20120131 Meet and Greet Candidates (Gov, 2nd, 4th, Senate)

This meeting was held at North Star Academy in Riverton. It was a good chance to talk with the Candidates. The format was different than any other event I have attended thus far. They had the delegates split themselves into 20 different rooms so that each candidate could start in a room and then rotate to another room every 7-8 minutes. I liked the format because a small group of us could shake hands and ask questions (if the candidate let us). Unfortunately some of the time slots ranged from 5-12 minutes, so that was a fixable error. That also meant the candidates started talking fast which made it hard to capture all that they said.

1/31/2012 7:08:13 PM Introductions Morgan Philpot “(Running for Governor)
Governor Herbert supports Common Core that was promoted by Obama and that alone is a pretty good reason to not like it.
I would prefer that we start moving towards opt-in funding for education. So if we handed out vouchers then the schools would get more money from families as well to match the State’s money.
Common Core is a Pandora’s box. It is fairly guilty just by being associated with President Obama. It is a copyrighted curriculum that we have to pay for and we have adopted it. They are funded by Unicef, UN and Gates Foundation. That is not a good group.
Even if Common Core was a great core I would not support a top down education approach. It has to be free market based. Market competition and free market choice.
He is wrong on government spending, education and state sovereignty.
He has increased our dependence on federal funds by 27%. We are going in the wrong direction.
In our public lands he is wrong. Our lands contain trillions of dollars of resources. If we were allowed to access them responsibly then we would become the Dubai of the United States.
67% of our lands are owned by the government. Escalante was going to provide $2 billion / year to our state.
Herbert supported ARRA. In the land issues he has tools to use but we haven’t.
When you look at all these factors he has taken us in the wrong direction.”
1/31/2012 7:14:03 PM Question No tax increase is good?
1/31/2012 7:14:10 PM Answer Morgan Philpot It is a lie because we had an increase of fees and costs of service. 80% of the mortgage loan officer fee is going to the State.
1/31/2012 7:14:36 PM Question Howard Stephenson had some unique ideas on education. Are you familiar with that?
1/31/2012 7:14:53 PM Answer Morgan Philpot I support charter schools and vouchers. Anything to free families from a dinosaur, prehistoric system.
1/31/2012 7:15:18 PM Question You have teachers here that are protected and we know that. If you were governor what would you do to fix that?
1/31/2012 7:15:36 PM Answer Morgan Philpot We actually tackled the paycheck protection problem. The power of the governor is to Veto and the bully pulpit and I would use those.

1/31/2012 7:16:32 PM Introductions David Kirkham “I am running for governor.
I am a businessman. I have created jobs all over the world. I take blocks of steel and make nice cars. You know what, I make them from zero. We can manufacture in the US.
In 1995 I packed my bags and went to Poland. When I landed at a factory the lights were off. The guys were standing around and didn’t have anything to do. I helped build that factory up and create jobs. I did so well that we were called by the Department of Energy and they asked me to go to Russia to help with nuclear non-proliferation by repurposing one of their facilities.
In 2008 you went to the booth and pushed the “R” button and went home. I was not very involved politically. But then I saw TARP and the bailouts and thought wait a minute. I saw Polish tarp and Russian bailouts and they don’t work. There is no way that I was going to let that happen here.
So I got busy and I founded the Utah Tea Party with the explicit purpose of unseating Bennett. And we did.
I have become very politically active. We worked on Everify in 2009.
There are 2 Everify bills that have gone through.
We worked on the HB 477, the open records law. They were closing down the records. I stood up in the Capitol and said that we will not do this. We won’t allow you to do this here.
It hurts the poor. I can hire an attorney to get what I want, but they can’t.
We mounted 2 furious weeks of protest and the Governor called a special session and repealed the bill. He was following and not leading.
We need a real leader. I have talked to Communists my whole life.
We need to push back on our federal lands and never let them off the hook. We want our lands back. Questions please.”
1/31/2012 7:21:16 PM Question Education?
1/31/2012 7:21:21 PM Answer David Kirkham “We are the lowest spending per student in the nation and it speaks wonderfully to our system and teachers. But we are the highest taxed for education. We can’t just raise money through taxes for this. So we need innovative solutions.
This is a part for our car and we make it now in one stamped part versus 40 parts. We need to use innovation in our education. We need to catch up or they will pass us by.”
1/31/2012 7:22:54 PM Question Back pack funding goes to anyone.
1/31/2012 7:23:12 PM Answer David Kirkham All monopolies are terrible but the worst is education. We need to be able to fire teachers.

1/31/2012 7:24:03 PM Introductions Carl Wimmer “I’m running for the fourth congressional district.
We stand on the precipice of being the first generation to hand to our children a less prosperous nation than the one we inherited. And I am not okay with that.
I am Carl Wimmer and I have been in the legislature for the last 5 years.
6-7 years ago I was not involved in politics. I thought you guys couldn’t be trusted. I was apolitical. I voted but that was it.
I was a SWAT member, K9 and detective. Then things came together that led me to run for office. That blew my mind. I never thought I would be involved in these things.
I was involved in the legislation two years ago that was before the Obamacare. That piece of legislation is the reason that we have standing in the case for 26 states to try and overturn it. We are headed to the Supreme Court and I belive we will win.
If there has been a conservative fight I have been in it.
I am 100% pro-life, right to bear arms and familty values man.
Individual rights are yours. The government is not there to take or give rights they are there to protect them.
That is what I believe. I am going to take that same passion to DC.
I will support a Balanced Budget Amendment. It must be done because Congress is incapable of controlling itself. That is why Mike Lee supports me.
Get government out of your lives and corporations.
I want to balance the budget by cutting and not raising taxes. I am one of two who has not voted for any tax increases in the legislature.
I want you to know something. I am telling you the truth. Is what I am saying something that I will do?
This is a copy of my voting record. I don’t hide from it. Inside the record is five years of leading the conservative cause in this state.
When I tell you I will do it. You can count on me.
I will roll back Obama’s actions.
I am not afraid to take on the party if I need to.”

1/31/2012 7:29:57 PM Introductions Phil Conder I am the campaign manager. If you don’t mind giving us your email or cell then we won’t abuse it.
1/31/2012 7:31:00 PM Introductions Stephen Sandstrom “It has been nice to talk to people here. This is a great way to pick candidates. It is good to get to know me and hopefully there will be time for questions. I grew up in Orem and was politically active. My mom had a thought of the day and would read from current headlines. We would talk about issues even as a family. We would also work on campaigns. I had a real sense of pride in this country. I went on in life and became an Eagle at 14 and Debate champion in school.
Everyone thought that I was going to be a 4th generation architect. I picked degree in politics because I could get a good grade. Then I went to ASU later for architecture.
Then I became a Marine and enjoyed my service.
I started a career as a pilot and worked with Skywest. My dad later had a stroke and I made a difficult decision to take on my Dad’s business.
It was 4 employees then but now 25 and one of the most successful architects in the Intermountain West. I became a member of Orem City Council. They all knew that alone I would vote against tax increases.
I then ran for the State legislature and I am in my third term now. I have been there at the Capitol since 7:00 AM this morning.
I have lived the American dream and I am concerned that my children and grand children will not have the same opportunity.
I want to serve and I have a proven record.”
1/31/2012 7:34:37 PM Question How did it feel when the Utah Republicans cut you off at the knees on immigration reform last session?
1/31/2012 7:34:57 PM Answer Stephen Sandstrom “The final bill they brought came to the floor without a hearing. I brought my bill out at the end of April in 2010 and I went through all those months and didn’t hide anything.
If you have something to hide you slip it out in the dark. There are back room deals that were made. I would think that I can have some influence on that. I hope so. We did the same thing here as they did in DC with dark room deals.”
1/31/2012 7:36:10 PM Question Lowell Nelson Audit the fed?
1/31/2012 7:36:18 PM Answer Stephen Sandstrom I would support that. They are unaccountable to anybody.
1/31/2012 7:36:32 PM Question Lowell Nelson Indefinite detention?
1/31/2012 7:36:41 PM Answer Stephen Sandstrom Wrong since we believe in facing an accuser. Even if we say national security that is a problem. We need to charge them otherwise it is wrong. Pieces of the Patriot Act are a problem too.
1/31/2012 7:37:15 PM Question Education?
1/31/2012 7:37:34 PM Answer Stephen Sandstrom I would reform public schools and I voted for charter schools.

1/31/2012 7:38:05 PM Introductions Mia Love “Just a little bit about me. I am the daughter of two parents who came here legally and had $10.00 in their pocket. They pledged allegiance to this country and they knew what that meant.
I heard from them that they had done everything they could to help me growing up and I would not be a burden to a society that had given us so much.
I took Saratoga Springs with a $3.5 million shortfall to the best bond rating. Our property taxes pay for public safety and that’s it. We are run on volunteers at the library and other facilities and the people are doing it on there own.
We can do that in Washington. That is what separates me from the others. I am the only one that has cut spending. I know how to step out of the way and let the economy grow.
We are not entitled to anything that we do not own, earn or save. We can do this in our nation. If you believe the right things are fiscal responsibility and limited government then that is what my message is.
To owe as much as we do that is immoral.”
1/31/2012 7:41:18 PM Question Lowell Nelson Who do you like in Congress the most?
1/31/2012 7:41:29 PM Answer Mia Love “I like Allen West. He supports me. He went in to the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) and is fed up with what they promote in their group. They promote racism and hatred and class warfare. Republicans do not single any one group or race out. We do not want economic equality we want opportunity.
I have told Allen that we will take the CBC apart. The message is wrong. We are not the ones that want to hurt the poor.”
1/31/2012 7:42:32 PM Question Public lands?
1/31/2012 7:42:35 PM Answer Mia Love We need to take it back. I support Ken Ivory.
1/31/2012 7:42:50 PM Question Education?
1/31/2012 7:42:54 PM Answer Mia Love “Parent Choice. Anything closer to the family will bring the best answer.
If I could do just one thing in Washington it would be to restore power to the local government.”
1/31/2012 7:43:22 PM Question I have kids in clases in Saratoga Spring schools. I have some new teachers who are great but some who are not good. How can you change the dynamics of that?
1/31/2012 7:43:49 PM Answer Mia Love What will havppen in future has happened in the past. We got rid of wrong incentives with seniority. We need to do that again. We need reward for hard work. If people don’t work hard and get the reward then we don’t need them. We need to incentivize good behavior.

1/31/2012 7:44:48 PM Introductions Jay Cobb “I will answer two key questions then open up for questions.
I imagine that you know where we are at as a country. We have deficit spending and other problems. We get that.
We need to foster private sector and cut spending. We have to return to constitutionally limited government.
So, who can deliver results? I can get them.
Representatives can give good speeches but if they are not cutting then it doesn’t matter.
I am the only one that has worked in DC in the 4th district.
I served as a legislative council there. When I go back there the learning curve is not steep for me.
I have an economics degree from BYU, Law degree from George Washington and MBA from BYU.
I have been with small companies and been general counsel with some of them. I was there when the small companies tried to get funding. I have seen the effects of government policies. I can read information on financial things so I know and understand these things.
I am the only person who is not an elected official or recently resigned. When I am done in two terms I am done. I have a perspective and skill set.
My approach is fight harder and fight smarter. I know the gridlock can be broken. The common ground is the economy. When we tell the Democrats that story then they will come.
In 2013 there will be a new group and that will be a window for us. If we don’t hit the window right then we will miss out.
We will be stuck raising taxes.”
1/31/2012 7:49:25 PM Question What programs would you cut?
1/31/2012 7:49:32 PM Answer Jay Cobb “Education and Energy, yes of course. But even if you cut those and defense you don’t hit the deficit. You have to cut Medicaid and Medicare. It is unsustainable.
I have some specific ideas on how to address them now. You can reduce foreign aid etc but the hard numbers are about the other programs.”
1/31/2012 7:50:36 PM Question Zero based budgeting formula?
1/31/2012 7:50:45 PM Answer Jay Cobb “It would improve transparency. I’m not afraid about what they do now. Getting to zero based is great but it does not solve all the problems. But I will be working harder to get the real right answers.
Part of the job is to communicate to the constituents and tell you what is going on. If they don’t tell you they aren’t doing a good job.
Regardless of what accounting system they might use.”
1/31/2012 7:52:30 PM Question But you have to teach the stupid people who don’t understand. They are dummies.
1/31/2012 7:52:49 PM Answer Jay Cobb Your representative should not be fooled.
1/31/2012 7:53:04 PM Question Lowell Nelson What will keep the dollar from declining like in Zimbabwe?
1/31/2012 7:53:19 PM Answer Jay Cobb “What is shaking the markets now is a question of honoring Tbills. You have to cut to solve that question. You have to get back to a limited government.
I would support the audit of the fed. Audits are a good thing.
You can make better decisions.
I don’t think getting rid of the Fed is possible without data. I am being a realist.”
1/31/2012 7:54:43 PM Question Flat tax?
1/31/2012 7:54:48 PM Answer Jay Cobb I like a flat tax. Broaden the base and lower the rate. I don’t sign any pledges though. I don’t want to get caught in a trap because there is a raise on some people if you do a flat tax. Everyone should pay something in.

1/31/2012 7:56:13 PM Introductions John Willoughby “I am running for District 2.
In the interests of getting to it I will throw out red meat.
I am a retired officer and a pilot of 30 years. We need to go to Washington to restore faith in our government. We need to have people who say what they will do and do what they say.
I will not increase taxes.
I will never vote for a budget that is not balanced.
I will not agree to unanimous consent just to get home for Christmas.
Why does Congress need to regulate themselves with the STOCK act? A politician should not go to Washington to make more money.
175,000 / year as a congressional member. I don’t need that salary. I would take all the extra funding and donate to charities.
I have a good retirement as a military retiree. It is terrible that some of them have military, local office pensions, congressional pay and other payments. That should never happen.
I will not vote for legislation that doesn’t apply the same to them as it is for you.
I am not looking for a title. I would like to just keep being John.
I had plenty of pomp in the military. I don’t want the money.
I want to do the best job I can for 2 terms and then come home and fly my plane. I am a pilot who flew 20 members of crew in to danger and then passengers.
I am literally responsible for 1000s of people per month. Safe landings have to be equal to take offs. Same number of passengers get off as got on. Failure can not be an option.
I will take that same attention to detail and care to DC. Failure is not an optoin.”
1/31/2012 8:01:25 PM Question Lowell Nelson Balanced Budget Amendment?
1/31/2012 8:01:36 PM Answer “Cut, cap and balance. If it is not balanced then it is not a good budget.
We remember BRAC of the 90s. When George HW Bush took over he knew we could not pay for the military. We were to cut the fat out of the DoD. It had goals and timelines. All this stuff kept going back and forth and it was the most effective budget cutting because it had fixed targets.
I advocate a BRAC approach. Give every department a goal. 1 trillion is about 25%. If I start with fraud, waste, abuse and corruption, then you go for downsizing.”
1/31/2012 8:03:38 PM Question Typically you cut the ones that hurt the most, they squeal and get their money back. Maybe an independent group to help in each one of the departments.
1/31/2012 8:04:12 PM Answer “They start with that. We have some deadwood politicians who can come back and confirm that the cuts just can’t be made. Education, Energy and Interior department can 100% reduction versus some who can’t lose the full 25%.
I would favor a law that politicians have to live by the same laws that you do.”

1/31/2012 8:06:25 PM Introductions Chuck Williams “It would be good to do more listening than talking. I am running in the Second Congressional district. (no one in the room from Second).
If you want to know more about me then chuckwilliamsforcongrss.com. 20 years in AF. I flew in Vietman. Did special operations after that. I was on the Reagan Bicentennial Constitution committee. I then worked in the Department of Interior to help with land use with Bush 41. I worked for 10 years in law enforcement and have worked in consulting for candidates.
In 2004 I went with the DoD to spend a tour in Iraq. They liked what I was doing and brought me home to the Pentagon. I was appointed a Secretary at the Pentagon for Installations including all the BRAC work. I have done a lot of work in public lands. All that fits nicely here in Utah.
We need to gain control of our lands.
Drill, Dig and Deregulate. We can restore this country’s base if we can just get control of our energy and become energy independent. It is horrible what is going on here.
50% of our education funding comes from the Fed. We could get away from the Department of Education if we could use our resources.
We could reduce by half the fuel cost in the DoD if we could reduce the expense with our resources. We have so much good technology and good resource here. We could get so much more out of the west.”
1/31/2012 8:11:49 PM Question Three minutes ago you talked about taking back the lands.
1/31/2012 8:12:03 PM Answer Chuck Williams “The Enabling Act was written when we became a state. The Enabling act can be changed and we should be able to restore our lands.
We can take back the management of our National forests like New Mexico just did. We are getting more serious about it. You listen to the President and he shut down the pipeline with thousands of jobs. Even if the Congress passes a bill he will shut it down with the EPA and then take it to court.”
1/31/2012 8:13:42 PM Question 40% Republican and 40% Democrat. As a consultant are you going to be bipartisan on conservative issues?
1/31/2012 8:14:28 PM Answer Chuck Williams We have a platform that I need to support.

1/31/2012 8:14:52 PM Introductions Howard Wallack “Candidate in the second district. I am a retired entrepreneur. I started my career as a school teacher. I have a four step plan to fix our economy. I am here to find out what the important issues are that you have.”
1/31/2012 8:16:02 PM Question Lowell Nelson Monetary system.
1/31/2012 8:16:11 PM Answer “We have passed 100% of GDP. It will take 92 years to create the jobs that we have lost. What happens when we create the jobs is we get them off unemployment and then they start paying taxes.
We can’t get balanced budget amendment until we get more income.
If you just fire the government employees then they will get entitlements. It can’t happen. We need to create the jobs first.
You have a house that needs repairs. You have all kinds of problems.
If you don’t put out the fire, then you can’t fix the other stuff.
Some say we should end the GSE’s, then they don’t understand our system. The GSEs have all the mortgages. Our homes would be worth 20% of what they are now if we did get rid of them.”
1/31/2012 8:18:14 PM Question Roosevelt said the same thing about jobs.
1/31/2012 8:18:25 PM Answer “One of my four steps is to bring money back in to the United States. We have $3-5 trillion in multinational company money that is offshore. I propose a 6 month window for only 8% tax on the money that companies bring back. If they reinvest then it will be tax free. Whatever they pay out to share holders it goes back in to the economy. I want the money to come back.”

1/31/2012 8:20:18 PM Introductions Chris Stewart “I am running for Congress in the Second District. I won’t talk about the Super Bowl.
This is a thought and then I would like to hear what you have to say since I am not peddling for your votes.
I am probably older than some of you. All of us can remember hearing “”this is the most important vote in our lifetime.”” If you know anything about me, then you know I was 14 years in the AF as a Pilot. I have the fastest record of flight around the world. I have written 14-15 books. The “Miracle of Freedom” is one.
There is a special role that we are to fulfill. We are the last best hope of man. Lincoln wasn’t just talking about his lifetime but he knew the role we would play. I believe it was prophetic. The next generation had to have a united United States.
I am a small business owner. As a CEO I had to watch what has happened in the country and make the tough choices with the company. It is the Shippley Group. We work in the energy industry to help go through the permitting process. The government doesn’t want us to drill.
Also, because of my military experience we teach an anti-terrorism course. 2 week course with my background.
We are at a tipping point as a country. This is the most important since 1860. This will change generations. I couldn’t stand to watch it and see someone else fight the fight.
I came from a family of 10 kids. 5 of us have served in the military. My brother is over the Utah National Guard. I wanted to serve.”
1/31/2012 8:26:27 PM Question Lowell Nelson You mentioned Lincoln. We changed from Jefferson and moved to Hamiltonian with big brother Centralized. Can we get back to to that?
1/31/2012 8:26:55 PM Answer “Probably not all the way back. It really happened in 20, 30, 40 when the 16th and 17th amendment were passed. The Founding Fathers got it right. The ones that want to protect states rights are the legislature. They would want to respect rights so they can be appointed.
The Founding Fathers were right. We need to move back to that. Can we get all the way back? I don’t know. I didn’t say this, but I probably would repeal the 16th amendment.”

1/31/2012 8:28:26 PM Introductions Cherilyn Eager “Thank you for being part of the 12%. The 12% were those who actually showed up at the Revolution and they changed the world. This is phase two and we will change the world.
My dad taught me how to drive and when we went out once I promptly hit a brick wall while backing up. He was madly pushing on the floor like it was a brake. We are in the car with an adolescent President who is driving and it is scary and we just want to hit the brake.
I remember the day when John F Kennedy was assassinated. It was a troubling time and then along came a man who made a difference. Peace through strength and a shiny city on a hill. What we are going to do today is restoring our hope and future for our children. There are some principles that we have to restore.
Limited government. That plan is here in this document (Constitution).
Personal accountability. You have to balance the budget. You shouldn’t have debt beyond a generation.
Free Enterprise. The Founders summarized in the declaration an inalienable right to pursue happiness.
Peace through strength. It is of utmost responsibility to respond and defend against enemies both foreign and domestic. We don’t have to police the world.
Public virtue is the last. Many believe that the government is there to give them their charity and be a solution for all their problems. That is not right. You can go to my website and find out more about me.
It is of utmost importance to have people who are ready to do it from day one.
I have a record that is tried and true from the local school board to the United Nations. You can take that home to the bank with you.
We need institutional memory and wisdom. I have stood face to face with evil. I have stood strong. My great great grandparents are in the “17 Miracles” movie.
I am often asked, “Why are you running? Who would want to be in the nastiness?”
To quote a favorite song, “To right the unrightable wrong. To be wiling to march in to hell for a heavenly cause.”
This is our document, family, children and peace.
I will protect this document as a sovereign law. As a Utahn I will protect the state.
And as a mom and a grandma I will protect my children. Don’t underestimate the power of a mother to protect her children.”
1/31/2012 8:35:17 PM Question Do you still not accept contributions?
1/31/2012 8:35:27 PM Answer Cherilyn Eagar I will gladly accept contributions to help out. (small bill cash exchange)

1/31/2012 8:37:29 PM Introductions David Clark “I am David Clark and I am running for Congress in the second district. I work in Santa Clara. I have served as Majority Leader and Speaker of the House (Utah). The two years I was there we lost 20% of our taxable revenue. I am talking about where we are at now. With the lessons learned we did not spend our rainy day funds. Some said that we should but I didn’t think it was going to be an easy slide so I did not go along with spending it. We balance our budget. A 20% loss in revenue was deeper than the revenue cuts of the depression. We decided what to keep. I am a banker and it was not easy to say no but we had to.
I have cut spending, lowered taxes and balanced a budget.
I have the practical experience in this race. And in order to do that we have to stop spending.”
1/31/2012 8:40:17 PM Question Are we talking about zero balance budgeting?
1/31/2012 8:40:27 PM Answer David Clark “We are at a 6% climbing rate. You have to have a spine. We have to balance the budget on the national level. There needs to be a good glide path. We look to a three to five year path.
You have got to start cutting spending. We have money that is in the budget to spend but we don’t really have money.”
1/31/2012 8:41:20 PM Question How do you feel about TARP with your banking experience?
1/31/2012 8:41:31 PM Answer David Clark For most of the institutions they didn’t need it. The banks/companies were viably sound. At Zion’s Bank our Tier one capital was great. We are at 18.85% there. We have weathered this business problem. We have money to loan. The Federal Government has also made money. They gave us money and we are paying them back at 5% interest which is very nice for them when they get it at 0%. We were told that we had to take the money or else they would begin regulating us.

1/31/2012 8:43:47 PM Introductions Jason Buck “Lowell and I know each from Highland. I farmed in Manti for years. I have lived in St George and raised money for companies. I have worked on the highways, farms and Board rooms. My grandparents are buried in Logan. We know the pioneer stories.
I grew up just learning to love history and family history I loved. I loved the Samson and Bible stories. That was my imagination and heroes helped to save me. I learned to pray like it all depends on the Lord and work like it all depends on me.
We lost a family farm and moved to Idaho. We were pretty low and sleeping outdoors and surviving. My mother suffered depression and beat us kids. Some ran away from home. 2 out of 8 graduated from high school. Because of religion I was hated and ridiculed and hazed at school. Fight hard enough to keep alive. 30 miles past Nampa in the high plains.
I fought every day of my life with religion and dreams. I wanted to be a football player and I wanted to control my own destiny. I didn’t want to deviate from my dream. I used to break in to the school weight room by leaving a window unlocked.
I have been married for 29 years. She was an answer to an empty place in my life. I went on to be All American in College with BYU. I eventually went to the Super Bowl. Big Shawn Knight came out with me. I played for Redskins and this is my Super Bowl 26 ring.
We need to win this fight to save the Constitution. Whether I am in your district or not we need fighters to work as a team. I will fight with my life to get us back to it.
I am willing to take the damage to our business to fight the fight. I am a respecter of no person and I will go in there and get it done.”

1/31/2012 8:50:21 PM Introductions Loy Brunson “Have you ever heard of the sixteen tons? The Federal reserve is the company store.
I am running for the Senate seat. If I win I will go with a camera crew. The chief operating officer at Lee’s office told me that he can’t spend his money. He has to agree to purchase certain software programs.
I am going to go with a camera crew. I decided I had to study the Constitution and Article II last Paragraph is the Presidents oath.
In my shocked state I realized that he swore to preserve and to protect the constitution.
What is an enemy of the Constitution? When do the representatives say they will defend the Constitution.
When an immigrant comes in they have to swear an oath to defend the Constitution. We should know what we are defending.
Hamilton loved the borrowing Clause in the Constitution and Jefferson couldn’t stand it. Jefferson said the 10th amendment is the heart. The 9th amendment seems like it was right by divinity.
What are the rights retained by the people as declared Life, Liberty and pursuit? They are unalienable. 9th trumps anything that is construed or read to deny or disparage your rights. It is not up to interpretation.
How many of the Justices would uphold the truth that it came from God? There is a lot of oath breaking. Last year in the Senate race I took a camera and we asked questions.
If you haven’t read it, then it is wrong. I want to be a missionary and get to the nitty gritty of the Federal Reserve.
America believes that if money is created it creates debt. For those who create it they have assets and we have debts. Bernanke is doing everything he can to threaten us. Oversight will cause an “”economy crash.”” When you audit us and stop our actions then they threaten.
The sixteen tons was the most popular record in 1956.
Once the people connect and find that the Fed has bought the company store then they will want change.”

1/31/2012 8:58:03 PM Introductions Dan Liljenquist “I know all your names, so you guys know who I am. What questions do you have for me?
I want fiscal leadership. Getting back to our moral roots. The government is seen as the biggest threat to our rights. Over the course of our lives we have shifted more power back to Washington. We need a new generation to get involved and pull this back. I was two years old when Hatch got in to office and he said that 18 years was enough. And I believe it.
What questions do you have for me?”
1/31/2012 8:59:27 PM Question Lowell Nelson What’s to keep us from sliding in to decline like Greece?
1/31/2012 8:59:40 PM Answer Dan “Too much spending in entitlements. It eats up all the receipts. It eats up the entire budget. The fed is printing money since they can’t absorb the cost. Greece can’t print money to cover bonds.
We are holding interest low and they are printing money. They are monetizing the debt and delaying the inevitable. We have got to reform spending.
That’s why I focused on pensions and medicaid in this state. We have to pass this in the area.
We are looking for the waiver. I am looking for entitlement reform and there are people who won’t talk about it.”
1/31/2012 9:01:21 PM Question Can we start with Zero budget?
1/31/2012 9:01:31 PM Answer The whole farce is that we are cutting growth. The farce is around cutting discretionary spending. We are cutting against a growth rate only. Until we get zero base then the public won’t understand.
1/31/2012 9:02:17 PM Question I am really distressed with the amount of printing that is done. This causes inflation.
1/31/2012 9:02:49 PM Answer “We have loaded the gun for inflation like never before. People are changing. People are now for saving money. Once that is unleashed they will see inflation.
They, the large mutual funds, are buying Treasuries to secure money.”
1/31/2012 9:03:34 PM Question Going against Hatch. Tell me 1 good 1 terrible thing.
1/31/2012 9:03:46 PM Answer Balanced budget is good. Medicare part D raised our debt. If Balanced Budget had passed in the 70s then it would have gotten the problem solved. His actions don’t line up. I struggle with that.

1/31/2012 9:04:36 PM Introductions Chris Herrod “Since we are in this speed dating candidate thing then this is my overview. We need to get back to the basics. We need to restore the balance of federalism. I get in this mode and will try to slow down rather than speak quickly.
In the legislature five years ago I was told that I would get leadership in 6 years if I played by the rules. I didn’t want to do that. So we created the Patrick Henry Caucus instead.
We opted out of Obamacare. I stood up against HB 116, the immigration bill. I have been willing to stand up against the Chamber of Commerce and House and Senate leadership. What I haven’t explained is that my wife is a legal immigrant.
This country is meant for people from all over the world. I have been at the Embassies around the world. I have seen the parents trying to get in the country from Ukraine. I have seen them turned away crying. My business partner is from Ethiopia and the standard of living is 1/15th of what it is in Mexico. There are 5 billion people who deserve our compassion.
I have been willing to stand for certain principles.
I looked at my five children and they are the reasons to not run. But now they are my reason to run. My wife was appalled when we saw Obama signs in yards around us. My wife knows socialized medicine. I have lived in it myself.
I know people who have parents who were sent to a Gulag. It morally bankrupts society and that is a core belief. That will not happen for me. I have taken on the Chamber and leadership so I won’t move from my principles.”
1/31/2012 9:09:13 PM Question Hatch voted for NDAA how do you feel about that?
1/31/2012 9:09:30 PM Answer Chris Herrod “It is appalling that we would give away the right to have a trial for a citizen. He who is willing to to give away freedom for security will have neither. That power can be misused too quickly.
You have to be willing to stand up. You have to let those things be known in advance.
I won’t vote for raising the debt limit unless there is a plan. I won’t vote for it and that is communicated before hand.
If that gets stuck in the bill I won’t support it. I won’t take away a fundamental right.”
1/31/2012 9:10:58 PM Question Foreign policy?
1/31/2012 9:11:04 PM Answer Chris Herrod Our debt has become a security issue. I believe in Peace through Strength but we have lost our money. We gave our currency to China. I believe that we are simply in a world of hurt. Cutting entitlement is not enough. Our resources were saved for this time. So we need to make that a strength.

1/31/2012 9:12:34 PM Introductions Kevin Fisk “I enlisted in the Marine corps and fulfilled my six years to the corps. I want to go to Congress to get rid of bureaucrats. Look what those who have experience have done to us. When you replace one with another you still have a bureaucrat. I think we need to put an end to electing yet another one there.
I am here to move the ball. I want to represent a lot more people than most candidates you see walking around here today.
I know the problems. My mother abused the welfare system. I don’t think it can be eliminated but I think it needs to get out of the hands of the Feds. As long as welfare is controlled by the Feds it will just get worse.
If you elect me and I am trying to get people on foodstamps then you can get me out. But when Pelosi starts doing it you can’t elect her out.
In 2010 we picked up a lot of seats but they weren’t really Republican because they caved on budget and debt limit.”
1/31/2012 9:16:40 PM Question What is your plan to change leadership that is there?
1/31/2012 9:16:48 PM Answer Kevin Fisk “They weren’t real conservative I have talked to a lot of these delegates. Hundreds and maybe even thousands now. Many of them have already decided who they are going to back. I hope that you will take the time to elect the right candidate who is real conservative. At the Utah Eagle Forum on January 14 one of the candidates said yes that they would raise the debt ceiling. If you want to raise it without cutting then you are doing the wrong thing.
If they are non-essential then they can be let go. By non-essential I mean all those guys that they have stop working when they shutdown, you know, “non-essential. I personally think that could be 80% of the employees. There are 22 million Federal employees.
I would eliminate the Departmen of Education, Agriculture and Energy. There are hundreds of agencies that we can let go.”

1/31/2012 9:20:32 PM Introductions Tim Aalders “I have never run for office or held office. I come from Main Street. I had a party store in American Fork that I sold. Then I was with a company that built stills. I got angry when the government got involved in lines of credit and the bank came to us and opened a line of credit. Then they closed it early and threatened us.
I am the politically incorrect voice that calls out both sides of the aisle. I am now broadcasting in other states. We need to send a different set of people to Washington. I had Jack Abramoff on my radio show. He said that he buys local politicians and he let me know that he knows the politicians on the local level. He watches them to see if they are coming up to Washington. By then he already owns them.
The time to reform is over and we need to get these programs out.
All Congress has to do is defund the Department of Education and it will immediately be ended, but nobody does it. The politicians do the same thing. The more regulations they put up the more fighting and the more money they get.
All of them talk about the 17th amendment going away, but why doesn’t our Senator come back and just do the job as if there were no 17th amendment?
What questions do you have?”
1/31/2012 9:24:35 PM Question What is your plan for dealing with leadership that is in place?
1/31/2012 9:24:54 PM Answer Tim Aalders “Merrill Cook does radio at my station. When he was elected he said he accepted the checks to go to DC and started to be owned from the very beginning. But he know that I wouldn’t. Nobody has the courage and political will. I have never been politically correct.
K-talk.com and you can hear me talking to these people. I am willing to walk away from syndication and raise some chaos so that nobody owns me.
They will know who I am because I will tell them how stupid and incorrect they have been. I need to be on the floor. You said that you wanted to defund I will play the tape to your state.
I want to come back and do radio. I would have six years. It will need to be based on merit and not money.”

1/31/2012 9:27:38 PM Introductions Ken Sumsion “I am cofounder of the Patrick Henry Caucus. Here are my ideas. I want to eliminate you guys paying state income tax.
We have created a top down education system. We need to create a bottom up system so that our parents are engaged.
As a CPA and accountant I would institute zero based budgeting. There is only one candidate who has the aptitude and can do it.”
1/31/2012 9:29:41 PM Question First you have to explain to the dumb people who don’t get it what zero based budgeting is.
1/31/2012 9:29:54 PM Answer Ken Sumsion I will go to you the head of the department and tell them that you will have to tell me what you are going to do with the money that you expect. It’s just like in our homes. I think this is an easy sell. I will tell the people, “Moms we are going to do Mom budgeting.” In doing that in the government I will more easily be able to cancel programs that aren’t valuable.
1/31/2012 9:30:52 PM Question What has Herbert done well and terrible?
1/31/2012 9:31:04 PM Answer Ken Sumsion “He has been a nice guy. I will be a leader.
I will restructure and reform our public education system. I will reform how we run government.
2 years ago I received a budget and it had a tax increase. We took it and did not implement it.”
1/31/2012 9:31:55 PM Question Your basic argument is to eliminate income tax and public lands?
1/31/2012 9:32:40 PM Answer Ken Sumsion I have spent 6 years to fight the fight. The Enabling act will get that back for us. We should be able to get money from that.

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