20070428 Utah County Convention

The beginning is a Committee meeting which is then followed immediately by the larger convention.

4/28/2007 8:15:35 AM Welcome Marian M Welcome
4/28/2007 8:15:35 AM Review Changes to the Platform. A few minor changes.
4/28/2007 8:15:35 AM Vote Ayes have it
4/28/2007 8:15:35 AM Report Laralyn Ebertine Challenge to the Bylaws about voting and committees. Take a leave of absence if you are running for office. The contention is that this should apply to the central committtee as well as the ad-hoc committtees. Bylaw 5 therefore does not preclude you from running for the Central Committtee. If an elected official is active, they can still play a role on the committee and do not have to recluse themselves. The County Central Committtee makes that decision (500 or so members) of Precinct Chairs etc.
4/28/2007 8:21:59 AM Vote Marian M Accept the report – Ayes have it.

4/28/2007 8:23:05 AM Motion Curt Bramble Accept Trudy Thompson’s ballot even though she is not here due to a medical condition. Without objection so accepted.

4/28/2007 8:23:42 AM Adjourn Marian M To attend your Senate caucus.

4/28/2007 9:52:20 Call To Order Curt Bramble Sen Valentine our parliamentarian. Asst Gov Herbert will speak as well not indicated on the agenda. Provo Utah troop to do ceremony. Miss Provo – Erica Richards to sing for us.
4/28/2007 9:52:20 Prayer May we know when to compromise
4/28/2007 9:52:20 Flag Ceremony
4/28/2007 9:52:20 Business Curt Bramble Order of meeting
4/28/2007 9:52:20 AM Credential There are 1207 registered delegates. We have 458 now which is 39-40%.
4/28/2007 9:52:54 AM Business Curt Bramble Report of the rules.

4/28/2007 9:53:04 AM Rules Becky Lockhart All of you received these in your mailing. There have been some minor changes but they are mostly the same. I move the adotion.
4/28/2007 9:53:31 AM Second Ralph Clather AF4
4/28/2007 9:53:50 AM Vote Curt Bramble Ayes carry. We are ready to do business. Special Trudy voting need for medical purposes.
4/28/2007 9:55:05 AM Vote Curt Bramble Trudy can vote early
4/28/2007 9:55:13 AM Business Curt Bramble There have been a couple of complaints by individuals. We have discussed the Bylaw #5 and Laralyn will talk to us about it now.
4/28/2007 9:55:43 AM Report Laralyn Ebertine Chair of the Constitutions Bylaw committee. There was an email challenge by Vance Hawkins about the role of delegates and voted individuals. The County Central committee heard this issue this morning. This was ratified by the committee this morning as the definition of the Bylaws.
You are the officers, many of you. His contention is that the members of the Central Committee cannot be voted officials of the government. This is not the case. They can be committee members, but cannot be officers of a Precinct or County or State Party. We actually require that General Election voted individuals who are members of the party be part of the Committee since we desire the involvement of elected officials.
4/28/2007 10:04:02 AM Business Curt Bramble We can vote to accept this report. This issue has been brought up before and hasn’t been dealt with for the last 15 years.
4/28/2007 10:05:02 AM Vote Curt Bramble Ayes have it and motion carries to accept the report.
4/28/2007 10:05:48 AM Business Curt Bramble Gentlemen without standing has demanded the resignation of Chairwoman and Vice. He has based his request on an erroroneous assumption. The return address on the envelope had home address and Alexander postage. Explanation.
4/28/2007 10:07:04 AM Explanation On Monday 4/23/2007 Marian and Susan came to our office and talked about mailings. They asked if we could do a personal mailing. They specifically asked that this be kept at arms length from the Party. As we discussed it we had a misunderstanding of the metering and address.
Later in the day we had a new employee who made a change to the order and printed the wrong return address. Susan Bramble contacted me and let me know that we had made a very significant mistake. We presented this to our employees. I have spoken personally with each of the candidates.
The damage has been done and we take full responsibility. I apologize for our company and ask you to vote on the merits of the individuals and not on our mistake.
4/28/2007 10:10:19 AM Business Curt Bramble I have been advised that Susan Jarvis was also asked to resign. The request is that the individuals resign. As a chair my wife has an interest in this and so I ask for a vote of confidence in the current officers.
4/28/2007 10:11:36 AM Question Who paid for the original mailing?
4/28/2007 10:11:51 AM Business Curt Bramble The postage permit that was used was not the Party permit. They used a pre-paid permit that they had paid for personally.
The only tie-in with the party was that the envelope had as its return address is the Party.
4/28/2007 10:13:17 AM Point of Information Mayor McGee I did not write a check
4/28/2007 10:13:41 AM Vote Curt Bramble Confidence vote. Ayes have it.
4/28/2007 10:14:03 AM Report Marian M “2 days ago we held a rally for VP Cheney. The last moments in Provo were only positive. Please note the posters that were made by the BYU students made. We support America, the VP and the troops. We are the land of the free because of the brave. Please stand if you have served in the military.
Because of you we are hear today free. The past 2 years have been busy and productive. Again all partisan elected officials from Utah County are Republicans. This is the main responsibility and goal of our party. We are the reddest county in the reddest state is our theme. Jeff Alexander did these and I applaud them. An unprecendented amount was raised this year. We spent on advertising.
You had your precinct meetings and we had a ‘clean up the voters list’. A summer picnic for candidates was held for the candidates. We had some great committee meetings. Training and other meetings have been held. We are solvent and are still running great.
Thank you for all that you do.”
4/28/2007 10:19:40 AM Business Curt Bramble Enid Greene has joined us now and will address us later. Lt Gov Herbert will address us now before he runs to another convention.
4/28/2007 10:20:14 AM Report Gary Herbert “Thank you for letting me address you briefly. I address you as my fellow Utah County Republicans. It is good to be home and see you here. I am glad to be a part of this party.
You are the best of the best and organized in convention. It does not have all the same glamour as the other conventions, but this is where the decisions are made. We can’t move forward without you here. You are keeping us accountable and helping us morver forward. Will Rogers once said that he didn’t belong to any organized party and he was a democrat.
I am glad that you are organized and here to help out. You are the strength of the state. I applaud those who are running for office. I know that it is not for those who are thin of skin and the tender. It is because they have said, choose me because I have some things to offer the party.
I know there will be some who are chosen first and those who are second and third. There are no losers. I am glad that they are all willing to step up.
I would thank those who have run before. There are many of you who I know and have helped me be a better elected official. I am grateful for those who are here now leading the way. As I look at our leaders here on the stage I am glad that they bring Republican principles to our State. The eyes of our nation are looking at us here.
Our economy is up, taxes down. It comes because we have the correct principles and policies that will give us correct outcomes. We have elected the right people in the past who have shown the way and we have a cooperative attitude despite our differences.
A few months ago I was invited to go out to the nuclear aircraft carrier and got to land on the carrier. It was personally remarkable and exciting. I had breakfast with the admiral in San Diego for the Pacific Fleet. Please learn the 3 Ts.
Top Gun – the movie is about these jets and you will be excited and exhilerated and I want you to remember that. You can feel it and see them take off and land in the midnight sky. It was exciting to see the maneuvers. I wanted to sign up after seeing it.
Technology – You will see some remarkable things there. I am grateful to our father in heaven to be alive in this day with our conveniences in health and quality of life. The planes can land and take off with computer assistance only. The computer launches their planes now. The weather machines and medical services. Even when they catch the cable that has the perfect adjustment for the plane, cargo, fuel. Impressive.
Teamwork – 5000 people on 4.5 acre ship. Tons of planes and no extra space. I slept in one of the tight bunks. Everyone knew their role and mission. That is how they would suceed. Everyone from cook, mechanic, pilot and swabber of the deck. Everyone was working together and it was amazing to watch them at night with the flashlights and that was all the pilot had to keep them out of the water with a multi-million dollar plane.
We need to work together even when we have differences of opinions. Our goal and objective is the same. We want our party in Office. We want our principles to move forward. We want our people to have literal freedom. We want equal access and opportunity, not necessarily equal outcome. Let us keep those things in mind.
We will then be an example to the rest of the country. On behalf of the governor I express thanks. And Good luck at todays convention.”
4/28/2007 10:33:53 AM Report Curt Bramble “Nancy Lord our national party lady and Representative Chris Cannon.
I want to indulge you to point out some things in our party. After seeing some of the literature here today. I note that our party is broken here locally. Our shared values are what we agree to. It is these shared values that bring us together, but here during this past couple of years we have really come together and I would like you to remember them.
1) protecting the rights of the unborn – partial birth abortion is now going to be supported based on the supreme court ruling.
2) rep. Dougal got our tax cuts and reform through and we have been able to move that forward.
3) margaret Dayton has led the charge against the NCLB federal mandates.
4) John Valentine has led charge to change UVSC to a state college.
5) Vouchers are controversial and we have passed reform. Parents will have a choice and we have increased public education funding by 40%. We are living the platform and moving our agenda forward.
) We have streamlined government and eased the burden on you and increased the accountability. Almost 1 billion dollars has been spent on class reduction and we don’t know where it has been spent. We do need to find that.
) Upholding the rule of law and we have changed the voting registration and the Utah Driver License has been changed so that there is a driving privilege card but we will continue the fight on this issue since that was all we could get.
) The rank and file fundraising here in Utah County have raised over 500,000 to help others outside of our county.
) In Utah the 2006 election net effect was that we still held the majority as Republican versus the nation. That is you getting out and working and walking the walk.
This party is moving forward. Lots of things have happened and it is not enough. Many other counties look to us for leadership in this county. When we work together we have great opportunities. We encourage the candidates who are going to speak today to speak of the positive things that we have done and not go negative.”
4/28/2007 10:42:30 AM Business Curt Bramble Chad Bunn for credentials. He is getting the report. Suzanne will give us the credentials
4/28/2007 10:43:50 AM Credential Suzanne 1207 delegates. 471 here puts us at 40%.
4/28/2007 10:44:23 AM Point of Information Curt Bramble Please stay so that we can vote the resolution with 70%.
4/28/2007 10:44:45 AM Motion
4/28/2007 10:44:52 AM Second Doug Cannon
4/28/2007 10:44:59 AM Vote Curt Bramble Ayes have it.
4/28/2007 10:46:34 AM Ballot Chad Bunn “You can only choose 20 on the delegate. If you choose more than that then your ballot is invalid.
Please choose only 1 on the other ballots.”
4/28/2007 10:47:24 AM Business Curt Bramble Ruthan please introduce the candidates.
4/28/2007 10:47:52 AM Business RuthAnn Jarvis Please stand up here in front. Tom Larsen, Dave Duncan, Chad Perry, Judy Keller, Mike Thompson, Becky Lockhart. We’ll just have them stand in front of you in order.
4/28/2007 10:58:21 AM Vote
4/28/2007 11:02:51 AM Business Curt Bramble Ballot closed for the committee members.
4/28/2007 11:03:06 AM Report Mark Cluff Reviewing the changes to the party platform for your ratification. You need to start the input through us for 2 years from now. We made major revisions a while ago, but this past time we have only made some minor revisions. Those were reviewed in the Central Committee. This is an up or down vote to accept all changes. Move that we ratify the platform as modify April 2007.
4/28/2007 11:04:59 AM Motion
4/28/2007 11:05:07 AM Second Sid Sandler P41.
4/28/2007 11:05:26 AM Discussion I didn’t see the changes it would help if we could walk through. We will step through the changes.
4/28/2007 11:10:24 AM Vote Curt Bramble Aye have it
4/28/2007 11:10:52 AM Report Enid Greene “it is good to be here in utah County. I am a BYU Law School Alumni and have a soft spot for this county. I am moving from the North End of SLC to Draper. My fiancee is a 4th generation Draperite. It is nice to be here. We get a lot of guff and get a lot of grief from self-appointed intellectuals in Salt Lake County and some even teach in BYU. If no one signs up for their classes then they might not be renewed. I am grateful that you stand despite the Rocky Anderson’s of the world. I look at all of these leaders here on this stage and the reason we are as strong as we are is because of who YOU send from this county. I am glad you keep sending Chris Cannon to congress. My only concern is that he has no tie. But he at least he still has socks on.
A few months ago I tried to get Susan to come to the state level but she wanted to stay on the County level. You are the ones who put in the time and effort. Thank you for being here to direct the party.
A friend of mine that I was sitting with at a neighborhood caucus said that we should do away with delegates.
I asked if one night was too much to get together and it was my home teacher. I was sad that he thought we should cut the delegates out fo the process. I can’t think of anything worse than doing away with you and your input. It is not just the individuals who are elected in office. The party is more than those up here. The party is more important than the president and governor. They come and go and change. This party gives us something to rally around. Here is what we believe in. I will come and go but the Party needs to remain strong. We need to support the officials that agree with and attracted us to the party in the first place.
True that I am a mother, patriot, daughter, neighbor and because of those things I am a Republican. It is important that we support these people but more important that we support the party. This is what we stand for and if you want to stand with us, then we will stand with you.
We’re not the party that thinks that one form of education serves every child. We can talk about the application of that BUT we are the party that is open to looking at a way to improve it. We want to support the teachers because we gave them a raise on an individual basis.
We are not the party that had one of our state representatives protesting on the freeway about the Supreme Court ruling, BUT we may have questions about abortion but we know when something is so heinous that it should not be a part our US society even.
We are the party that understands that you can not cut and run AND are not the one holding up the funding to make political points.
We are not perfect. I have been known to be quick and nasty quips sometimes. We are not like Senator Reid who calls names and says he is not calling names.
We are not the party of Rosie Odonnell and Rocky Anderson without calling them names or picking a view.”
4/28/2007 11:23:11 AM Business Curt Bramble Representative Cannon would say that we are not the party of Nancy Pelosi either. We will accept by acclamation the Treasurer position. We will listen to speeches by Marian M. and Linda H.
4/28/2007 11:24:46 AM Introductions Linda Housekeeper “The ancient greek philosopher stated that an unexamined life should not go by. I never aspired to party leadership even though I thoroughly endorse the party. We live in the most Republican county in the republican state in the nation. We believe that all men are equal.
Our leaders should support this platform. Our leadership has engaged in favoritism with those running for office. I believe that all should be treated fairly. Hopefully my flyer will suffice to explain the many issues that I am concerned about. I am standing here today because of how things have run. I will provide more access to lists and documents and be more transparent. I want us to keep the trust. I will provide honest and equal representations. Party members and officers should remain neutral. We want all GOP candidates to have an equal opportunity.”
4/28/2007 11:27:59 AM Introductions Marian M “Delegates and guests. I am Marian. I have the energy and time. I have worked up through the party structure. I know how much time it takes. The pay is not too good. We face a complicated challenge. The election office has combined precincts and we are going to have less precincts. I need an experienced secretary like Susie Bramble to help me with these changes. Utah County is said to be the best in the state. This doesn’t happen by accident.
We can’t stop and think about what is in our job description. We are also the best county because we have a close relationship with our county officials. We have your support. All elected officials are republicans. We wore out our shoes standing by our officers. I am glad that we have agreed to keep our team together because we need the experience. Please vote for Marian Monaghan.”
4/28/2007 11:30:54 AM Business Curt Bramble Secretary candidates now, Mrs. Wilson, Nelson and Bramble.
4/28/2007 11:31:27 AM Introductions Ada Wilson It is an honor to be before you and an awesome responsibility. Thank you to all who have supported me. I am pleased to share the ballot with Susan and Lowell. When I called Susan 3 weeks ago she said no one had registered to run. When I called a little later I was sorry that I had to call her. I wish that there were more candidates running. I have 2 issues that I am emphasizing. The rules state that Republican party shall take the broadest participation from within. I don’t feel that our party should close its ranks. I will submit to my leg chair that each of you delegates should be able to support the candidate of your choice. I am also running on education. There is an important principle at stake when there is .. . . Time up
4/28/2007 11:34:50 AM Introductions Lowell Nelson “This is a morning when you could be in your garden. I served as party treasurer from 2001-2005. I know what I am saying when I know that leadership is thankless and tedious and I say thank you for those who serve.
I am running because of Thomas Paine and believe that those who want freedom must run along the course. I want fairness and liberty to prevail. The rubber meets the road when we come together to consider what we are going to do.
Our representatives are the ones who decide the issues that we care about. I care about who is there in those voting seats. I am glad for those who serve and how can I help. I am in the software industry. I produce information very well and believe that this is a time when we should move forward with technology. Delegate information can be provided as well to you. How many you are allocated and other information.
You have to be a little crazy to run but I love what we are about here. Please vote for Lowell Nelson for secretary today.”
4/28/2007 11:38:51 AM Nomination Jean Sanpey I have been active and able to work with you. I have not met many who are more dedicated and loyal than Susan.
4/28/2007 11:38:56 AM Nomination Mike Thompson I know Susan and she has done a great job. I second the nomination for party secretary.
4/28/2007 11:39:23 AM Acceptance Susan Bramble “I am not the public speaker in our family. I committed to you that I would attend all meetings UtahGOP.org has all the meeting information that I have kept notes on.
I have kept accurate lists so that when the candidates get them they are ready to go. My home is always open and I am grateful that you come and be a part.
I am from a family that believes in getting involved and instead of doing other hobbies. What you see is what you get. I am a simple person and ask for your vote. Thank you.”
4/28/2007 11:41:23 AM Ballot Curt Bramble Party chair and secretary.
4/28/2007 11:46:07 AM Balloting Closed Curt Bramble
4/28/2007 11:46:13 AM Report Mike Magee “Financial report is that the combined revenues is 145,080. 131,000 was spent on campaign support. These are strong republican candidates. I give our leadership a hand at this time. I hope that our money will not be lost on the state party. We have had the ability to contribute to the Bush and Cheney rallies that have been underfunded.
All other expenses have been covered. The account is at 53,000 in the black.
The party is moving forward in sound financial condition and the detail will be posted on the site. Move that we accept the report.”
4/28/2007 11:49:28 AM Vote Curt Bramble Report accepted
4/28/2007 11:49:44 AM Report Audit report. As of April 26, 2007 I have had the statements available and made a review. The donations and expenditures have been accounted for. The procedures have been followed. Gilbert and Stewart from Provo will provide a 3party review at the next central meeting. Move that we accept this report.
4/28/2007 11:51:48 AM Vote Curt Bramble Report accepted
4/28/2007 11:52:12 AM Business Curt Bramble Intoduce our 6 term representative.
4/28/2007 11:52:28 AM Report Chris Cannon “I was first elected as a delegate in 1972. The delegate process is the backbone of this party. I hope that we don’t have a quorum call because I want the resolution debated and moved on later.
I had my anti-oxidants this morning. Art Pollard is a chocolatier and a delegate for a while. This is a difficult time in the House because we are losing more Repulicans. We have had some serious problems around the country. The problems that Democrats have had are diminished by the NY Times. We as Republicans need to decide where we are going and what we are doing. The Republican party is having problems in the nation. AND the democrats are moving forward the unions and the thugs.
I have been a union member and there is an appropriate time and place for that. I had a different relationship with unions at Geneva Steel but the democrats have taken away the secret ballot from unions now.
I was no the airplane with VP Cheney. He is concerned about his legacy. He has been personally attacked. He was glad that he got as many claps as he did when he visited.
I talked to a friend and couldn’t agree with him when he said that Bill Clinton was a good president.
I believe in contrast that during Cheney’s time they have hit terrorism hard. They have also influenced education. We have also begun to target genes in medicine. We believe that the government should get out of the way and let things go forward. We have carved back the taxes and had strong growth. The government staying out of our lives has been a good thing. The AG just came in so he can talk to us.”
4/28/2007 12:01:44 PM Report Mark Shurtleff “I am just coming down from Davis County. News is catching me on name-calling. I googled Rocky Anderson, Bush and War Criminal. I am sad that the Tribune just chose to picked me for name calling.
We can disagree on whether we should have been there. But we can agree to support to troops while we are there. We can not call our CiC a war criminal and liar. It is shameful that we have not been able to more clearly identified.
In Vietnam they fed on the nasty comments from the US versus the debate and dialog.”
4/28/2007 12:05:13 PM Business Curt Bramble The ballot counters are about 10-15 minutes away from the results. We will have Don Larsen’s proposed resolution now.
4/28/2007 12:07:08 PM Introductions Don Larsen “America is at a great war. It is taking place behind the scenes against the forces of evil that are dedicated to the destruction of this country. They are determined to destroy this country. The control the media and other sources in this country. We have been blessed to live in the greatest of nations that is founded by God.
Big business, Mexico, Nancy Pelosi and Kennedy. They are out to establish a godless nation and new world order. God gave us this country. This is a government that gives us freedom and we are so blessed to have this nation for his Righteous purpose. We started this meeting with a prayer and a pledge where we pledged our allegience to America. Our representatives take an oath to protect us from enemies foreign and omestic. We have platforms and an obligation to uphold it.
The platform states that we must suppor the Rule of Law. Without it we have complete chaos. Because we support the Rule of Law, Constitution and Utah. We say we should close the border.”
4/28/2007 12:13:35 PM Business Curt Bramble Organizing the discussion
4/28/2007 12:13:45 PM Quorum Call
4/28/2007 12:13:49 PM Business Curt Bramble We will move forward and finish the discussion, then we can entertain Quorum.
4/28/2007 12:14:22 PM Support Liberation theology is the core problem. If you don’t understand it then you are missing out. This is the movement that is coming. These people that are coming here are bringing the culture with them. They don’t even know they are promoting it. Marxism is of the devil and so this is part of what they are promoting.
4/28/2007 12:16:11 PM Against Senator Stevens “Don Larsen is a true patriot and someone that I respect. He has been a deep part of this Party. Don and I agree on 95% of the issues but I cannot go along with this resolution. It is divisive and does not inspire others to go along with it.
This is something that we need to unite on not divide on and this will only give fodder to the liberal media.”
4/28/2007 12:21:39 PM Support I was raised a democrat but became a republican. The democrats have shredded the constitution with their judges. If the 12-20 million people were to become citizens then they would not be Republicans probably.
4/28/2007 12:22:57 PM Against “I support President Bush on this issue. Why are we in this situation and why hasn’t it changed. The economic things have moved the issue forward. If we take a hostile immigrant approach we will be in bad shape.
This is a moral issue and the church has looked at this and they say . . . Time up.”
4/28/2007 12:21:01 PM Business Curt Bramble
4/28/2007 12:23:05 PM Against I am not for the first 2 paragraphs and don’t want to offend. We do stand for America. We don’t want amnesty.
4/28/2007 12:24:00 PM Summation Don Larsen I want to emphasize our responsibilty to hold ther rule of law. If we move with these people in to our country. Nancy Pelosi, Kennedy and ACLU would oppose this resolution. Thank you.
4/28/2007 12:27:19 PM Motion Lowell Nelson That we suspend the rules so that we can ammend the resolution to have only the last 2 paragraphs.
4/28/2007 12:28:16 PM Quorum Call Don’t have enough. We only have 329.
4/28/2007 12:32:16 PM Business Marian M “I am thankful that AG Shurtleff came down to our rally. He gave a great speech. We give a Ronald Reagen award each year. This years recipient never stops in what is required and donates thousands of hours selling tickets, setting up and taking down at events. The long overdue 2007 award goes to Susan Bramble.
We are saddened that RuthAnn Jarvis’s life has gotten too complicated. When we first met her she became a leg chair and spanish fork is no longer democrat. She is getting her masters now and has some grand kids coming. Thank you for your efforts. She is one of those dedicated people who puts in so many hours.
Mike McGee, we are going to miss you. We know that the real person behind Mike is Audrey his wife and this bouquet is for her.
Last but not least I would like to thank our convention chair Curt Bramble.”
4/28/2007 12:36:18 PM Results Curt Bramble “The party officers:
Marian M with 69% of the vote. 450 ballots – 311 to 139 Linda
Susan Bramble 452 cast: 277 61.3%
Ada 66
Lowell 109 21.9%”
4/28/2007 12:38:34 PM Report Mark Shurtleff Davis thinks it is most Republican, but I lean towards this county. Pray for the men and women in military and leadership. We want to bring them home. It was a good experience with VP Cheney and I am grateful to you. Go home and to your soccer games.
4/28/2007 12:40:08 PM Results Curt Bramble Becky Lockhart, Stan Lockhart, Susan, Lisa, too fast 🙂
4/28/2007 12:41:48 PM Adjourn

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