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There were a few more speeches (specifically Senator Bennetts) that I have which I may make available if people ask for it. Let me know. As usual, this is a lot of typing … read more..

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Laura Bridgewater) I support him with all my heart. He will be one of the best congressmen we have had. I introduce my sweetheart and partner.
TB) Some people say I sound like McGruff. This is my real voice and I will take a bite out of government. We need to take back this position by voting in a man who can win. We need to get back our public lands. To us the Constitution is inspired and needs to be upheld. Reagan used to say of the Democrats, “If it moves tax it, if it still moves regulate it, if it stops moving then subsidize it.” In 2002 voted for a democrat. There were 42,000 republicans. I will remind the republicans why we need to come home. My blue collar upbringing has helped me understand real lives. I was from a trailer park and am here because of my mother’s hopes. It has taken a determination not to quit. I will get the Bush family involved in this state. I have a national financial network. Jim Matheson is going to be hard race. His hands are tied and he can not get things passed in Congress. He can not be heard in the White House. I can and I will. I am pro life, local education choice, and others issues. I can be heard and will.

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JS) One bail at a time is how we get this done. It was a powerful lesson in my life. Most challenges can be handled if we just stick to it. I ask you to help me continue the fight that we started 2 years ago and take back the seat. I am better known, financed and seasoned. Who is prepared to win against the Matheson family? When I was a boy in southern Utah we used to play a tug of war and would pull the others in to a cold stream. We are in a tug of war with DC. America was not created to control us, but to protect us so that we can determine our own destiny. We need to jerk them right in to the creek. Jim is against tax cuts. I was decorated in our legislature for being a tax cutter. I will do it in DC.
Matheson supported NCLB. I have always been against it. I want us to determine what is best for our children. I will fight the fights for holding traditional marriage and not allowing adoptions by same – sex partners. Lincoln said, “You will never get me to vote for what is wrong.” I will fight for what is right, one bail at a time. I will go with the courage of our convictions. [Long list of promises].
I will do this and to do it I need your help today. Let’s focus every dollar, resource and other things to beat Jim. Let’s start today.

Nomination process:
David Wilde) I am very proud of the campaign that I have run. I have run it and won friends and not enemies. If we are to have any hope of winning against Jim, we need unity not divisiveness. 2 weeks ago the SL Tribune ran an article. They spoke to Joe Hatch and asked him what he thought of me. “Of the 4 council chairmen we’ve had, he was the best; fair and impartial. It’s too bad he is so conservative because I could never vote for the guy.” I am the one who can reach out across party lines. I will create unity, not divisiveness. We need a candidate who can make friends and not enemies. A couple of people who I have made friends are those who I defeated in prior elections. They are my friends and supporters. Mark Welsh came up to me and he bent down and shook my hand. He said, thanks for winning.
If we are going to beat Jim we must have a united party. We can not have a nominee going out to repair the party and then beat Matheson. Instead of building hard feelings I have built good will. I believe that everyone feels good about my candidacy. I can build on your belief. But I haven’t raised a lot of money. Some of you will say that, but you have to take my word for it. The national party will pick this up to beat Jim. You need to pick a candidate who has the united support of everyone here. I ask for your support.

3rd Congressional District

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Since 1776 the question has been the same. Can we keep the American dream alive? WE have begun to accept lost promise. The dream is not about money power or property. It is liberty. We have reached the point where those who believe in it are called Quixote people. I believe that the destiny has yet to be fulfilled. We need a congressman to say NCLB out, drug prices lower, and
We need a congressman who can get results. We do not need someone who has his heart right, but is not headed in the right direction. For 14 years as a educator I spent time teaching your children. I have helped Small Businesses fight. I have held positions in state government. I have had direct hadn in drafting legislature. I know the process, language and the games of government. I have a reputation for taking a stand and winning. I know the issues that are relevant to our liberty. I have sent you a mountain of material. It is a sample of what you can expect from me when I am in office. I will hear your voice. I will not pander to the political elite. I will do business in the open.
I will lead the charge on issues of tomorrow, not just today. This is America, we have no impossible dreams. We will choose the people today who will make this possible. As soon as a person casts a vote, they have used the trust that God has in us. I ask you to join me so that in the holy cause of liberty we will not fight alone. Together we will raise a standard, banner, ensign. America is now and always will be our possible dream.

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Nomination: Thank you. I am the mayor of West Valley city Utah. We face a very difficult time in this nation. We need someone who has proved that he will do the right thing. He has the respect, leadership and influence of those in Congress. It would be crazy to not take advantage of what he has built. I introduce State Senator Bill Wright. BW) As I have gotten to serve, I have appreciated that Chris has not gotten an elitist attitude since being in DC. He has the courage to do the things that are right. Some issues can not be resolved in the populous of the public. We need candidates who will take the tough issues on.
CC) On the wall above the speakers desk in the house is Daniel webseter, “let us develop the resources of our land, and …” I ran for Congress in 1996 because I knew the 3rd district should be represented by a Republican. I do battle for what I believe. We are blessed with great natural resources. .We need to use our access to energy and water. We have built the groups that will help us to gain access to roads and energy development. I believe in the 2nd amendment and right to bear arms. I pushed through legislation to protect the gun manufacturers from lawsuits. The trial lawyers know that I oppose them.
Our greatest blessings are our children. I want us to consolidate our trust lands to bring our money to the children. NCLB is not the problem. DC is laboring over the education and local teachers. It is great to have so many teachers among us as delegates today. I believe in the amazing power of UT workers and entrepreneurs. I support cutting taxes at all levels. We want to keep the Internet free from tax. I intend to keep DC and its taxes out of our way as our Technology grows in this state.
Several out-of-state people are taking shots. They can take their shots. I am flattered by the attacks from NY and DC interest groups. Thank you.

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Nominations: tuition assistance was not given to the marines who came back from service. I am one of those marines. I stand with Matt who keeps his promises and will help the average citizen. Misty Kilpack and I second the nomination. Matt supported releasing the cap. Martha Speed as a delegate I have studied and concluded that Matt Throckmorton represents the issues as we need it. Please join me and give your support to this candidate.
MT) Well, I am honored to be here today. I should introduce these people on the stage. They are your friends and my family. I would like to introduce my wife and daughter. I have focused on some issues and there are some key concerns that we have. One of them is immigration. We support legal immigration. I compare it to welfare reform that was begun by Newt Gingrich. Republicans realized that once you did something you would receive help, if not, you would lose help. We need to have a paradigm shift that supports, rewards and assists legal immigration. It is fundamental difference between myself and CONgressman Cannon.
As a former state legislator it was tough. We wondered and questioned whether we should trust the school. We need to overcome this as Republicans. There are a number of great principles in it (NCLB). But it does take away local control. We are by that law accountable to DC. I will return the money back to the state where it belongs.
We sometimes are uncomfortable about discussions. We should be comfortable with this. IT is good. You will be sending someone back to DC with a mandate. Vote Throckmorton for local control.


GB) My name is Dr. Gary Benson. I got in to this race so that the important issues could be discussed. I have been called a maverick, rebel, underdog, and now gadfly. It was reported that I have less than a 1 in 1000 chance. It is really 1 in 1,000,000. My roots are in Utah, Parowan/Iron County. I went to Provo for Bachelors, then finally PhD and JD. I have taught at Indiana University and had a number of opportunities to serve in the public service. I ran for Lt. Governor in the state of Indiana. I lived and worked outside of the state, which allows me to bring a lot of new and fresh ideas to the campaign.
I am the only one who has had executive experience in business, society and military. Someone asked what I thought some of the best speeches were. One was Lincolns address. Then I thought of Kennedy’s ‘ask not what your country can do for you’ question. Then Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream.” I would say, “ask not what your state can do for you, but what you can do for your state.”
And for the state, I suggest that you vote for Jim Hansen as the nominee to beat Jim Matheson. By the time of this, my speech we believe that we have 250 delegates. I would like to ask you to consider supporting Jim Hansen. This is very difficult, because I think I am well qualified. We would all make good governors, but what we need is a great governor. Everything from HAFB, land use rights, water rights, and resources as revenues. There is no candidate as qualified as Jim Hansen.
I did not ask him for anything for this endorsement. I would not accept anything. I believe Jim is the kind of great governor that we need. The will of Saul, courage of David, and wisdom of Solomon. I’d like to conclude by saying that I have known all along that I could be Scott Matheson because when we were younger I used to beat him up all the time as a cousin. I will help whoever wins from this convention to beat Scott Matheson.

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Nominations: Barney Chapman I nominate him. He has walked the talk. He is an outstanding proven leader and has always worked for you and I. He has fought hard to keep jobs in UT. He will do more for education and our children. I hope that you will join me by casting your first vote for Jim Hansen. Jerry Stevenson and I am proud to have my name on the ticket. Putting Jim and I together puts 65 years of business and government on the ticket. It gives us a bottom-up and top-down view for the issues.
JH) Thank you for the unexpected and very fine endorsement Dr. Benson. I suggest to the other candidates “to go and do likewise.” [laughter] I stood before you a number of years ago to run for Congress. I served you for 22 years in Congress. Now I am asking you to help me again. You know what I am and am not. I am not handsome or wealthy. I can’t give you lavish gifts. I have spent a lifetime in public service and you know what I have and don’t have. Check out my record for supporting the Constitution. On the 2nd amendment, I am a hunter and believe it too. I am pro-life. I believe in that too. Everyone is saying, let’s grow the economy. As chairman of the resource committee I know that you can get money from your resources as a state. Wyoming has 1 billion dollars. We have resources right here in the state.
Just to the north of us here is the crown jewel. At HAFB one mission alone is worth all the other jobs. I was recently in the Pentagon and they said, “In order to win this you need to put yourself in place with the top-players.” We must get this done.
Everybody in here has in their hand the radioactive ballot. Look at what is best for UT as an entire state. You hold in your hands the economy of UT for the next years. I appreciate anyone who will do this job. Thank you so much.

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Sen Tome Hatch, introduce and nominate MS for governor of UT. He is a compassionate conservative who stand for every plank of the platform. I’d like to introduce our next governor Marty Stephens.
MS) I am Marty Stephens and I am running for governor. In our team, we have stayed away from generalizations. I believe that you deserve better. I would like to tell you about my hopes and dreams. This little state can chart a new course for government. We can have the government choose to be “of the people, for the people, by the people.” For too long we have let DC take away 10th amendment rights. It’s our education, roads and lands. Those days are over. It is time to recognize that government only has enough money to run what it takes from its people We need to be morally, not just politically correct. It is time to elect a governor who knows that the government does not own the children of this state. Education, health care, and other moral decisions are what we want to make, but we must trust parents first. The 2nd amendment is not a privilege. Government shall make no law infringing on the right to keep and bear arms. We need straight talk and someone who will govern like a republican.
In 1896 we ratified our constitution. “In order to secure, protect and perpetuate freedoms”. I believe that this state has a great destiny. Now is the time. We are the team. [balloon drop and pops!]

Video intro (George Bush Sr.) Jon is a man of integrity, vision and is a man of Utah. Please support him.
JH) Thank you. With gratitude and respect I stand before you as a candidate for the greatest state in Utah. Last week I sat in the home of Elaine hadfield in AF. She told me how proud she was of her son. TO all of you families, I say thank you and god bless you. And be assured that given my close association with Bush, I will keep HAFB and our UT national guard prepared like no others.
Those who came here knew they could do better. We can do better. We must do so with a new start and energy. We need measurable results. We can do better and we will unleash our potential. We will become a state even more deeply committed to what we were. NCLB has no place in our states educational system. We can do better. Teachers are important. This is the greatest family state in America. This is our soil, sovereignty and we need to fight for this. We can do better. We are a state of tomorrow. We are striving for life liberty and pursuit of happiness. However great our energy in this state, we need leadership. With our team, we see no Point of the Mountain, no Payson/Dixon line. We will have consensus. There is no challenge too big or county too small. We have broad based and tested leadership. May I appeal to you to earn your support. I ask you for your consent, support and vote. Utah is our hope for tomorrow. This is the greatest state in the US. We will do better. [long standing ovation, arms up victory, H/H signs in each county]

Alan Keyes – introduction Thank you very much. It is my honor to bring to you a nomination. Some of you will wonder why I do this as an outsider. It is because I know what Utah can do for us in this time of our greatest need. This next year critical issues will be decided. Within months there will be a challenge for the traditional marriage by MA. The moral crisis is not ongoing it is being decided. What will it take to preserve? Utah MUST take a stand. Utah could be the lamp that has been prepared by God. Now is the time when the heart and voice needs to be heard. The question is, when the judge comes to the state of Utah and says “take down the commandments” or “allow these marriages.” The question is who will sit in the governors chair, who will look them in the eye and uphold the religious liberty. Who will say No! We can only trust those voices who will stand for truth then as they do now. Such a voice, such a man, is Parley Hellewell. It is not just for Utah, but a gift for our Nation and the survival of its liberty. [roaring crowd and standing ovations]
PH) That’s a hard act to follow. Thank you for your support and example of integrity. We appreciate you and love you. Thanks a lot. I am running for governor. I am doing it because no one else is committed to make the changes. Government has become the fastest growing in the nation. We are now the 7th highest taxed nation. We have dropped behind the national average in wages. No other candidate is committed to make the changes. There is no other way. We have to cut the regulations. We need to do that.
Dr. Keyes talked about moral values. That is the number one issues facing us today. We can not allow us to lose our values and freedoms. I will not allow the judiciary to cut God out of the public sector. Tonight when you have made your decision, I want you to ask who will make the big difference for Utah.

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FL) We wanted to see if you were paying attention. I am pleased to have my running mate here with me. I am grateful to have my family here including my mother. I was told 18 years ago that it couldn’t be done. I met with a lot of skeptics. My company now has 1300 employees with 900 here in UT. Now I am running for governor and meet a lot of skeptics. We don’t need the same old tired way. In Logan, they said I am ready for someone with real new ideas not just another mission. Over and over again I have heard people say they are ready for us to use business principles to run government to make it accountable. One who won’t back down for special interests. We need to make state government live within their means and not a penny more. We need technology and choice for education. I am ready for a governor who will draw a line against DC instead of letting it come. I am ready to have training for jobs and jobs for the trained. My answer is that I am ready to make those changes. In the process some people wonder if an outsider can do it.
1943 no one had really flown. 1980 it was unthinkable that a divorced conservative movie star could become president. We are going to prove the doubters wrong today. Can we wave a magic wand and fix it all? No. But it is time to recapture our vision, lead the nation with ideas and live up to the sacrifice of our forefathers. Can an innovative and bold leader bring new solutions? Yes. We are going to shake things up. We are ready for a new style of leadership. I am ready to lead. I am Fred Lampropoulus and I am ready to beat Matheson and be your next governor. [signs running through the aisle]

Lt. Governor Gayle McKeachnie. I have been proud to serve with Olene. Here is a glimpse of Olene as she always is, in action. [signs on the edges of the group]
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?Thorow? Bailey (NBA star & singer) The future of UT is so bright. I wasn’t born here. I am a Utahn by choice. I chose to live here because it was a place my wife (Cindy) and I knew would be a good place for my family. With Olene, she supports my family lifestyle and beliefs. One thing I have learned in professional sport is you don’t bench a player who is on a hot streak. Now, please welcome the author of a novel, Richard Paul Evans. RPE) Thank you for coming by the booth today. I am sure I signed a book for every one of you. Some asked if I was really supporting her. Yes I am. Before I was an author I was a political advisor. Never have I seen a governor who is this committed. I want you to remember some numbers. 81, she has 81% approval [very quiet] Are we willing to lose it? (catcall “yah”). 4200 is the third number where business is important. In the past 5 months we have improved jobs by 4200. Don’t forget the business of democracy is to protect the poor, rich, born, and the unborn. If this is what she has been able to get done in 5 months, just think what she can do over four years.
OW) Thank you. After 6 remarkable months I ask for 4 more years, and let me tell you why. The others have talked about making change. I have already started it. We are breaking the 30 year deadlock on public lands. My focus is for every child to have a good education. I am working so that the Counties can build their own roads. Our resources can be used to educate our children. I know that you will not base your vote on popularity. I am the one that needs your support. God Bless America and Utah. I want to be your governor.

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I am Norm Bangerter and I am proud to nominate Nolan Karras for governor. I am Scott Earl, Scott Parkinson, [and others supporting him.]
Enid Greene) I chose the wrong man once and am not about to do it again. I chose Nolan Karras because I realized he has the broadest experience of everyone in this race. He has the clearest vision of sensible, realistic, long term resolutions. We need world class education, water systems, business and tax structure that will help us grow. He has the integrity to make change through listening, trust and education. Join me in choosing Nolan Karras.
NK) Thank you delegates, nominators etc. Let us get down to business. Your choice will be for the candidate who has the proven leadership and experience; someone who will get things done. You can choose glitz and glamour or substance and solutions. I will not travel around the country looking for new political office opportunities. I will win in November. I will not ignore the problems that exist in our state. I was voted by my peers in as the Speaker of the House. I was proud of that accomplishment. I am not a career politician. I got out of the House. I was voted to boards of corporations, not by name, but because of my skills. 7 of the prior Speakers of House have supported me because I can get things done.
I know what it takes to make a mortgage payment, give $25.00 for the Boy Scouts, and try to make ends meet. My choice is to make this state a beacon to the world. We need to get DC off the backs of our states and build a world class education system. Because of my ability to listen and build consensus we will put an end to the fight. I believe in the pioneer motto, “Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.” To help us clean this up we need a financial expert. I am that financial expert. Vote for substance over style. Then, let’s get to work.

@1750 announcing 2nd and 3rd congressional
Tim Bridgewater 54.02
John Swallow 45.98

Chris Cannon 57.57
Matt Throckmorton 42.43

Huntsman 51.27%
Nolan 48.73%

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