20050430 UT County Convention

It was a good meeting. We voted for our County Chair, Vice etc. There was discussion on immigration and concerns that we were “not doing enough.” These notes are fairly verbose (as usual). I am still trying a new system.
This was actually 3 meetings. (Committee, Districts, and Convention). Let me know if you think I should split it up.

Action Who What
Arrival Merrill Hansen Late!
Bylaws Marian M
Bylaws Bylaw 4e will not be addressed at this time
Bylaws Laura Eberting Amendment to 2a – technical amendment
Motion To adopt
Vote unanimous – verbal
Bylaws Laura Eberting Missed the ability to reappoint Delegate. Use new basis for selecting individual
Motion To adopt
Vote unanimous – verbal
Business Marian M
Resolution Lowell Nelson “Discontinue charging delegates fees for delegate list. I posed this motion in the Executive committee and was not successful. Therefore I have brought this resolution before you the governing body to make the decision to send a resolution back to the Executive Committee.
Different fee amounts 15 – leg chair list, 25 – , 50 county wide list”
Motion Lowell Nelson
Second Ralph Clather
Discussion Marian M
Question If you eliminate the fees will it eliminate the cost?
Discussion Marian M that is the question
Against Ivan Keller Arising out of the Central and Exec. Committee we talked about the policy for email and phone lists. We understand that we are in compliance with the State Constitution, so I would urge us to consider this on a larger scale for the whole state.
Discussion Marian M It costs us about 1500.00 in actual money. There were 12 of us volunteers putting their time in to enter this information. There is a value to all the time they give.
Favor Ian – Springville 12 Volunteerism is about not charging for access. If we are trying to recoup a cost, then there is fund raising that is going on. I don’t think its right that we charge the candidates for access to the list they must have to succeed in running for office.
Against Stan Lockhart This is what happens in this party, at least in the past. People will ‘run’ as a candidate just to get the list. I have gotten a lot of spam in the last couple of days because of people having email access. A fee assures that those who really want them pay to get them.
Favor Lynn Olsen – SF11 I want to be able to get the information from the candidates. I want to know what they are all about. If I can’t get the information from the candidate because they can’t afford the list, then I would prefer that they have the list.
Against Curt Bramble – P61 “There were anonymous volunteers who stepped up to cover the cost.
1) If I want to run for office, I should not expect someone else to pay for me to do that. This is a Republican principle
2) The state charges for the delegate list
3) I want to disagree with the premise. Chair Joe Cannon is the spokesman and his letter says – “”On its face this provision only covers the cost of sending the list and not the cost to produce it. This provision only allows you to charge for a small cost . . There is no free lunch.””
—“”the state party may charge up to but not more than the direct costs””—
Let’s close this motion.”
Discussion Marian M call the question
Call the Question The nays have it.
Division Defeated
Adjourn Marian M
Discussion Becky Lockhart Transportation is 7 billion in projects –
Discussion Margaret Dayton “NCLB – Huge documentation associated with this legislation.
The bill that I ran was supported by almost all the legislators in Utah and the US. We don’t want to give up the last bastion of our control in Education. The Constitution only has the powers given to it from the State. We would have to rewrite our State Constitution.
It was well intended and has good accountability, but it won’t work. We favor local accountability, access and control. This is a great school here we are meeting in.
Thanks for all your support and for coming here on a Saturday morning.”
Question What happened on your bill? And where are you on the $ from Fed.
Answer Margaret Dayton “It passed. Did we support our constitution and local control.
The Fed only gives us 7% of the fee. The Governor’s office and DOE are working together and I was not invited. There is a concern that we could get money; when the Federal government has 70% of our lands that we can not tax. And then they gives strings for this money that they have taxed from us already.”
Question School Charter
Answer Margaret Dayton Parents have the right to choose. According to the Utah County platform. I agree with this. We should not invade the privacy etc —. If you want to change the County platform this is not the place, but I support and live by it.
Suggestion I believe that you can support the platform and Charters without being in conflict.
Question Bill # — 2001
Answer Lori Fowlke “I was a freshman and did not take on the Federal Government. I would recommend that you take the opportunity to serve when you reach that point in your life. This service has reinforced the idea of part-time legislators. Each person has their professional perspective. I would continue to encourage that.
We were able to pass a number of bills including transportation funding and investment. They are going to work immediately on the new HOV lane. We did convince people that it was an issue.
We also got some funding for UVSC.
I enjoyed hearing from you during the session, email & phones etc. If you have any concerns let me know. Email works well – lfowlke@utah.gov”
Question Ivan Keller Why did you oppose the school bill
Answer Lori Fowlke I would be happy to give you the written response. I support choice but not at the cost of public education. The bill that was proposed was released very late. I spent a lot of time researching. One of the concerns was that the credit was being offered to higher income families. When you get to 250% above line.
Presentation Brad Daw “This was my first sesion as well I did push and cosponsor some legislation. One was about Internet pornography. Any time you touch it you run in to First Amendment. Rep. Dougal helped head this up so that you could make it a choice based system. An ISP should provide a filtering service and then the consumer can choose whether they use it or not.
Another bill was about SPAM. The goal was to try and limit spam to children.”
Presentation Parley Hellewell “We have a good group of legislators from this County. We really stick together and are on the same page. I have decided to run for another term in 2006. My philosophy. I am concerned about the power of bureaucrats. I have been in the Senate for 7 years and there are few who have been there as long as me.
One of the guys that came to me told me how his legislation had ‘exploded’ with extra things. The bills that I have worked on relate to day care. We couldn’t get much through with the prior governor. With our new governor we have been able to make the changes that we have needed to make.
I have met with his new staff and explained how they might have problems with the current heads. I told them they can’t listen to the rhetoric and might have to make changes to the staff.
It’s governments responsibility to support business not to just use power.
When you get to be a legislator you are assigned by leadership to an area of bills. I was labor when I first came in. This year I am chairman of government office. I am working on having a study issue in July about Prayer in Schools and Separation of Church and State. Why does the ACLU threaten suit and the schools back down?
I ran a bill that stated it was illegal to lie to a government agency. Many of the Child Care Centers were closed down because false accusations – lies.
Another bill is that we cannot take action on anonymous complaints. A person has the right to face their accusors.
Another bill we amended was candy wrappers WERE illegal on buses, not now.
We also had playground equipment requirements that were onerous (50-100k). We would not require a company to do something that the state did not have to comply with.”
Question Why did you vote on the medical bill? Senate Bill 34
Answer Parley Hellewell “We could not make the same decisions we wanted because the HMOs controlled it. If one doctor went out of town his partner could not attend the patient because they were not on the HMO list.
We believe that this is alright intrusion on Private companies because there is a Monopoly like control with the Panels.
Senate passed in 21-7 Senate
House committee came out with 100% of the vote, but did not pass on the Floor.
We have gotten IHC now to come to the table.”
Question I do not work for IHC, thank you for your work on the bill.
Question What are you going to do with the cost? PH – there won’t be an increase. Q – Baloney
Answer Parley Hellewell You say that it would cost 15% more. With Workers Compensation we did it and our costs didn’t go up. We did it in Rural Utah. There are lies and then there are statistics. Our task force will review this issue.
Question Why did you vote to take credit unions.
Answer Parley Hellewell “That is the other task force. I did not vote to tax Credit Unions. I voted for HJR 1 like everyone else.
A resolution is not a bill, which is a letter to the federal government.
So what happened, when credit unions came in to place, a small group could get together when they did not have a lot of money. You have to be in 1 county or 1 group of people.
Over the years credit unions have gone out of their bounds. The banks took it on in court and have been fighting. In 1999 we got them to agree about what would be fair.
The credit unions we let grandfather in with 7 counties etc. They were also doing commercial loans which is against the charter.
In 2001, 2002 etc. credit unions wanted more lattitude. Our task force came up with HJR1. I voted with the task force. 3 credit unions are part of the problem, because they chose to jump to Federal charter. Which means they need to tighten down.”
Question I understand you are trying to fix state sex offender registry.
Answer Margaret Dayton I am not able to comment because we are still doing research. There are some loopholes that we need to fix.
Question PH – It does not seem as though all you do is anti-IHC.
Answer Parley Hellewell I have the courage to face IHC. I am not paid for by the doctors. I ran two bills 1 they liked, the other they didn’t like.
Suggestion I do not want you to call him a liar. He is a man of integrity
Question My wife is pregnant with triplets. My wife is at 30 weeks and there is no way. I have had to change my jobs to get a job that would cover our pregnancy. IHC is the only one with N I C U
Answer This bill supports business.
Answer Barbara Petty I don’t know that your bill was against IHC. We need to be sensitive to them.
Answer Parley Hellewell My arbitration bill was fought. I got the riot act and when the bill was passed they were calling back saying thank you.
Question I understand there is money coming for I15
Answer Parley Hellewell Coming for the HOV lane. It is a temporary thing until we get more money.
Question I served on a community council and am curious about the school trust lands funds.
Answer Brad Daw “I have delved in to this issue quite a bit. We made some smart land swaps and now we have some money. The legislators said that once the money gets to a certain point (that has not been reached), the money woud go to the General Fund. The recent legislation said that the cap should rise as an index. And we don’t believe that the cap will end out being reached. If we reached the cap then we could really be excited.
New Mexico funds all there schools through trust funds!”
Answer Parley Hellewell The task force was set up by SB 61. We will be running something like 34 next year as the task force is completing their study.
Adjourn Parley Hellewell
Order Becky Lockhart Call the Convention to Order – Lori Fowlke
Prayer Lori Fowlke “thanks for chance to serve
bless famiies
clear minds
spirit with us”
Business Becky Lockhart “3 conventions today. Salt Lake, Utah & Davis
Hatch, Cannon, Lt. Gov. Herbert”
Presentation Orrin Hatch “Thank you. You make the difference in our State, Country & Party. I am grateful for our new governor. I have known Gary since he was a missionary. I am a little bit too tall. God made the rivers, and the lakes, he made you, but we all make mistakes.
I am proud to work with our delegation. We work well with Bob Bennett.
Chris has a lot of guts and stands up to a lot of things. Rob Bishop is doing a great job up north. We meet monthly and are together. We know the roads are the biggest issue for your down here. For the first time in 247 years we have the Democrats fillibuster controlling Judicial nominees. The democrats have filibustered and don’t want to let them have the chance. Priscilla Owens had strong support by Democrats from ABA behind her. Highest qualified and they call her an extremist.
{another gal} Share cropper’s daughter – she is too conservative afro american
– I am against Roe V. Wade. Everytime from Alabama that he ruled on he supported the law.
We are on the verge of an interesting time “”advise and consent”” means we need to do it.
214 years of tradition being broken.
It has been called the nuke option. If we force it, they will blow up the senate floor. When they were in control they suggested we should never allow it. I believe that the senate will have to do the constitution optoin to overcome this issue. And we will get our judges.
We love this county. You make a real difference.
I am going to run again. The past 28 years because I think there are issues that we can solve.”
Presentation Chris Cannon “We have a great convention here in this county. You are the active people that make politics work. 42% of district is in UT and 49% in SLC county and I win because of you.
Bill Orton was not really a conservative democrat. It was UT County that delivered my win over him. Thanks.
Didi Rows will be scheduling small discussions 5-6 people (5pm after work). We want to make sure that we have enough time to go through the issues. There are people that wonder about how conservative I am. I want you to understand what I am thinking and what my priorities are. Immigration is a big and much distorted issue.
Spoke with an immigrant and he said that the American idea is well known through the world. His grandfather told him that he wanted his children to have > money, spiritual, education and health. And you could do that in America. Have you noticed that Hillary Clinton is carrying a Bible these days. She is fixing her First Lady record in the Senate. She is now pro-military, Iraq etc. She is talking using Reagan’s talking points. I suppose we are supposed to forget that she has a track record of changing faces. She wants us to forget. There is a difference between Hillary & Kerry. Clinton is going to play the votes in the church. She will be a great candidate.
Today, 65% of Americans want socialized medicine. I am sure that there are some in this audience that have deep needs. We can stop this by HSAs and putting money back in the County and State.”
Presentation Gary Herbert “It’s good to be home. We want to honor and give recognition to those who put us in our office. You gave us a 70,000 net victory in this county. Thank you! Davis was #2 and gave us 30,000. I want to recognize Marian and the steering committee.
I want to recognize our legislators. They do not see a lot of the Press and they are doing wonderful. With Becky Lockhart and her colleagues we are going to help with the bottleneck, I15, in UT County. Also, Margaret Dayton in her state fight! UT County is the most cost efficient because of your commissioners.
We are more engaged in working on public lands and rural affairs. We have to come to grips with our energy crisis. Utah is poised to be a cornerstone of relief. We are going to Pres. Bush to say, we are here to help. We have a lot of issues to talk about. Rural Affairs. Homeland Security. I am glad that I have been given good things to work on.
We joked on the campaign that we have overcorrected in overcoming the drought. The Governor gets called away and he calls on me frequently to fill in. I know how hard this feels. Being #2 you have to try harder. I can now spell lieutenant without looking at the dictionary.
I hope you are proud to be American. We have a great heritage and responsibility.
Proud Utahn’s because we have a great heritage and legacy.
Proud Republicans – Lincoln and Reagan. Perseverance and long term vision.
We could not do it without your help. You help us abide by our principles. I pledge to work with you to make Utah the best place to live, work and do business.”
Introductions Becky Lockhart “I would like to introduce those on the stand.
Marian – Chair, RuthAnn – Vice, —, Lowell – Treasurer & Joe Cannon
Larry Ellertson,
Sen. Curt Bramble, Hellewell, Madsen, Moore
Rep. Dayton, Fox, Farrin, Frank, Dougal, Tilton, Daw, Lockhart
Rep. Clark – sent Art Pollard to represent him
Treas – Mel Hudman, Poulson, Jackson
Members of the party who have put this on.
Peay, Ashleigh, Mark Cluff, Mike Magee, ?
Broad thanks – Dean Hawker and Rebecca”
Business Becky Lockhart credentials, rules, audit
Credential “1151 delegates. 751 picked up packets today 65% of the delegates in the County.
Motion, Second, Vote: Unanimous”
Rules Have been published and made available
Motion Accept
Discussion Lowell Nelson Strike 5e
Discussion Becky Lockhart Majority vote vs. 2/3. Motion is not in order because there is no order.
Call the Question Becky Lockhart Vote – unanimous
Audit Given to Lynn Gilbert
Audit Lynn Gilbert 83% of money was raised from Lincoln Day dinner. $125k spent on party candidate and Lincoln Day Dinner. Our review shows that all items are materially correct.
Audit They do this audit at no cost to the party. We owe them an applause. We have reviewed the records ourselves and submit the report
Motion Accept
Vote verbal – unanimous
Election Review “I am sure that you have checked your ballots
1 – you can vote for up to 18. If > 18, your ballot will be thrown out. Please do not fold.
2 – Vice Chair – we will collect first. If no one receives the majority, then we will revote on Ballot 3 for the remaining 2 candidates
3 – see above
4 – only mark one for the treasurer”
Business Susan Coller to introduce committee candidates
Introductions Susan Coller “We will introduce them in order and have them brief summarize their position.
Don Larson – Leg Chair
George King – Leg Educ 58
Mark Cluff – Leg 27
Suzy Bramble – UT County Best secy.
Curt Bramble – UT Senator
Becky Lockhart – Rep. 57
Stan Lockhart –
Doug Cannon – State Exec. Committee
Mike Magee – Leg 57
Mark Snow – Board of Reg.
Phil Peay – Leg VC 65
Dean Hawker – Leb VC 61
see program :)”
Motion Don Savage – 39 Campaign material can not be displayed – Move that they be removed from ballot
Second David Harris – 31
Information Sharyl Bacon – 40 I was passing out literature and I think a little girl may have done what I was doing
Order Curt Bramble – P61 Let candidate respond to the motion.
Against Allard I recognize that it was against the rules
Question David Harris Did the candidate not receive the rules
Information Allard I did receive the rules and was trying to talk to people out in the hall. I saw other flyers down.
Against she was 9 and didn’t read them
Call the Question Becky Lockhart verbal – motion failed
Business Becky Lockhart Once the ballots leave this room no more will be accepted. Mark Cluff for platform
Platform Mark Cluff “Recognize list of volunteers. Talk about the process.
We will not take amendments to the platform today. We will accept or reject as Is.
We removed the initial statements to clean up Preamble.
More restructure to organize restatements.
Created new Economy area
Open for questions?”
Discussion Carolyn – OR41 Under social security it mentions optional
Discussion Mark Cluff People should have a choice.
Discussion Carolyn – OR41 Reword
Discussion Mark Cluff Look at in 2 years from now.
Discussion SS The changes are commendable and better organized. This is much better and we should accept.
Motion Mark Cluff To approve the new platform
Second PR52
Pass the Motion Becky Lockhart verbal – pass
Business Becky Lockhart “Excuse Joe Cannon.
Vice candidates for 3 min.”
Business Becky Lockhart Under Rule 7d I declare Marian Monahan – Chair
Business Becky Lockhart Under Rule 7d I declare Suzy Bramble – Secretary
Introductions Don Larsen “My fellow Americans and Republicans, it’s an honor to be here. I am Don Larsen and have worked for good candidates during my adult life. I am a 100% true mainstream Republican. I stand on the great Republican principles and institutions of God, Family and righteous Government.
We need moral men and women to stand on principle in office.
I want to commend our great representatives from UT County who are not afraid to stand on principle. I congratulate them for standing against immigrants. Standing for Amendment 3.
In order to not divide the vote and eliminate the 3 vote I am going to withdraw my name.”
Introductions I nominate Christy Kane as Vice Chair. She has a wealth of experience in the State. A young mother of the year. Many of us are old and tired and need young blood to carry out the work of the party
Introductions Christy Kane “In 1787 people came together to amend articles and created the Constitution. From the time I was little I have always discussed politics. I am running because I ask for the opportunity for My generation to step up to the plate to serve. It is now my time to step forward and make a difference.
Thank you”
Introductions Marian M I respect everyone who filed. It is not easy to be before you. This is not a title only job. RuthAnn Jarvis can be called on. She made her district a very strong Republican stronghold.
Introductions RuthAnn is a close personal friend. I remember all the hours she has put in for you and me. I have appreciated her tireless efforts in working for the party. She has never put HER agenda ahead of the party. This is not a policy creating group, but a group that works with us, the candidates to make a difference. Democrat stronghold was turned around. I second her nomination.
Introductions John Dougal RuthAnn has done a great job and I endorse her.
Introductions RuthAnn Jarvis We are here because we believe in God and doing our duty.
Business Becky Lockhart “Please mark your ballot for Vice Chair – PINK.
Be reminder Don Larsen has removed his name
We will now move on to Treasurer’s race.”
Introductions Areta 57 “I recognize Lowell’s excellent character.
He is an honorable man who upholds the platform. I know how well he represents our views.
His past 4 years proves his abilities. Please welcome Lowell C. Nelson”
Introductions Lowell Nelson “I was amused that the Daily Herald didn’t think that there was not much to this position. I am happy that I was part of the team that was lauded by the email. I want to congratulate you for having chosen the team. We have a common purpose to promote liberty as expressed in the County platform. I want to continue to serve you in our county. After we vote let us keep the fervor. I ask for your vote.
Thank you.”
Introductions Marian M I am pleased to nominate Mike Magee. Does more than asked. Has stepped up and will do more than what is in his job description. This Eminem would like you to vote for another M&M.
Introductions What a great leader he has been. We would sorely miss him but there are others. I worked with him this week on a landslide problem. He is a strong candidate for dealing with crisis
Introductions Stan Lockhart I think there has been too much information given out about our family today :). I have been in leadership for the last 10 years. I know both of these men. There are a few things that go above and beyond the position. They need to work together with the leadership, not recruit Chairs. And not work at cross purposes. I urge you to vote for Mike.
Introductions Mike Magee I readily accept the nomination. I support all our leaders and support them from George Bush to Marian Monahan.
Business Becky Lockhart Please only deposit PINK in the boxes now. Do not use BLUE.
Business Becky Lockhart Don Larsen’s resolution was submitted first. According to the rules, no amendments; only and up or down vote. Rule 5 – only <2 min. Completely 10min debate
Presentation Don Larsen I hope everyone has read this. We are a sovereign nation and we must be secure within our borders. We have a budget of 5 trillion dollar budget and troops in other nations when we can’t even watch our own borders. We are very liberal with our legal entry and more liberal than all other counties on the earth. Please pass this resolution.
Against Jill Taylor 67 We already approved an immigration platform entry. I think that is sufficient and we don’t need another full page resolution. In the end all it says it what is already in the platform.
Favor “I think we need to strengthen our platform. My car was stolen and on its way to Mexico. 96% of violent crime is being done by illegal immigrants. I want you to know that I have dear friends who have come from other countries.
The facts in this resolution are fact and we should pass it.”
Against Boyd B 40 “I think that he is well meaning, but this whole article says that we are overrun. I acknowledge that benefits control. I would reject that military control is going to get what he wants. Perhaps we build a Great Wall or Isreali fence.
He questions whether our politicians have been pandering to aliens. People come for freedom, opportunity and values.
I think this document is polemic and homphobic. And mean spirited.”
Clarification What does a resolution do?
Clarification Becky Lockhart When you read it you will see what it does
Favor Zacharias “If we don’t control our borders how are we going to preserve our culture? Over 85% of the people who are working on our jobs do not speak english. I have 4 teenagers and 3 young adults who can’t find jobs because they are being taken by others who are not citizens. I have a great neighbor who came here legally. He resents the illegals because it took him 4 1/2 years to get his citizenship. If they were an army then we would be at war with the amount that have come in.
We have to get our legislators to do something constructive. We can not afford another 15 or 20 years.”
Against Cameron PR1 I have just been informed that a Resolution is an opinion and has no weight. He has some irrefutable points. But are we going to send another opinion and ask them to uphold the law. This resolution should have more teeth, either you uphold the law or we boot you out.
Place the Motion Becky Lockhart 2nd voice vote since the chair is in doubt. Standing vote. Fails.
Division Becky Lockhart We have moved to intervening balloting and the vote will stand as Fails.
Business Becky Lockhart “Any more ballots?
Balloting is over for this convention.
2nd Resolution”
Presentation Russel Sias “I spent the winter on the border. This great nation has a couple of things that define it.1 – is our boder 2 – is our citizenship. I left here with little empathy for the illegal alien. While they are in violation of the law they are not necessarily the bad guy. I wrote this resolution demanding 2 things.
1) The party frowns upon any who violates their oath of office and believes they should resign. We need to deal with the accountability
Thank you.”
Against Ron Smith OR29 “””We believe in obeying, honoring and sustaining – “”. Perhaps we should add Trustworthy, Loyal
“”We demand all citizens support these principles””.
I would prefer we stick with our platform. Vote the resolution out”
Favor Dan Forward PR17 I am very happy with Republican principles in general, but immigration has gone up. We need to let them know that we are disappointed.
Information Becky Lockhart The rules do not allow for amendment.
Against Curt Bramble – P61 We are against it because we were working on the principle of ID vs. other issues. So the benefit we voted for was a problem because we provide an ID but not a license. It was a step in the right direction. Well demanding a resignation. You are demanding the resignation of all 18 of your UT County delegation. We need to stick with the platform.
Favor Nat OR24 Principally we are in favor of getting rid of the criminal problem. These are Orem police reports and we are in Orem. These faces are not running for office, but are running from officers.
Against OR5 I do not think this is a well crafted message. We would have to demand the resignation of Pres. Bush. If you followed this then you would have to out people who are trying to do good things. Absolute language is too broad.
Place the Motion Becky Lockhart verbal – fails
Presentation Marian M “When I was elected int 2003 I had 2 goals. 1 – more registrations 2 – more to the polls.
For the first time in history there are more Republicans than unaffiliated !
You got 80.04% of registered voters to the polls !
It should be 100%. The highest was SF7 with 97.64%
82.2% straight party
85.9% for Bush – the highest in the nation
We are the most republican county in UT and nation.
As a result we gained 44 more state delegates to the 2006 convention!
We were able to adequately fund our candidates. The Lincoln Day was the Most and the Best. It is not something that any of us can do alone. THANK YOU.
Ronald Reagan award: This person is long overdue. We can not thank him enough for their service. The award goes to Susan Coller.”
Acceptance Susan Coller I couldn’t figure out why all my family was here today. They have never come before. I am ill deserved of this reward. I have enjoyed this more than anything else I have done. Thank you very much.
Presentation Marian M Token of thanks to the Lockharts. So they can enjoy a dinner at the Chef’s Table.
Business Becky Lockhart I want to recognize our Leg District Chairs. – Mark Cluff, Ivan Keller – the others are not here, but listed verbally.
Presentation Lowell Nelson Marian was an amazing Chair this year. Finding
Information Is there any way that we can send this sentiment about illegal aliens to the legislator.
Information Becky Lockhart They can get the
Credential Susan Coller We counted the packets NOT checked out – so actual count is 396 of 1105 = 35% of the delegates
Motion Susan Coller Accept the correct count
Place the Motion Susan Coller Pass
Business Becky Lockhart Thanks for coming we will wait to get the results
Quorum Count
Business Becky Lockhart Those running for office are to help clean up according to the Rules. Please help.
Quorum Count
Business Becky Lockhart “Don Larsen
George King
Mark Cluff
Susan Bramble
Curt Bramble
Becky Lockhart
stan Lockhart
Doug cannon
mike magee
marlin snow
dean walker
steve white
nathan rah..
Josh daniels
lowel nelson
ivan keller
steve turley
corey norman

VC – 67% RuthAnn Jarvis
Treas – 64.2% Mike Magee”
Adjourn Becky Lockhart

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