20050826 State Convention

This meeting was held at SLCC.
It was good to see everyone again!

Welcome Cindy ? SLCC president welcomes and discusses the college
Welcome Gov. Jon Huntsman “Thank you for coming. Coming here being involved and passionate about the issues. I see a lot of faces that I have come to respect over this past year. Even though we come up with disagreeing issues I am glad you are here. We are a party that believes in debate. 2 years ago I was here intimidated and nervous, running. I am very proud and humbled to be gov. of the greatest state in America. It is an awecome responsibility. What am I diong to be relevant to the tax payer today. I am glad to be here with Chairman Cannon and other congressional delegates.
Orrin Hatch, Rob Bennett, Cannon, Bishop they are good people. Thank you Parley for bringing Alan Keyes to our convention. We could have given the nomination to him one year ago.
We believe in protecting rights, nurturing free enterprise, limiting government.
Thank Parley for being a strong supporter.
Jim Hansen and BRAC.
Nolan Karras, Olene Walker in the transition. And Gary Herbert for helping our administration.
I can’t forget Fred. I really like that guy. He let me recently join his band. We ‘warmed up’ the Beach Boys ..
We want to be involved in the democratic process. Let us remember men and women who are fighting to protect our freedom to do this. — Standing Ovation —
Without remembering the thousands who are serving from here. The toughest part of being governor is being at the foot of those airplane stairs when they come home. They don’t know who I am but they are so pleased to be back with their familiies. I cal lthe Moms and Dads to notify of their deaths. They will say, “”He died doing what he loved.”” I learn from them every day.
Our duty is to secure life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
This is a cue card of the list of things that I promised to do when I was on the campaign. This is what I am responsible for. I like it when people deliver. This is my list to work on —
1 – Education: moral obligation to provide world-class education in a more competitive environment. Legislature has passed Carson Smith bill. The importance of K-3rd. I have my kids in all the ranges. My kids when young are a sponge. We need to start earlier with languages and sciences. Teachers are committed to this cause and I am grateful for it.
2 – Economic Development: We are creating jobs 2nd only to Nevada. Water is right ahead of economic development. I can tell people that the drought is over now.
For small businesses and everyone else we need tax reform in this state. I would argue that it needs to happen during a good year, not a lean year. We have a chance to change it now. I will start to take this message around this September to sell that the new tax can make a difference.
3 – Quality of Life: Thanks to Becky Lockhart for helping on transportation. We have 1.5 million people in 1992. We are now at 2.6 million. We need to stay ahead of the curve. What is the biggest complaint about CA, they come here because transportation. Legacy Hwy has got to happen and it is going to happen.
4 – Governance: When you run the Exec branch I am reminded every day about it. It is my duty to keep a sharp eye on how government works. I talk about term limits for governor. 2 terms is plenty. We should have a western states primary for Utah. 2008 congress promises to be a good place. They need to hear about what we have to say on education. Arizona, CA, UT primary to make our voices heard in DC.

It is an honor to serve and meet with you all hear and I salute you. It is an honor for our entire family.”

Call To Order Chairman Cannon “Credentials are officially closed. There is a blood drive going on in Room 112 until noon. The polls are going to be open on an ongoing basis.
Pastor Gregory Johnson to give prayer.
Troop 987 with Pledge”

Prayer Pastor Johnson Chronicles 7.

Credential Curt Bramble We have 3353 delegates in the party. At 10:00 our preliminary was 1182.

Motion Mark Brandt Amend michael ridgeway being allowed to be credentialed. SLC Executive did not have the power to remove him as a delegate.

Motion Chairman Cannon out of order motion

Call the Question ?

Explanation Chairman Cannon All in favor to call the question (requiring 2/3) Must have a standing 2/3 vote
Vote Chairman Cannon Exceeds 2/3 aye

Credential Curt Bramble “Any challenges to credentials. We have wallets, keys etc.. I have them here with me.
Only 1 challenge was Mike Ridgeway — elaborate description that I am missing because too much bass sound and chatter in the background.”

Explanation Chairman Cannon Thank you

Motion Curt Bramble Accept the report
Call the Question Chairman Cannon 2/3
Vote Chairman Cannon Ayes have it verbal majority
Explanation Chairman Cannon Rules adoption
Motion Rules adoption
Second Rules adoption
Call the Question Chairman Cannon 2/3 standing
Vote Chairman Cannon Ayes have it verbal majority
Motion Adopt agenda
Second Adopt agenda
Call the Question Chairman Cannon 2/3 standing
Question The microphone has been on and the Call the Questions have been arising from the throngs not the microphone.
Explanation Chairman Cannon It has been brought to my attention that I should only accept Calls and Motions from the mics.
Discussion We wanted to have an exact count of delegates before we voted
Discussion We need to have a quorum for resolutions since that is the most important issue that we can address.
Discussion Can we move the officials to the end which will allow us to count the votes.
Explanation Chairman Cannon First amendment motion
Call the Question
Explanation Chairman Cannon We need to address the amendment to the agenda. If we focus on that motion then we can move forward. All in favor of ending discussion.
Question Are the ballots open
Explanation Chairman Cannon Yes they are open.
Vote Chairman Cannon Motion to call the question of amending the agenda passes.
Division On the motion to amend.
Discussion I would like to hear from our elected officials. That is also why we are here. We agreed when we were elected. I am willing to stay today until we are done, so that shouldn’t be part of the decision.
Call the Question
Vote Chairman Cannon verbal – nays have it
Division standing vote to substitute the amendment and have the representatives speak first.
Vote Chairman Cannon 293 favor 520 nay
Explanation Chairman Cannon We will now vote to move the candidates behind the motions and business
Vote Chairman Cannon verbal – unknown
Vote Chairman Cannon “favor stand ; opposed stand — too close again individual count
Call the Question Chairman Cannon to vote on the final agenda
Vote Chairman Cannon passes by 2/3 standing
Vote Chairman Cannon Ayes have it verbal
Special Order We missed during the last convention some information
Out of Order Chairman Cannon
Clarification We wanted the resolution to show up in this program and it was not set in the agenda and I want this to come up as a special order.
Order Chairman Cannon hand over the election process to Mike Ferrrin
Credential Curt Bramble 1431 credentialed delegates; therefore quorum
Motion Curt Bramble
Call the Question
Vote Ayes/Nays – vote passes
Vote verbal – Passes – credentials accepted

Presentation Joe Cannon “Thank all of you for being able to serve for the last few years. A lot of good relationships. I ask for your vote to continue for one more term. We live in the most Republican state in the US because it is. When I came to college in 1967, this state had a democratic governor, legislature and mayor of provo. We had a demo senator. Keeping Republican in place is about continuing to keep up the pressure. We need to be vigilant and I pledge to be that.
Note for the record that I get to talk to people as party chairman. I mentioned to Jim Matheson that he would get more votes if he were in our party. I told him that he votes for Nancy Pelosi to be speaker of the house, so I have to get him out.
I spoke with Dan Tuttle about becoming a Republican and he has changed his registration. He is from Magna and will not probably change the world but he is now a member of the party. I started out as Teenage Republican in CA. Bill has been the delegate in Garfield and Ada his wife. They have been diligent in bringing up the Garfield teenage republicans to be nationally recognized! They have done a great job.
There are 50 kids here today doing the ushering because of these good people.”

Presentation Patrick Reagan “Fellow delegates it is good to be here. I want to be your next party state chair. I am founder and president of a company. I serve as an elected member of diverse committees. I planning on organizing the delegates using vision, focus and outreach.
1 – Vision: GOP should stand for Grow Our Party. We should have the same positive vision that Reagan used. We have more work to do in Salt Lake County. We are a party that should stand for ethics and standing for others. The only way to be durable is to attack problems NOT people. We need to continue the ongoing grassroots in electing new people in. Politics is very tough business. A durable majority must focus on conservative principles. I need your help. We should register 50,000 new republicans by 2008. We must improve new bolloting.
3 Outreach: Welcome new faces to our party. We stand at the strongest point of a century. We must welcome in black and latino americans. Younger voters and diverse faiths. We need to mobilize the 2004 active people to continue in 2006.
In the face of our tests. Ours is a vision and theirs is a critique. I have been asked the difference between myself and the incumbent. We have seen them move the bylaws away from you and in to a small committee.”

Nomination Read from the Declaration of Independence. We have a chance to return to government of the people by the people and for the people.

Presentation Jeremy Friedbaum “Russell has been a good friend and neighbor. I would like to do something for him. He has a son that is serving in Afghanistan. He is an airborne artillery spotter and is in the middle of finding and rooting out the terrorists. Please give his son a hand. When the Chair decided not to do a proper mailing, Russell and his friends put out the mailer that you got.
I’d like to talk about Top Down and Bottom Up government. I think the best part of our party was you. When Alan Keyes came here he asked us why we did not stand up more. We belong to a church that is top down and so perhaps we have become used to that. In political parties it is just the opposite of that which is true. We are where the power is. Those who are at the top are more about holding power and not just about the principles. These seats and setting are not helpful for getting our business done.
Don’t vote for me unless you are willing to canvas your precinct and get the right people to your caucus. I will give the power to you. You should be jealous of your power.”

Explanation mike Vice Chair

Presentation Todd Weiller “My son asked me what GOP stood for – Grand Old Party. It should be Get Out and Push. Republican party built in 1864. Within 6 years they put Abraham Lincoln in the White House. We have voted in Matheson and need to get him out. We need to win more elections from top to bottom. We have 30k Matheson Republicans. We need to talk to them. They voted for Bush, and our Senators, but not for our House Representative.
Working on the Board at BYU’s Clark Law Center we have increased $ from alumni.
We are arguing too much about agendas. We are working on the wrong things. I plan to get every voice in this party heard. I propose we allow any delegate to propose any resolution and action. The first order of business is determined by You the Delegates based on priority. Decided by you.
I am tired of not having the accessibility
My personal email address and cell phone # to you. I am willing to talk to you. I will be accessible to officials. The party has to remain neutral. I am Todd Weiler second on the ballot, but I ask for your first vote.”

Nomination When we meet we bring a different perspective as men and women. We need a diverse perspective at the top level. Women feels and talk among themselves. You should vote for Enid Greene

Nomination Jim Ferrin I second the nomination. Pay attention to how articulate and experienced she is. Aren’t you glad she is on our side. Thanks for voting for her.

Presentation Enid Greene “What is the goal of the party?
Why do I deserve your vote?
This party represents what I believe in. The role of the state party is to vote in those who support those principles and put them in to action. Unfortunately mechanisms and feelings are not as lofty as your principles. You need money, staff, delegates, defending candidates. It sometimes means some get angry. I have defended our officials and I am even doing this on radio. Several years ago I looked at how much time we were losing about arguing over parliamentary procedures. I have worked on clarifying our rolls. I am working on getting this issue resolved. Last meeting we wasted 10,000 man hours of work mired in discussion.
Thank you for your work. I ask for your vote today to continue the work of building our party.”
Nomination Donna As state party vice-chair myself. He is humble knowledgeable and good. He understands the work involved. Please support him
Presentation David Spackley 3 fold purposes. Our principles hold us together. We need to have all our actions come from you. Even if we don’t agree. I believe in government of the people and by the people. My primary interest is to represent you. I offer my time and abilities in helping you build this party.
Presentation Lowell Nelson “Notice, Attendance, Minutes of meetings. I would like to provide you information on all the decisions that we make.
Attendance is helpful to know whether those who you have voted in to know that they have attended the meetings. It would be useful for you to know. Perhaps you are not being represented.
Minutes can be so helpful. The State Central Committee asked whether 100 or 97 seats should be allocated. Some people had to dig for hours to find the answer. If only we kept that information online on our website then we could save time and money. I would like to build a document archive on our website of rules minutes bylaws and other documents that effect us. That way we can learn from our mistakes. I have spent my life doing that and am willing to do it for the party.
I would pledge to you to be responsive. I have a customer service orientation. If you request information that I have I am willing to give it to you as long as it does not infringe on privacy.
As you consider how to vote there are 2 things 1) customer service orientation 2) technical competence as a writer”
Introductions I know that Candice will help strengthen the party.
Nomination I have worked extensively with her. I have worked with her as Precinct chair. We should utilize her experience for the next 2 years
Nomination David Butterfield It is her work and influence that has helped us keep our position.
Presentation Candace Daly “As secretary for the state party it is a great party. I have to make sure that the notices go out on time and provide you information. The information on the web page for this convention was awesome. You probably sat for the convention for 7 hours and I sat for 200 so that I could get each motion. We have a good outline of everything that has happened here. I make sure that is it absolutely correct word for word. I do this as a volunteer. It is a budget that we work on.
I only have so much money to work with. I have developed relationships with associations so that we can move forward the Republican party. I ask for your vote”
Nomination vote for treasurer directly
Vote pass
Motion Becky Lockhart Accept 2 ballots from Davis from delegates that needed to go for family
Enid Greene Manage the meeting. Voting on School choice resolution.
Vote Enid Greene “Favor 501 Against 376
Election Review Becky Lockhart “1431 delegates
1380 ballots cast
Chair – Joe Cannon 702 / Patrick Reagan 514 / Friedbaum 133
Vice – Enid Greene 693 / 434 / David Spackley 238
Secy – Candace Daly 890 / Lowell Nelson 466″
Explanation Enid Greene Do we have a quorum? Do we have 945? 716 is the requirement for a quorum.
Explanation Enid Greene There is a resolution to REPLACE debate on 3rd resolution with 2nd resolution.
Point of Information We had a call that stated we should debate these 2 issues together.
Favor Diaz “We can resolve this issue and debate how it can be resolved in this party with discussion here. We can open our party to the hispanic community when we don’t just create messages to “”send them all home””. We should be able to find a middle ground that is conservative and compassionate. This will be a large division point in our party. We need to balance economic with compassionate needs.”
Point of Order It is totally inappropriate for you to discuss his resolution before mine.
Explanation Enid Greene There is a way of going about this substitution, the body has decided and the body has decided. Are there any who would like to speak in opposition.
Against We should let resolution 2 be discussed.
Favor My grandfather come over from Ireland. He might have been considered an illegal because he didn’t fill out his forms right. I believe that the language in resolution 2 is inflammatory. We should go for resolution 3.
Explanation Enid Greene It is in order to propose an amendment to the substitution of 3 for 2.
Favor Laurie Keating We need to mention all immigrants and not just hispanics.
Explanation Enid Greene There is a typo. WE have an amendment.
Call the Question Enid Greene “Voting on the amendment?
Ayes have it (voting on the amendment). Remove hispanic and substitute for immigrant.”
Vote Enid Greene Ayes have it.
Explanation Enid Greene Substitute amendment as amended
Call the Question Enid Greene “This is a vote to vote on substitute language.
Ayes have it.”
Vote Enid Greene
Favor Diaz We need to be inclusive
Against I believe that we should take out hispanic and once we have done that then we recognize that people on both sides of the border. We need more information on the issue.
Favor The tone just highlights the costs.
Against I too am an immigrant family. We came here recognizing that it was wrong.
Favor I think the democratic party will be very happy if we vote for 2 because it is mean spirited.
Explanation Enid Greene “voting on both at the end of debate of both
Resolution 2″
Favor Carefully consider this. I am not against 3.
Against “#2 I am a former immigration attorney. We have illegal immigrants because the system is broken. Once you become illegal you are barred from leaving and returning legally. We need to fix the laws not punish the people.
You have mixed legal families right now. You are talking about kicking people out who will not be able to return.”
Favor Nancy Lord “National committee woman. I would like to move to amend. I wish to strike the second to the last paragraph – “”Lastly — “” We want them all to return. I agree with the sentiment but not the tone.”
Motion Nancy Lord Amendment
Call the Question Enid Greene Ayes have it
Vote Enid Greene Ayes have it – so the amendment to the resolution carries and the paragraph is struck down.
Against Unclear language and vague. It is sending the wrong message. Every church in this state would be in illegal state. Tomorrow in the Tribune we will see many negative pieces of language. So I would have us strike the language. Strike the paragraph.
Motion Strike language of the Paragraph
Call the Question Enid Greene Ayes have it
Vote Enid Greene Verbal – close
Division Ayes have it
Call the Question Enid Greene Will we substitute #3 over #2.
Order I am thankful for the debate and that we accept what is left of this resolution.
Call the Question Enid Greene “Will we substitute #3 for #2
Nays have it – division (visual diff).”
Order Enid Greene “Will we pass resolution #2 as amended (striking the 2 paragraphs next to last) and Res#3 language (therefore it has been resolved) has been added.
Plus Hispanic -> immigrant”
Vote Enid Greene pass resolution #2
Order Enid Greene Move to resolution #3 as amended
Suspend Enid Greene So that we can vote on R#3. Which we will now do
Vote Enid Greene “Ayes have it.
Favor stand; Opposed stand
Ayes have it”
Order Enid Greene Resolution #4. Mr. Nelson
Explanation Lowell Nelson Recognize constitution and bill of rights. Homeland Security act and Patriot Act infringe on our rights.
Point of Order
Quorum Call
Quorum Call Enid Greene “Please rise delegates (716 required)
We have a quorum – 724″
Call the Question Enid Greene Resolution
Vote Enid Greene Ayes have it
Vote Enid Greene Nays have it. Res 4 fails
Order Enid Greene Resolution #5
Explanation Nancy Lord We have always had the right to bring the issues forward to the body versus stopping the issues in committee. The committee ruled unilaterally to have the authority to review and restrict the bylaws amendments. Because the C&B committee did not like them, they were turned down. The C&B show not be able to Usurp power
Against James Evans I rise against this resolution, not because I am against it all, but it is not entirely correct. I would suggest that those who are doing this are not violating law, which is what is stated in this resolution. Vote against it.
Favor Strike out Whereas clauses and leave only Be it Resolved
Call the Question Enid Greene Ayes it for amendment question
Vote Enid Greene Ayes have it
Motion Dixon I see that one of the resolves is not right therefore move to strike second Resolve
Information Why is the paragraph against the parliament?
Favor Dixon It seems like the intent was stated best in the first paragraph.
Against We need to reassert our right since it is our party and the committee needs to listen.
Call the Question Enid Greene “On the proposed amendment
Ayes have it”
Vote Enid Greene Nays have it
Call the Question Enid Greene Ayes have it
Vote Enid Greene Ayes have it
Order Joe Cannon Delegation
Presentation Bob Bennett “The Senate is much more congenial after 2004 elections. Leading up to that Tom Daschle had the strategy of keeping the heels dug in. He wanted to hold it up and show that it was the Republicans fault. He paid for that strategy with his own seat. They lost every open seat they had.
Harry can be just as partisan in his statements, but he is from Vegas and gets odds. We have passed a series of bills that have been held up. Energy, Bankruptcy, and more energy. We are having one of the most productive sessions ever.
That is the summary of our session. I now introduce you to one who holds distinction. In 1950 as a 17 year old I walked around the neighborhood for my father. I loved to not have to meet people at the door and preferred to leave pamphlets. UT was a very closely divided state and was expected to be democrat. My father beat that and the state has changed. As I have reviewed UT history I have found that UT likes incumbents. From the 50s all the way through we have never had an incumbent governor lose the general election to another party. We like incumbents and keep them there. The man we have now has been in the last half century the only one who has beat an incumbent when he beat Reed. In a straight up and down, head 2 head he is the only politician that could be a seated incumbent. Aren’t we glad he did.
Some say 30 years is enough. There are people who challenged my father because he was running against a man that was ‘too old.’ When my dad ran on a campaign when he was 70. They played it against him. My father quoted scripture and said, when I was a child I spoke as a child. ..
Orrin Hatch has put aside childish things. He brings experience, understanding and background. When the most important man in the state is 95 I think it appropriate that we vote him in.
I sent you letter that I wrote myself. We are usually deluged with mail, but this one I wrote myself because I wanted you to know that I treasure the relationship that I have with Orrin. The 2 most important committees are Finance and Appropriations. Under rules you can’t serve on both. There are others who would give anything. UT is one of 11 states that has its senators on each. It has taken a long time to get there, we don’t want to give up either one.
It is with great pride and pleasure I introduce to you my senior colleague. He has treated me as equal all along. Welcome, Orrin Hatch.”
Presentation Orrin Hatch “Thank you so much. It means a lot to me to receive your thanks. We get a lot done for Utah. We love each other and don’t let things get in our way. We have had a tremendous relationship and would like to keep it.
I had an important talk with lots of things that we need to know, but I will abbreviate.
Some have criticized because I didn’t get Legacy Highway in the Federal bill so that it would get UT out of litigation. It has been held up and 5 companies have gone in to bankruptcy. We have won 41 out of 45 counts. The judge says we met the requirements. It has cost us $250 million in fighting and they still want it. I was on the conference committee between House and Senate.
Jim Jeffords threatened everything for a filibuster. I am not going to give up until we get this through. On that Highway bill, Bob and I worked and were able to get 1.8 billion over 5 years back to UT. It takes years to get around there in DC.
You deal with the energy crisis and the price of gas at the pump. I put 5 initiatives in to the Energy bill that will specifically benefit UT. It will allow for more education funding.
We will look at Tar Sands and Oil Shale research and that got in. If it is true then we may have more oil than all of the middle east reserves. We get 25% of oil from Canada’s sand.
We have lost 200 refineries and haven’t built 1. We need to look at alternative fuel research, stations and vehicles. That is our future.
Hill Air Force Base is our future.
University systems is our future.
It is a privilege to work with our delegation … our three congressman have a large delegation Cannon, Bishop and Matheson. We work together in the best interests of our state.
There are difficulties that we face that are similar to 1776. America is at war. The war against terror is not just about Iraq. We have not addressed our own borders, specifically the one to our south. The cost to America is one thing, the threat is another. I will do all within our power to secure from illegal people.
President Bush visited our state last week. I was fortunate to visit with them. I listened as he talked about his deep concern for US well being. He wants to get our troops home as soon as possible. We have to do everything in our power to improve the chance for their success looking after their families here at home.
My only brother Jess was killed in WWII. My brother in law was killed in Vietnam. The pain born by these never goes away, nor does our resolve. Neither does the pain of the families from 9/11. I will never flinch in the face of adversity or reduce my resolve to save our soil.
I was so upset at the Mayor of Salt Lake for his act to use the visit as his platform. It was offensive to me and the 9000 veteran guests. I was there with the President, his wife and our Governor. They were nutcakes for holding up their middle finger to the President.
You have elected me to work towards protecting UT, Republicans and Americans. I choose to serve. I have never felt better and been more enthused or excited to run again. I have felt a great desire to leave an impression in the snow as our forefathers. I am going to do my best to make my contribution for this state.
God bless all of you and God bless America.”
Presentation Chris Cannon “I had a conversation with Zoe Lofgren and she is pretty pro-business. She was a staffer during the impeachment of Richard Nixon along with Hillary Clinton. When we were talking together. Dan Lundgren was in Congress before he was a right wing conservative Republican. Welcome to the center since Everyone wants to now be here with you and your ideas.
Senator Hatch will be chairman of Finance Committee soon. We have a powerful group on the other side of the building. Rob Bishop is over rules committee and is doing a great job there. Senator Hatch is one of the most gracious people. We need to change the team from 4 – 5 by voting out Matheson. I want Republicans in the middle with everyone else moving around us. I went back to Zoe and told her that I had been sharing her story with others.
It is a battle for the soul of America. We brought our deficit down from where they had grown to. We are doing the right thing. Helping energy, cutting taxes and moving forward. We are now the Center and we are correct. I am proud to be part of this team.
Rob carries his weight is smart and a pleasure to work with.”
Presentation Rob Bishop “The leaders who were elected today I congratulate them. I am very proud of the candidates who ran with honor and distinction and class. I am proud that they ran. France said “”liberty, equality and fraternity”” but the reality was different. One said, “”the french are now free to do as they please, but we ought to see what they want to do.”” As I caught up with what happened during the President’s visit, the Mayor does not deserve congratulations. He knows a lot about Rights, but not Responsibilities. As a high school teacher I have seen these people before. But in Iraq they couldn’t do this.
I met a father whose son is serving a second tour. There are those who are now able to do what they can here because of the freedoms we have.
I just came back from Tel Aviv and was gratefully received. They have been glad for our actions. President Bush has taken a different approach. Libya has withdrawn, Egypt and Jordan are moving forward, Syria is moving. It is all due to the fact that there are sons who are there in the Middle East defending us and them. They deserve our support.
I introduce Lt. Gov. Gary Herbert.”
Presentation Gary Herbert “I want your names and addresses because you are still here and are the heart and soul of this party! We have a great group here. It has been good to hear from the others.
In our next meeting I’d like to have a report from the 2nd District Republican! We can do it. We need to get our message out. I will echo our gratitude with our governor this morning. There is something to be said for him opening and me closing. There is a difference between being number 1 in the state and number 2 in the state. There has been a great benefit. I can spell lieutenant without having to look it up in the dictionary. It has been great to work with a great man. I am glad that he has really let me work with him together. I express my gratitude for his letting me be a part of this. We are blessed with leadership beyond the ordinary. We want to build on the past and move onward. 2 more things from my office.
I am the chief elections officer – in 2002 Congress passed the help america vote act. We were asked to do it. We are going to go forward in implementing by voting in a more high-tech fashion. You will see some new machines like the ATM with Optical scan. It will be almost impossible to make errors. You will see a secure and accountable system.
Second – transportation challenge is something that we have to take care of. We need infrastructure in order for growth. We are in the process now of getting around to the different counties to work with local people to put together a plan. Listening and learning from one another and end at October the 14th to have a meeting.
I am grateful for a leg. that has allowed us to get together and address this issue. We will meet, so you will be invited to attend. Legacy Hwy it is time for it to be built. We would like to start by next spring.
Last but not least, we are going to have communications on rural affairs. Some people think that it only includes every one out side of SLC and UT county. What happens out there has an effect on what can happen here. Without going into detail we have an opportunity for rural Utah to grow with jobs and natural resources. We have opportunity for UT to be a cornerstone for Energy policy. Our tourism will be increased and promoted. We have invested five times the amount of money to increase our exposure. New visibility to governor.
We have people that step up and give of their time and talent to do the party’s business. Thanks to Joe, Enid and Mike. They make us look good.
It is not easy to run, but for those who stick their neck out, it is what makes us healthy. Many times we disagree, but let us do it with civility and respect. As they look at us they will say they want to be a part of this process. Thanks for those who stick their neck out and who knows what will happen the next time. I am humbled.
Vote republican.”
Order Joe Cannon “This is the first time that we have gotten through it all.
Thank you everyone who is here”

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