20060513 State Nominating Convention

Good Convention. The vote in the 3rd Congressional district appears to have been a statement that the delegates were interested in “change.” (Jacob 52% Cannon 48%)

Senator McCain’s comments got a strong reception. The Vietnam stories/experiences played a role in the introduction and personal confirmation that the Iraq situation must be Won and will be Tough.

10:16:18 AM Order Joe Cannon Call to order 2006 Nominating Convention

10:16:41 AM Prayer

10:19:58 AM Presentation of the colors

10:20:08 AM Song national anthem

10:20:13 AM Pledge

10:24:09 AM Information Joe Cannon Thanks to the national guard that represent all of our soldiers in the service. (standing ovation)

10:24:50 AM Information Joe Cannon “I just came back from china earlier this week. This is impossible in most of the world. In Utah we are a small group that gives so much power to you as a grassroots organization. Thank you for coming out. Before the roll call I would like to confirm that credentials are open until 11:00 am. We also have a tradition of “”Keeping Utah Red”” blood drive with BYU. ARUP and Southwest ambulance will help us with this. Roll Call now.”

10:26:39 AM Roll Call Joe Cannon Beaver, Box Elder, Cache, Carbon, Daggett, Davis, Duchesne, Emory, Garfield, Graham, Iron, Juab, Kane, Millard, Morgan, Paiute, Rich, Salt Lake, San Juan, Sanpete, Sevier, Summit, Tooele, Uintah, Utah, Wayne, Weber, Washington, Wasatch.

10:30:00 AM Business Joe Cannon Lots of delegates are unfamiliar with this process, so I will explain. This is largely a parliamentary process. David Gerber is our Parliamentarian and is donating his time. We will go through these rules so that you can see what we are doing. We as a group need to do the business of the convention. We will do the convention, adopt rules, agenda for the next few minutes. Credentials by Bramble.

10:31:28 AM Credential Curt Bramble skip

10:32:01 AM Business Joe Cannon Note from Fire Marshal. Remove the stray chairs. Visitors need to move to the side of the hall

10:32:20 AM Credential Curt Bramble “In behalf of the Credential committee including (list). There was a credential challenge from Salt Lake precinct 3903. There were 3 complainants and only one attended our meeting. The precinct was found to do inappropriate voting, balloting and attendance. The credential committee disqualified Mr. Reagan from participating in this convention. The information has been forwarded to the Salt Lake County convention.

We met with Mr. Patrick Reagan last night. We can’t deal with Salt Lake County since this was a state issue. He noticed his Local district and re-appointed himself as a delegate. He is here on the list as a replacement delegate for himself. The practical application is that he is censured.

There were 2684 delegates who have picked up there report as of now.”

10:36:24 AM Motion To adopt report.

10:36:39 AM Second To adopt report

10:37:07 AM Call the Question If we have 2/3 vote then we move to voting on the Motion.

10:38:03 AM Vote Ayes have it

10:38:30 AM Information Curt Bramble Beaver county delegates were provided the wrong ballot. You need to turn in your ballot at the Problems desk.

10:39:28 AM Information Joe Cannon We will now discuss the adoption of the Standing Rules of the convention.

10:39:52 AM Information We want everyone to know what we are doing. In our state party constitution Article 12 section 1 (article 5d) it states that the appointment of the precinct chair that resigns is not able to be done by the County Chair. We have a situation right now where this would be needed. The precinct chair can’t replace the delegate unless we give them that authority (which he does not have right now).

10:42:50 AM Information Joe Cannon Please obey the Fire Marshall, he will close us down if you don’t get out of the aisle.

10:43:11 AM Information The candidates receive 7 minutes for their speeches and not 5. I move we accept the rules as printed.

10:43:58 AM Motion Accept standing rules

10:44:04 AM Information Joe Cannon “For delegates please fill in the seats even though they are not in your county.

You must not hand out fliers in the hall.”

10:45:22 AM Call the Question Joe Cannon Ayes

10:45:39 AM Vote Joe Cannon Ayes

10:46:12 AM Information Joe Cannon The chair does not have to entertain points of order. We are going to try and increase the volume of the microphones. Please hold your conversations down or go outside. We have adopted the Rules. I declare the balloting open at this point and you can only vote first round ballots for those who have Emergencys.

10:47:36 AM Report Janet Farr A printed copy of the agenda is in your hands. I move the adoptoin of the printed program.

10:47:59 AM Motion Janet Farr Adopt agenda

10:48:14 AM Second

10:48:24 AM Call the Question Joe Cannon Ayes have it

10:49:11 AM Vote Joe Cannon Majority of the body has chosen to adopt the agenda.

10:49:33 AM Division Michael Ridgeway

10:49:39 AM Vote Joe Cannon Standing vote. All in favor please rise. Clear majority. We will move on.

10:50:16 AM Information Enid Greene Vice Chair. As Joe stated the next order of business is the Bylaws committee. Dana Dixon will offer report.

10:51:01 AM Information Dana Dixon “I am proud to share the report. The committee met to discuss each amendment on April 15 and 25. A quorum were present at both meetings and have sent 3 amendments to this body the First requires majority and the second 2 require 2/3 vote.

Some amendments were sent to legal and the Republican national committee. Some of the amendments will be discussed further with the representatives. Www.utgop.org has the amendments. The committee meetings are always open to the delegates.

Item 1 ratification – motion.”

10:53:51 AM Motion Dana Dixon

10:54:00 AM Second

10:54:03 AM Call the Question Enid Greene Ayes / Nays – please stand because I am in doubt. Question passes.

10:54:38 AM Information Enid Greene “Sectoin resolutoin states that each amendment shall have no more than 5 minutes of debate time. We move to debate with 1 minute to the sponsor.

Because this amendment comes from the Central committee it only requires a majority vote.

This amendment deals with whether the State should delegate delegates to each precinct and allows the County to make the rules on who can make the rules of appointing delegates.

There are no “”reserved”” delegates which means the State does not hold back delegates to itself. Instead 100% of the delegates is allocated out to the counties. Then their leadership allocates them.”

10:58:47 AM Information Enid Greene (We are now in training) Right now the body has voted to move forward on the business. You are out of order.

11:01:16 AM Information Dana Dixon The rules that you adopted supersede Roberts. The rules state that you must be recognized. The chair would like to recognize everyone, but the Chair does not have to recognize the individual.

11:01:33 AM Information Enid Greene I think that this is apparent for a group of > 2000 people. Thank you.

11:01:56 AM Introductions Clair Ellis This confirms the current party to meet and deliberate about who to appoint. Before 1994 we were governed by election code, and the precinct is to appoint the group. We need to quiet the challenges outside of counties from those counties who are not within the interested county.

11:03:00 AM Information Enid Greene Any opposition?

11:03:13 AM Information Mike Taylor Salt lake County. I am opposed to this because it is part of a power struggle to take away from Precincts and give power to the County parties unlimited power to take the delegates away from specific precinct. Vote No on this amendment.

11:08:10 AM Favor Todd Weiller “3 reasons to vote for this. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it.

Let the County run it.

We don’t need the state to tell us how to run our County.

Ratify the recommendations of your committee.”

11:08:07 AM Against Some of the Countys are appointing delegates directly.

11:08:01 AM Favor Each county is going to designate their own delegates.This amendment further clarifies one point. The county parties should select what they want. Let’s keep local control.

11:08:15 AM Against Nancy Lord I was elected 2 years ago to represent you folks. There is an open door for County parties to take these positions and appoint them. Those people become delegates even though they have not been elected. Anything can go if you let the Counties do what they want.

11:09:43 AM Information Clair Ellis Everyone here was elected by their county conventions and you should be able to trust them.

11:11:26 AM Information Enid Greene The elected counties can do what they want if you vote yes for this. There is also no reserve for the State. There was a concern about the State having delegates that they could freely appoint. This amendment sends 100% of delegates out to the counties and there is no reserve.

11:14:28 AM Vote

11:14:33 AM Division standing vote

11:30:27 AM Results Enid Greene We have more votes than delegates by a couple of hundred. If the body wishes to we can move the credentials report. Then we can do a vote a section at a time so that the counters will be together. We will suspend our business.

11:31:53 AM Credential 3136/3470 delegates for over 90% attendance.

11:32:39 AM Information Enid Greene 3426 votes

11:32:43 AM Vote Enid Greene

11:39:17 AM Vote Enid Greene New vote method using the written vote on the back of the senate ballot

11:39:38 AM Vote Enid Greene We will announce the results later when they are available.

11:43:45 AM Business Joe Cannon We will now get ready for the Senate candidates. After the candidates present we will break out to ballot for each of the 3 districts. We will also have reports from our voted Representatives.

11:47:12 AM Introductions Brian Jenkins “It is a surreal experience getting ready for this convention. I have no proof, but I believe that Senator Hatch was behind my bad haircut. I honor Mr. Hatch, but we see things differently.

America has some serious problems and I feel that we can make some major changes. There are things you need to do and things that your congressman need to do.

You will need to believe in the platform that government can not solve our problems. We can restrain the government, so that we can solve our problems. You will need to respond to the request for limited government. We need to send not just one, but 5. Utah needs to send the message back to DC of limited government. We need those who are committed to principle and will not follow cronyism. You will need to reject seniority and experience for principles.

If he returns back to DC then his successor will have no experience in 6 years.

We need to scrap the Patriot Act that undermines our platform. Mr. Hatch defends it because there is no proof that it has been abused. We echo Jefferson you must “”bind down man from mischief by the chaining them down with the Constitution.

We are defending Iraq, Germany and Afghanistan, we need to defend ours.

We should not give in-state college tuition grants to those who have broken the law. We need to give fair tax legislation. We need to move forward the economy and get rid of 60000 pages of tax code. Wasted hours will help us change the flow of creation. Fair tax has lots of sponsors now and will help us remove the terrorizing nature of our current tax system.

Utah’s congressmen have not come out in support of this.

We need to let go of the NAFTA which creates new government entities that supersede our law. These groups have legislation, judiciary and executive groups.

Utah Legislators have told our delegation to drop it, but they don’t’ listen.

NCLB needs to be rejected. Even supporters were drying about loss of federal funds. Out of control spending is because of US extending beyond the role of the Constitution. Our representatives need to represent us. You are the answer. Delegates know that solving problems with terrorism is about failure on the border.

Thank you.”

11:54:50 AM Business Joe Cannon Michael T. Ridgeway is the next candidate.

11:55:23 AM Introductions Michael Ridgeway “How many of you are surprised to see me here today? You must read the paper. The reason that I have a cell phone, I want my dad to hear my speech. You can blame him and my mom if you don’t like the way that I am.

I am happy and proud that I am the way that I am. This here is a set of LDS scriptures, a book that belongs to my brother and a book that I helped get during a move. This is a scrapbook. This is my wife’s picture. This is a picture of her. 8 years ago fate turned my life around. I lost my wife and our baby.

3 days later I went to a hearing and listened to the hearing. We had to let the “”dead bury the dead.”” Party leaders weren’t bent on cheating a system by inserting numerous delegates. They wanted to stop people from getting out our ideas.

My choice that day led me to here today. If you don’t own a copy of Roberts Rules, then you are sheep by the slaughter. You shouldn’t cheer when you are fleeced. This convention will decide what the future of the nation is. You have the choice to keep it clean because you are the delegates.

I haven’t talked much about the senate race. My wife was a legal immigrant. I loved her. I got to spend 12 months with her. I want rule of law and I am not a racist. On this immigration we need people in Washington who have clean credentials who need to be back there. Those of us who are white are easy marks for this debate.

I spoke with a Chinese dissident who was wanted by the government and was msuggled out in a crate. I met him at BYU and I put him on the air for 30 minutes during my talk show. We took a stand on the radio. I hope that “”Stand Fast for Our Constitution,”” by J. Reuben Clark should be a book for each of the candidates.

What were we thinking when we did the abuse in Abu Ghraib. We need to send a message back to Washington. Please give us serious consideration for Senate.”

12:02:45 PM Business Joe Cannon Senator Orrin Grant Hatch

12:03:04 PM Introductions Bob Bennett I am waiting to speak for the 2/3 who are waiting to vote for Orrin Hatch. We must recognize that we are not just choosing who will head the ticket and lay out the pattern for how the Republican ticket can do. I have worked for Orrin for 13.5 years and I recognize leadership. He is committed even though we don’t agree. I am proud to nominate my friend and Senator Orrin Hatch.

12:04:34 PM Introductions Orrin Hatch “It is a privilege to work with such an honorable and decent man. In my few minutes I would like to share my vision of the future.

We have to deal with this immigration mess. Above all else we have to seal our borders. One delegate said when the bathtub is overflowing you turn off the spigot first.

We need to work out a plan that is not blanket amnesty.

We need to get gas prices under control and end our dependence on foreign energy sources. With the resources we have here no one else is positioned better than us.

Third we have to solve the Rube Goldberg scheme of sending waste to Skull Valley.

Fourth we need to support the president in appointing good judicial nominees. So they can interpret and not create laws. I have done a lot in that area.

I will keep and support Marriage as being defined as between a man and a woman. No exception.

When I become chairman of the Finance committee I will help get health care under control.

I will work for a simplified tax program so that you don’t have to hire a number of accountants.

We must win the war on terrorism and never give in. We must never let them down.

One other objective that I believe in is the fight for Republican leadership and getting it out of the hands of federal dominated, entrenched liberal Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Our economy is cooking, the government in Iraq is reforming. 2 new justices are on the Supreme Court. Many other great federal judges are appointed.

Together we have accomplished a lot. I will hold true to your policies. I believe in them and I strongly believe in the ideals so dear to all of us.

I need and ask for your support. I have never felt better and felt more excited about a campaign. This is the greatest country in the world. Thank you for your support.”

12:10:09 PM Business Joe Cannon Ronald H. Levine.

12:10:18 PM Introductions Ronald Levine “Hello delegates and Republicans from all over Utah. You are the Republican state delegates. I hope that you have all received one. If you didn’t get one please go out and get a copy from our booth. Take a moment to read it. There are 8 pages and I would like to address a few of them. I tried to call as many of you as I could.

I am sorry that I could not get to all of you. I will be here for before you vote as well. I want to say what kind of votes you can expect from me. You see a picture of me on my handout. I don’t have the voting record. I am standing with Ron Paul and will stand by the platform. I am not Ron Paul but I am Ronald H. Levine. I will not be just one lone vote because I will stand with him.

I am sorry about the debt being 9 billion versus 9 trillion. My spell checker didn’t find that one. I would like to tell you about my history in this party.

I have worked hard to get the people voted. I have been directly to voters. It is the most powerful influence on the world.

6 years ago we had a gun control bill in a legislative committee meeting. They were going to pass the vote I was able to help fight for our gun rights. The committee rescheduled so that they wouldn’t have the conflict in front of the press. I stayed and I found out what works. The activists that called were moving things forward. It worked and stopped because we had influence to stop.

I will never have the same influence as Hatch. Building consensus like Hatch to vote with Kennedy wouldn’t get what the want in our platforms. I will get the other senators to vote with me because I will vote for those who will come with me. We need a new senator with strong principles. I am fighting for the love of all our future generations and those who are now here.

The voters will show up with great numbers if you vote for me. This is what you want. I know because I have campaigned door to door. The real majority way is that you won’t vote or have to choose between 2 evils. You are the delegates that will vote for this. I am all the way Republican. Our congress needs to reign in its authority. Thank you.”

12:17:29 PM Business Joe Cannon Balloting instructions

12:18:22 PM Business Curt Bramble Beaver County got 2nd congressional ballots and need to get their 3rd congressional ballots.

12:18:53 PM Business Joe Cannon We want to hear about vote

12:19:07 PM Business Enid Greene Everybody got a light ballot for the senate race. That is the ballot that you use to right Yes or No on the back of the ballot.

12:20:16 PM Business Joe Cannon Each of the candidates has a poll watcher. The same group of people will be doing this.

12:21:04 PM Information Terry Fox Candice Daly is our secretary and has the only official documented record of this meeting. In a few meetings we will be breaking out to 3 groups. All the congressional delegates will stay in this hall from the 1 district. The 2nd District is going to move to hall 3. The 3rd will move to hall 4 and will be addressed by those candidates there.

12:26:41 PM Business Joe Cannon

1:49:36 PM Business Joe Cannon “Now that we are back from our Districts we would like to hear from our Utah Delegation.

Thanks to all those who created this event. I remember being Chairman of the 42nd assembly of the teenage republicans. I started in 1964 and I want to thank the teenage republicans who are helping here today. They have an exhibit just behind us. They are selling a document and the proceeds go to their group.

Before our keynote speakers we would like to hear from Bob Bennett who was just honored by the Pioneer theater company. Senator Mitch McConnell sent a letter recommending Bob who said that he is the most trusted ally.”

1:52:28 PM Report Bob Bennett “You are the faithful ones. Everyone else left. I salute you for sticking it out. Many speeches have talked about the issues and gotten applause. I thought I would take this opportunity to do something a little different.

You are probably all political junkies and have a great interest in what is going on in politics. After all the favorite issues are done then you finally get down to who is going to win in November. Are we going to lose seats in the Senate. What’s happening with the Presidents numbers? I thought I would take a few moments to take you behind the scenes of the balloons and rousing speeches.

Here is a little bit of history. Let’s go back to the year 2000. I remember how confident the people were. Karl Rove would talk to us every night. He would give us an outline of where things were. I remember asking him what the college vote would be. He said we would get a minimum of 325. We actually got 227. It wasn’t that he was wrong 3 days before the election, but that something had happened that was significant.

Under the radar of TV and other things, the Democrats put out a get out the vote drive. In some states they did such a good job that the people going to the polls didn’t know they were goin to the polls. Some were dead.

Karl said, In order to win this election we have to win PA, MI, or FL. He said that we were ahead in all 3. We lost MI, PA and almost lost FL. Something happened in the Republican National Committee and decided to do a bottom up the vote.

The Ground Game versus the Air War (media). By the time 2004 we had run enough cases and procedures that we were pretty confident of our ground game. In 2000 we spent 4million and in 2004 we spent 26 million.

Kerry campaign ran a program and set goals that were really aggressive. At the end of the campaign they met all of the goals, but lost by 3.5 million votes. Kerry got more votes than Al Gore did. But Bush got 13% more votes. The Republicans had mastered the ground game.

You are part of that. You are the ones who are available to the grassroots effort. I train people for the ground game. I go back to my father’s election in 1950. I was 17 and passing out pamphlets for my dad. We found out how important that is and how it works.

In 2006 the media say one thing over and over again and that is that the approval numbers are falling. They are having fantasies of the reverse of 1994 when Clinton lost a lot of seats to the Republicans. They think that 2006 will be the reverse of that. It is possible, but I don’t think it is likely.

We are still organized in ways to see to winning the ground game. Senator Santorum is shown as being 13 points down. He has 60,000 volunteers in PA and that is aggressive. It is a machine that will move a ground game. He is now down by only 6 points, and his opponent is a dufus. We believe that he will be alright.

Looking back at 1994, only 2 Democratic incumbents lost their seats and Republicans came in to the open seats. We have only 1 open seat in TN. The Democrats will have to defeat 6 incumbents. If we havng on to Rick Santorum’s seat we are going to hang on to the others. The Democrat states have 4 open seats and we might see the majority increase versus decrease in 2006. I have no hard and fast prediction. Things can change in just 3 days. I believe that we will control both houses.

The elections must be won by not following the media saying “”let’s have a referendum on Bush””. It was the same cry in 2004. The Republican strategy is, “”let’s have a chioce between Bush and Kerry.”” If we can make this a choice between Hastert or Pelosi then we shouldn’t lose. If we make it a choice between Dean and Bush, then we will win.

In the end politics are all about choices. You can review everything that has been done that could have been better. In the end you don’t vote for a history paper, you vote for an alternative. When you look at Democrats it is not a good alternative.

I get this from you and you are concerned about no fiscal discipline. If you measure the deficit against the economy, because it makes sense for comparison. The deficit was 100% in that way during the Civil War. But now it is only 2% of the economy.

I serve on the Appropriations Committee. We have to conference with the House and Senate. The White House also weighs in with their number. Every time that I have been there, the White House has weighed in with a Veto Threat. But with Bush’s administration the Veto power was threatened if they “”didn’t spend less.”” That is your choice.”

2:09:52 PM Business Joe Cannon I would like to introduce Mark Shurtleff. The biggest AG in Utah.

2:10:11 PM Report Mark Shurtleff “I just want to say Hello and Thank you. I don’t need money or your vote. I love the “”Let Freedome Ring.”” I could talk about internet safety, alcohol limiting, catching people and other issues. I want to talk about let freedom ring. That comes from the song, “”My Country Tis of Thee..”” You are here because you believe in freedom. You want to participate in the most important part of freedom. You have come out to be a part of this. Thanks for being here. (more lyrics from song).

You have hallowed the ground here because of what you have done. The enemy is not just at the gates, but they have snuck in. We have schools with drugs and bullying. Gather your kids around you. Tell them to be careful of the Internet and cell phones. Get out there and be kind. Vote and take your neighbor with you. Go to Temple Mosque or Synagogue and give thanks for what we have.”

2:15:31 PM Business Joe Cannon

2:15:57 PM Introductions Gary Herbert “Let me make a few observations. It was 2 years ago that we asked for your support. We wanted to grow the economy. After 16.5 months in office we have an economy that is growing 3 times the national average. The growth rate is at 6-8% and 3% unemployment. The economy is humming and now what are we going to do with the surplus revenues? We have been able to put more money in transportation and education. It has received more money in the aggregate. We want to put in place the largest tax cut in the state of Utah. This is great Republican leadership. It is not a coincidence that we are Republican controlled. The outcomes look like it.

One more observation is that one of my heroes is Ronal Reagan. As we reflect on his leadership he is growing over time. I know that the governor would be embarrassed but I see Reagan when I look at Governor Huntsman I think about him. He has been talking about tax cuts and has a vision ahead of where others are. There is an attitude of optimism. I am glad to serve with him. I am glad to be the lieutenant.

I am pleased to be here at this time with him leading our ticket and party.”

2:22:31 PM Information Jon Huntsman “My family is here and they don’t give me this kind of reception at the mansion.

Thank you for being here. We have a special guest here today. Famious for keeping a whole lot of people honest, my wife, May kay Huntsman.

I want to thank our delegation, Joe Cannon and others. Especially the teenage Republicans. 2 years ago I stood before you and so many of you are great friends of us. Thank you for supporting the process.

I said that we needed an economy. All you have to do is pick up a magazine. It’s because we have a lot of great people like you. I want to let you know that we have challenges in this state, but we have remarkable opportunities. We are a very special state. I commend the emerging youth. We had a meeting with them at our Mansion. My daughter won to be a county delegate.

We go from a local precinct to our national limelight. I want to go back to 40 years ago. Senator McCain was shot down from his A4. He was beaten and tortured. They gave him a chance to go home because he was the son of the Pacific Command leader. He said that he was not going until everyone else would go before him home.

This one act of ones character says more about him than anything else. So for 5.5 years he sat.

30 years later I was in Vietnam on an assignment. I landed in the airport. The events of 9/11 had just happened. I understood how much things were going to change. I was trapped in Vietnam for 3 days. I found my way up to Hanoi for a trade meeting. I went to Hanoi hill and saw the memory of the man here today. I saw his flight suit and the cell that he stayed in.

I saw what it meant to make a sacrifice for your country. A month ago I went to Iraq with him. We stopped in Shannon Ireland and met soldiers who were returning home as we were going out. The soldiers all wanted to get a picture and shake his hand. He meeted and greeted everyone, person by person. He thanked them and did the same thing in Baghdad and Fallujah. He has a love of all these things. Some call it leadership, charisma or aura.

I believe that he had a deep belief in the goodness of others and the Country.

Senator John McCain.”

2:30:41 PM Information John McCain “Thank you so much. I would like to thank you for sending 2 great and wonderful senators to the senate. I know that in Orrin’s case it will be a cliff hanger but we need him back. I thank Governor Huntsman for your leadership, service and stewardship of the second most significant state.

Your introduction was much better than what I got in Scottsdale last week.

I was in CA last week as well for Schwarzenegger and I was told that I looked a lot like that “Crazy John McCain.”

Barry Goldwater and many others have run for President and haven’t gotten there. Last election there was controversy about which party I might be in as Vice President.

Every one of you has something more rewarding to do today than being here. But we need you now more than ever before. Thank you for coming here and God Bless you.

One issue is that we have a good economy. We have record low unemployment and a market that is nearing record highs. Those things happen because we have a Republican Congress and President. We deserve credit for this economy.

What are our problems? Spending is out of control and we have to stop it. We have to stop it now for our posterity. One of my favorite projects was to study the DNA of bears in Montana 3 million dollars.

Reagan vetoed the highway bill that had 3000+ earmarks. We now have 6000+ earmarks. We have to stop this and reform. We need the discipline to save your money. We just passed a bill in the Senate to give 15billion. We need to have him send it back.

Immigration is the issue and we will have a vote on the floor on Monday. One thing that we can agree on is that the presidents system is broken and we must fix it. I come from the state where they are coming through. We must fix this problem. I know how passionate you feel about this issue and you should. We need to have a good debate on this, but FIRST we have to fix the border, then the guest workers and the 11 million others.

Iran is the next issue. They are the single greatest threat after the Cold War. Thre president of Iran announces his dedication to the extinction of the state of Isreal. We can not allow this to happen. President Bush is handling this as well as can be handled. He wants to be peaceful about it. We need to have sanctions from the Europeans and keep the president in our prayers on this issue.

Finally Iraq. I read the polls. I know that the American people are frustrating. We have made mistakes. War is a terrible thing and is awful. I want to tell you that we must win in Iraq and can not fail. The benefits of success – economic development, people safe life, government (which will be flawed), military trained to take over. This is going to be long, hard and tough. The consequences of failure are, well, when we lost to Vietnam we came home and the war was over. When you read Bin Laden, if we lose in Iraq we will fight somewhere else, like here. There is a great deal at stake here. It is a struggle between Good and Evil. Between those who have perverted the religion to something hateful. This is a titantic struggle. Please support the president in this effort because we must win.

There is a woman named Debra Sour here. A long time ago here in Salt Lake has done some great things so thanks for being here.

I remember a time in Hanoi. We were kept in solitary confinement and after all the bracelets were worn, the treatment changed from solitary to 20-30 people.

I got to then meet Mike Christian. He grew up in Alabama. He had a keen awareness of what we do in our nation. Vietnam also let us receive packages from home. We have to wear shirts, tshirt and tires for shoes. He sewed a flag in his shirt and we would say the Pledge of Allegiance. That was the most significant thing and more importatn part of my day. The flag was removed one day and he was beaten badly and sent back to our cell.

The cell in which we lived had a cement slab. Mike Christian sewed another American flag. When I think of those who are serving today, I still remain proud of this nation. Thank you.”

2:49:16 PM Business Joe Cannon Thanks and we have a gift for Senator McCain and have received 5000.00 from the Straight Talk PAC.

2:49:56 PM Results Joe Cannon ”

Senator Orrin Hatch 78%, Jenkins 16%, Ridgeway 5%, Levine 2%

2nd district Christiansen 84%, Tucker 6%, Lonsbury 10%

3rd Cannon / Jacob run off 21(cook), 35(jacob), 42(cannon)

2:51:39 PM Vote Cary McConnell The ballot boxes are here on the side please vote. The candidates get one additional minute to address the convention.

2:56:05 PM Introductions John Jacob Remember the video that was ‘all about us and not I’. When I get your input and information I will do that. The power ins in the people. Thanks for the 36% let’s take it over the top and do it today. Thank you.

2:57:02 PM Introductions Chris Cannon I deeply appreciate your being here today. I have worked hard in WA and things for each of you. Probably one of the most importatn issues is who is ogin to be most effective. I love the system that we use. I have been a delegate and sent messages to DC in the past. I would appreciate your support.

3:06:41 PM Results Joe Cannon Against carried – No vote on the Amendment had the majority.

3:10:50 PM Business Joe Cannon Polls closed and move on with business. Passing on to Enid Greene.

3:11:18 PM Business Enid Greene “I have been informed to be careful with the gavel since it was hand made for Cannon.

The 2 articles that we are going to address now – articles 2 and 3 require 2/3rd affirmative vote of the convention. Moving to item 2.”

3:13:29 PM Quorum Call We have 3137 registered delegates and need 1569 for a quorum. We only have 1002 delegates and so we can not go on with further business.

3:19:37 PM Adjourn Enid Greene

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