20100424 Utah County Nominating Convention

This meeting had a variety of County elections and Rep Chaffetz received and award for his work in DC thus far.

4/24/2010 9:36:05 AM Call To Order Taylor Oldroyd
4/24/2010 9:36:10 AM Motion Amend the rules(process for changing the order so that we can modify the rules).
4/24/2010 9:37:14 AM Point of Order Want to move forward the issues and candidates.
4/24/2010 9:37:59 AM Point of Information For those who were here, you missed the opportunity to see the appointment of the parliamentarian without our approval. We don’t want to disarm ourselves.
4/24/2010 9:38:51 AM Point of Information Regarding the motion we want the right to appeal.
4/24/2010 9:39:59 AM Point of Information Want to talk about the conflicting rules. I speak in favor of the motion
4/24/2010 9:42:06 AM Vote On the motion to go to Roberts.
4/24/2010 9:47:47 AM Out of Order Body yells to adopt agenda with ad hoc vote after the prayer.
4/24/2010 9:48:19 AM Presentation Of the colors by law enforcement.
4/24/2010 9:48:38 AM Pledge
4/24/2010 9:48:41 AM Introductions We put God before country so we had the prayer first in this party.
I move that the voting membership of the Central committee be the Chairs, Vice Chairs, elected officials etc.
4/24/2010 9:49:33 AM Vote Passes
4/24/2010 9:49:40 AM Motion We elect delegates from Utah County. These are the ones who have been voted for in Caucus.
4/24/2010 9:50:16 AM Second
4/24/2010 9:50:18 AM Vote Passes
4/24/2010 9:50:31 AM Results Really quick. If you are missing a ballot or wristband then go out there now.
57 – Craig Frank
59 – Mike T 48% Val P 52%”
4/24/2010 9:51:50 AM Point of Information Taylor Oldroyd Credentials report so that we can use the credentials for voting.
4/24/2010 9:52:30 AM Credential Corey Norman 1374 delegates are here out of 1400.
4/24/2010 9:52:53 AM Motion Accept
4/24/2010 9:52:57 AM Second
4/24/2010 9:52:59 AM Vote Taylor Oldroyd Passes
4/24/2010 9:53:09 AM Results House
60 Bradley Daw 65%
65 : Jarman 18%; Gibson 82%
66: SB 7%, Mike Worley 93%
63 will be announced later”
4/24/2010 9:55:45 AM Credential Reconsider motion.
Our precinct has an enormous amount of students. We are having problems with those who are registered not being registered.
4/24/2010 9:56:45 AM Credential Corey Norman All the delegates and voters were properly credentialed.
4/24/2010 9:57:30 AM Credential I have an email here from Bryan Thompson who says that some of the delegates have no records anywhere. The registrations are in some stack somewhere. This is a problem in our district and has been forever.
4/24/2010 9:58:36 AM Credential “We reviewed the list with what Bryan Thompson produced. We looked for those who were unregistered and unaffiliated. I had someone from 63 who came and talked to me and we specifically resolved all the questions realtime. There were 2-3 individuals who were not on the list.
Our goal is to verify the registration but it is up to the party to decide.”
4/24/2010 10:00:27 AM Point of Information How many will be effected? 2-3 people
If we don’t accept the credentials then they won’t seat.
4/24/2010 10:02:00 AM Point of Information I am the chair who watched her fill out the registration. So I would like her seated.
4/24/2010 10:02:26 AM Credential Corey Norman We registered everyone that we want them here.
4/24/2010 10:03:25 AM Call the Question Cut off debate.
4/24/2010 10:03:33 AM Vote Motion to not accept
4/24/2010 10:04:31 AM Results 63 – Dean Sanpei 62%
4/24/2010 10:05:00 AM Ballot I am moving that we suspend the rules for accepting some funeral ballots.
4/24/2010 10:05:21 AM Vote Accepted the ballots.
4/24/2010 10:06:01 AM Awards Taylor Oldroyd Marian Monnahan and Adrielle Herring please come up. Marian has served for as long as I remember. Adrielle has been tireless for education.
4/24/2010 10:07:43 AM Recognition Lisa Shepherd recognized from the floor for her efforts.
4/24/2010 10:08:15 AM Awards Taylor Oldroyd Representative Jason Chaffetz to receive the Ronald Reagan award.
(Standing ovation)
Tireless service and ideals. Thank you. And offer a few words.
4/24/2010 10:09:16 AM Recognition Jason Chaffetz “Governor Reagan said ‘perhaps we have lived with freedom too long. It must be fought for and defended. Those who have known freedom and lost it don’t get it back again.’ This government, President and Congress have taken our liberties away.
Lavell Edwards took a chance with me a lot of years ago. My life has been a dream. I am living that dream. It is not because I was handed it, but I was given an opportunity.
I can’t thank you enough for my family and this area and I love this country. We need to stand together. There is a difference between Republicans and Democrats.
(Standing ovation)
4/24/2010 10:11:44 AM Point of Information Remember Jason when I asked you . . .
4/24/2010 10:12:04 AM Out of Order Ruled out of order Cameron. I move that we nominate by acclamation. .
Wait, we need to clear the aisles.
4/24/2010 10:13:21 AM Nomination Accept by acclamation the candidates who have no opponents.
4/24/2010 10:13:44 AM Information Taylor Oldroyd All time is 3 minutes for nominations and speeches.
James Vane, Wright, Anderson . . . On program
4/24/2010 10:14:59 AM Nomination Thank you for coming today.
4/24/2010 10:15:23 AM Nomination Mark Madsen Joel has the right understanding of government. I nominate him.
4/24/2010 10:16:08 AM Second
4/24/2010 10:16:12 AM Speaker Joel Wright I am the candidate for Seat A. I earned degrees in Economics and Political Science. Then I moved to New York as an attorney. I wanted to return here. Utah County has 550,000 people now. We need to make the decisions now.
I will always tell you the truth
I will send monthly emails. I will respond and hear and listen to you. If you disagree I want to hear from you.
You can hold me accountable.
I will always do what is right regardless of the consequences. I have done it in the past.
I will give more than I get.
4/24/2010 10:18:57 AM Nomination Heather Jackson Mayor of Eagle Mountain. I have the honor of nominating Gary Anderson. He unites and listens to what we ask him to do.
4/24/2010 10:19:26 AM Second I am a Reagan Republican who fights for lower taxes and smaller government. I second the nomination.
4/24/2010 10:19:53 AM Speaker Gary Anderson I am Gary Anderson and will take ten seconds to introduce my family. I am running for commission seat A and want to thank all those who have supported me.
I have not been a perfect county commissioner but I have a track record that I am proud of.
I make promises and I keep them. I promise to not vote for any property tax increases.
I promise to not vote for pay raises for commissioners.
We have funded and are bringing in front runner. We have 7 new large companies.
We have established more connections with the local mayors.
All we have done without raising property taxes.
Lower taxes, less government.
4/24/2010 10:22:31 AM Nomination Curt Bramble I nominate Steve White. Under his leadership we are the best managed county because of him.
4/24/2010 10:22:53 AM Second John Valentine Steve is a proven commissioner. We are the best managed county in the best managed state.
4/24/2010 10:23:22 AM Speaker Becky Lockhart One of the best parts of an official is communication. You can count on Steve for accurate information. He is someone I can count on for good information. It helps me make the right decisions for Utah County. I endorse Steve White.
4/24/2010 10:24:13 AM Speaker We have had a great time meeting you. I have been his wife for 30 years. He has been county chair and state chair twice.
He may be a little rough but he is an honorable man.
4/24/2010 10:24:56 AM Speaker Steve White I would like to thank Jason Chaffetz for his support. Gayle Ruzika is a great supporter as well. I am the same guy who will fight for freedom, liberty and lower taxes.
Thank you.
4/24/2010 10:25:58 AM Nomination Linda Housekeeper It was exactly 15 years ago that my son stood at this podium in High School.
As the only woman candidate in this race I can tell this joke.
There was a man who asked a woman in the bookstore, . . .
I can get away with making this campaign promise. I will spend at least $30,000 in hair care products.
The hand that rocks the cradle, rocks the world.
I have learned that I do not want to rock the world. I have fought with the County ‘power pack’ and have decided to challenge it. I believe that the seat should be given to the people.
For years I have watched Steve hob-nob and worried about his deals. I have done all I could to help with Meet and Mingles.
People have targeted my email and website.
I believe Doug is a good person and better qualified than I.
I stand aside for Doug Whitney and will cast my vote for him.
4/24/2010 10:29:21 AM Nomination Leon Frazier Senator Hatch and Governor Herbert I am humbled to be here in your company. I have never run before. Many years ago we came here to Utah.
I have two degrees in Computers and Journalism.
I believe in the Constitution and the tea party movement. I believe the government has gotten too big. It is almost like a cancer. We have started to move down the path that is socialism. This has never solved any problems. This disease on the federal level and now local level.
We have seen a 75% increase in growth of local government. There are too many environmentalists that believe in Redford and non-development.
When Redford moves out of Sundance we will see new development and I think it can happen sooner than later.
We should tax federal property. I am small government.”
4/24/2010 10:32:42 AM Nomination Doug Whitney My name is Doug Whitney and I am running for seat B. I think you should listen to what we say and see if it is true.
You should look to lifestyle.
I was born in Utah and served in Vietnam. I came out with a Purple Heart.
I started in Sheriff in 1975. I headed up the Fraud office and it was a challenge.
Two years ago I retired and was out of debt.
The purpose of this campaign is to provide a safe environment for kids and transportation.
We need to be more transparent.
We need to be communicative, friendly and approachable.
I will not raise taxes. We need to solve problems, not argue.
Leadership is more than rhetoric. We need to lead without fear.
I have success in my life because I care. You can trust that I will take care.
I am Doug Whitney and running for seat B and appreciate your support.”
4/24/2010 10:35:57 AM Point of Information Taylor Oldroyd For those who are not delegates, please vacate seats for delegates.
4/24/2010 10:36:43 AM Nomination Steve Hemingway How many of you know what an Assessor does. The qualifications are that you have to be a registered voter, have lived in the county for at least a year.
You have to want to be an Assessor who can assess what FMV is .
You have to know the market.
I have 10 years of licensed real estate experience.
Sales are what the comparables are based on. I have sold and set prices for properties for individuals. This is important experience.
I have 10 years of experience working in production printing industry and managing. You have to produce a lot of appraisals. In my experience I have produced a lot of printing.
I currently work in the office and know the job from the ground up.
I hold a BS in Business.
4/24/2010 10:39:53 AM Nomination John Dougal It is my honor to nominate Kris Poulson. He fights to cut taxes when he comes to our legislature. When he took office Utah County was exporting money out to other counties and Kris has worked to bring that back.
4/24/2010 10:40:40 AM Second Jeff Buhman He has always fulfilled his duties. He is a problem solver. His office is well managed. 2004, 2006, 2008 recognized for his activities. I second his nomination.
4/24/2010 10:41:27 AM Speaker Kris Poulson My job is to value property. I don’t adjust rates. My job is to make sure the values are uniformly assessed. 165,000 properties evaluated each year.
I have been here for 14 years and am the only certified appraiser. I have an MBA and a great working staff. We have twice the workload with 1/3 the money as other counties.
I will be efficient.
I want to thank my wife and kids and you as delegates.
4/24/2010 10:43:22 AM Nomination Lee francis I am nominating Jeff Smith as the County Recorder. One of the greatest privileges we have is to own property.
Jeff has worked in this office for a number of years. He is very accessible. I give you Jeff Smith.
4/24/2010 10:44:36 AM Speaker Jeff Smith I respect him with a lot of respect and he is a great friend. This job takes more than just experience. I am also accessible. I have done the work inside and out.
My degree focuses on land surveying. I have close to 35 total years of doing this work.
I worked closely with all the departments.
Campaigns involve a lot of things. I have a letter here as a recommendation.
“”Jeff has been a great help. . . “”
I want our office to be helpful, friendly and open.
4/24/2010 10:46:54 AM Nomination Randy Covington I was the previous Recorder and nominate Rod Campbell. We have the finest land records in the country.
We have had Rod helping us develop it. I would like to introduce you to him.
4/24/2010 10:47:39 AM Second
4/24/2010 10:47:50 AM Acceptance Rod Campbell I am the current Recorder. I succeeded Randy when he left due to health. I have been in the office for 32 years. I know the office better than anywhere else in the County.
I don’t know where you get the ideas that I am not accessible. There has always been a cordial environment in our office. We work well with those who work on property matters. We are on your side. We are protecting you property rights.
Some think I am crazy for running again. I have been there for 32 years. The greatest of all serves. I don’t do it for prestige. I would like to continue for a few more years. I love my job and really enjoy the people I work with.
I would appreciate your vote today. Thank you.
4/24/2010 10:50:16 AM Nomination Roger Dudley Professional engineer and surveyor. I am here to nominate Gary Ratcliffe. He is a man of excellent character. He was instrumental in creating the new system. I hope you will give him your highest consideration.
4/24/2010 10:51:10 AM Acceptance Gary Ratcliffe “I have worked in the office for a number of years as the Deputy.
I have learned how to work with the community. I have learned the statutory function and mandates. I have been through the learning curves and hoops I have learned how to most effectively serve you.
The most important function to be involved in is your property rights. We also work on the monuments which control your rights and boundaries.
There is nothing more vital than to preserve your interest through right preservation of the monuments.
I have learned to adapt well on limited budgets.
I know this quote has been given. Freedom is fragile and must be fought for..”
4/24/2010 10:53:30 AM Nomination Scott Peterson “I am running for Utah County Surveyor. I know how to live by a budget and make payroll. We need to have small and efficient government. We don’t need cobwebs of bureaucracy. I am committed to serve you and am not running for a Job.
I am endorsed by the former US Surveyor General.
I understand and engage on the issues in my profession and will defend your rights.
The rights of life and liberty are yours. Utah code states that we are to advise the elected officials with the best information.
For too long there has not been someone with passion, energy.
There is sometimes distortion and confusion. I have a clear vision of how to serve you better. You will be on the top of the list. Property was one of the primary interests.
Vote for efficient government, experience and someone who will fight for your rights.”
4/24/2010 10:56:50 AM Nomination Robin Wall Good morning. I am running for Utah County Sheriff. I have met with many of you and express my appreciation. I am grateful that you are willing to stand up for what you believe. I am glad to meet with you all.
Men of good conscience cannot remain silent.
In the office of Sheriff we have to be accurate. We need to better manage our resources and protect your interest.
20 years of experience. 32 years in military and leadership. I worked in Peru fighting drug trafficking.
I have held many leadership positions in enforcement and corrections.
I will enforce the law against illegal immigration. I will better expose and attack drug trafficking.
I will lead the expansion of drug education programs.
I will provide hope and growth for prisoners.
I want the next 4 years to be different.
I will protect you and your property.
I am asking you to elect me, Robing wall as your utah county sheriff.”
4/24/2010 11:00:20 AM Nomination Good morning. It is an honor to be here with you. I am here to nominate a phenomenl man who has served in the military. Who served in office. And protects your rights in the office now. I nominate Dan Burton.
4/24/2010 11:01:05 AM Second Katy Burton I second the nomination .
4/24/2010 11:01:24 AM Acceptance Dan Burton I am truly living the American Dream and feel privileged to serve this county. I want to better serve you. The people in this county know how to solve the issues of entitlement and other issues.
The Sheriffs position is to enforce the law and protect your rights.
For the last 4 years the office has provided a new program for revenue. When it can bring in more money it should be able to do more.
The county is moving in to other agencies because they are not being recognized. This is sad. There is a system in place that doesn’t help move forward the best people.
Thank you.
4/24/2010 11:03:45 AM Nomination John Curtis I am from Provo city. I have gotten to work with agencies in other countries and states and I nominate Jim Tracy.
4/24/2010 11:04:17 AM Second Heather Jackson Since Utah County provides our services. Jim is the most qualified candidate for Sheriff and I second the nomination.
4/24/2010 11:04:46 AM Acceptance Jim Tracy The role of Sheriff is important. I have heard promises of “”I will . .”” versus “”I have.”” Who has taken the canyons back from the criminals and created programs to bring in new revenue?
Who has created the taks force teams? Who has worked with national groups?
Who has creted the volunteer patrol teams? Who has defended your second amendment rights? Who has, I have.
You are about to make a decision that well affect 350 deputies and others. I ask you to vote for me.
4/24/2010 11:07:01 AM Information Taylor Oldroyd I am going to excuse the ushers to vote now so they can come and help you.
I am going to ask for a credentials report from Corey Norman now.
4/24/2010 11:07:36 AM Credential Corey Norman We have 1364 out of 1460 93%.
4/24/2010 11:08:36 AM Information Taylor Oldroyd It has been requested that we continue with the speeches while we vote. There sre some that are trying to get up to Salt Lake. I have a motion and second.
All in favor of allowing speeches .. Ayes have it.
4/24/2010 11:10:20 AM Nomination Merrill Cook I am Merrill cook. You know what I will do in the Senate because you know what I did in the House. I am the most conservative.
I served with other Contract with America Republicans. We created a balanced budget. When you look at Coburn and Demint, they are bringing the Senate back to real solutions.
I served on the Banking committee there and there are those who were asleep at the switch. I wanted to get some of the Senators to get with Ron Paul to stop the taxpayer backstop for the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and couldn’t get it through.
When Goldman Sachs had special deals with Congress and got a bailout.
Get me back on the Senate and we will push out the Federal Reserve.
4/24/2010 11:13:22 AM Nomination Leonard Fabiano Good morning. I want to invite you on next Monday to meet at the Courtyard Marriott. I am Leonard Fabiano. You don’t know me because I am not a politician. I was raised in New Jersey and fought in the Korean war.
After the war I met my wife in Coloardo. I built my own business and have been very successful. We served two missions for our church in Italy. I am here because I am concerned about what is happening to our country.
I am running a different kind of campaign. I am not accepting donations from anyone.
I will not accept any wages for six years.
After I am ready to leave I will not take retirement benefits.
There was a wise old king named Benjamin who taught that when you are serving your fellow men you are serving gGovd.
This Constitution is the standard for the world. I need your support and hope I can get it.
Thank you.
4/24/2010 11:16:33 AM Nomination Jeremy Freedmont I am here today to respond to a statement made by Senator Bennett. I don’t need his job because I have a job.
I have a wonderful family and beautiful house. Does he think that I want to leave my house to work with vipers every week. Those who put our army out there without money.
Does he think that all of us who came out today who won our precinct were trying to get free lunch?
I believe that we are here because God planted a seed in our hearts for this land.
It has grown stronger. We are here today to answer the distrss call of our nation.
Our dollar is threatened by a psychopathic denial of the size of the debt.
Our freedoms are disappearing.
We came to rescue our country. The fight is now and it has just begun.
4/24/2010 11:19:50 AM Nomination David Chiu I am in this race because the role of government is not to grow.
I am in the race for preserving liberty. I hope you will learn more about me on my website.
I want to tell you about the most worthy thing you can support here today. There are those here who are concerned about liberty.
I have gotten to know the candidates and they are wonderful. There is someone here today who has received the Gold Star. Two young men who graduated from this high school were buried this month. They gave their lives for all of us. Their sacrifice will never be in vain. How will we deserve their sacrifice?
Please view the video and make a donation to their cause. Kim Olsen please stand, the mother of Nigel K Olsen.
4/24/2010 11:23:18 AM Nomination Jim Gilchrist Head of the Civilian Border Patrol. I came out from California for one reason. I have found another candidate who is running on a poliy that will fix this domestic problem. Will you please join me in supporting Utah’s senatorial candidate, Jim Bridgewater.
4/24/2010 11:24:37 AM Acceptance Tim Bridgewater Jim led a group to protect our borders. Tim Bridgewater supports the need to change immmigration.
There has been talk about term limits. I am working on a term limit for Senator Bennett.
If you go to my website you can print a sheet there and I will sign it with what I agree to do while in Washington.
Entitlements are broke. From MA and all across this scountry.
Harry Reid is going to be thrown out. (appl)
I enforce gun ownership (appl.)
4/24/2010 11:26:45 AM Nomination Mike Lee “My name is Mike Lee.(appl)
I am running because federal government is too big. They have forgotten their powers. Not everything can be fixed through Congress. Do you agree with me that Congress is broken? There was a recent pll that said that 75% of Republicans say the same thing.
We need to return to basic principles. We are broken. We put off until tomorrow.
Washington puts off till tomorrow because its someone else’s debt.
They acknowledge that immigration is a problem, but tomorrow never happens.
We need to focus on the issues today(app).
I will take seriously my oath to the constitution.(appl)
Together we will end the debt and immigration , Today.
When (aud Today).
I am Mike Lee and want to be your senator.
4/24/2010 11:30:09 AM Nomination Cherilyn Eagar Hello Utah County the place of my home for 16 years.
During one of my recent trips I was with 150 people. They told me how despearate they are for a conservative woman. When a conservative woman walks in the room we neutralize their arguments. The men have been in the corner. I think someone needs to be there to send Barbar Boxer and Pelosi to the corner.
My father led out on the dangers of Medicare.
We will appeal and defund Obama care that was thrust down our throat.
I want to defund the Department of Education
Then we will go to the Energy and EPA and that is how we will start.
It’s now about Health care, it is about who controls our banks, health care, and resources.
It’s about who controls these things. It is about We the People. That is why I am running
I am passionate about this as a Utah woman.
Never undersestimate the power of a mother to step in harms way to protect her children.”
4/24/2010 11:33:38 AM Nomination Bob Bennett I am concerned when someone says, ‘thank you for your service.’ Some people say, “You have been there that long and haven’t done anything. You have been there and when you had control you didn’t do anything.”
But we repealed welfare when we were there. That’s not nothing.
After the ’96 election we cut the captial gains rate and balanced the budget for 3 years in a row.
When George Bush came we changed the taxes and rates. Because of the Bush administration our recession was the shortest and shallowest.
Then came 911. Things changed. We have not had an attack since 911 and that very seriously is not nothing.
Now people are saying we need a new Contract and need to do the same as 1994. We got new blood. We did new things. I went in 1992. We did it with those who were experienced with Newt who had experience.
We stopped Hillary care under Bob Dole who had been there. We need a combination of experience and new comers.
4/24/2010 11:37:55 AM Report Gary Herbert I was glad to be a part of the county when we were selected as the best county.
I was also in place when we became the best managed state.
We like what we see in Utah. We are seen by Forbes as one of the top places.
This is not by conincidence. We follow the platform. In California they are raising taxes. Here we are cutting taxes.
We have great legislators who help us get our rainy day fund.
I will be a better governor because of service here.
Support Gary Herbert for Governor. (some stand)”
4/24/2010 11:42:25 AM Ballot Fill in the bubbles and only vote for one candidate.
Make it dark as a mark.
If you are missing a ballot go out and get if fixed.
We ask for your patience you can go out after you ballot.
4/24/2010 11:43:19 AM Time
4/24/2010 11:57:36 AM Nomination Neil Walter Running to be your representative.
4/24/2010 12:37:43 PM Introductions Bryan Thompson I wanted us to end the meeting since we are the last 3 speeches.
I have been among you the past 16 years. Your sacrifice means a lot.
I would be remiss if I didn’t say how much I appreciate my staff. Half of my staff is salary so they don’t even get paid for their overtime.
Over the past year we talked about splitting the office. We are the second largest county and only have one office. We have kept the same size since 2007 and have taken on more projects. Now is not the time to even hint of new government.
We will continue to try and improve. Thanks for your confidence. We have gone from 3,000 to 30,000 early voters. We have increased our capacity and are ready to take more.
We will keep doing our due diligence.
4/24/2010 12:40:46 PM Introductions Robert Kirk It is an honor to be here and four years have gone really quick. The function of the Treasurer is the same across all organizations.
Invest and distribute
I have had the privilege to do this for the last 3 years and 9 months.
I have a great staff. They make us look good. We are the smallest department in County government.
The hands that hold the reins is not the power that pulls the load.
We had over 8 million dollars of taxes that weren’t deposited when I first got in the office. How many of you knew that our lockbox is in SLC? We get better interest now because we collect it faster now.
4/24/2010 12:44:04 PM Nomination Dan Oaks (candidate for governor). Everybody else went to Salt Lake City. But I am from Alpine. In Alpine we bury Democrats 12 ft versus six because deep down they are really good people.
I am an Eagle Scout and graduated from BYU in Computer Science. I started a company there and we worked hard and it was tough. We succeeded over time. My software over 1,000,000 sold. We get over 10,000.
I work from home and have five kids.
I love our country and Constitution and have lived the American dream. We are losing our country. We have career politicians runing our country. That is what we fought away from.
They wanted successful people to work and then serve, then return back to the farm(appl).
I don’t want to alienate the donors, but they also fear the candidates because the cost is rising. They think that there should be a new government program.
America is great because of the free market system. Competition innovation and transparency.
Let’s put a stop to the politician. Let’s see what I can do. Dan Oakes for Governor.
4/24/2010 12:47:31 PM Introductions Jeff Buhman In 2006 I made a number of commitments and we have done it.
We have increased our pursuit of drug traffickers and others. We have repaired relations with the police. We have improved morale.
We have increased our number of new programs to help people get out of life of crime.
We have restored our reputation as a leader. There remains much to do.
I intend to:
First we need to do more against child abuse, securities abuse and drug traffickers. We need to be more efficient.
We will be more aggressive against the revolving door people. We can do more.
Third we will actively seek to implement evidence based programs that will help people reform. We will look for ways where we can be more effective and less costs.
We will continue to improve skill and professionalism. Better reporting to public and police departments.
I am Jeff Buhman running for County Attorney. Thank you.
4/24/2010 12:50:32 PM Credential Lisa Shepherd Thank you to the credentials committee for their work today.
On behalf of AF delgate who signed in at 10am. Vote and passes.
4/24/2010 12:51:55 PM Business Taylor Oldroyd I will give Cameron time now that he requested earlier.
4/24/2010 12:52:21 PM Point of interest Cameron PR1 Jason is now working on a bill to give back public lands.
4/24/2010 12:53:19 PM Speaker Taylor Oldroyd So I can give my speech. Here is the school of Mountain View. This is the idea of going up.
When I was young I climbed Timpanogos. The view is breathtaking and the view is indescribable.
What we do is more important. At times there are switchbacks. We know that family is more important.
Just like the panormaic view we have a vision of what this land can be.
We are not on this path alone. Look at the thousands here who share your ideals.
The journey can be hard and we are in this together. Just consider the attendance here today and at our caucuses. It was record breaking we have outstanding candidates that we witnessed here this morning. I hope that the rest of the nation can look to us.
We have anwers to todays tough questions.
4/24/2010 12:57:52 PM Motion Taylor Oldroyd To saunter.
4/24/2010 1:29:40 PM Information Taylor Oldroyd Stop sauntering.
You are pretty quick. We have a couple of hot dogs left.
Please do not fold your ballots.
About the clear ballot boxes, we talked about it and we wanted clarity. They are good looking too.
4/24/2010 1:31:58 PM Results Richard Yelts
A: Gary Anderson 50.8%; Joel Wright 48.3%
B: Doug Whitney 65.8%, Steve White 30.8%
Assessor: Kris Poulson 94%
Recorder: 51.3% Rod 48.7
Surveyor: gary Ratcliffe 64.9% 35%
Sheriff: Tracy 73.5%, wall 17.2%, burton 9.2%
4/24/2010 1:36:06 PM Ballot Taylor Oldroyd Only voting for second ballot: Seat A
If you do not have your ballot 2 please go out and take care of it.
4/24/2010 1:38:29 PM Adjourn

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