20060513 3rd District Nominating Convention

This was a good chance to see videos and listen to the candidates. After this meeting we had our first round of balloting.

ENTRY: 12:46:10 PM Introductions Some of you have noticed the hole at the bottom of your ballot card. It just lets the machine know the color of the card.
ENTRY: 12:48:01 PM Welcome Gary Herbert Welcome. I need the candidates to come forward so that we can discuss for a bit.
ENTRY: 12:53:10 PM Introductions Gary Herbert Make sure you are in the right place. You need a green band and credentials. The candidates have been chosen randomly. Jacob, Cannon, Cook – 7 minutes each. We will lead the applause when the time is up. We will use multi-round balloting. If one person gets 60% then we are done with it in the first round. The first round results will be announced in the larger group.
ENTRY: 12:57:04 PM Video “I believe that it is time for a change. They have not kept their commitment to the nation. We need more conservative principles and Reagan conservatives. We have concerns about immigration
I like the contract and am impressed by it. I want someone conservative even if they take a beating for it.”
ENTRY: 12:59:25 PM Nomination I nominate my husband. I believe that a contract and be made with the people. When he shakes your hand he is bonded. I am Diane Jacob and have known him for 31 years and nominate him for the seat.
ENTRY: 1:00:13 PM Acceptance John Jacob “If I could only get this many people at Mimi’s I would haven’t to speak here. What we are looking at is whether you should vote for me, Chris or Merrill. It is important that what you do with your time in congress is right.
I have put together a letter of intent. On this letter I put what you chose as being the most important issues. It has energy, education, second amendment and immigration. We will meet every 3 months with the delegates coming together. When the majority make the decision you usually make the right decision.
NCLB was to fix one problem and made 20 others. On energy, gasoline was at 2.00 it is now at 3.00. We have to stop funding both sides on the war on terror.
I am good at a lot of things. I know water. I know more than anyone else in Congress. We need to take care of our states water. With the growth that we have coming in energy, it is important to have water. It is more important than oil.
We can send DC a mandate to change illegal immigration, education and energy. I need to earn your vote so that we can send that message. Thank you. (about 32 stand)”
ENTRY: 1:03:49 PM Nomination Michael Jensen Salt Lake County delegate. I put forward Chris Cannon as our delegate.
ENTRY: 1:04:22 PM Nomination John Harmer “I have seen Chris go door to door since he was young. He is the same man as in 1996. (video in video – 1996 video). Federal government out of our lives and put more money in your pocket. (bloopers).
Chris has worked to support our sway of living. With seniority and accomplishment behind him, he is unparalleled.”
ENTRY: 1:07:07 PM Acceptance Chris Cannon “I would never allow the video of the horse except in a room full of friends. I am among friends here. Thank you. This process is important. I ask you for your vote and you decide to give it.
I am a consistent conservative Utah Republican. You know how I will vote. My roots go back in Utah as far as they can. Before being a congressman I was a delegate just like you. Because you know who I am you know how I will vote.
There may be a few that you don’t agree with on my votes. I don’t get all agreement even in my home. I will work for your issues. You know that I will be on your sides because I have a record. I have been working against illegal immigration. We need a system that works. My opponents will pick out votes that appear bad if people don’t review the issue.
If you send me back to Congress will I do what you would do? I will carry on the fight for our values and opportunity. (32 stand)”
ENTRY: 1:13:11 PM Nomination Michelle Cook I am so grateful to work with you all in helping my family. I am grateful to help with Bay Buchanan who I would like to introduce.
ENTRY: 1:13:58 PM Nomination Bay Buchanan “I want to tell you how pleased I am speak to you. The issue is a serious one. We have 20 millions living here. The end is not in sight. It is because those in Washington who refuse to close the borders. What are we to do?
You have the influence here today. Give some spine to the other congressman. You have to do 2 things. Take a look are your incumbent. It has become a crisis.
You can not replace him with just anyone. You have to replace him with a deader. That person is not John Jacob. 2 months ago he barely looked in to the issues. He has had several positions. He is listening to you and following the polls. We are in a crisis our country is at risk. You do not send a novice to Washington. You send someone with experience and courage. Who has been on the front lines? You have to know where you stand. You can not lean on a poll. Please send a message to DC by the people and for the people. I am pleased to nominate Merrill Cook.”
ENTRY: 1:17:12 PM Acceptance Merrill Cook “Thank you, especially for the time that I had to learn from you. It is clear to me that you are interested in change. I offer that change. I promise you that I will take the knowledge and experience that I have gained over the years to give that change. The citizens of Utah need to be secured. We need to secure the borders.
I will take a position with the immigration reform caucus to enforce the laws of the land. The Rule of Law is the principle upon which we were founded. We the people are paying the price. NO More.
I will lead the fight to repeal the NCLB. Return needs to be returned to the local communities. As your congressman. I promise to get a hold of that federal budget. This is ocut of control spending. We balanced the budget based on pay as you go. I don’t understand the republicans who are spending like drunken Democrats.
Please give me your vote and I will work for you. To the best of my abilities.
Thank you”
ENTRY: 1:20:31 PM Business Gary Herbert “I would like to thank the candidates. Let’s give them al la round of applause. It is not easy to stick your neck out.
It is now time to cast your ballot. We have boxes coming in to the hall here now. You will vote for the Senate and 3rd congressional district. Please stay here and participate to the end of the program.
We will have a chance to hear from Governor Huntsman and Senator McCain. If a second ballot is required you will receive instructions.”
ENTRY: 1:22:24 PM Vote

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