20100508 Utah State Convention

This was a well run meeting considering the number of candidates running for US Senate seat. What was most impressive was that the convention not only completed all of its business but so many people waited around to get the final ballot outcome.

5/8/2010 10:17:02 AM Welcome Dave Hansen Thanks for being here. We have a lot to accomplish. We want to accomplish everything on the agenda.
5/8/2010 10:17:26 AM Credential Scott Simpson “As of 9:53am 3098 have credentialed. Some challenges. 3 challenges, 1 has merit. Ex Oficio disqualification. Committte voted to deny. The interpretative guidance of the last 8 conventions were followed and the standing rule.
I move we accept this report.”
5/8/2010 10:22:24 AM Information Dave Hansen “Let me explain about the automatic delegetes. 8 years ago we passed Rule 1. We said that counties could have automatic delegeates. Ongoing argument since 2002 including nominating and organizing conventions. There is another charge today. Through 8 conventions we have voted to adopt the report. Automatic delegates are appointed in some counties. Some times elected officials. Some choose not to have them.
It is a decision that needs to be made by the counties in my mind.
Here are the options. We can open discussion for the next hour to discuss whether we should accept these delegates. At that point and time we can debate for the next two and a half hours collecting the people together who are automatics and send them home.
Do you want to get on with the business?”
5/8/2010 1:01:03 PM Motion Accept
5/8/2010 10:25:45 AM Vote Pass. We accept the report using raised credential vote.
5/8/2010 10:26:58 AM Motion Chair of Rules. Some new members on the committee. We ask that the body adopt the rules as written.
5/8/2010 10:27:01 AM Vote Passes with credential vote.
5/8/2010 10:27:24 AM Motion Dave Hansen Adopt agenda. Passes. Thank you for your support and approval. The last 15 minutes have gone a lot better than I thought it might.
5/8/2010 10:28:13 AM Information Dave Hansen I have been along for the ride because others have done it.
Christy and Mike the officers. Credentials close in one minute please take care of getting them.
The officers who I am fortunate enough to work with. Nathan and Cindy. Also the hundreds of volunteers who help.
5/8/2010 10:29:22 AM Report Dave Hansen Rule 3-3-c enforce the rules of decorum. We have had an intense feeling in some of the races. A lot of people have developed some feelings and there have been a lot of things said.
No booing hissing or cat-calls. You can cheer mightily for your candidate.
For those who feel they need to boo here are some pictures – Pelosi, Reid and Obama booing. Get it out of your system.
Credentialing is now officially closed.
Rule also says that the candidates should observe decorum. If any are excessive or abusive we will cut the microphone. I want you to be aware of that as well.
There has been a great deal of debate on Convention versus primary.
I strongly support the convention, caucus system. You are the best educated and informed. You search out the issues. You record CSPAN to watch later.
How many of you are first time delegates? Please stand.
That is a significant number. Those who have returned thank you for your hard work.
A year ago I asked for your vote to be Chair. This has been one of the greatest years of my life. I appreciate that and want you to know that.
After today there will be a change. You have received free food and invitations. You have been the center of the world for the past six weeks. Just because today ends and you stop receiving the attention doesn’t mean your work is done. Today we will leave with either candidates or nominees for primary.
June 22 we will select those candidates. We must help those candidates get elected this November. That is the charge I give to you. Thank you for being here.
5/8/2010 10:36:09 AM Business Dave Hansen “We will postpone the credential report until after candidates and instructions.
Each of the candidates have a seven minute period (explanation)”
5/8/2010 10:37:30 AM Information
Rhonda Menulove > 60%
Second: Lee Perry > 60%
Fourth: Butterfield > 60%
67: Banher > 60%
68: Writght 85
. . . See site.”
5/8/2010 10:38:42 AM Introductions Dave Hansen Order of speakers: Tim Bridgewater, Bob Bennett, Jefferey Friedbaum, Leonard Fabiano, Merrill Cook, David Chiu, Mike Lee, Cherilyn Eagar
5/8/2010 10:39:30 AM Video “Tim Bridgewater. I am ready to run to get our country back on track. Hard work and responsibility. BYU, mision and sevice with Reagan. Returned to Utah with Laura to build small companies. He knows what it’s like to raise a family and run a business.
My dad has taught me to be a good leader. We are missing the voice of the business man who believes in the free market. This is the perspective he will take to Washington.
We need to get back to the Constitution. We have to secure our borders. We can get back on track by getting government out of the way first.”
5/8/2010 10:41:45 AM Speaker Tim Bridgewater My fellow Republicans the countdown is on. We are 170 days away from retiring Harry Reid. No more tax and irresponsible spending. No more apologies for the greatest nation on earth. You want to take back our country. The job won’t get done by entrenched officeres or lawyer politicians. It will take more than seniority to secure our borders.
We are forced to buy oil from other countries. It will take a constitutionalist who is also a capitalist.
I’m a small business man who has created jobs here in Utah. I understand payroll and taxes. People are raising up against the current Obama machine that has made a crushing assault on the capitalist society.
Peter Shiff will replace Chris Dodd. A businessman or woman right next door will replace Harry Reid.
I can explain laws to those who do not understand business. Some believe the Constitution is a right wing document. But it is an inspired document. Our rights do not come from government. We do not derive a single right from the federal government. It is above Obama’s pay rate. Our rights are from God. We have seen America diminished by the party in power. We owe our children so much more.
Count on me to say no to amnesty, no to Cap and Trade and no to UN funding. Count on this gun owner to protect your rights to keep and bear arms. Count on this business man to disrupt earmarks.
The troops are not administering social programs but defending our country. We need to respect that.
5/8/2010 10:47:03 AM Nomination Mitt Romney It is an honor to be with you. The causes we champion have even greater consequences than the Olympics. On our side is someone who ususally doesn’t speak much for himself. He is a man of faith and family and I am here to speak for him. He faces uphill battles.
Some may want a new face, but with the sweep and arrogance of the liberal side we need Bob’s skill and influence.
Utah has won when they can work together and have fair play. You have to work for those things. I’d like to to introduce to you a fighter and a man of wisdom. Senator Bob Bennett.
5/8/2010 10:48:39 AM Speaker Bob Bennett Thank you Mitt, your support is much appreciated. No one is better to lead our party in 2012 than you.
Two questions always come up. Do you listen to us. And why again.
I have listened and I am strengthened by your passion. I hear you when you want a fighter. I know you want to repeal Obamacare . I want to repeal Obama. You want to take control of Congress from Pelosi and Reid. I believe we will do it.
You want more accountability I will be moving forward on auditing the Federal Reserve.
I will be reigning in spending controls. I will vote for a balanced budget. I want to do this again. Because the fire in my belly is burning brighter than ever.
I have an oath registered in heaven and I turn to it. Every day I ask will this action strengthen or weaken America.
Returning power to the states strengthens America.
Locking up 9.4 million acres of land in Utah weakened America. I have supported the troops, voted agains NCLB and voted against land grabs.
I can do this because I have the tools that I lacked as a freshman. We can’t postpone the day of reckoning. I will wait for retirement in 5 years. We will solve this problem. We are Americans we have overcome worse times.
Reagan faced higher unemployment. I am convinced that we can do what we set our minds to. I do not despair in the past hard times but relish the opportunity.
Faith drives out fear. Utahns have not been taken in by special interests who have tried to take over this campaign. Utahns have not lost their faith in the future. God will continue to Bless America. That is what I believe. That is where I stand. Stand with me.
5/8/2010 10:53:44 AM Speaker Jeremy Freedmont In Utah we have a song that we sing to bolster us. “Do what is right let the consequence follow.” Some say it is inadequate when it comes to politics.
Doing the right thing morally always leads to better blessings. Picking wrong always leads to wrong. You sometimes have to take back. In 2005 Specter was challegend in PA. The grassroots could not trust him. Rove and Bush endoresd him. With just 51% of the vote he won his primary. It was a wrong choice. Specter switched and we lost a majority in the party.
Re-electing someone you can trust in 2004 was morally wrong. It is wrong today. Good luck to JD Hayworth replacing McCain. We have a government that defies the founders intent.
If we are to accept it instead of our God as a our master, who will defend our liberties?
Who will fight this Goliath? We have lost hope and ground. We need someone like David. When the God of Israel called me to be a LDS my grandpa said that he would disinherit me. I gave up an inheritance and have outlived my own “funeral” by several decades.
I felt called to challenge Chris Cannon and I ran in faith. By the state convention he used $500,000 against my $300. You put me through a convention and send me to a Primary.
I ran as a Constitutionalist for Governor on the ballot. The press didn’t even let anyone know I was runing. I went on a hunger strike and fasted for 39 days and they relented for the last debates.
Like David I am ready to use weapons like purity against a shield of corruption. I run on my own resources.
I will serve only one term and won’t have a fund to receive legalized bribes. I won’t care about angering my party leaders. I will use bold morally right decisions to check power.
When a member of the judiciary ignores the constitution we lose. I was the only candidate to censure the ruling about prayer in the schools.
The time to drug test Congress has come. I am the only candidate who would call for mandatory drug testing in both houses. Some of the worst legislation has been ruled from the bench. Abandoning the Bible in schools.
I am ready to assume jurisdiction from the Supreme Court as stated in the Constitation.
For other candidates they want to get elected and re-elected because they feel powerless out of office.
5/8/2010 11:01:19 AM Speaker Leonard Fabiano I am here to apply for the job of a United States Senator. I am Leonard Fabiano. I served in the Air Force in the Korean War. After the war I came back and met my wife and we had 8 children and 31 grand children. I started a business in 1968 and am doing fine now, thank you.
I will not accept any salary from the Senate. When it comes time for retirement I won’t accept the benefits. To me this is not a job it is a mission that needs to be accomplished for a our country.
You probably want to know what I stand for. The flag passes by and you swear allegiance to the flag. This is a picture of the Constitution and that is what the flag stands for.
We need to understand as a people that we cannot maintain our freedom and liberty if we are ignorant and immoral. The problem has to be solved.
I want to talk to you about how we can do it right now. We need to teach everyone about the Constitution and what it means. Everybody needs this information. This needs to start here in Utah because you know this is a God given document for the regulation of the affairs of man.
I want some more service out of you. I want to put together an organization. The Renaissance of Liberty foundation. I want to organize it with you. When you go back to your precincts I want you to teach a 6 week course on the “5000 Year Leap” book. This teaches the principles that the founding fathers used.
We need to know and understand this. For every class that is taught if two more teachers carry it on then this will continue and in 5 months time we can have 105,000 teachers teaching our constitution in this state. This is the way.
Here is how I want to organize it. Some friend is going to loan us a room to meet in. I want two delegates from each county or every 400 delegates. I want all of the county chairs. I want Dave Hansen to meet with us. With these people and any other candidates. I want to organize this today and elect officers and discuss how we are going to accomplish it. It can only be done if you are willing to help out with this.
Can I get your help? This is the greatest service we can do for our country.
5/8/2010 11:08:04 AM Nomination There is one candidates who can diffuse the crisis. One who warned us about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Congressman Merrill Cook, Ron Paule and Baker were on the team. If Merrill had been a Senator then. Lets send him to the Senate.
5/8/2010 11:08:51 AM Speaker Merrill Cook Thomas Jefferson warned that if a bank led the country then we would lose our freedoms. We are enslaved as he predicted. You have come to liberate yourselves and our nation. I am Merrill and I am going to end corruption in Washington.
I am not much on fancy words. I have substance, truth and authentic representation. Far too many Americans have fallen on hard times and banks have made fortunes.
Others look to the Federal Reserve for solutions. I hold them responsible for the problem. It is wrong to bail out big banks in Wall Street. The argument is without substance. They have jeopardized the dream.
I love this country. That is why I have run for so many offices. We must act fast and be decisive. Your next senator should represent your interests. Company and politics have merged and it threatens our society.
I demonstratred my interest in defending your freedoms. I fought Hatch and Bennett against big banking. Remember as a member of the Banking committee that the Mae an Mac would put us in trouble. Senator Bennett, you should have been there with us.
As a private citizen I opposed TARP. I know that AIG and Goldman were working together on a taxpayer bailout. I know a scam when I seen one, so do you.
I was running a business that equipped me with a solid understanding of doing something. It takes hard work and integrity. I will not stand by. I know a scam and I am convinced you do too.
I have the education and you will not have to wonder. I have the experience and integrity to represent you. I have a proven voting record that established my loyalty to you and the country. I have built bridges and overcome opposition. It is not enough to preserve America. We must bring prosperity. The time to act is now and I can get there running.
We will change the tax system and scrap the departments. We will overturn Obama care. We will bring power back to the States. We will end the bailouts.
5/8/2010 11:15:05 AM Nomination Jean Chiu I was not born or raised here but am grateful to be an American here in Utah. This should remain the land of the free and home of the brave. I am pleased to introduce and hope you will support my husband David Chiu.
5/8/2010 11:15:47 AM Speaker David Chiu My wife is so wonderful. And a wonderful cook. I read Mitt Romney’s book “Turn Around”. America can make it out of difficulties. My mind goes to Sarah Palin. She is polarizing and her most distinctive quality is that she is a living founder. She has passed the test of Abraham. Her first son has gone to war. She knows what it means to have something on the line that is not her own.
Her youngest son was diagnosed with Downs and she chose life. Following God’s will is how she answered when given a life or death choice about her own child.
My wife also is such a good woman and we welcomed our daughter Talitha. The first word she said was Thank you. Our signatures were required for the paper to allow our son to serve in the military.
My wife is an immigrant and so her position is unique. I have an immigrant father and a heritage of fighting tyranny. As a Republican and conservative. We have the right to overcome victimhood and identity politics. Most of you have heard me speak of freedom. It is the utmost priority. It is the purpose of our constitution.
The truth shall make you free. The constitution is such truth. We have to do our part. Whether we are speaking of war or ending chaos throughout the land. Feedom based health care and restoring traditional marriage. Better serving what has been paid in full for us. I will have an instant impact as your senator. It is not right for anyone to dismiss or condemn any of these candidates. These are all great people (listing candidates). It has been a high privilege to serve with these Utahns. I commit that I am unique and will serve the cause of liberty. We care deeply for humanity and know that freedom is the best for all. I had the blessing of watching my son at a fun run. I also got to see my daughter at her 15th birthday. Thank you.
5/8/2010 11:22:48 AM Speaker Mike Lee My name is Mike Lee and I want to be your next US Senator. Our federal government is too big because the constitution has been ignored for too long. The power is in our hands. This is not about any one individual. This is about our children and grand children. The greatest of our past and the opportunity for the children. Let’s go back to 1700
Washington wrote that he left his room today not so much of himself abut his country. I was just plain George Washington. Not General and President. For a while people started to follow me. All of them watched and stood facing me. I thought that providence was showing me what America could become. Our country rests in the hands of the people.
It’s similar here today. I don’t see cobblers but I see web designers, mothers and fathers and friends.
The fate of our country is in good hands in the hands of the people. What makes 2010 different? The people have realized that the power is in the hands of the pople. Tea party, 912 and causcus. Pepole are claiming their right to a consistutionally limited government. How do we ensure that the power remains in the hands of the people?
We return to the Constitution. That means we must ask ourselves the same qustions.
Are we tired of the oppressive hand of an oppressive national government? Are are ready to restore power to local government?
Are we ready to get the government off of 70 percent of our land? Let us join hands with those who have proven that we can do hard things. Will you join hands with me to fight for our future?
We will reject deficit spending, Today. . .
End the cradle to grave entitlement, Today . . .
I will ask for bills to be read before they receive a final vote in Congress.
We are yet another crowd of individuals. With a ballot and the Consitution. Hand in hand we can confront the challenges of our day. And we will win.
5/8/2010 11:30:17 AM Nomination Stephen Sandstrom I am a co-founder of the Patrick Henry Caucus. Cherilyn is right on states rights, immigration and the Constitution. It is my honor to nominate Cherilyn Eagar for the next Senator of Utah.
5/8/2010 11:31:01 AM Second Gayle Ruzica I support Cherilyn because I can trust her not to change. In the 20 years I have known her. I am a pleased to second the nomination for Cherilyn Eagar for the United States senate.
5/8/2010 11:31:34 AM Speaker Cherilyn Eagar I recently heard a story of a boy whose dad bought him a globe. He was proud of the globe. The boy even slept with the globe. What are we doing with our children’s world?
If our children are to enjoy the world, Republicans need to stand up and start acting like Republicans. Again. Let us start with defunding Obama care. Then let’s fulfill Reagan’s dream to dismantle the Department of Education followed by withdrawing from the United Nations.
It is time for our elected officials to start living like they represent us. Automatic pay raises and pension. It is time to audit the Federal Reserve and end the backroom deals.
My vote can not be bought, sold or traded in a backroom deal. As for the Second Amendment what part of “shall not be infringed” do you not get?
Arizona understands the difference between documented and undocumented and so do I.
What happens if the brave don’t show up to protect the border? Are we all not proud to be American?
If Reagan were here today he would have a tear in his eye. If we ever forget who we are one nation, under God, then we will be a nation gone under.
I will fight for liberty and I will fight for the unborn and the elderly. I have a vision for America . No longer a debtor nation. No longer dependent on an enemy for energy. With leaders who will not apologize and bow down but will say we are America. And our Constitution will not be trampled by the UN, WTO or tribunals.
It’s not about health care, it’s about who controls health care, banks, business, resources and jobs. It is about we the people. We are here to say no more big government.
My country right or wrong. We need to defend the principles. I will stand and deliver on the senate floor…
5/8/2010 11:38:49 AM Credential 3441 were registered.
3 delegates who arrived late. We would move they be seated and allowed to vote making our tally 3452 – 98.6%
Vote passed.
5/8/2010 11:42:40 AM Business Dave Hansen Balloting process explanation.
5/8/2010 11:43:04 AM Ballot Do not fold your ballots.
Only circle one name
Senate ballot first round – Yellow. Any other color will be invalidated.
Creditial marking during balloting. 15 boxes.
5/8/2010 11:47:17 AM Business Dave Hansen Martin, Schanze, Oakes and Herbert candidates
5/8/2010 12:19:25 PM Speaker Richard Martin I am Richard Martin candidate for governor. Is Utah a conservative state?
We are the redest of the red states. We are conservative morally. Most are against abortion. We are socially conservative and want borders but are we economically conservative.
We are not. I have some good proof. This chart showed our budget growth. Population up by 89% spending up by 576%. Huge growth for the last 6 years. In 2004 our budget was 7.8 billion and now 11.9 billions. We have had a 34% increase during that time.
How does that compare to other states? They grew only 21% versus our 34%. Our budget has grown dramatically more than other states.
Did any of you see what the UTA was doing in the last few weeks. Do you know how much the UTA president is making. $300,000.00. What is wrong with this picture?
We lost 4 million dollars in our funds last year. We now have 7.2 billion invested in the same way right now. If we had a downturn we could have a serious loss of funds.
I own one of the largest finanical companies in the country. I have never had clients who have lost money with me. I have written 33 books and I think about things.
When I look at this sitaution. I know I can fix this. We can be finanancially prepared for the future. We can have enough money that can keep us stable. If we invest our fund properly we can become one of the richest in the country. If we go a long saying that we have the best run state in the country, then we won’t change things. When the downturn comes we will not be prepared. Teachers will not have enough money for the pension funds. We need to make a change.
I am Richard Martin and am a direct descendant of Jefferson. My father was a tank commander in WW II. In one battle his tank was the only one to survive. I come from a family of patriots.
I want us to stop having political rhetoric.
I need your support to get to the Primary. Utah needs to hear these ideas. I seek your vote for Governor. Thank you.”
5/8/2010 12:26:08 PM Speaker Chuck Smith I am here to speak for Super Dell. I would like to thank the leaders for all the work they have done to bring about this convention. I have been involved in politics and ran for Governor in 2008. I understand how the machine works and there is a lot to making this work.
For the last two years I have been searching the world for intelligent life on this planet. I am still questioning that. Most of us that I speak to are passionate about being governed by law and picking the right representative. But there is something that we are missing. When we are governed by law then he who has the gold makes the laws. If all our attention is paid to making laws to protect our rights then he who has the gold makes the laws. This becomes the law or rule of the jungle.
Our country was not established to be ruled by law. It is to be run by principles. The first and formeost principle is that government should not do for people what the people can do for themselves.
We have had a great show time with some incredibly perfect people. Those who have spoken are the best in the state. Super Dell does not fit in that group. He is imperfect. He knows that we can’t be governed by gods but by imperfect people. We need to limit the amount of government that we have.
I have a question. In this group I have seen how upset you are about the public medical program by Obama and rightly so. What is the difference between health care and education? Aren’t they as important? The two most important things of education and health should be more in control of each of us. Everybody is excited about improving the public education program. We need to rethink that thought.
The education we have now is holding us back. If we take back our responsibility we can have four to ten times the improvement. We can increase the numbers of teachers to 120,000 versus just 20,000. The ratio is all wrong. We can do this without spending more. These are the ideas of Super Dell, an imperfect person has.
You are the people who can accomplish this. It takes you taking the responbility of your own welfare. If we reduced our government down to just volunteer. I have no problem with volunteer.
Thank you a lot for your hard work. Thank you.”
5/8/2010 12:32:59 PM Nomination Paul Allen I would like to introduce you to Dan Oakes. He is alarmed by what government is doing to our country. Why I trust Dan? I have known him for 15 years. He is smart, driven and charismatic. He can win in November.
He puts principle ahead of politics. He loves the Constitution and limited government. I trust Dan because he has great ideas. He has learned to listen and will inspire us to be a great state.
He is a leading software provider listening to customers. He will listen to us and not special interests.
5/8/2010 12:34:39 PM Speaker Dan Oaks Paul Allen is an amazing entrepreneur. Thank you. Our success in our home is because of my wife. Why did you choose governor? I felt inspired to do it. That is the right answer. The problems we face are bigger than you and me. We need someone who understands that and will turn to God. Don’t be embarrassed to admit that. I love Utah and our Constitution. We have been given a gift and will lose it if we don’t fight for it. They never wanted professional politicians working in government. They wanted useful people returning to the farm after service.
It wasn’t a program that made America great. It was accountability and the market. We need a leader who understands this principle. Governor Herbert has been in politics for 20 years and I don’t care how good you are, you lose.
When he says that we need to staty the course. We are not headed in the right direction. The people in the precinct didn’t send you here to elect the same people. I will beat Corroon in November. I believe in the conservative agenda. Those ideas focus on the fact that government is the problem and is too big. We need to trust the American people and set you free. I am not going to just stop the federal government from taking land. I will take it back.
I will answer the call in our party platform. Our fathers set up a system of checks and balances. I will rally the other governors to help us stand up. I will grow our economy by focusing on small business. I am not going to just stop tax rise, but lower it.
Education consumes 70% of our budget. I am going to demand transparency that will lead to accountability. I will be reducing administration. We are talking about cutting them, not teachers. We need to bring transparency to UTA as well. Let us give the free market system a chance.
Let’s see what we can do.
5/8/2010 12:41:07 PM Nomination Greg Bell I currently serve as Lt. Governor. When Governor Herbert asked me to join his team he was clear about the challenge. He has risen to those challenges. This is real leadership that will navigate us through these perilous times. He is a tough and right fiscal manager. I can tell you that he is 100 percent genuine. What you see in public is the same in private. I present to you Gary Herbert, the Governor of the state of Utah.
5/8/2010 12:42:30 PM Speaker Gary Herbert Thank you for your great service. I am humbled and honored. I ask you for your continued support. Our wives spend countless hours in remarkable service to our state.
Our nation is a model to the world. I believe that to be true. We stand today at the crossroads in history. The Congress overreached and it is ill planned, conceived and we can’t afford it. Our rights are increasingly put in jeopardy. It is time to push back. The re-assertion of states must begin here in Utah and it has to happen now. Utah is an example to the rest of the country. We balance our budget. In economically challenging times like this need leadership. We need a business friendly economy.
Limited government means limitless opportunity. These times demand innovation and leadership. This is based on proven principles. This is not time for me too politics. The Democrats are doing this.
Economic development and energy.
There is a difference between us and the Democrats. Their key speaker in Steny Hoyner. We have Mitt Romney participating with us. That says a lot about the party.
Utah didn’t become number one because of “me too”. We are who we are. Lt Governor Bell and I have led this state through the most difficult situation. We saved education from cuts. We did it without tax increases. You are not an ATM for the government.
In this time of so called change too many people have gained an idea of entitlement. You can’t have more people in the wagon than are pulling the wagon.
This is wrong economically, morally and it will lead to disasater. We are doing it right here in Utah.
There is much to do today. We need to do a lot. We will continue to promote new energy development.
5/8/2010 1:27:08 PM Speaker Jason Chaffetz Thank you. This is my wife Julie. Happy Mother’s Day. It is an honor to represent you in the 3rd district. It is time to tear up and throw in the shredder the health care bill, cut up the credit card and fire Nancy Pelosi. The American dream is powerful. It motivated others to come here and the recipe of greatness is hard work thrift, ingenuity, discipline and dedication.
We didn’t become best through entitlements. We risk compromising what made us great. Our future depends on our ability to restore the American dream. It wasn’t built on cash for clunkers or czars or a credit card.
It was not micro-managed by Congress. It tries to be all things to all people. Will Rogers once said, “The opposite of progress is Congress.”
We must always remember the states created the federal government. The credit card congress doesn’t understand stimulus. It doesn’t yet understand that most Americans want them to stay out of their lives.
When the country is under assault we should fight it.
When the government takes over banks, imports through open borders, spreads the wealth, forces you to buy health care, we should stand up and fight.
The American dream is built on the sweat and blood. Something for nothing is not the program. It is on hard work. Success based on liberty and commitment and recognition of God. When tough times were ahead you worked and roled up your sleeves.
We must stand tall for the dream. Never be persuaded to sway for political convenience. We have to change the way we do business. We need to stay with fiscal discipline, limited government and strong national defense. More jobs, freedom and better quality of life.
It is every citizens duty to remember that government is not the solution it is the problem. I hope that we we have reminded people that man is free when government is limited. As government expands liberty contracts. There is a spending problem, not revenue problem. Let’s balance the budget. Heres what we are going to do. Some will win and some will lose.
We must come together as a party. We must be united. Fire Pelosi, Reid and one term Obama.
5/8/2010 1:34:01 PM Results Dave Hansen Three leading candidates will have one minute
Mike Lee 28.75%
Tim Bridgewater 26.85%
Bob Bennett 25.91%
Eagar 16%
5/8/2010 1:41:46 PM Speaker Tim Bridgewater First of all. Thanks to all those who ran. It was a great opporutinty to cover 29 counties and sharing the message of taking back America. I put over 22000 miles on my truck. You will be in withdrawals. I thank Eagar for running a great race. I appreciate all she did. It was tough and clean and I thank her and her supporters.
We all are patriots we care about the future. If I am elected as your senator I will ask for sacrifice. We have to sacrifice as Americans. Vote Tim Bridgewater in the next round.
5/8/2010 1:43:26 PM Speaker Bob Bennett There is only one question between the three of us. Who will be the most effective? Which has the most tools to get Reid and Peloi out? Who knows the system? I know what it is to be a freshman. The challenge is now. The tide will sweep in a new group. Which one will work with a new group and the Republicans who are there? We need to bring the power back to the states. Don’t take a chance on the newcomer. Keep the veteran on the floor. There is too much at stake.
5/8/2010 1:45:11 PM Speaker Mike Lee I mentioned just a few minutes ago this election is not about any one person. There have been email, phone calls and other things that have made it about me.
Some of them have falsely said I have received contributions. Others were offensive. We need to focus. This election is about the Constitution. It is about reclaiming our birthright to limited governement. I invite all in my voice to support me on the next ballot and every ballot.
5/8/2010 1:47:26 PM Vote
5/8/2010 2:25:36 PM Speaker Orrin Hatch We have to solve the health care issue here in Washington. Hatch and Obama don’t agree on health care. We would first emphasize the states. More reform and transparency.
You have got to give incentives to the people who create the jobs. This is how to make the economy work.
The American people are tired of the game of security. These are enemy combatants. We can try them in Guantanamo.
We are talking about billions of dollars in the BCS series. Specifically we are looking at anti-trust.
Video – Games of Obamaonoploy. Barracakship,
I’m a little embarrrased by that video. Let me just say that I am so proud to represent all of you. I want you to know that I am listening. I want to do the things you want me to do. I understand that Obama and his advisors are trying to blame the Iceland volcano on President Bush.
I want you to know that this president has one supreme court nominee and he will have a number two. We need to get the appointments from Mitt in 2012. Let me just say that when Obama took over the bottom forty percent of this country. This is now up to 47 percent . He wants to build the federal government at our expense. Just remember the budget according the actuarials will triple in 10 years. The Presidents own people say 900 billion will be the interest on the debt. We have to change this administration and we will have to support the best people for the Congress.
I love each and every one of you. Bless you and this state. I have my Utah tie on and we are going to root them through the game. Thank you very much.
5/8/2010 2:32:32 PM Speaker Richard Ellis Let me just thank you for carving out time from a beautiful Saturday to help us face these challenges. Thank you for being delegates and actively engaged. I am honored to serve you as the state treasurer. I look forward to that opportunity for the next two years.
5/8/2010 2:33:29 PM Speaker Auston Johnson Good afternoon. It is great to be here. When I walked from my house today there is so much I could do but we are here. Thank you.
I have been going to these conventions for 20 years. This is the most energetic group. Thanks for taking part and doing your job. The state auditors office is doing well. We have charged indiivudals with theft as needed. We been able to oversee the expenditures and it has been a challenge. Whenever things go bad people try to steal and we are working on strenghting our controls.
I appreciate that you are here and look forard to serving in the future. Thank you.
5/8/2010 2:35:47 PM Speaker Michael Waddoups (Senate President) Thank you for coming. I am honored to serve in the state Senate. We have a great Senate. Those who represent you. I commend you as delegates. I came here expecting to hear negative, but it has all been positive. We are trying to move forward our ideals. Try being informed instead of just opinionated. You are being informed. Keep voting for good Republicans with our ideals. Congratulations. Thank you.
5/8/2010 2:37:22 PM Speaker David Clark (Speaker of the House) Welcome everyone. I am the last speaker. I want to let you know that I am proud to be part of the party of smaller government and states rights. Best fiscally managed state of the nation. Who looks the least like California. In the ratings they had four states. There were four states that were fiscally minded. There was only one state that received an A. We know how to handle our money. We won’t forget whose money it is. Thank you.
5/8/2010 2:39:06 PM Speaker Enid Mickelsen (National Committewoman) I haven’t been this excited about a convention since 1994. We know what happened in 1994. Republicans took over the House for the first time in 40 years. If you will remember we had just had a democrat president elected 2 years before and he had said that he would reform health care. President Obama got his reform through and nobody likes it. I see the election of 2010 as the greatest opportunity the party has had since 1994. We are going to be honest for a minute.
Some of my colleagues liked spending too much. When the Republicans lost the House in 2006 we brought it on ourselves. Some people said you shouldn’t bring up the bad past. When we make mistakes we have to acknowledge and learn from them. I believe the last 4 years have been a time of learning. Not just for our party but the American people. Some people said back then that there was really no difference between Republicans and Democrats. About a year ago they stopped saying that. I can see a trillion reasons why we are different now.
Why do you want to be a Repuclian. Isn’t it time for the two parties to go away and we just restart. I am not a Republican first and foremost. Before I am a Republican I am an American. Before I am a Republican I have faith in God and in my country. Before I am a Republican I am a wife and mother and a conservative.
It is because I am all of those things that I am also a Republican.
So I am proud not just to be American and Utahn but I am proud to represent our state at the national committee.
The national committes is made up of 3 people from each state (chair, man, woman). It has been a pleasure to work with Dave and Bruce. We just had a committtee in town. Bruce is the schmoozer, Dave is the calm one and I am the blunt one. We do pretty well at representing our state. We are a leader in the nation because we follow Republican principles. Bruce has been co-charing the Ethics committee in the RNC. He has been doing terrrific work there. He was also on the site selection committee which will decide the 2012 decion. Utah is one of the three finalists Tampa, Phoenix and here in Salt Lake. The announcement will be made next week about our success.
Traditionally they have taken it to another State where they need to shore up the Republicans. If we don’t win it’s because we are doing too good a job.
I close by saying that we as Republicans stand for certain values. When we fail to keep those principles instead of circling the wagons and protecting we need to speak out and improve. My commitment is not to always say that we are perfect, but to work from the inside to ensure that we live up to our principles. When I think we are doing it right I will say so. When wrong I will say so. I will say it internally first to see if we can make changes where we need to.
Ladies and genetlemen our country has never needed our party more than today. I will continue to bring our values to Washington. I appreciate the great honor to represent you.
5/8/2010 2:48:08 PM Speaker Bruce Hough So Enid gave my speech except the part about being a good wife and mother. Dave Hansen is one of the most influential in the nation. He is looked to for leadership in the RNC. Enid Greene comes with great credentials. She serves on the Rules committee and is the co-chair. The people that you have representing you at the RNC are doing a good work.
We have been endowed with certain inalienable rights. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I believe this country was founded on freedom of religion. We also have in commion the fact that we are Americans. We have the right to free association and assembly. We have chosen and decide today to meet together. We have done this because we have a common purpose or cause. We have a common belief. That is that we can contribute to a better America. I choose to be here with you. I choose to be here because it is important. I believe that today in this convention we are gathered to represent the principles of the Republican party. First we are Americans and second we have a belief that says how America should be governed. I choose to fight for limited government. I choose to fight for the platform. If you haven’t read it recently read it and become inspired and be an advocate. You can know something about the people here because they are here.
That means you are labeled as a Republican. I am proud to be labeled as a Republican. I am only one and you are 3500. Are you proud to be a Republican? Just a word about bipartisanship.
Being independent is supposedly a badge of honor. To me it is a sign that the person lacks courage or has not studied. You are not partisan to be an obstacle to progress. You have taken the risk and shown the courage to stand up and say this is what I believe and stand for. If you are a 912 or tea party, do you stand up and believe right now in the party and the platform. (invites all to stand)
To be counted it takes courage I am willing to stand up for this principle. Standing up is a good thing. I am proud to see this room still full after several hours so that you can be counted. We have good candidates running to represent us. And you are exercising your democratic duty by casting the ballot.
Thank you for your confidence and support on the national level. This is easy to do when you are from the great state of Utah.
5/8/2010 3:08:44 PM Business Dave Hansen Acclamation winners.
5/8/2010 3:10:18 PM Platform Reviewed. Amendment 1. to strike certain words.
5/8/2010 3:11:52 PM Platform I wish to add human resouces to the natural resources.
5/8/2010 3:34:44 PM Vote
Bridgewater 37.42
Lee 35.99
Bennett 26.59

Herbert 70.8
Oakes 24.63
Martin 4.18

Philpot 56.37%
Walter 42.08%
Eliason 1.55%

Bishop 93%”
5/8/2010 3:37:17 PM Ballot
5/8/2010 3:39:03 PM Speaker Tim Bridgewater The best exercise is here as delegates. Bob bennett has served for 18 years. Let’s give him a round of applause for serving. He is a good man and I wish him well in his new endeavor.
A kid from a trailer park is running for the Senate because of a mothers dream for her son. There are threats of socialism moving to the left. I will fight for Utah and we will win this battle.
5/8/2010 3:42:25 PM Speaker Mike Lee I would like to yield my time to Senator Jim Demint of North Carolina.
“I am thrilled to have you cast an important vote.
I thank Senator Bob Bennett, he has made a real difference. So we need a Senator who is right. I believe that person is Mike Lee. He knows the road map of the Constitution for this country.
He knows that protecting and defining the Constitution is important. I am not telling you how to vote but how to help me, vote for Mike Lee.”
5/8/2010 3:44:58 PM Information Dave Hansen First time that I have gotten through an agenda.
5/8/2010 4:47:59 PM Adjourn
5/8/2010 4:48:08 PM Results
Bridgewater – 57.28%
Lee – 42.72%

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