20130427 Meet UTCounty GOP Candidates

This was a meeting at Noah Academy where we had a chance with 200+ people to hear what the Candidates for Utah County GOP Officers.

Christy Kane – Secretary Candidate
-missed introduction-

Pat Holman – Vice Chair Candidate
I won’t’ be here for closing since I have a serious family situation with kids in the hospital. I want to be the vice chair for probably for the main reason that we just spoke of as party unity. I think it was a shame that we couldn’t get Mia Love elected. Each one of us can make a difference. I think Mia Love would make a difference.
I think that we as Republicans can get distracted by shining objects like Independents. I don’t know the apparatus of the party at this level so I am not shooting for Dave’s job. There is a reason why Mia didn’t get elected and there are ought to be some lessons learned.
I have been a business owner for the last 3-5 years. I am one of those people who started my own company. I have a team in Nepal so I work evenings. I spent 15-20 years working at Novell and the LDS Church. I am a mid-level manager and project manager. I have done some big projects and am hoping to bring those skills to this group.
Thank you.

Daryl Acumen – Vice Chair Candidate
I am a Senior Manager of Visual Data. Data is a big deal to me so I raised my hand as vice chair. In 2012 the Obama campaign kicked our butts with data analytics. What the campaign did was using data from different sources and they brought it together in one place and they brought them along in the message.
The Romney campaign couldn’t keep their campaign in sync. So in a recent autopsy this was identified as one of the reasons we lost 2012. I want us to get out in front. Voterclick is a great foundation we need to get out ahead of this. This is not a technology problem but leadership. We need best practices and solid message. We need to work with the chairs and vice chairs and get the data to the county.
Money to the candidates and that is cute and nice. We need to be proactive and management. We need actionable intelligence about voters. If we do this properly we can meet voters where they are. Educate on where there are gaps and bring them in.

Dave Acheson – Chair Candidate
I am a Republican through and through. When I was in third grade I walked the playground in support of Nixon against Humphreys. I worked for Congressman Dan Coates in the House. I graduated from BYU in English. I graduated from Seattle with JD. I went to Edinburgh and got Post Doc in International Law. I was an attorney for the Washington State Senate. I have been an active member of the party including as legislative chair.
We have talked a little about unity. It is a great goal and we need to show to the outward facing Republicans. We need to get past the divisive in order to bring unity. We need the meetings where we can bring forth opposing ideas in the party so we can discuss those things. I am fine with emotion. I am okay if they raise their voices. These are out gut feelings but my job as chair is to bring these things to the fore so that we can work them out and we can then move forward in a unified way. That is what I have done and promise to do in the next years.

Casey Votes – Chair Candidate
I want to incorporate what they have all said so that you can hear what I have. My experience has prepared me for this. I was Mia Love’s campaign manager then went to Arizona. We have lost the youth vote.
They are wonderful activist. Utah Valley University and BYU. We need to utilize their volunteers. In organization starting two weeks from this committee I would get together so that we have a game plan ready for next October and November.
Obviously Mia was discussed. She called me and we discussed this race. We need to be organized as a party. We need to be able to count on our party and the County is an existing business and we should have the ground work laid.
Kim Coleman is one of the best data analysts in the state listening to what they are doing.
Unity is about running a great meeting. They will be united if we are on board. If we get to work we will not be bored but will be unified.

Randy is not present today. T
The treasure candidate – Joey smith is not here today (running unopposed)

Q? What is your one major concern for the future of Utah County and what will you do?
Christy Kane – My largest concern is maintaining Constitutional principles with unity. There is a battle where the Democrats are being better at the the message. We have to decide that every person can make a difference. This is a war and we have to do it united. The information from the secretary’s office is done effectively. We need you to be able to influence and be strong against the liberal agenda that is taking place.

Pat Holman – Number one is similar to opening remarks. We are right about big data being a problem. I have written some books about President Obama’s software solution. Sophisticated, real-time and scaled. That is part of the message . The other part is you and I and our friends that are Republicans. The big data is a problem but number one is to bridge and talk to the people. The other side has an agenda and Republicans vote. The left pro-choice people have an agenda. There are groups that are already aligned across ideological lines and they work together.

Daryl Acumen – The biggest challenge that we face is the divisions within the party. I was born in DC. I grew up in Maryland and born in DC. I know who the enemy is. We tend to forget who the enemy is and so many of us are Republicans. With the absence of someone to fight we fight with each other.
We differ on priorities and not principles. Is it economic policy or 10th amendment? We don’t listen with the right ear and instead we pick our issue. Everyone should be in. Lisa and Curt are not the enemy. The enemy is Obama and Matheson.

Dave Acheson – General voter apathy I am concerned. The general public get our candidates elected. We need to move the general public. What that means is that we have – those of us who are here to talk about internal politics. We could call ourselves the choir. We are the choir. We are motivated enough to be involved. Our target is our neighbor who sits in their chair on election night and caucus night. We don’t get there by guilt trips. We need to work harder and smarter to get to those people. And that requires money. I have raised 10,000s of dollars so they could win.

Casey Votes – I love Mia and her family is awesome. Their reality is that as a county I would write a check to her campaign but this campaign was lost on the ground. That means registering new Republicans on the north and south side. This October we should be doing this so the groundwork is laid and we can go in to full execution mode. You need to have that.
When you look at the job description you need to have that campaign experience. I have a lot of things that are the priority. We will be united and behind getting rid of Matheson.

Kirby Glad – We have every county office and representative in our county is doing well. We are doing things right.
Number one is the delegate and convention system and they are well funded. That makes the primary a big money situation. IT removes the delegates decisions of looking in the eyes of the candidates. The long term problem is the new voters that are going to come online in the next 10-20 years. This moment needs to not be lost.

Q? In your elected positions you will be members of the State Central Committee – What is your caucus system support?

Pat – I like it and propose zero change.

Daryl – There is a story of these guys on the porch. One asks, “Whats wrong with your dog that’s howling?”
“He is laying on a nail.” “Why don’t he get off the nail?”
“It don’t hurt enough to get off it but it hurts enough to complain.”
If you don’t like the fact that Bob lost then get up and go to your caucus and run for Chair. I think it doesn’t need change. I have spent most of my life in other states . Now Mike Lee I am able to talk about in person and Chaffetz and Hatch. I like the system the way it is and I am going to fight for it.

Dave Acheson – Here is an idea I have been working on with Thomas Wright. It is an idea that I am pushing. We are on the Dole. When we have a primary election and it is paid for by voters then we are accepting their money.
Right now we have Democrat dollars involved in our primary. We are a private organization and we allow the government to meddle in what we do. We allow others to help pay for it. We should take it back. Let’s get off the Dole. As we do that we can decide as a private party what we want. How we are going to nominate our own candidates?

Casey – One of the things that we also need to do is explain what a caucus is. We need to call it neighborhood elections. We need to be able to tell a story. I ran Mia’s campaign. Against Stephen Sandstrom we had no money. In Feb March of last year. In May we won 70% of the vote.
I moved to Arizona and we lost because he wasn’t able to get his message out in mail or TV and he lost to the guy that was a pay day loan owner.

Kirby – You need to listen to those who critize and learn from them. In our general lection or priarmy you can participate in the lection. In our caucse we don’t allow that. For those who are gone or can’t come. We need to participate. Who went to a cuasc that is 3 hours or longer. The people are going to come back if they don’t have shorter lines. Weneed to expand our horizon a bit.
We need to get the message about who are delegates are. We are passing out a flyer. These people who are your delegates. When they know who you are then they have confidence.

Christy. – A long long time ago they were invited to the first caucus and drafted the Constistuion. THey were informed and knew the issues. The united states came from a Caucus. Those who choose to be informed and understand so that those who don’t want to be active can choose from very effective and strong candidates. The individautsl whoa re running understand and not just those that have money.
If you got to just priarmry you are open to just the big money guy. It hunk we can run it a bit more effectively.

?What is the single most important principle as an officer?

Daryl – The single most improatnat is that the County party is here to push the party and not personal agenda. We need to empower our people and not just an agenda. We all lose out. In the last coapule of weeks I have talked to delegates and I have been amazed with the talent and intelligence. THese are great people who feel pushed out and and those who are”in power” have a different agenda. We are here to empower Republicans and not ourselves.

David – THe most important principle is to bring together difeparate people and idea to be heard. The role is not to have a lot of divisive options but to allow 1500 other tpoerpl in a different way. Debate and arrive at a decision with a candidate two tee can unite behind that person. The role of the Chsir allows all of us to come together. We don’t need 1501 and oices. THere has to be one voice. I believe that you have seen every idea is brought to the fore and that heps us bubble up the dieas.

Casey – CD4 is congressional district 4 … The principle that I would as Chair is Fairness. You absolutely need to live by. Youar e a in apposition to moderate and have fair debates and fair discussion. You ned to go back – I ma part owenre of Discovery Space Center. I want every employee and intern to feel like they can come in. I am pretty easy to approach but I am not someone that gets pushed all over. I don’t get pushed around I know what I believe abut wen need to be Fair.

Kirby – I believe the most important principle as a adleader is to remember the purpose of the party. Get our platform in to governance. That is why we work on our candidates and legislariont. If we focus more on the party and not internal politicals. More about external political . THe best things that Gorbachesve which brought us together as a country. We need to understand our platform and need t do evertyign we can to get platform in to practice.

Christy – I am going to answer as Seacratery. I want you to have the most accurate information thto work with. Your nofiitivation and information is accurate so that you can do what you need to do. So everytihgtn that comes out of the secratey office is accurate and timely.

Pat – I am passionate many. Therea re peolle who know me and have been on both sides of my passion. THis is my family. I am a fifty year old man who hads had a sick like. I want my family to have what I had. I want them to live in a free community with value ns principle. Everyting I do is for my family. We spent um. . My gala at the hospital has not sleep for five days. Whatver I can do for th party and fmy family I am going to do it.

?What is your plan to make our Lincoln Day dinner to be the most successful?
Dave – THe LDD is our fundraiser. The past 2 didneres we have raised approaxiamalrety 70,000. Taylor who was our chair ran successfuldinners. This last dinner you found that in the 20-30k we raised there we had an outstanding experience. It news to be a festive opportunity.
We got to hear form our Sherriff he had presented some 2nd Amenedmnt issues to our Governor. I will try to get even better entertainment.
Stand Ellsowrth and Becky Lochart presented. I will do my best to best what we did.

Casey – What makes those exciting is a great speaker who will motivate us. And remind us why we are Republicans. It is helpful to be excited to be there. We usually have astrwa pol and I think they should be done easy with. people buy lots of tables and they are over represented. It just just a big todo about that. If we have an honest discussion ouat but is good.
I haven’t calle din favors with Mia and right now she has a lot fofavors and let’s get pele out here and get them motivated.

Kirby – I am still Kirby. Repsenctfully we don’t do a straw poll in our county. I do believe that we do that. Our last couple of LDDs this iw hat I would do as I have.
We created a system to dbuy tickets online. David and I spent hours telephoning businesses and cadndiatest raising money with our hand out. What we need to do
We need to improve the food loin and organization skills and shorten that. We need to keep a good variety of speakers.

Christy – Any time thither is a production the question is the purpose. So if we don’t have the right purpose airthey won’t atatend. THis is for all Republicans to come ot. We need to define the mission statement – what is the purpose. Weneed to get them to understand that it is fundamental to maintain the resources. THen we can a get them to buy in and we will have the resources.

Pat – I have anew thought for the LDD. IT is all about money. I know that the people who attended. Her company bought a table and filled it with employees. I think it is important a since the dinner is secondary to the fundraising. I think it needs to be a more profitable afenvet that is what we should do. We may do a fdifferen day of the wee. It is about money in the bank. THose of us who try to collect money for alining know that you have to go out and find the money.

Daryl – I don’t have a lot of experience running event alike this. I would work hard and learn from those who have done it. Iw ould reach out to those with institutional knowledge and work hard. I wish Bonnei Morrow waos still running so I wouldn’t. I would tap in to heard.

?Early voting and what do you think?

Casey – If you don’t he early voting efforts you have to be very methodical and organizes.As a county we have to make sure that the ducks are in a row. Mia Love got 70% of the vote in Utah County. Governor Herbert and hatch got 80% of the vote. If Mia had gotten that we could have made the difference. We need to be vethorugh.
Whoever the fourth district is that Utah is taken care of

Kirby – In the County we had aunprecendtedn thrive to have vote by mail. We regitesred thousands of people . I made the lists available to share with the chairs. The delegate lists and voter lists. You don’t have to pay the county clerk for them now. Voting early and I am precinct chair I do a lot of the work base don that. W
We were successful in getting th evoke early. We need to organize this on a county wide bases. THe more thpeople who vote the more participation.

Christy – I ran for the House of representatntive in hour seat 56. I have concerns about the early voting and I am concerned about validation. You couldn’t determine who was filling out the ballot . I believe that it provides more votes. We need to look in to validating the vote. Any time we cana increase the opportunity to allow to vote.
If you don’t vote you don’t have the right to complain. We need to make sure that the persons who sent it in needs to be validated.

Pat – I love voting early on my counter table. It was easy for me to vote and not lines.
I like early voting. I don’t like proxy voting. I don’t’ want to collect a clipboard of signatures based on a clipboard. If you are not willing to show up to the caucus. I had worthy oppoontenst.
These peopler ar wiling to work hard.

Daryl – I am a big fan of early voting. Before I moved to Utah I still have my chads from the 200 election. Do
Don’t hate me Dave. i thought the intiatuve as a rpcienctin charm this year is that it did not go very well. ITHe county registrars weren’t happy. THe feedback is that we need to do a better job so that the Registrats is ready to handle the flood.
THe training wasn’t very good on what we were supposed to do. THe next time we need to do that time.
We have so many new leaders and we need to get the right information.

David – Pros and cons of early voting.
Pro – It is heaere to stay. We nee dot do everything we can to gethet information out there early and. This past time she wen singed upeoppel url. We don’t blame the state. There arere several thousand dollars of printing and binders that went out. Everyone is volunteer. The organization is only as good as sour precinct chars.
Weneed to increase the visitibliyt of that a precintt chair needs to do. If we get this online then they will know what they need to do. We nee dot make early voting work to our advantage.

Christy – fill the vacancyisn and get the list up to date.

Kirby – I have met with every district charm. Inour county its is up to the the sectrary to be a recorder but know the. But know I have the online system. anyone can go on and get the list.
150 delete ate with no email. 50 with no address and only4 that have height eof those.
Everytimw that we have an email we check the bounce backs. When we cet a bounce from the postal we call.
Hundresed of calls have been made. It would be great if you can do your part to make sure your information is accurate. There needs to a an easy way to do that online.

?In your view what is the optional relationship between officers and reps.?
Kirby – this sois one that has a few different factions. aAs long as those peele are aleected then that is “my guy”. The minute that there is acontetion then the sufficer should remain neutral. Id not’ offers assistance or support to any contested Republican race. ONce we have a nominee we nee dot abide by majority vote. We have had situations where some have not been happy with the results and the leadership worked against it. I think that is a lack of integrity.
I believ ewe nee d aclose relathiopsino.

Christy – IMy first job is to represent the Utah County republican party. Then we represent our elected officials. Tif there are two people running whenter in vovnetion we need to be neutral and give them the information they need. I have seen in the time I have been in this county. I ran for VIce CHair and I was first had wind witness of favoring canditeast. All of you probable y have differ people you want. THose who are elected need to know they have our support.

Dayrl – The appropriate relationships is to support our candidates and nominees. THere have been instances where some have complained that we are too supportive. Some have thrown others under the bues. No tmaterr who they are we need to rerpesentat .

Daveid – The optimal relatniphsip is a clear delineation of the Chair. TUh County is involved indivrening the candidate nominated. Then we take a secondary rolee as party. I don’t think the Chair should be a campaign manager. THey have a manager who is driven and smart. Whether it is a county commissioner or legisatlro. Twe have to at that point o do everything to submit a nominees name. But once that happens we dare supportive of that candidate as they drive their strategy. we don’t want to meddle in a campaign.

Casy – I agree that you need to be supportive but the county needs to proved manpower. You are rpiveing enormous amount of campaign in a few weeks. Dozens of people and hundreds of volunteer. we need to review hat the resposnbilityeis are. I have not interste in bineg involved in election cycles. I have a great company and great business. THis position is a perfect fit of the timing.
I invited you guys to ask your elected officials what they feel their support is from thiese officers. Pplease ask them.

?Is ist more important to elect candidates or educate our precincts?
Christy – Eelcte candidates OR precinct education. THey are both extremely important. The grassroots produce effective candidate. If you lose them you ant be able to elect good cdandiates.
Our rpeiectnst getting neighbors to meetings and informed. If we do it the other way we won’t get our pepele elected. First precinct levels up the people that represent our values.

Daryl – Obvsiouly i believe it is more important to get our precincts engaged. In Utah County we lost the fourth. Part of the reason is that our voters weernt’ just engaged. Some of them were really exciting rRepublicancas. Matheson sent a mailer to the rRon Pauler. We didn’t have a mailer to the indeepetned.er We nee dot get the education out there.

David – The purpose of the party ois to get republicans elected and we do that at the grassroots and at the campaign where the message strikes home.
THis si the message to those who are not so active int he party SOme what to affiliate in an emotional way. This has to be executives in a way. If you ignore fighter of them you will lose.
I want to educate precinct cant motivate percent chars. Motivet them and be the support system that is needed.

Casey – More important to get elected or organized and educated. If you have educated and organized then they will vote Republican because of principle.
I want to make it very clear one of the questions I get is, you are so young. THe reason I want to touch on it is because we do not have a Democrat win get elected because we have s 20 something. We do allow them to to win because theiy don’t have an eye on the ball. We are going to carry on the dhsoulderning the debt border.

Kriby – It is good for the Botht the capmaping is
The more people voted libertatiner ant the margin of victory. WHich is more important ? I am calling
Cooking the food or eating it? which is more important.

Daryl – I have meade a concerted effort to reach out to the people that show up to ht meets. COme over to my booth. My personal email and cell. I don’t think that there is a losing vote here. I would support Pat. I am running because I have some skills to offer to the party. I would sppareancite sup rot.

David – I thas been a good two years as we have built of this next two years. Fundrainsing and thousands of dollars to comapisng to federal camopasin. SO that e have the best candidates and make sure that candidates are elected.
The next wow years will be time to build and automate and build the opportunity for chairs and vice chairs to learn remotely. A key factor to this is to motivate and move our grassroots. That is a a volunteer. People like you and me that have live san dmailfes and jobs.
THlep them to uo understand how to be effective as rRepubblicanc andd the candid test. We conteinu to move forward in a positive and uplifintg way.

Casey – David has a ly up on this . David started in 3rd grad. I started int he 4th grad. I was at the Nixon library with my parents. So this preseidnte lied too? I don’t know what CLInton is lying about something bad. I wrote this paper in fourth grad e and passed it out. I read it and it said stuff about Kennth Start. if he can’t veven tell the truth.
I have always have a drive and passion for politcas I like to share why I am republican and why I cansere. Aks people what it is lie to work with Casey. It is wavy for me to talk to these people . THe se folks know what I want to do and will do. I ohope to earn your ruppotna dn vote in next week.

Kirby – I am running for secraeaty. Over the year our meetings had even well organized. The eegeltate list is uplubcshed on line. It is a list that is our shared responsibility. THe minutes have been published and circulated for feedback. THe work of the secretary in terms of getting information out and being transparent. Those website is the bet it has been in the past 5-10 years.
SEcreatey is also no the Stering committee. I am not just taking the notes but we have organization in co-chairing committees. As a member of the steering committee I will move the 5 things.
Electe REpublciancs
Champion the platform
Grow the party
Reach out to the youth ga nd new citizens
Beacon of values beyond our County.

Christy – When I was 17 I had onto f the creates tpivileages I was able to have lunch with Reagan at the white house. I was elected aa d girl representative. Theree are freedoms worth fighting for and causes worth fighting fore.
We should all volunteer and serve. I will dedicated my time to do some efeteive.
My son just back from DC trip. I got a text from him . We ar”we’ve met mike lee and orrin hatch’ and we saw aObama and there a was a frown. We are privileged. W
We can have diversity but that does not mean division. Unification with diversity and not divion so bpeopl leave the party.
I know how to co-chair. I know how to be effective.

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