20100505 UT US Senate Debate (Provo)

Meeting at Wells Fargo Bank in Provo. Many people attended (over 150) so there was standing room by the time the debate started. It was well run.

5/5/2010 6:01:12 PM Information Merrill Set up for about 150 and about 60 here at 6pm.
5/5/2010 6:03:55 PM Introductions Don Garlett Welcome. The frist hour from 6-7 will be a meet and greet with the candidates. Please spend some time with each of them. We encourage you to meet with them and we will formally start the debate at 7pm.
[meet and greet]
5/5/2010 7:02:44 PM Introductions Don Garlett “Becky Lockhart is with us. Taylor Oldroyd as well. My vice chair Ben Summerhal is here as well. A special thanks to Stan who organized this event and getting the candiates here. Neil Cox is our time keeper. A special thanks to our candidates tonight.
We welcome the media here this evening. A crew from CNN and Fox News are here as well.
The primary purpose of tonight’s event is for the delegates. We hope that we will have space, but preferred seating will be given to delegates.
A few minutes ago we invited questions. If you did not get a chance you can have a chance now so that you can turn the questions in now.
We will start with a prayer.”
5/5/2010 7:06:26 PM Prayer
5/5/2010 7:07:33 PM Flag Ceremony BSA Troop 41.
5/5/2010 7:08:55 PM Introductions Don Garlett Senator Bramble will moderate our debate this evening.
5/5/2010 7:09:26 PM Introductions Curt Bramble How many of you are delegates? We are passing out cards and pencils if you have questions. I would like to start out giving the candidates a chance to take no more than one minute to introduce themselves since you should have met them already.
5/5/2010 7:10:31 PM Candidate Bob Bennett I am Bob Bennett, a businessman who did not create a politcial career until after my work was over. I was retired and had more juice and wanted to serve the public good rather than private gain. Some of you think that 18 years is too long. The wise ones among you know I have just gotten started. This is a strong time. My challengers are all coming to talk about entitlements like I have since the beginning.
5/5/2010 7:11:59 PM Candidate Tim Bridgewater “If you are planning on not supporting the incumbent I want you to vote alphabetically. I have come up from a trailer park and have built some businesses. That says a lot about this country.
Across this country people are standing up and having their voices heard. The parents are worried that there are those who will not have it better in the next generation. Since the beginnning I have talked about entitlements. We have to return to the private sector and creating jobs.”
5/5/2010 7:13:15 PM Candidate Dave Chiu I am from Provo as well. I am in this race because as conservatives we should let people know that we care about freedom. The reason I am still in this race is because I offer some special advantages in talking about war, life and the traditional family and education. We are very wary of identity politics and victim speak. I can deliver the right message about freedom.
5/5/2010 7:14:59 PM Candidate Merrill Cook I am in the explosives business and a bit of our business could be used in the Congress. I spent four years with the Congress when we brought surplus on the budget. I am running because I was on the banking committee. I was fighting the tax guarantees. I would like to restore the control of the monetary system. We would get the right taxes and spending policies in place.
5/5/2010 7:16:19 PM Candidate Cherilyn Eagar Thank you for welcoming me here where I have been for 16 years. My father was a surgeon. He helped Reagan get in to politics because of his speech on health. I come to the race with some important features. I have had over 30 years of working with coalitions. I understand the issues on a deep level. We need those who do not need on-the-job training. I do not have outside endorsements. We have to win it in the media and then hold their feet to the fire.
5/5/2010 7:17:39 PM Candidate Leonard Fabiano I am from New Jersey. I enlisted during the Korean War. I got married and we served two missions for my church in Italy. I started business in 68 and am still running. I want to get our country back. I want to get the federal government out of every area they have encroached. Their powers are few and I would like to get them out. We have to do this on two fronts. We have to do it in Washington and its about you.
5/5/2010 7:18:58 PM Candidate Jeremy Friedbaum “I started my life again in 1977. I had to be “”dead”” to the Jewish faith. I am running as an act of faith. I ran in 1988. I forced Cannon to a primary when I spent little money.”
5/5/2010 7:19:58 PM Candidate Mike Lee Our government is too big and too expensive. The Congress does not follow the Constitution. This document is the beginning of the civilization that is the greatest the world has known. It unlocks your potential. That allows you to work and create wealth. When we narrow and control government you can do your best. We can restore the greatest of America by restoring the principles we were founded on.
5/5/2010 7:21:06 PM Information Curt Bramble Thanks for the questions We are going to go through simple yes/no questions first. We want this to be an exchange of ideas. There is a lot of emotion. We appreciate you showing respect for the candidates. Please don’t boo. Yes or No questions.
5/5/2010 7:22:38 PM Question Curt Bramble “Do you favor a balanced budget amendment?
CE – NO; MC- No; DC – Yes; TB -Yes; BB – yes”
5/5/2010 7:24:04 PM Question Curt Bramble “immigration reform?”
BB: CD – Yes; MC-yes; CE yes”
5/5/2010 7:24:35 PM Question Curt Bramble “Foreign waste to Utah? yes or no.
LF-no; CE-no; MC-no; dc-yes; tb-no; bb-yes”
5/5/2010 7:26:17 PM Question Curt Bramble “Role of Federal government to reform HC?
BB – TB – no, DC-no; MC-no; CE – no; LF – no; JF – /; ml-no”
5/5/2010 7:27:40 PM Question Curt Bramble “Support earmark process?
ML – no; jf-no;lf-no;ce-no;mc-no;..tb-no;bb-yes”
5/5/2010 7:28:15 PM Question Curt Bramble “Ares solid fuel program, constellation, HFAF and earmark
5/5/2010 7:30:03 PM Question Curt Bramble “NAFTA?
5/5/2010 7:31:06 PM Question Curt Bramble “Which figure do you most admire today-living?
bb-thomas monson;bush41;tb-mitch daniels; dc-margaret thatcher; mc-senator demint; ce- margaret thatcher; jf- saint beck; ml-sam alito”
5/5/2010 7:34:13 PM Question Curt Bramble “Influential book?
ml-liberal fascism;jf-mao untold;lf-5000 year leap; ce-invisible man;dc-BOm; BB-great republic”
5/5/2010 7:35:15 PM Question Curt Bramble “Are you willing to campaign on ‘Thou shalt speak no ill.’
Tb-yes; mc-yes;ce-no;lf-not in public;jf-no;ml-yes”
5/5/2010 7:35:48 PM Question Curt Bramble “Support direct primary in UT for anyone without the current delegate process
ml-no;jf-no; lf-no; ce-no; mc-no; dc-no; tb-no; bb-(depends on Saturday)”
5/5/2010 7:37:11 PM Question Curt Bramble “Many states are facing bankruptcy…state too big to fail? Bailout
bb-no/no; tb-no/no; dc-no/no; mc-no/no; ce-no/no; lf-no/no; jf-no/no; ml-no/no”
5/5/2010 7:37:58 PM Question Curt Bramble “Do you favor returning education to states?
ml-yes;jf-parent; lf-yes; ce-yes;mc-state and private;dc-yes;tb-yes;bb-yes”
5/5/2010 7:38:29 PM Question Curt Bramble “Tax question. Flat tax talk does not recognize deductions?
Bb-no; tb-yes; dc-yes; mc-no; ce-no; lf-yes; jf-no; ml-yes”
5/5/2010 7:40:30 PM Question Curt Bramble “There was a proposal for a fair tax that is based on consumption. Replace it for 16?
Ml -yes; jf-no; lf-yes;ce-yes;mc-yes;dc-yes;tb-yes;bb-(long detail answer)”
5/5/2010 7:41:25 PM Question Curt Bramble “National VAT?
5/5/2010 7:41:59 PM Question Curt Bramble “States rights. Overturn Roe v Wade? Is abortion a state right – overturn RvW?
5/5/2010 7:44:38 PM Question Curt Bramble “Federal defense of marriage?
5/5/2010 7:45:22 PM Question Curt Bramble “Marijuana be left to the states?
5/5/2010 7:46:52 PM Question Curt Bramble “Senator Bennett support troops on south border?
5/5/2010 7:47:51 PM Question Curt Bramble Longer questions now. What do you bring as your qualifications?
5/5/2010 7:48:12 PM Answer Mike Lee My training started as a little kid. I started to worry about states when I was 10 years old. I spent a year with the Supreme Court. I have worked on the highest level. I understand the role and operations of government. This has helped me identify what needs to be changed.
5/5/2010 7:49:01 PM Answer Jeremy Friedbaum I bring a clarity of purpose to this. I do not have a re-election fund. I also bring more hutzpah because I don’t care if my Senators question me. I don’t have political aspirations.
5/5/2010 7:49:48 PM Answer Leonard Fabiano My training for what we are trying to get in to here. It began as a youngster dealing with people. A giant advantage I have is successs in business. I know how to work with people. That is what is really needed. You can’t do much alone. You have to work with others and bring them with you . They need to be able to see the need for statesmanship. I do this on my own nickel.
5/5/2010 7:50:53 PM Answer Cherilyn Eagar I started at a young age in 1977 and did legal research in Illinois that helped to kill ERA. I have a lot of experience with education and elections. I have worked on a number of campaigns. I have worked on all levels of government. I worked against the gay-straight alliance in Utah. I helped move the family in education privacy rights passed. This is the role of what a Senator should do. I have been an activist.
5/5/2010 7:52:05 PM Answer Merrill Cook My education was in finance. I started with finance and worked with the company for explosives. I lost the school board and commission and government. I finally won in Congress and won two terms. I was on the right committees. I have been working on immigration and as a talk show host.
5/5/2010 7:52:51 PM Answer David Chiu “My qualifications are about commitment to freedom. I am about that. My son is a US marine. I will have a greater impact than the other Senators. My daughter was Downs syndrome. My life will speak to these issues. My father and wife are immigrants.
I will best represent this state the most internationlly connected people in the country. My parents had to marry in LA because this state didn’t allow it.”
5/5/2010 7:54:03 PM Answer Tim Bridgewater I am the father of four teenagers so I qualify. I have been tested and tried. I am a small business man. The market is at risk. The government is undercutting the businesses and they are at risk. We have a government that wants to take away the incentives that make us great. I have worked with Reagan in politics. I have the voice to be heard.
5/5/2010 7:55:02 PM Answer Bob Bennett I am a man who made a small business into a big business. I have discovered that politics is a team sport and not an individual event. It is better to get 80 percent of what you want than 100 percent of nothing. To work with the people gets things done. There are show horses and work horses. I have been a work horse. I have been voted as an emerging leader in this process. I am prepared to do the work in the next 6 years ahead.
5/5/2010 7:56:22 PM Question Curt Bramble States rights have been a core theme in this country. What will you do to shift the power? Will you repeal the 17th amendment – which changed the election to a popular vote?
5/5/2010 7:56:56 PM Answer Bob Bennett “The 17th amendment was passed by the states. I wouldn’t repeal it.
I voted against NCLB because I thought it was too heavy handed. I would start with education and give the money as a grant.”
5/5/2010 7:57:45 PM Answer Tim Bridgewater I would support the repeal if it got enough momentum. The states are weak now. We have to give back in energy, education, HUD and EPA. They don’t trust the states and us as individuals. Patrick Henry caucus is moving. The states have to rise up and act. When they act DC sees that enough is enough. The firt act I would move would be written by our local legislature.
5/5/2010 7:58:54 PM Answer David Chiu I think it is better to revisit the original founders regarding the 17th. States have to be free to make mistakes. If there are no errors you don’t discover truths. In the state of Arizona if things go wrong people will see that. The people of this country have seen what made the housing boom and bust.
5/5/2010 8:00:00 PM Answer Merrill Cook I fought for states rights and I want to continue. I tried to dismanatle, education and other departments. I disagree with the Senator on a lot. But I agree on the 17th amendment. It came in because of the Carnegies and Mellons were buying positions. It was passed by an overwhelming majority.
5/5/2010 8:01:14 PM Answer Cherilyn Eagar “Our founders wanted the balance of power which is about matching state sovereignty. We have to win this in the public opinion first. I would ask that Howard Stephenson’s bill work so that the senators have to return and listen to the local leadership. We have to win this in the court of opinion. We will take the pictures of these people and put them on Glen Beck’s blackboard.
We need to dismantle the agencies that duplicate what the states do best.”
5/5/2010 8:02:34 PM Answer Leonard Fabiano “The reason you are here is because of being upset. Our rights are being taken away from us. The federal government is taking over our lives.. This didn’t start with just Obama. The Federal governemnt has been usurping all kinds of things.
The 17th amendment needs to be repealed we need to bring back the responsibility here. If we don’t do it we won’t change anything.”
5/5/2010 8:03:47 PM Answer Jeremy Friedbaum “States rights have not been overrun as much by legislation as the Supreme Court. I would support taking jurisdiction back from the Supreme Court. Congress would just need to majority vote the decisions.
I would like the people to be able to recall if we repeal the 17th amendment. I will spend a week here working with our local people.”
5/5/2010 8:04:55 PM Answer Mike Lee The federal government would not be as big as it is. There is not a chance in the world that we will repeal in my lifetime. I believe that we need to get the federal government out of redistributing, bailing out and other things. In 1787 they said that the federal government would bridle the states to humble obedience. I will not stand for ignoring states rights one more day.
5/5/2010 8:06:18 PM Question Curt Bramble During the yes and no we touched on earmarks and projects. Describe your position on the funding of Utah’s earmarks?
5/5/2010 8:06:54 PM Answer Cherilyn Eagar “We need to reform, like Chaffetz says, first the 9000 earmarks that went in to the stimulus package. We need to review individually to see if there is standing. We then need a hearing for each line item.
Contracts need to go through open bid. We will find that government will be greatly slowed down if we do this. We will bring sovereignty back to our states when the lobbysists see they can’t get what they want.”
5/5/2010 8:08:07 PM Answer Leonard Fabiano I agree with Cherilyn.
5/5/2010 8:08:21 PM Answer Jeremy Friedbaum “If you are looking for bringing pork to Utah don’t look to this Jew to do it.
I would look for smaller bills like the Bill of Rights.”
5/5/2010 8:08:49 PM Answer Mike Lee “The area where we need reform is the specific requests that come from individuals. We need to go off the bottle for a year. Maybe we can create one vote point of order that requires a debate review.
The problem with earmarks is the sweetening of the pot. If Obama had not been able to go to the different people to make the deals, even though it is small it is driving the train.”
5/5/2010 8:10:05 PM Answer Bob Bennett I don’t have time. Earmark means to designate and set aside. I don’t always agree with Ron Paul. He has refused to join in the closing of earmarks. I agree with Ron on that issue. There were no earmarks in the stiumulus. The president spent it in Massachusetts and California.
5/5/2010 8:11:07 PM Answer Tim Bridgewater When it comes to pork barrel I too am a Jew. I am against waste. I have signed a pledge and I encourage you to look at it. We need to take the Senators out of the process. We give them money to give to special interests. It is legal plunder. Congress should give to specific interests in the light of day. A transparent process, we have to reform the spending. I want to be a catalyst.
5/5/2010 8:12:46 PM Answer David Chiu “Without accountability and responsibility we lose freedom. When we separate the accountability we lose. Because people are not directly accountable on ? they run the bills up. To separate people from the product means we lose.
In earmarks we lose accountability.”
5/5/2010 8:13:54 PM Answer Merrill Cook I am against pork barrel spending. There is something to Senator Bennett’s comment. Ron Paul understands as well. If you take a zero earmark we lose here in Utah. We want to reduce the spending. You start with the lowest possible budget, then you have to fight for your state. Especially when we want to keep the right solutions in the state of Utah. Zero earmarks could disadvantage Utah and not save a dime.
5/5/2010 8:15:33 PM Question Curt Bramble Long term roll in iraq, more development, afghanistan etc.
5/5/2010 8:16:20 PM Answer Tim Bridgewater “This is a very important issue. We are at war with fundamentalists. They want to kill us. We have to be prepared to fight. I felt we needed the surge. I like the drawdown. I want to leave that regime stable and strong to create possible peace there.
We have to win in Afghanistan and cut out the legs from Al queda and the Taliban. They would take over the government.
We can not allow them access to nuclear weapons. We have to fight and win there like in Iraq. We need to give them all that they need as generals. We have to support them strongly. We need to serve our veterans well who have been forgotten.”
5/5/2010 8:18:44 PM Answer David Chiu “Our business in Iraq and Afghanistan is Iran. That is why we are there. There is no oil in Afghanistan and we don’t want their poppies. We are there because of Iran. The worst crime was when we cut and ran from Vietnam. When we choose to lose, the rest of the world loses as well.
I am thankful for the surge as well. Because of the surge, my son went to Iraq. The surge worked. Because of the MRAPs being there the drive shaft was blown and he was jolted but nothing more.
We have to keep questioning the Joint Chiefs about the engagement versus the gays in the military. The only thing they care about is strength. When we allow the enemy to flaunt our rules then we lose.”
5/5/2010 8:21:26 PM Answer Merrill Cook “Regarding Afghanistan, I believe that Gates, McCrystal are the best appointments that have been made. I believe in their programs. I strongly support their troops.
I don’t think we should engage unless we declare it. The last time we did this correctly according to the constitution was .. Mike? Let’s use the right articles to support our choice and move forward that way. Some say you can’t declare war on terror like on Germany and Japan like we did.
You can name the objectives and get the support of the people. We can still do it the right way now.”
5/5/2010 8:23:53 PM Answer Bob Bennett “I have been to Afghanistan and Iraq. I have been to the confidential briefings. This is something we have not done lightly and without approval. President Bush asked for the authority and we gave it to him. The challenge there is the failed state possiblity. We can’t have the Taliban controlling Afghanistan. All the bombers of 911 were trained there. Now the Taliban is trying to come back and make this place a sancturay.
This is the front line of their war. David Chiu is right about Iran. The government is very anti-American. If we show no strength they will try to destroy us. I salute Obama for supporting the Generals. We should stop politics at the waters edge and stand for freedom.”
5/5/2010 8:26:20 PM Answer Mike Lee “I want to be very clear about my support for the war on terror and support them in Afghanistan. I want their mission to be very clear as well. I want them to know what their mission is. We need to give them all the training, equipment and rules of engagement. This includes Afghanistan training. Once that is done and the threats have been neutralized we need to bring them home.
We owe it to them. With Iran we have to see it as clear and present as a threat to us. We must destroy all weapons once diplomacy has failed.”
5/5/2010 8:27:59 PM Answer Jeremy Friedbaum “I will not send out troops to harms way without a clear declaration. Who, why and what has to be done. I completely disagree that approval from Congress does that. I would be willing to sign the declaration but I am not willing to leave them dangling without our full support.
We need to bring about a regime change in Iran. I am very biased on our request to have Israel give back land.”
5/5/2010 8:29:19 PM Answer Leonard Fabiano “When I was serving I was stage in Okinawa. I met many people there and got to know them well. One of the things I found out was that the Okinawa people hated the Japanese. After coming back from Okinawa I heard about how we were going to give control of Okinawa to Japan. That is the one thing they didn’t want. We were told here in the US the lie. It was misinformation.
Another situation of misinformation was Iraq having nuclear weapons. We didn’t find anything. What I am saying is that we had misinformaiton. Ever since we signed with the United Nations all our forces have been under their order. We have not been able to win and we need to smarten up.”
5/5/2010 8:31:37 PM Answer Cherilyn Eagar “My brother Ken Bacon gave his life as a test pilot. During the Vietnam War I was on a diplomatic mission at the base. I never forget looking at the eyes of the boys who left. I will never forget the next morning seeing those who returned and knowing those who did not.
We must make sure we declare war. Every war we declare that way we have won. Authorizations are merely authorization. We need to allow the generals to win the wars, not the Secretary of State and UN. As far as Iran is concerned, Reagan won wars with his words. He had a strong defense and we need to be the strong one in the playground and not be bullied. We can not be the police of the world.”
5/5/2010 8:33:56 PM Question Curt Bramble One thing we haven’t heard about you yet.
5/5/2010 8:34:26 PM Answer Jeremy Friedbaum I have a personality disorder. I watch Monk and I am compulsively thrifty.
5/5/2010 8:34:48 PM Answer Mike Lee I think in spanish and I don’t know why.
5/5/2010 8:34:59 PM Answer Cherilyn Eagar I sing and I was with Senator Hatch and said he could write and I would sing.
5/5/2010 8:35:14 PM Answer Leonard Fabiano I teach Sunday school.
5/5/2010 8:35:22 PM Answer Merrill Cook I was elected to office at 12 at Douglas Elementary.
5/5/2010 8:35:37 PM Answer David Chiu I won weightlifting championship nationally.
5/5/2010 8:35:55 PM Answer Tim Bridgewater I learned to water ski behind a pickup truck in a canal.
5/5/2010 8:36:09 PM Answer Bob Bennett One day the stake president said he wanted to see me and was going to call me to teach ninth grade seminary versus scoutmaster.
5/5/2010 8:36:37 PM Question Curt Bramble What is the number one thing that sets you apart?
5/5/2010 8:36:47 PM Answer David Chiu Speaking simply and reminding us of what we have to do.
5/5/2010 8:37:08 PM Answer Merrill Cook I think my strong mooring in the Constitution and economics and how they meld.
5/5/2010 8:37:32 PM Answer Tim Bridgewater I have outworked everyobdoy here. 6 events yesterday. I will outwork other Senators for the future.
5/5/2010 8:37:50 PM Answer Bob Bennett Karl Rove said the thing about Bennett is that he is conservative and approachable.
5/5/2010 8:38:14 PM Answer Leonard Fabiano I think work is the most therapeutic thing we do. I love to work and I love people.
5/5/2010 8:38:38 PM Answer Jeremy Friedbaum I do not understiamate the ability of DC to corrupt so I have the freedom to say and do things that others can’t.
5/5/2010 8:39:02 PM Answer Mike Lee Dashing good looks and cutting edge fashion sense.
5/5/2010 8:39:13 PM Answer Cherilyn Eagar “I out beat time by one event with 7 yearsterday.
I have some experience in the media. I have been a talk show host. I can speak persuasively and know how to be articulate.”
5/5/2010 8:39:52 PM Question Curt Bramble “The final two questions after this one.
What is the single most important thing the Constitution wants you to do.”
5/5/2010 8:40:22 PM Answer Cherilyn Eagar represent the the sovereignty of the state. Everybody is most concerned about our children and grandchildren because we are in debt. We must bring sanity back.
5/5/2010 8:40:53 PM Answer Leonard Fabiano I believe the single most important thing is to get the Federal government out of the state and personal business.
5/5/2010 8:41:25 PM Answer Jeremy Friedbaum I would hope the people want me to return the government to founding principles.
5/5/2010 8:41:39 PM Answer Mike Lee Secure passage of a balanced budget amendment.
5/5/2010 8:41:53 PM Answer Merrill Cook End the corruption by cutting the House and Senate from lobbyists.
5/5/2010 8:42:09 PM Answer David Chiu To preserve freedom and fight to win against its enemies.
5/5/2010 8:42:25 PM Answer Tim Bridgewater Argentina was once powerful. We are on a dangerous path and most want us to reverse the socialist course and reduce out debt.
5/5/2010 8:42:50 PM Answer Bob Bennett I agree with Tim is that the size of the debt and deficit. The single most important thing is solutions and not slogans.
5/5/2010 8:43:14 PM Question Curt Bramble Illegal immigration framework.
5/5/2010 8:43:32 PM Answer Bob Bennett “The frameowrk should be done at a federal level. We have paid a price for trying to deal with it. My colleagues decided to let it ride. I told them we could not leave it.
My colleagues said that they didn’t want to pick up the snake again. We cannot solve this with a state action. We put more in the budget when we were in charege.
High fence with temp worker rpogram. Must be done federally and pick up the snake and charm it.”
5/5/2010 8:45:02 PM Answer Tim Bridgewater “How many have received my flyer? I have the priorities on it. Jim Gilchrist said that he supported me. It is a real solution. We need to secure the borders and spend some money there (fence, imaging, lasers, patrol).
Remove the incentives for illegals.
Enforce existing laws.
Reform the immigration law versus five years and 5000.00. I am honored to have the Minuteman Project endoresement.”
5/5/2010 8:46:27 PM Answer David Chiu “I sent a youtube video out. We need to unify on people’s dignity. My father and wife are immigrants. Human beings are the most important.
The way we are doing it by spitting on people who are legal needs to be fixed. I would support something like “”pay to stay.”” If you pay 5000 or 10% of income then you may stay. We need to fix what is broken without being mean.”
5/5/2010 8:47:53 PM Answer Merrill Cook “I don’t believe that we need to create new law. We need to enforce exising law. I would hasten to point out that mitigation through enforcement will move things forward.
I am not against a company bringing in a worker legally, but they need to pay the extra costs so that the taxpayers don’t have to cover it. I am for legal immigration. I am a product of immigration.
The border, the fence and employers.”
5/5/2010 8:49:19 PM Answer Cherilyn Eagar “I am fortunate to have received the highest card from Numbers USA – Roy Beck’s group. I received a call from the sponsor from the Arizona bill and he supports me.
I support Steve Sandstrom’s opening the file on doing something like Arizona.
We need to stiffly fine employers. Our guest works programs aren’t working.
Go to my site for the full policy. We must not allow the immigrants to come in and spend our money.
I was misrepresented in the local paper. I am not in favor of halting legal immigration.”
5/5/2010 8:51:05 PM Answer Leonard Fabiano “I have a letter here from Arizona. The federal government has caused this problem.. They have drug runners and terrorists coming through. The border has to be sealed.
The laws are not being exercised.
What can you do to get them out afterwards? You set a date in advance and whoever is employing the illegals will be fined heavily. I have a packet write up if you need it.”
5/5/2010 8:52:25 PM Answer Jeremy Friedbaum “The framework is to recognize the foundation. We are all judged equally under Gods law. We need to make sure that all who are here are judged by our laws that we are not abiding by.
The Democrats want illegals here for vote and Republicans here for corporations. We need to elect representatives who will do the right thing.”
5/5/2010 8:53:25 PM Answer Mike Lee “When we allow people to come here illegally, then they are at risk. If there is crime they don’t report.
We have to enforce our laws.
We need to get out the “”because you are born here from illegals you do not have citizenship””. These people will deport themselves and come back the right way.”
5/5/2010 8:54:37 PM Question Curt Bramble “Health care question. But there is going to be a drawing for the gifts at the front.
Congress recently passed Obama care. What is your proposal? Would you insist on the same coverage.”
5/5/2010 8:55:48 PM Answer Mike Lee “I believe that Republicans will take the majority. The first order of business will be to repeal. We need to then defund because he can’t do something without money.
The individual mandate is unconstitutional. Nothing in the articles gives them that power.”
5/5/2010 8:56:52 PM Answer Jeremy Friedbaum “The federal government was never intended to provide for health care, rich or poor, young or old. We need to withdraw from these entitlement programs. Not only are they inefficient and corrupt prone, but they don’t fit in the with the intent of the founders.
We can replace it with private charity.”
5/5/2010 8:58:02 PM Answer Leonard Fabiano “I will pick up on Mike Lee’s comment. The responsibility of ourselves is a community thing. We have a lot of costs that have been driven up by the government. We as a people asked for it. We didn’t want to do it ourselves. This is what has gotten us in to trouble.
You cannot delegate a government the right to steal money from one person and give to another. You can’t delegate this. We have to smarten up the general population.”
5/5/2010 8:59:40 PM Answer Cherilyn Eagar “Nobody in Congress should live like they live. They should have to live like we do. The automatic pay raises and other benefits. This mandate is unconstituational. If the Supreme Court doesn’t do this.
The AMA is the only one at the table and they own this system. They want to hold on to the money. We need to boycott them. We need to protect the state of Utah.”
5/5/2010 9:01:09 PM Answer Bob Bennett “I am glad to hear about the retirement plan that I don’t have. I live under the same program that they have at Hill Air Force Base. There is propaganda on what plan I have. I had one better before I went to the Senate.
She ticked me off on that.
2010 it will take a repeal. It doesn’t start funding until 2014 so they did this to fool the CBO. They are not set to spend until 2014. We have a shot to repeal it with the next two elections.”
5/5/2010 9:02:53 PM Answer Tim Bridgewater “Health care is not a right. I agree that I will try and repeal Obama care. There is a larger dependnecy problem. There is a generation that believes the government should take care of us. We are traveling down the wrong path.
We have debt for a reason because we have sought them as the answer. Health care is one small piece of dependency. I want to return to self-reliance and the Constitution.”
5/5/2010 9:04:07 PM Answer David Chiu “Government provided equals government dictated. We can win a majority but not 2/3. We can send repeal again and again to remind of the issue. We are not going to forget about it.
My daughters health is on the line since they will start by cutting those who are disabled earliest.”
5/5/2010 9:05:27 PM Answer Merrill Cook “I support the repeal and challenges. I believe the healthcare should be moved away from government and to the people. I belive in HAS for the next generation. Paul Ryan and I introduce and he continues to reintroduce. This is the answer.
We also need tort reform and cross state sales.”
5/5/2010 9:06:48 PM Closing Mike Lee “I appreciate you coming tonight. It is hot and late and I won’t talk long.
I think we can reclaim the greatness of America by returning to our founding principles. We will be better off and we will prosper again.”
5/5/2010 9:08:25 PM Closing Jeremy Friedbaum “I am not as obvious as you may think. I am one of the least presentable up here. I have a pure heart. When I was asked to run for governor and was not invited to participate in the debates. I have a fierce determination to do the right thing and fasted during that time.
I will do what is right.”
5/5/2010 9:09:35 PM Closing Leonard Fabiano “I think what you have heard is that there is hope. We need to turn things around and get back. This election will help get us back to this country.
Thank you for your particiaption.”
5/5/2010 9:10:11 PM Closing Cherilyn Eagar “Thank you for the time you are spending. This is a very important time in our history. This is the best process in all 50 states.
I am runnning because as an American I am passionate about the creeping globalism.
As a Utahn I am paossionate about protecting sovereignty.
As a mom and a gradmom I am deeply passionate about protecting our children. Never underestimate the power of …”
5/5/2010 9:11:38 PM Closing Merrill Cook “I am running against a friend but I don’t like the way he has handled his assignments. I believe that we should not have had the backstops. We should not have been so cozy with Goldman Sachs. I want us to move away from the Federal Reserve that is more concerned about bailing out Greece than being here.
That is why I want to go back.”
5/5/2010 9:12:48 PM Closing David Chiu “Thank you for coming tonight. I am very honored to be associated with these candidates. With all the elements in life I will have power to preserve feedom. In my sons marine corps (he is on a mission right now) but his group is out on a mission. This country will always be worth saving because of the price that has been paid for her.
Thank you for doing your part and God bless America.”
5/5/2010 9:14:15 PM Closing Tim Bridgewater It has been a privilege to run with all these. I am working on a term limit for Senator Bennett. 3500 delegates will make a decision of moving on to new leadership. Getting us back on track to a strong and free society. I am concerned about our legacy that we will leave in two generations. I will work to make the legacy something we can be proud of. We owe them nothing less.
5/5/2010 9:15:27 PM Closing Bob Bennett One of the things that has distressed me is that feeling of anxiety and despair. Reagan was an optimist. I relish the opportunities before us. Americans prevail because they are American. Faith drives out fear. I have faith in God. Utahns have not lost faith in their country. Send me back there and know that we can prevail still.
5/5/2010 9:16:47 PM Curt Bramble “The strength of our republic is the strength in you.
There were more delegates here than in the Utah County Democrat convention.
Fox will air this Friday from 4-5pm.”
5/5/2010 9:17:47 PM Information Don Garlett “Copy of DVDs, constitution and 5000 year leap bookmark.
Fabianos, lockhart, Eagar and others have donated gifts.”

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