+ years as CFO, Treasurer and other comp titles and companies. I have grown up in this county. I attended Provo High School.
I want to take this dollar bill and frame it so that you can keep more of these in your wallet. I ask for your vote.
Robert Kirk and your current Treasurer. Cary is a professional with experiencee and the only candidate with hands on experience in the office. Please join me in endorsing Treasure.
I am serious about managing you’re money. Tax collection is not glamorous . Currently I am at the office and spent the years working with Rob Kirk. He is well respected in this county. Not everything counts.
You need to asses your next treasurer with 10 years pirate accounting experience. I spent 13 years of auditing county. Wha tis treasury management.? We collect on a daily basis and then we distribute to 49 districts in the county. As the assistant Treasure I have a great working relationship with them.
I have been safeguarding your tax dollars. THis is a sacred duty that the treasurer offers. I have built relathsionships that filters fraud an.
I am serious about tdeliverign wha thou need. My name is Cary McConnell. Thank you.

CV) Thank you to candidates. We will hear from John Dougall our State Auditor.
JD) I will have attended 16 of 20 conventions. I appreciate the hospitality. I was in Weber this morning.
I was heard a story from Reagan – there was a Replucaln candidate campaigning in a Democrat rural area. Faramer gets mom and Replucan climbed on heap of poop. “I have never given a speech on demo platform”
Bastiet warned us that he definition of gonverment is the fiction that some whoudl try to live at others expense. That seems to be what our Preseident is trying to do.
Too often politicians show the programs and talk about they do. THey forget how they got their money. You would have spent it.
Feel free to raise your hand if you wan tot pay more.
It is improtatn to remember where the money comes from and who pays the bill.
I want to remind oyou of good words form Washington – It is not eloquence or reasoning it is force. LIke first it siacan be a servant.”

CV) I appreciate our state auditor he has a very open Facebook page.
Credentialling is now closed until the polls are closed
1547 now – 95%
since there are only 2 candidates will determine a winner or primary
Please mark only name per ballot.
Results are back for commission B

Greier 322 21%
jackson 313 20.4%
lee 494 32.3

saladan 32
bowen 42
allen 129
acheson 219

Lee, Grierson, Jackson
@1243 open

If tyranny is coming from neighbor or group or government it is still tyranny and I don’t like it. Last night I couldn’t sleep. I was laying back and reading the constitution and I would think about my values
Decl of Ind – mankind are more disposed to suffer while equals are sfferable but when a long train of susurpoarteion evening a dosing to gtohw off such tyranny . . .
I am not calling of reevaluation or crazy but we should take this seriously . THis ishoudl be your fist act among am nay acts.
They can’t ignore us. That is the vision.
Constitution – Article I secion 8
Secion9 and 10 is specific – we need to be vigilant of these people – they just a resmarter or just know someone or something. We can tree this in the HD TV eyes. In the last 200 years we assumed that it is just accepted. You get in line and od that. Because of an amendment that went through that has no business going through. Whe we do this and allow it to happen rather than sticking in the bound of constitution. Tytannay came in our door and the OBama are mandate and if you don’t pay the fine then you go to jail.
THis is tyranny unlike anyone. The penalty is almost 700 I can’t figure out how they thought that was a good idea.
Last night, why I was up, was because my good friend was watching this video. It was of a BLM dispute in NEvada. I shave been kind’ve o busy. I recognizes the location in Nevada. The people that brought my mom in to the church live their.
I played on theta property and phone four wheeling – I have scars. The experience is that these are good people. Clive is having the BLM, a department that shouldn’t exist, is coming in and
The irony is poetically pro Settled by Mormon pioneers driven our to ao country and came in here and now that land, that she government and tazingg these guys and knowing them over and we have a president not saying a thing to the DHS.
We have a serious, serious probe. THomas Jefferson says something to us. That is that he didn’t include that he was a president. HE didn’t that was the greatest accomplishment in his life.
He lists Virginia legislation and educational institution. Jefferson knew that even he, while he was President, even he extended it further than he would have lived in the Louisian Purchase.
Government is a concur and wants to grown and can’t control itself.
I ask for this convention oaf these deletageat. Stand with me and fellow delegates. Fill the comittesa and attend these events.
Make posts on Facebook, write letters, show what is to be a Rebpulicana.
Your first act of patriotism – if each of us give money today then there is a lot we can do.

Graves –
Anderson –

Motion for 1 minute speech
Motion fails (loudly)
28% graves
41% anderson
26% revill
5% stone

Graves and Anderson second round
Polls open @1330
@1348 polls are closed

You are welcome to continue talking. Thanks for the donations and contributions. Those who haven’t seen the box can drop in the box at the door with ViceChair and Leg Chair

Chairman James Evans) Center of the republican party in utah
National is launching the call center here in Orem. Let’s ada noter net exporter and of Republican values from here.
We are going to man the call center weekly every day expect sunday and monday. We are focused on key senator races so we can take back the US Sentae.
THen we can all be grateful an send press obam to the golf course for the final two years.
On April 25 the day before the convention we are hosting United in Rally. Ted Cruz and Rince Priebus are coming. Senator Hatch has agreed to attend.
I wanted to just let you know that we are calling it united in utah is ts the Replubcain vision and vision and accomplishments. Weith the example of the OBama we have to come together so we can avoid the Billaray. We are ground zero.
?How do you do it?
After th fight we ar still republican and come together . Nothing will get in the way of our principles HTat is at the bottom of who we are.
So we can I talke mall of the battles within the party because all I have to do is look t DC and just tell our story. THey want to know at RNC meetings. WHow come you are so Replubcalin.?
(go to church)
Today I won’t’ talk about that export. BUt at the end of the day we truly admire Utah County because of passio and commitment. We wawnt o help export that.
Please volunteer at the support center. Acrsoss from BYU in Provo.
Want to stress that in the rally we are trying to have as many youth attend to inspire the next generation.
17 and under can get in free. We don’t want them to fall in the trap of give me, you owe me or where’s mine.
We wan them to step up and be true ameriancs. Let me do it for myself.
How many of you pre-registered for caucus?
We did excellent on pre-register. We are always ready to take a risk.looking at the long term.
At the end of the day with Count My Vote we planned on conference and other activities. Nothing is going to get in our way.
On Friday evening I was able to interact with traditional major donors. I boiledit down to 1 question. is it okay to have differences of opinion? Yes
What is the problem – it is when we become disagreeable. Most of these guys are refined and not used to mix it up because they have assistants for the … so when they come it to convention they get a little bit put off. I am translating that reality of politics to our major donors. Some of them are coming back.
We are explaining who we are and where we need to make corrections. We won’t stop being Rpulican. We are going to export to the rest of the country.
I want to thank all of the candidates.
I want to support you
I am grateful for their commitments. I want to thank you for sacrificing your time.
Youc an call just saying hows it going.
COme to the rally – 94% turn is amazing.

DA) I am feeling guilty we just raised a little bit of cash. We raised 4879.00 just now. I was going through the budget.
I think of things of rh the phone lines.

KG) 2 things
1 – I am too cheap to pay the janitor, can you please clean up your papers?
2 – Average percentage 95% for the county. TOp 3 districts #65 97%, #57 98%, #66 99%

CV) Getting results for 1.5 minutes
One more round.
lee 656 43.39
grierson 445 49
jackson 411

open @1420
closed @

buhman 52.48%
stanley 782

thompson 678
atkin 836

smith 1241
millet 362

jackson 826
mcconnell 674

commissioner a
graves 963 65.47%
anderson 508 34.53

commissioner b
lee 748 54.4
grie 627 45.6

I am still wondering about Auditor. Not 100% must have

20140125 UT County Central Committee

9:01 Come to order Casey Voeks
CV) Elected officials (county and state) stand for recognition.
As we head in to the legislative session please make sure you communicate with them regularly. I have come to know each of them much better and they are receptive and respond to concerns.
Moving on to the next item, I recognize our Vice Chairman and Secretary and Treasurer. Our parliamentarian Carey Dixon.
Our timekeeper is Lisa Shepherd.
Does everybody have a copy of the agenda? If there is no objection we have one change and do not have a proposed budget for approval today so we will defer to the next meeting.
A resolution has been added that we will discus after the first proposed resolution. This is in support of Senator Mike Lee and we will have that when it comes up.

Approve minutes, officer reports, . . .
Objections to proposing the resolution without Executive committee review.
We won’t be including the resolution in the agenda.
As a governing body we can overrule that and propose that we hear the resolution.

Vote: Stand for votes and there are 2/3 so it will be part of the agenda.
We also have legislative reports.

Adoption of Agenda – without objection it is adopted.
Approval of minute of November committee meeting. Seeing no corrections. The minutes will be approved as stated and read.

CV) A few things. We will hear from “Keep Our Caucus.” Also, Utah First we will hear for five minutes.
The priority of the party, we need to make sure that Jim Matheson is out of office and won’t represent the fourth district. We accomplished that without doing anything. It was all the state strategy.
I spoke with the Utah State student body president. The Association has been in support of Count My Vote. Last night I finally articulated my reason for being in support of the caucus.
The reason it is, it is not perfect, there can be problems but what I see as the great strength of the system is in the campaign. We went in to convention with about 13-15% of the vote. Then there was a change in the caucus and we went in with over 18%.
We got out there with a specific message. Some days we had 4 meals of and we took nothing for granted and did it for < $100k. There were a couple of $1000 consultants. It was a volunteer campaign team. The ability to get the message out is, it still takes time and some money and strategy. But you don't have to spend $50000 to get a mailer out to primary votes. Week two we had 20, 22, 35% and at convention 55% and the second round of vote was 70%. Mia Love has a great name for politics. Then I went to Arizona and worked with Gaither Martin. He was a great candidate and a great guy. He had a great message like Mia but we were going against a payday lender loan guy who had tons of money and the local area slaughtered him as a district because he was not a good candidate but he come to the primary and it was impossible to get done what we needed to get done for the number of voters. Our candidate ran against a weasel and we lost. The Republican ticket got creamed in the General election because he was a bad candidate. The system here in Utah while you can put tons of money in to a convention, but you get a message out. Any one can be elected as a delegate. If I can be a chair of the party at 25 years old then you can win on merit, talent and skills and not just some system that is completely fueled by big money. That is my purpose of being in support of the system. I have been a little defeated these few months. I know how hard it is to fight against big money. We have a couple of organizations that we will hear from. Before we hear from these guys I need to pass this along. You are incredible to come to these meetings. We need you to continue in this. The thing is that the good people, the people that have other things going on can get fatigued in this process. We are working hours and hours and who gets mad about where we have the school meeting. It is so easy for the people with good intentions to be fatigued. I am. We can not get attrition out. People with lives and things going on have to go places. I didn't schedule my whole Saturday to be here. But there are a few people who will last beyond the end. There are people that will throw in votes at the end. Please stay throughout the meetings. Please be elected as chairs again. I think we have come a long way. Please don't get fatigued. Some of these people will out work us. They will say how corrupt leadership is. 'they are scheming.' You have to continue this fight. Now that we had a party headquarters. Let us continue on with the fight.. I would like to hear from our former chair with the Keep our Caucus. Because we did contribute some funds I would like to hear from him, Brandon Beckham. BB) Good morning. It is a pleasure to be with you. Thank you to our chair Casey and his support. Also those on executive and steering committee. Without their support much of this would not be possible. There are two organizations. One was Keep Our Caucus and the committee was formed from mostly this body. That morphed in to a full fledged campaign on this issue. The other organization is Protect our ___. Their strategy is to target the most vulnerable areas, Cedar Hills, Saratoga Springs etc. We are focused on Utah, Davis and Weber Counties. We are working with the precincts and the media. We formed a committee and we are now a political issues committee. The Utah Republican Party contributed $5000 for the campaign. Website, shirts and fliers. We raised $1200 at an event. We are now working with the Democrats on the issue. This transcends parties and I am thankful to have the Constitutional Party with us. I would like to thank Representatives Mike Kennedy, Briane Green and Dana Layton and Senator Bramble. Mia Love also came and spoke and donated. We have been on three radio and tv stations and in the papers. Yesterday former congressman Chris Cannon supported this campaign. He was defeated by the caucus system. I agree with his statement. Count My Vote is a bold face lie. We already saw this before when we went to a direct primary. Caucus is how the nation was founded. It is the apex of democratic participation and republican government. I want to protect it and I would spend some time to support it. You can buy a $7 sign. You can get a T-shirt. $5000 is a drop in the bucket compared to $810,000 they have raised. We can take a little money and go a long way. Thank you. CV) Moving on. The other thing I wanted to tell you is that we will be passing around the cash donation box. We put the money in the little box and it stays. We really need this to continue. I noticed a few legislative chairs sponsors some food but we may want to give donuts. We are moving in such a great direction with the office and tools of the party and need to continue to support the efforts. To the vice chair, Darryl Acumen. DA) I know you are all busy. I want to start with the data strategy. We got off to a slow start but got off with an Executive Director. We got our interns in. And then his wife told him he couldn't. We have made 1050 calls. We need to do better. Casey new to get on the phones (I am busy breaking up fights) We need volunteers. How many of you will become willing to come to the office? We can hook you up with Call Fire. The office is on 800 N in Orem (address is on the website) You heard I appointed a caucus committee. They had one job to get a table at UVU. They have been paying kids to get signatures. They are doing it. We put someone in charge of that and there is no table They broke off and created a political issues committee. Casey is recruiting. Freedomworks and that has been really great and offered materials. I want to bring something up. I have been helping to float the party with my American Express card. Right now the party has to write out checks and a lot of our vendors don't take a check. But, how many of you are ready to get a prepaid debit card? . . .Message to the Executive Committee to move forward with that. I have called a lot of you. It has been humbling, not like award. It is humbling and I have talked to a lot of you guys. The kinds of people who are here. How many people here have PhD.? Directors, VPs and know a Profit and Loss sheet, and marketing experience. The kinds of people who are in this party is impressive. You have to have a lot of courage to run for the chair. They get to say that he is one of the guys who is COO of Control 4. These are busy people. To get things done requires busy people. We want to get things done. Some of you have families. I know that it is a lot to ask and is fatiguing but we do need your expertise. I'll be honest with you. The guys that ask for attention don't have the skills. Listen, years ago there was a guy named Vince Lombardi. He finally got a job with Green Bay that was bankrupt and was a dismal team. He says to his team "If we are going to succeed we have to know the basics. If you don't master the basics you don't win. This is a football." That team went on to win 5 of the next championships. They were the most successful. It is a Vince Lombardi trophy for a reason. This is a political party. It is not a conservative social club. It is not a debate society. It is a political party. In particular it is a Republican party. This is not the Libertarian or Constitution party but Republican. It is the party of Reagan, Nixon, Lincoln and yeah, of George Bush. If you have a problem with all those names you are in the wrong building. The purpose is to elect Republicans. We are having a little bit of an issue. The last Democrat just abdicated because of Casey's leadership. We need to go find some and go hunting in Salt Lake County now. We are an affiliate of the National Republican party. We have a County, State and National platform. IF one of your representative doesn't follow the county platform, then still support them. This is a volunteer job. you have got to do the job. There is more at stake. We are fighting for something larger. If you are going to do it take on a job. Make sure your job is done before you start pointing fingers. We have an oversight committee that got upset about a card. Their job was to adhere to the policies and our budget was due October first. Matt Duffin) I'm Matt Duffin and precinct chair in 13. What the Vice Chair is saying is in complete contradiction. The audit committee has only one responsibility If he wants to make allegations. DA) I concede the point. Make sure we are complying with our financial bylaws as well please. I have been told by certain people. we can't expect excellence from our volunteers. There is more at stake than statistical margins of error. You have to do the best that you can. ... So we absolutely have to do the best that we can. We appoint people to stuff and it can get out of control. If you are appointed to do a task, do it. If you are appointed to committee, lead it. Don't hold a special election ...If we put you in charge of a committee please submit a budget. If you are going to submit expenses don't submit it for more than the party has. Don't submit a budget of $220,000. If we give you budget of $4,500 for a picnic don't spend $12,000 for a concert. If you spent more you have to fund raise more. If you come up short then the event doesn't lose money. If you are going to ask for money it is inappropriate to ask for checks in your own name. Don't deposit in your personal checking account. Don't write a check to friends. and if you do something like that then don't cover yourself. It is inappropriate to do your own thing and party thing. MD) Can I be recognized by the chair? I am representing someone who is being accused these things. If he wants to drag this party in to the litigation he can. DA) I am not. I was pretty much at the end. My last point was this. I am the Vice Chair. If I raise an issue with the Secretary and Treasurer and ask a question, I believe in getting things done. If I have offended some of you then, look we have to do the same here in the party. Have a great Saturday. Kirby Glad) So I wanted to let you know what happened with the cards. I didn't forget but sent them a day late. We have some appointments that need to be ratified and these are new appointments A member of the audit committee was replaced. I will recommend that we approve the ratification of Matt Duffin and Scott Ward by a division of the question. Curt Bramble) Before we vote on an audit committee chairman I think that it is appropriate to understand (the ratifying of the appointment of the chair). CV) Move in to executive committee Lisa Shepherd) This needs to come before the body. Laralyn Ebertine) Another time? Lisa Shepherd) We need to take care of this matter. This body doesn't understand this and we need to care of this business. CV) I appreciate the members comments. 2/3 vote to move the item to the end of the agenda, please stand. (almost all). Moving back to the Secretary report. KG) Approval of precinct and district officers. You continue to serve and I recommend that we approve these appointments. CV) Vote: Approve these appointments. Unanimous. KG) We have a system of electronic voting with no cost to the county. You can use smart phones. So some people may still use paper ballots. So instead of counting ballots, my meeting went till midnight last meeting. People can use a system for free and that allows for electronically voting. Some here don't have cell phone service and wifi. This system was tested by our education committee and now I have two things 1) Would you be wiling to be on a conference call to have a test of this system? To provide training to the precinct. Then the chair has the option to use it or not. Or there might be chair who has a technologically challenged group. ?) Electronic voting, would that allow for someone remotely to use their cell phone and vote at the meeting? KG) No, it wouldn't. I recommend that we adopt as a county the position to adopt it or not. Some of the schools have cell phone blockers that we can ask them to turn off. LE) As precinct chair present this as a solution. I want us to make sure that there is no negative backlash if things had a hiccup. ...keep from voting with phone and casting paper ballots. KG) Move that we allow for electronic voting. CV) Vote: Motion passes. KG) The State has given Counties a few options. You are the governing body. When the party is to make a decision, you are going to make the decisions. One of the options is Meet the Candidates before a precinct meeting. You can file online before the meeting. In order to drive a better process. Candidate can meet an hour before. On a precinct by percent basis but it would be better to be consistent across the entire county. My suggestion is that it just turns in to a real election and allows discussion and those who want to participate can. Chad Bunn) My concern is that we are in five different buildings and in different places, tell me how as an LD Chair I would do that? KG) You have them come early to each location. Our candidates would come to the specific room they just have to come early. Ken Zab?) If you have a Leg chair who is running the building and wants to run for Precinct Chair? CV) Stay tuned. ?) Also called a neighborhood meeting. I don't know that extending the time is a good idea. CV) It is optional. Motion is that we hold the Meet the Candidates at 6pm in a uniform way across the County. ?) Can the precinct officers begin registration before and during that time? LS) I would like to amend an some have 400 show up. Stan Lockhart) Some of our locations aren't allowing us in until 6:30. If your make it a requirement then it will be a problem. ?) IN caucus our potential candidates have to be nominated. CV) That will be in the training as well. Motion to make it mandatory to open at 6pm and have a meet the candidate. Vote: motion fails with 5 votes in affirmative. KG) I like consensus so that is good :). The state party give the chair the right to appoint replacements. We have the option as a county to add other business to an agenda. I like the idea of alternates. It is a recommendation. It is better in my mind. Lisa) That motion is out of order. KG) Electronic check in. The state will leave a system of pre-filing. You can file as a candidate in advance. You have the link to go to the test system. That system is the state is providing that. Precinct and and sand county delegates. Count my Vote. Let us understand our principle. IT is a replucaln principle that a small number of epopel who work hard better stand the issue. When senator Bennett is criticizing our system when he was a group of only 100 that put is 10trillion in debt. Then the system is working properly. If the delegates only made a decision like . The principle is that it is imporatn that we spend time one on one ovnervsateion rather than just run a primary. Let us not grow shy. It is the same principle. We shouldn't be shy about about expelling tng this. CV) I want to make a quick point also about point of order. If you come to e the microphone. I focus on one thing ast a time. I will follow that through. SOemtie I can't acknowledge points of order at that moment. THat is why that is happening, I am ayeloow / Blue personality. I am nice guy. We raised 732.00 today. That put sour balance at 16883.96. You should have a copy of the proposed budget in the agenda today. If you have problems or question we will want to talk about this budget that we can pass at next EC. CV) Training for Neighhod Caucus elections. For the next She is not chairing the meeting but you can direct your questions to her. Kristin Chevrier. KC) THere are ne rules in the State Cmte. We are going to show a video clip about the caucus as well. Video then Laralyn has overview of the value and the nature of the threat and how you can preserve it. LE) I tis a great video and we have blots oa materials that can help ouhelpu your neighbored. We have to be positive and not shy away from this. We don't need to shutdown on this. We have a grew system and one of the best instate in the country. I had been asked to speak of ra few minutes. I have just been asked to speak for a few minutes. So many of you are aware of the threat. Count My Vote its not the case. THis ia sa fraud every time you use it. It is misleading. It leading to pepel thinking that you can't count your ovate any othe rway. Our neighboohd caucus system mean anyone can run. You don't have to be well paid lobbyists. or to run. Even Democrate sin some areas do have a change to yes successful. THe democrat and republican party are in system of it. Those who are familiar with are aware that this sthsy should not be scraped. This is again power grab. CMV is using paid signature gathered to get rid ofou election. THey want to get apple at of party Be aware that nyone can get on the ballot if they want to be unaffiliated. They are trying to change it so that you cant unless you have a money. If you are the average sictizen that wants to run. CMV is a hafnul of wealthy and political electete. They report to be doing it in the ame of the voters. I will say in talking to my own dad. Count My Vote is good, right? They have not been cgetting inaccurate information. THis is lack of education and understanding. THis is not about manipulation but about education. http://tinyurl.com/NeighboordElectoins Let's look at the amount soy money - follow the money. CMV had roaise over 810,000 that is over any candidate or group has raised. THis is for helping you be educated to teach your caucus. I belie it is helpful to have th e accurate information. Please donate to those organizations that is working to keep urn cacucs. THese are ordinary focllks with ordinary income. SHould the average citizen count less. The fact is that if CMV happens it will be the filtering process. THis defats grassroots. 1937 to 1947 tried direct primary and filed. It was more expensive and reduced by 10%. neighborhoodelection.org keepourcaucus.com You can do things and have a family night where you invite people over and talk about thte system. You can write op ads and letters to tehe editors. PeBe sure that you do do something. THere is a text number that you can sign up for We are ordinary and average citizens and and we can do extraorderniary things. KC) Janis Reed) from Springivlle. I am supportive of the system. Thera are someone my board who have concerns about hat. Is there any constraint when us as officers want to be pushing forward this effort or advocating or this partisan effort. KG) This is the body that makes the policy. THis body has not taken a position. nd we want to be ale to help us to take that position. KC) BB) Text 'local' to 33733 KC) The more you prepare in advance the better your caucus can be. We have details bu tit works. 1) Advertising - use yard signs. At caucus last year we had signs. If you have a garage of signs. Notes on grocery store. Education - You have a flyer what to expect and how and why they should be involved. One thing I didn't do was get a lot of volunteers to help. 2) Set Clear expectations of rpolitin leaders and elevate. They must understand the platform. You also want to 'vet the candidates'. THey usually come with an open mind to meet the candidates and then make the decision. THen yothey make the decision of who they think will be thte best. The need to be avail be to question nd training and preparing for and attending central committee meetings. THey need to run an effective con 3) Ogranicea nd good check ing 4) Valid competent balloting. The information news to bet the information. 5) The candidates are waiting to talk to this who are voted in! GET the information in. We want Happy attendees who will comeback! LD duties - If there is something you want differently with your LD then talk to them. 1) Scheduling schools. The LD CHair should have done that. If you have problems tim that come talk to us today. You can advertise with church leaders of place and time. CONfirm the hosts (Precinct Chair) will be there. I called each PC who was going to host or VC or Secy or Treas if non oe them there then I had to train someone in the PRecint. ORganization: Making a map is helpful. $3.00 per big map then the little mpsp were on small sheets. Lobby signs to help direct traffic at the site. Volunteers - use teens; ballot counters; registrars; Ziplock fo deleagte lists and donations I was in my caucus and I got a lot of compliments to> I as elected as a State Delegate. Geneerally speaking it can be done.
I had contact information on the Lid of my collection box.
LD Vice Charir and chair and we needed the volunteer s to be able to locate us. If you don’t shave any officers then you can find an adult in a building to help you.
You can either have a comy machine in each school or you can have a smart phone and take pictures so that everyone has a registered copy of it. I have insecurity with this so I make sure that I have cope s of everything before it leaves the building. The LD should pick it up.
You can collect the information how you want. Anything that needs to be turned in should be
You should get there early to get things set up. I would recommend working with the custodians as well. Beavailable though out the night.

Precinct Leaders:
Advertise, Recruit, Organize, Attend Trainings, Set up
Preferential IRV training af this meeting today. Feb 13, Mar 1, Mar 13 trainings.
Meet and Greet from 6-7pm if it works.
Read through the rules. There are differences this year.
State Party Website – Caucus more information.
After the caucuses all the per work should be turned in. Fill out al lot the paperwork because we transcribe and upload to DB.
Count, seal and sign.
Be good neighbors.

Lowell Nelson) Elections take the most time but is the most important. It can take very long time.
We want to familiarize ourselves with preferential voting so you can conduct your meeting more efficiently. You have the authority to do Multiple round or presence voting.
Most of us know multiple round balloting.
One candidate on multiple round
In preferential you can express your preference. That is the efficiency you get. It is a little more thinking for the person to do when voting.
In the long run this saves oodles of time.
You need to be able to train your counters.
We will have practice sessions so you can conduct with confidence.

THis is not electronic voting.

8 delegates in one vote? Yes
Write in?

Affiliation – you should have stickers like My Name is …
You will have people who want to register and you should highlight the critical things.
I highlight the form required areas. have a separate table to do their registration.
Out of State ballots (missionary or military) there are specific rules for these ballots.
1 validate signature on the envelope and they need to print their name on the envelope. For purposes of registration it is good to have it.
Sealed envelope.

Same Day ballot assumes IRV.

?) any sign support this year?
KC) They are not going to be doing anything. Buy a few more tables at Linln Day and WE will do that.

LS) Suspend rules to move leg report up to now in the Agenda. Then cmte reports.

KV) Motion passes. Hear from Sen Bramble and Sen Dayton.
Curt Bramble) Good morning. Had a couple of people comment. Chad Bunn challenged to dress appropriately. I have been asked to talk about Count My Vote. Polling suggests that CMV will pass. 46% of all attendees support count my vote. Sufficent portion of delegates have voiced support. Over 71% of the public most likely to vote will support CMB.
There is another alternative that would strengthened the system and would also provide a mechanism to improve. Our party has started with absentee. We could say that CMV is a default if a party does not provide an opportunity to cast votes outside of meeting.
Strenghtned participation,at neighborhood, strengthen at convention, allow unaffiliated to vote in priarmy, less thWEll over 50% of voters are unaffiliated but regularly vote Replucan. We anwat to engage them in the process. IF ar party met the criteria that we are setting forth and perhaps cahgne threshold from 60-65%.
That is the essence to preserve the system to recognize the strenagh of our party. This is about the folks who don’t have the opportunity. THere is a draft bill that is not number. The Cacus has unanimously supported the on both sides of the aisle. We are pounding a stake in the ground to preserve the system.

MD) I salute you for coming out to be involved. I honor you because the opportunity to be involved has been bought by the blood of patriots. THenk you all. THank you.
I am so honored to serve. THe legistarulat starts on Monday. I know you care about issues Not everyone can afford or spend the time to come up. But you want to be aware of what is going pin . THey are live streamed. You can listen to debates and it is archived an online and available. And we wil have best and least govnerment to maintain the freedoms give in the Constitution.
Thank yo ufor being here.

CV) Committee reports. Audit Committee.

Matt Duffin) Audit committee is charge diwth on a yearly basis pic ing an autidoty ro to a d financial review or an audit. We met and presented the options. The Exec approve 2000 to approve what it could do. We did a search in Salt Lak e an Utah counties. The finding were that 13-15 firms submitted response to rqueset. All but 2 were more expensive.
We found two firms that could do it. Based on reports and email from the firms and the audit committee chose one. and Squire and Co did it. THey were our last one. They had reviewed 2013 and should be completed for 2013 County Convention.

CV) C&B comte.

?) Viche char is Paul Baltes. WE have bene meeting monthly ;We have been reviewing propose dal form this body. THere is one propasl that is rwas ready for today but I asked to move to next agenda since today was packed an ready for caucus training. That will come forward with ohtehr that may go through the process.
My email is on the website. If you have a proposal you would like to submit you can do by phone or eamil but:
1) Is it going to fix a problems?
2) Is it worth the amount of time that is spent in the process.
If you feel so then please submit and we will review with the others.

CV) Chair recongnias Lincol Day Kirby Glad.
KG) How many have never been to a alLincoln Day Dinner. I was in your boat a few years agao. I do not like pospeeches, but I was in lederarhsip and went and had a great ime.
Di dyou enjoy it? (little clap)
It was a blast. It is not just about speech and meeting as friends. Itnt joust about food but hat is there. It I remember going to one and paid 50.00 before I was married. It lasted 3 horus and ouch.
We are going to move you though faster with buffet. We will play enreatinment while you eat. Pelase go online and 39/person.
In a few days you should buy before it goes up. If
Date is Feb 8th. You should be getting a postcard on mail. UCRP.org and buy your tickets. Your name will be on the list. The actual dinner started at 7 and program should be done at 8:30. We are having it at the EVEnts center. THere is convenient parking. You don’t have to go to the Ballroom.
I need authorization to pay for the food > 5000. We only buy the food based on the number of tickets. I am going to ask you to approve a check for up to 13000 of rood.
Keynote is Sena Reyes about why Republican and another speaker – Matt Walsh – If we had him come
We are also looking at a Gettysbury address person.
Recognition for some leg who have served of rover 10 years.

CV) We have the Resolution to consider.
KG) THe reason we brought this forward. We as a leadership team have activities and are spednign time and money on this topic. We want to receive direction from this body to confirm that we should continue with this effort or not.
THe reasons are in the whereas resolutions. We talked to both sides of the issue people. I hope we can reach consecus and not just a majority. The rpeincples are replucian. THer are things that are better versus primary. We are ddefeining the principles not necessarily jeu the caucus system.
Repulican principles should be defended. We should be showing the benefits and find ways to improve the system. The caucus system works best when it represents a broad

CB) I really appreciate you bringing this forward. This dovetails with the initiative we just outlined. W e need to make a clare statement The biggest conner oin talking with those are that we are not willing to change. This will send a message that their are principles and willing to change for improevemtn based on prinpcles. This is what the lggeislatioure.

Diane ?) Ways to improve I thought “without wealth or fame” is a little snarky. I am not as comfortable. THere are many people that would love to repeal 17th amendment. My thoughts are that if we remove the system it is likened to that and our representatives would not get a clr message.

CV) Passes
Dirk Palfreyman please state the resolution.

DP) Support Senator Lee, in he’s effort to constitutionally slow growth, defund obabmcare
CV) Do you want to speak to it?
DP) He is doing what he said he would do. I have been a proud supporter. He has taken a lot of heat and it would be good to show support from this body.

Paul Baltes) defeinding
CV) -read through-

Peter Lee) Are people in favor of Affordable Care Act

CV) Resolution is adopted.
KG) Adjourn
CV) The complaint is not filed against anyone in the board.
LS) Thae caompleint to be settled
?) Separate the questions.
CV) Passes

?) The committee would have to be reconvened and re-vote on chair

CV) Refer back to executive committee
LS) Postpone and take care of next meeting.
?) No reason to defer anyone except Matt Duffin. We should amend to

?) It is clear to me that this body is concerned with the confidence of putting this person.
Matt Duffin) It seems like this vote is being made.

Dave Duncan) CONfliciting allegations.
I have a received confirm at toinat he is not suing the party.

Postponing – infavor or opposed.
Standing count
Credential report was 297

Appoint scott ward – ayes have it

Moving in Executive Session. Thise who are not a par at of this committee (credentialed with wristband) All others please leave the hall.
This is not to be discussed outside of this room.

Executive Session

Conclusion is that Audit Cmte Chair is not ratified.

20131109 UTCRP Central Cmte

20131109 @ 855 Call to Order
Casey Voeks – Thanks for your service.
Parking lot next door that we have filled up. There is a funeral going on and we have filled up the parking lot. The funeral is for a Stake Patriarch and a car is parked right in front of the hearse. Vice Chair Daryl Acumen. Secy Kirby Glad and John Holbrock is ourparliamentarian.
If we could have precinct chairs and vice chairs stand for a count . . we have a quorum.

There are a couple of issues that need to be addressed and I need to give a timeline of events. There has been some confusion. The timeline of the events has been widely circulated. and if Kirby needs to explain more then he can speak to that later. An issue came up four days after our meeting. We have a bylaw that says that 30 days notice must be given. That is one of the ways that we have done that. In that month there were also other notices that went out. There were notices in May and it was on our website. There were other means of the notification happening. Leading up to legislative elections my phone lit up. People were mad at other people saying things. My time was filed with that. That is okay and it comes with the territory. We then came in to central committee and had our elections. I got up and finally stood up on the stage and gave the results around 1:30pm and I read the results and was available then and also available that afternoon. I was available the next day and Monday and nothing came to my attention until Tuesday.
The other thing that came up about notice with the people that were concerned folks indicated to me and I called Kirby and Vice Chair. I asked Ben Summerhalder to get all the facts straight. I think we have an accurate timeline.
I had a meeting with Ben on Tuesady and that following Friday we reviewed everything and talked over the facts. We went forward from there. I talked to the parliamentarian. We talked about ratifying meeting and results. That was the course and we noticed this meeting 30 days in advance. Because of the mix up and because of those mistakes lead up to a discrepancy and breach of bylaw. I ended out with a challenge that we could debate at length. Something though that is in my mind is that I want to fulfill my commitment to follow the rules. I want to be fair in the process. Last night I was up to 2:30 working on this project but instead of working on other things I had to work on this. And I can do this.
Roberts is very interesting on this topic. I am going to go ahead and reference this.
Objecting to an election – An election may be contested by raising a point of order rand it must be timely. 250-251. Point of order must be raised immediately following the results. If it is disputed to grounds of no quorum.
I ask does “immediately” mean four days no it means – at once instantly, without any intervening point and time.”

The first time that Kristin Chevrier – Point of Order you are ??.

Casey Voeks – In the last month and a half I have not felt or received that someone did not get to vote who would have voted. I did have people who lost or didn’t get the results they wanted or their friends did not win.
I would like to see the body. If someone in this room did not feel that their voice would be heard?

RFI – If a person didn’t know there was a meeting then they would not be able to vote. I know that Darryl sent information. You didn’t get the 8000 attendee email.
Casey Voeks – This is the issue.
QUESTION – Is there anything that is in our bylaws that says how to resolve dispute?

Casey Voeks: When the bylaws don’t speak to it we go to Roberts. Roberts Rules are written to connect with this kind of problem. What is the best possible solution I consulted with attorney and parliamentarian. That is where we are at. The ruling of the chair is that the meeting stands and the election stands.

Moving on to adoption of agenda. The debates are going to be 7 minutes for the second item. 1.6. We are going to have 7 minutes for presentation and then the debate will be five minutes.

Move to adopt agenda.
Casey Voeks: Voice vote – passes

Casey Voeks: Approval of Minutes.
Kirby Glad: No changes
Casey Voeks:
??: One correction is for clarification on the audit committee.
Casey Voeks: No objection minutes approved as corrected.

Casey Voeks: Adoption of limits on debate. Next item of business is special order of the day.

Diane Christensen: We’ll begin with B149 Standing Committee replacement process. The sponsor of the proposal is Lisa Shepherd. I like to identity problem an amendment is trying to fix.
This is a multi-part proposal A – H.
149 Standing committee – move elections from 3rd quarter to 4th quarter, Lisa and Paul will let you know. 149C & G. People were appointed. The temporary replacements
. . . In the interest of full disco lure I voted against it wbu the results were 4 – 2.
I do not have results of a new vote since we haven’t had time. Lisa will present and Paul will object.
Lisa Shepherd: The committee moved this.
Diane Christensen: I don’t know what the new committee wants.
Casey Voeks: B149 was moved but Lisa can make a motion.

Lisa Shepherd: On behalf of C&B Committees these are the specials order of the previous committees we move adoption.
Casey Voeks: A second is not necessary.
Lisa Shepherd: There is not a problem so we don’t need a solution. We have an issue where Count My Vote people. Right now and what the perception of the party is that we appoint our buddies or the Buddy System. I felt the chair shouldn’t just appoint the people they can work with. As mature adults as people who have been voted for by this body. It is my contention that you are the ones to select who should be on the committee.
When the judge resigned I needed someone with National Rules experience. That is what I needed at that time and i was Dave Duncan. We needed that right. But we should bring that back to this body. Peggy Burdertt was Chair of the Audit and they were appointed as well. On this new committee we have different people and I think that is good.
As my experience from the chair is that we should take it back to the correct body. 2 minute or one minute speech. I don’t see that there is anything awkward about different people. You might have made a mistake. We could have changed it so that it was the next person in vote line.
Sometimes hindsight gives you new information. You might find out some information about a candidate that they should not be serving. You need a choice to bring it back to you. I don’t think it wastes any time. I
As far as coming to the fourth quarter there is not less attendance but it can get increased attention. Please look at my pros. The Executive leadership changes. If you keep the flow then you will keep people.
When you elected last time you did not know that the person did not win their election. because they did not have decision power.

Paul Baltes: So I am ??? of voting and I vote when I can.
The issue though for bringing this to our body. Do we best spend time on small issues. Today is the fourth meeting and in some years we have been expecting to run off campaigns of this meeting.
This motion needs to change and is messy. Chair can change temporary but not permanently. We have to switch gears.
I asked what is behind the motion. “We are afraid that someone will game the system.” I think most people are here to do the right things. The C&B committee is not a party. We are often meeting long meetings and often. It is not just about party treats.
I am a Republican and does it bring more government or less. If we need government of necessity. Is the time we’re putting in to it more valuable in to this or time better put in to something else.
I think we can put our time in to something else.

Casey Voeks: Can we make a standing rule about calling the question from the audience?

Lowell: B149D the first clause has no ending. Was it meant to be struck?

PR42: Really about election versus appointment. Vote for this if you want election. There is no way to choose someone else.

??: We have two documents one is Lisa as chair and one is Diane as chair.
Lisa Shepherd: Point of Order at the time it was noticed in October 7 it was the proper committee and the documents have not been changed. The problem that happened though is B149D and the paperwork his the work we should be using.

Jake: I speak against the motion but I really don’t care. As a body we have the final say. The different committees have to come back for ratification anyway. Whether appointed or holding an election. My goal is that we make these meetings to be productive as possible. There for if the committee can do the work by appointment I am in favor of that.

Casey Voeks: Until this county – the big names are interested in coming here and helping out and people can come here. But we have to get the business done and we can invite people to come here.

??: Call the QUestion
Casey Voeks: Close debate – Aye overwhelming!
Casey Voeks: Ready to vote a majority vote is required.
Standing vote required.
110 Against 80 Affirmative

Lowell: Moved the standing rule in order to move if you’re recognized by the chair.
Casey Voeks: Clarification as long as the call is from the floor.
??: I like how the question came from the mic and then it doesn’t confuse.
??: When there was a point of order someone jumped in front of me in line. What I will say is that most of us are able to make a decision. Some of us want to stop debate. If a point of order can jump ahead of me.
Casey Voeks: Anything else?
SL: Call the question
Casey Voeks: Those in favor of ending debate. Passes
Now the vote is as long as the.

Lisa Shepherd: On behalf of previous committee, B146, the two committees sent favorably.
Casey Voeks: That is the motion.
Diane Christensen: In terms of the dueling packets. I don’t care. The language is exactly the same in the bylaw proposals. Look at which ever one you want.
B146 – Officer and delegate replacement process. 15 parts and 3 pages worth of changes.
One note to make is that the vote was in the committee. Now we voted on each of the items separately and then voted on them all together. The votes were different on different sections..
Part A – changes header
Part B, C, D – vice chair always steps in
E – procedure. If the vice chair can’t then EC nominates replacement and election at next meeting.
F – is a new procedure and formalizes it. A new accuse si set up.
G – if the VC cannot then LD Chair could appoint but now appoint someone specific
H – County VC and Secy. These appointments were ratified. But the EC replace interim and election at the next meeting. This would take away the county party chairs power to replace.
I – LegChair replaces now. But now the Leg Caucus would have to happen at next meeting.
J – PC replacement – the secy or treasure would have to be used first
K, L – Interim held until next election
M – County Education is appointed but this would make it an eelction
N –
O – County Party gives official notice and candidates give 14 days before election

Lisa Shepherd: Diane, please clarify N. The reason is because it is part of Bylaw 90. We were getting rid of one area to another and we didn’t want to create problems. If the chair chooses that he wants the Parliamentarian in the meeting then he can.
This proposal rises to a more important process and it was about small committees. As what Represent Anderegg said we don’t’ want to waste time. There was 15 months of research and envelopment and several revisions. We worked through past party leaders and got direction from state party chair. We are facing a problem with the Count My Vote people.
What problems do we have when we say we will replace by appointment. This gives an opportunity to let the precinct have more power. If the sec and the is not available then they can change. It does a good job with our process and makes it more clear.
146M we disagreed but they wanted to retain more authority. We approved in committee and voted by seriatim. There was not one single one of these that failed. There were a few people that voted against them. If you want to work with people and support people that you know.
These people were just elected and we don’t want to bring these people together to make an election. We in this body regularly assembled and this is something that is important. The person who is ratified is much easier than ballot. This is the business of the party to reelect the people on the way out.
That is up to leadership to effectively manage our meetings. I would like to see more things in these meeting. Your district lets to re-assemble and elect new leader. If we are having a vote you don’t have to be there and the right is not taken from you.
I don’t have anything else.

Stan Lockhart: Thanks for bearing with me for a minute. Interestingly enough Paul said the same arguments for this issue. Rep Anderegg were germaine to that issue and this issue. This is about a new whole new set of elections. In an election you have to vet candidates and have procedures. Essentially we are expanding the amount of time that we have elections. Ever two years we ask these people to do these things. Allowing for flexibility is far more effective use of our time. The three hours will suddenly be a chunk for elections and rules changes versus strategizing and promoting our platform. It is not a great use of time to have elections.
The other compelling factor is that Count My Vote. Caucuse takes too much time. I spent some hours that I will get back. Suddenly the secy and Treas will not be a full blow nelection if someone leaves then the secy will take the place.
Another election can take place before or after meerint.
There is another area worth noticing that you have to give notice within 7 days you have to let them know. and 14 days before the next meeting. These are not glory positions . What are the specific problems concerning abuse of power. The Fear mongering goes against the practical application of the 30 years of the party.
We should come to these meetings and figure out how to better run campaigns and get people elected.

JOey: By seriatum.
Casey Voeks: Call the question. Passes to close debate.
Opposed passes overwhelmingly

Mike: I don’t’ see B146D. B146L7 replacements need to be rafted by each committee. Bylaw requires executive and central committee.

Matt-For: All the years that I have been here. This has been the meaning of our meetings to have the business. What you would like to do with these meetings. I am really for the voting

Casey Voeks: There are improvements we can do better. That said I am excited to do this.
??: Against the proposal. I am a super voter. Our Mayor is elected to appoint. If we are giant have perpetual elections we will be in campaign mode. There is a place for changes an.
We elect our chair and leg leaders and they will appoint in the best interest. If I have to get a secy and trees who will come. There is a lot of problems.

Lisa Shepherd: Motion to amend the motion. Strike proposed changes 146H – 146J.

Casey Voeks: This is already
Casey Voeks: It has to be. This is an amendment to a specific area of the Bylaws
You can modify the Amendment and leave as original language in the bylaws.

Lisa Shepherd: AND B146O as well. Basically I want to clarify.
Casey Voeks: B146H-J and O will stay as original language.
Motion passes.

??: Orem 6, we just struck B146O and effectively we just took it out since there was no original language.
Joey: B146 as amended. I think there are good points that will help us be more efficient. I want to clarify bylaws and be more effective.

??: Against. It has been 15 months we made in 1.5 minutes a significant change. It has been mentioned that we could have cronyism. THese are our friends and neighbors. The C&B committee is the guardian. I am curious why this didn’t come from the body?

??: Primary purpose is to represent precincts or districts. Not be efficient and allow them to present an agendas. By elminating their voices we limit the power. As proposed I approve. It is good to codify this professional courtesy. As far as Stan’s issues they have been resolved by the amendment.

??: PVC. I feel the passion of the previous speaker in wanting to guard against corruption and the voice. I have been listen din to the pros and cons. We are Republicans and we believe in electing people to represent. The irony is that with Count My VOte we are actually tending more towards a pure democracy rather than Republican principles.

KC: Clarify who the sponsors of the proposals are.
Lisa Shepherd: Many people who worked on these because it came from committee members but there was a whole group of people.

??: Point of Information – for amendment to come forward. If a committee has decided to amok changes.

Casey Voeks: Majority vote for bylaw amendments.
AMendment fails.

Diane Christensen: B135 Midterm replacement of county elected officials
I can identify problem. THe C&B needs to bring our Bylaws in the alignment with state law. We are updating to reflect the changes.
A-clarifies and adds section of code
B-number change
C-list offices consistent with UT code
D-UT Code 3 nominees
E-military absence and UT code
F-certification UT code
G-Lisa will do pro position
Paul Baltes noticed a technical issue

Casey Voeks: Thank you. Lisa will speak to that for 5 minutes
201 is the credential report and last meeting was 228.
C&B reviews and makes proposes for changes. It reviews proposals from the body.

Lisa Shepherd: Motion on behalf of motion. We did this 9 months ago.
B135 as Diane stated is we are required to make these changes based on UT code. We have added the things we needed to . We have struck unnecessary things and instead of references we put links.

Casey Voeks: Question is called. Closed debate.
Favor wins against 3.
Next B120 Diane to introduce.

Diane Christensen: Proposed agenda in advance of meetings. The former C&B committee recommended by 6-0. Exec wanted to change it from Bylaws to Standing Rule.
Lisa Shepherd: Not the case.
Diane Christensen: I understood it became a standing rule. I move adoption of this. It is fairly simple as a proposal. 3 sections referring to central, nominating and organizing conventions. Agenda sent to appropriate people at least 7 days prior to meeting.

Lisa Shepherd: Point of Order. I wish we had a discussion C&B committee we wanted it to be a Bylaw. Kirby as Executive was a standing rule.
This proposal is to provide better information 7 days in advance. It shows courtesy and a proposed agenda. It will help in making a decision on attendance. It helps leaders work together with advanced planning. Allows you to prepare.
It provides a starting point. The agenda may be included in timely notice but is not required.
A member mentioned that it should be moved to Standing Rule. But this is not a possibility. IT is not tied to notice. This is asking our leaders to lead. The reason to put in bylaw is timely notice to participants. I think this will not be used as an offense.
This isn’t an indictment against anyone. This can be adopted as Standing Rule is temporary . We can just put it in to Bylaws and it requires the same vote.

Kirby: Mr Chairman it breaks my heart to discuss Bylaws as the purpose of this meeting. We have 3 issues. One is elected and doesn’t show up. Then our caucus is being attacked. I resent having to spend time on this stuff.
There seems to be a feeling that we need more rules. I disagree. This could be a great idea and I don’t think it should be in here.
How to disrupt an organization – Rule 4 is make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. No organization can live up to their own rules. The letter of the law killeth and the sprit gives life.
1) We want C&B to bring substantive changes that help our party move forward.
2) Logistical matter – have the EC discuss agenda. Before we spent 45 minutes just to adopt the agenda. The EC doesn’t always meeting 10 days in advance. I had input from 10 different people including yourself.
3) If we feel we need to have this then the difference is a Standing Rule can be over. We had some people wanting to cancel the meeting. Some said that we should cancel a meeting because of the Notice. If we made a change the Agenda between information.

??: Call the question.
Casey Voeks: Call the question. 1 opposed
Really (1). Lost.

I want us to give the Officer reports at the beginning of meetings.
I want to make some remarks. I had a meeting last week with the Governor. One of the things that I brought up and explained is that we as a party, we need to focus the energy of the party on issues.
I said I d no interest in these meetings because I was helping with a campaign and there are a really nasty fight here in this school. We have a chance to build a coalition nd meeting. I’d like us to flex the muscle to the the benefit of the community and the party and our values.
It is critical that we rally support. There was a rally put on a while ago. The 4 women got together and got a rally for Senator Mike Lee and had 2000 people attend that rally. They did an incredible job. We are so buried in these discussions in trying to make money and do our jobs we are getting stuck in this minutia.
We want to support our values. At the end of the rallies Amelia Power asks people to donate to ecover the expense. And she raised 3500.00.
I was helping with the money that was donated. We want that to continue to these causes. As elected officials go out there and take heat. The media is hurting them. We should be defend them and we should be throwing our weight out there.
We are creating this committee today and I wanted to present this today to you. One of the things we have said is get the younger involved. We have to message to them. They are reliable voters but great in campaign.
The Tea party brand has been hurt. The media can’t attack the way that they did the Tea Party. We have to rally the troops to get a strong wave in 2014
Reclaim our future rally in January. The same day in other states. We are going to try and get this park going. The people that did it last time they will help us.
That is the direction I am excited in seeing us go in. You have been so supportive. I recognize my own inadequacy and youth.
I really wanted to try and emulate from Reagan is bringing in experts. I have brought in help. They are awesome to work with.
We are trying to build significant coalitions with teenage Republicans. Any one of you that just is a Republican in this county we want you to sign up on these committees. I want you to get involved with and get behind them.
Make sure Precinct people are aware in January of caucus night. Try to set some goals.
Service project that Ben Sommerhalder during the holiday season . We need to be involved in serving our community. We need to be doing something and can really bless peoples lives. and the untapped power is totally wasted otherwise.

Vice Chair: Darryl I told you about the internship program and the office. We worked really hard and then I stumbled on a revelation. You can’t run an office by yourself. We got the computers and there was nobody here. The internship program stalled because UVU said that no one is in your office. I said that we would work on that. I reach out to CD4 coming and they helped us and I am going to ask you guys Tue, Wed, Thu night supervise then we can get up to 4-5 people Let Amelia Powers know.
On the Data side I have been calling around and I want to point out. There are 101 who have never attended this meeting. I wanted to make some calls but I just want you to talk to your vice chairs but this meeting is kind of mandatory. We had 228 at last meeting. We need for everyone to attend.
To make this more like an enterprise I have 2 initiatives and I would like feedback: Weekly Scrum conference calls. This can help with issues. We had conference bridge and we will see if we can get the capacity up.
You mentioned attending 228 out of 597 potential members.
If we have a venue for people to plug in. Project management system. One of the problems has been when we do these projects we aren’t great in preserving the knowledge and what works. We have had the system for a while. I want to socialize it. If you are interested we can get you plugged in.
I called about half of you and calling the active first. If I missed you then give me a call. What we are doing is getting your priority. We want to
801 400-2200 © I am taking this on because I want to offload from Casey.

Secy: I apologize because I did screw up. 29 days in advance. I did follow up but not well done. I am really sorry.
Business meeting schedule for 2014.
1/25 – pre-session discussion
Convention 4/12
3/20 Caucus

Casey Voeks: Meeting schedule adopted. We want to make sure we have the office in there. Once we get one person we can have 18000 man hours. We want the best data in the state. We would love to help with other counties. I went to DC and I met with Susan Mullet. We have agreed to help with Salt Lake especially in CD4 to focus on Jim Matheson. Call people for their issues and letting them know that our candidate is the right person for them.
Obama was targeting based on sentiment or priority. If you care about it then he talks about that. We are going to help our candidates target the voting.

Treas: Our current balance is $18082.32
Casey Voeks: Which is more money than the state has.
??: Budget
Casey Voeks: Our office is paid for and we do not have an ongoing expense for our party. Caucus night is $5-6,000.
Education officer, Kristin is doing training.

Casey Voeks: Alvin Jackson’s finance report. He wanst you to know that we have a plan. We want to get out of the habit of just focusing on the Lincoln Day dinner. Met with Lee, Hatch, Chaffetz, and Governor. With the Love campaign we have a further example of support. Their campaign is ready to help with data collection endeavor in the thousands of dollars. Senator Valentine will help sponsor event in December.

Daryl: If you text UCRP to 3333 you can use your credit card then if we gave 20.00 from each of the participants it will fund everything.

Kristin: Several of us in the old group works with College Republicans. Because we had the prizes we had traffic. We had time to talk to them about the caucus system. We were able to talk about our platform. We gave away copies of the Constitution. Loy Brunson gave those to us. Several of the new officers hosted meet the candidate events. Thanks to them.
We have been working on educating people using social media and public media. We have also done press conferences. I would like to say I can train you on focus night BUT we don’t have definitive rules yet but electronic check and same day balloting have been in the resolution stage. We don’t know how that will turn out. We hope that the State Central has everything under control by then.
What is the WORK of the UCRP?
Govern the party
Retains power not delegated elsewhere
Delegate powers to SC, EC or individuals
Elect Audit and C&B members
Delegates to the County Party Convention
Cause Caucus and Conventions
Approve CC members
Certify – propose bylaws and amendments
Approve budgets
Approve and recommend amendments to Constitutions
Procedures for SCC
Discipline party officers
Resolve inconsistencies
Adopt delegate allocation formula

Role of the UCRP
Promote platform
Promote and support candidates
Do the work in the C&B

Platform – Identifies our party and elected officials principles
Constitution – How we operate
Bylaws – Rules, they are what make it fair
Standing Rules – Details
Roberts Rules of Order – take over if nothing else
We need rules for things to be fair and protect the rights of all involved. The making of rules scan be tedious. We may try to be more philosophical and less emotional.
Adjourn 11:28

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