20100424 District 59 election

This small meeting was held in a classroom with the County delegates from Legislative District 59. It was nice to meet with so many people that I am familiar with.

4/24/2010 8:05:51 AM Introductions Barbara Petty I call this meeting to order. This is a chance to hear the candidates and then we will ballot. After we are done you are free to leave. Mike first and Val second.
I would like to remind the candidates that the nominating and seconding will all be part of the five minutes.
I encourage you to not fold the ballots due to delay. It is secret so I leave it up to you. The balloting will take place only in this room. Do not speak to the ballot box people. We will start the balloting from the front and move to the back.
Don’t touch the box.
4/24/2010 8:10:17 AM Introductions Stephen Sandstrom I am the neighboring district representative and I am nominating Mike. I have known him for many years. We are at a crossroads in the state and I want us to keep moving on the right track. Mike is a principled conservative and he will keep us on track. It is my pleasure to nominate Mike and I urge you to support him in this effort.
4/24/2010 8:11:31 AM Nomination I second the nomination. He will be fantastic for us.
4/24/2010 8:11:50 AM Introductions Mike Thompson First I want you to meet Trudy. She means the most to me and we have been married for 32 years. I am here to represent you. I want to represent your values, hopes and dreams. The things that we are going through in this country are very difficult. I have written almost every one of you about my positions. I apologize to those who I may have missed.
Philosophy is important but we need to also consider honesty and integrity. ‘Political differences never justify hatred or ill will.’ I worked that way with the Democrats and we were able to work together.
I believe in limited government to reduce fees and other issues. The Patrick Henry caucus supports me since it is conservative. I belive in the 10th amendment and moving forward the states rights issue.
I ask for your vote. Thank you very much.”
4/24/2010 8:14:48 AM Nomination Val Hale I believe we have a critical need for leaders who can walk the walk. Leaders like a National Guard colonel and VP of an efficient university. We need leaders and I am pleased to nominate Val Peterson.
4/24/2010 8:15:48 AM Second Ty Riser I second the nomination.
4/24/2010 8:16:03 AM Introductions Val Peterson I want to tell you about my grandfather who fought in the war. My uncle Frank Peterson made it across a field of death to die at the end. His blood wasn’t shed to take away freedom.
We have moved away from the Washington of Madison and Jefferson to something else.
This is what a state representative can do. In Oklahoma they moved to support a lawsuit that now includes 21 states against Obamacare. I will work on legislation that will defend our state sovereignty.
I want us to take back Washington from the change agents that are there. We need to restore the economy. The federal government controls most of our resources. Access is required for our prosperity.
With the resources we can fund education and lower taxes and bring in companies. I will move our legislation to restore the lands.
TO get people back to work requires the free markets and reduction of costs. I also support ethics reform. The 59th district is our home and I believe in this nation.
I ask for your support. My name is Val Peterson.
4/24/2010 8:20:02 AM Ballot Barbara Petty

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