20131109 UTCRP Central Cmte

20131109 @ 855 Call to Order
Casey Voeks – Thanks for your service.
Parking lot next door that we have filled up. There is a funeral going on and we have filled up the parking lot. The funeral is for a Stake Patriarch and a car is parked right in front of the hearse. Vice Chair Daryl Acumen. Secy Kirby Glad and John Holbrock is ourparliamentarian.
If we could have precinct chairs and vice chairs stand for a count . . we have a quorum.

There are a couple of issues that need to be addressed and I need to give a timeline of events. There has been some confusion. The timeline of the events has been widely circulated. and if Kirby needs to explain more then he can speak to that later. An issue came up four days after our meeting. We have a bylaw that says that 30 days notice must be given. That is one of the ways that we have done that. In that month there were also other notices that went out. There were notices in May and it was on our website. There were other means of the notification happening. Leading up to legislative elections my phone lit up. People were mad at other people saying things. My time was filed with that. That is okay and it comes with the territory. We then came in to central committee and had our elections. I got up and finally stood up on the stage and gave the results around 1:30pm and I read the results and was available then and also available that afternoon. I was available the next day and Monday and nothing came to my attention until Tuesday.
The other thing that came up about notice with the people that were concerned folks indicated to me and I called Kirby and Vice Chair. I asked Ben Summerhalder to get all the facts straight. I think we have an accurate timeline.
I had a meeting with Ben on Tuesady and that following Friday we reviewed everything and talked over the facts. We went forward from there. I talked to the parliamentarian. We talked about ratifying meeting and results. That was the course and we noticed this meeting 30 days in advance. Because of the mix up and because of those mistakes lead up to a discrepancy and breach of bylaw. I ended out with a challenge that we could debate at length. Something though that is in my mind is that I want to fulfill my commitment to follow the rules. I want to be fair in the process. Last night I was up to 2:30 working on this project but instead of working on other things I had to work on this. And I can do this.
Roberts is very interesting on this topic. I am going to go ahead and reference this.
Objecting to an election – An election may be contested by raising a point of order rand it must be timely. 250-251. Point of order must be raised immediately following the results. If it is disputed to grounds of no quorum.
I ask does “immediately” mean four days no it means – at once instantly, without any intervening point and time.”

The first time that Kristin Chevrier – Point of Order you are ??.

Casey Voeks – In the last month and a half I have not felt or received that someone did not get to vote who would have voted. I did have people who lost or didn’t get the results they wanted or their friends did not win.
I would like to see the body. If someone in this room did not feel that their voice would be heard?

RFI – If a person didn’t know there was a meeting then they would not be able to vote. I know that Darryl sent information. You didn’t get the 8000 attendee email.
Casey Voeks – This is the issue.
QUESTION – Is there anything that is in our bylaws that says how to resolve dispute?

Casey Voeks: When the bylaws don’t speak to it we go to Roberts. Roberts Rules are written to connect with this kind of problem. What is the best possible solution I consulted with attorney and parliamentarian. That is where we are at. The ruling of the chair is that the meeting stands and the election stands.

Moving on to adoption of agenda. The debates are going to be 7 minutes for the second item. 1.6. We are going to have 7 minutes for presentation and then the debate will be five minutes.

Move to adopt agenda.
Casey Voeks: Voice vote – passes

Casey Voeks: Approval of Minutes.
Kirby Glad: No changes
Casey Voeks:
??: One correction is for clarification on the audit committee.
Casey Voeks: No objection minutes approved as corrected.

Casey Voeks: Adoption of limits on debate. Next item of business is special order of the day.

Diane Christensen: We’ll begin with B149 Standing Committee replacement process. The sponsor of the proposal is Lisa Shepherd. I like to identity problem an amendment is trying to fix.
This is a multi-part proposal A – H.
149 Standing committee – move elections from 3rd quarter to 4th quarter, Lisa and Paul will let you know. 149C & G. People were appointed. The temporary replacements
. . . In the interest of full disco lure I voted against it wbu the results were 4 – 2.
I do not have results of a new vote since we haven’t had time. Lisa will present and Paul will object.
Lisa Shepherd: The committee moved this.
Diane Christensen: I don’t know what the new committee wants.
Casey Voeks: B149 was moved but Lisa can make a motion.

Lisa Shepherd: On behalf of C&B Committees these are the specials order of the previous committees we move adoption.
Casey Voeks: A second is not necessary.
Lisa Shepherd: There is not a problem so we don’t need a solution. We have an issue where Count My Vote people. Right now and what the perception of the party is that we appoint our buddies or the Buddy System. I felt the chair shouldn’t just appoint the people they can work with. As mature adults as people who have been voted for by this body. It is my contention that you are the ones to select who should be on the committee.
When the judge resigned I needed someone with National Rules experience. That is what I needed at that time and i was Dave Duncan. We needed that right. But we should bring that back to this body. Peggy Burdertt was Chair of the Audit and they were appointed as well. On this new committee we have different people and I think that is good.
As my experience from the chair is that we should take it back to the correct body. 2 minute or one minute speech. I don’t see that there is anything awkward about different people. You might have made a mistake. We could have changed it so that it was the next person in vote line.
Sometimes hindsight gives you new information. You might find out some information about a candidate that they should not be serving. You need a choice to bring it back to you. I don’t think it wastes any time. I
As far as coming to the fourth quarter there is not less attendance but it can get increased attention. Please look at my pros. The Executive leadership changes. If you keep the flow then you will keep people.
When you elected last time you did not know that the person did not win their election. because they did not have decision power.

Paul Baltes: So I am ??? of voting and I vote when I can.
The issue though for bringing this to our body. Do we best spend time on small issues. Today is the fourth meeting and in some years we have been expecting to run off campaigns of this meeting.
This motion needs to change and is messy. Chair can change temporary but not permanently. We have to switch gears.
I asked what is behind the motion. “We are afraid that someone will game the system.” I think most people are here to do the right things. The C&B committee is not a party. We are often meeting long meetings and often. It is not just about party treats.
I am a Republican and does it bring more government or less. If we need government of necessity. Is the time we’re putting in to it more valuable in to this or time better put in to something else.
I think we can put our time in to something else.

Casey Voeks: Can we make a standing rule about calling the question from the audience?

Lowell: B149D the first clause has no ending. Was it meant to be struck?

PR42: Really about election versus appointment. Vote for this if you want election. There is no way to choose someone else.

??: We have two documents one is Lisa as chair and one is Diane as chair.
Lisa Shepherd: Point of Order at the time it was noticed in October 7 it was the proper committee and the documents have not been changed. The problem that happened though is B149D and the paperwork his the work we should be using.

Jake: I speak against the motion but I really don’t care. As a body we have the final say. The different committees have to come back for ratification anyway. Whether appointed or holding an election. My goal is that we make these meetings to be productive as possible. There for if the committee can do the work by appointment I am in favor of that.

Casey Voeks: Until this county – the big names are interested in coming here and helping out and people can come here. But we have to get the business done and we can invite people to come here.

??: Call the QUestion
Casey Voeks: Close debate – Aye overwhelming!
Casey Voeks: Ready to vote a majority vote is required.
Standing vote required.
110 Against 80 Affirmative

Lowell: Moved the standing rule in order to move if you’re recognized by the chair.
Casey Voeks: Clarification as long as the call is from the floor.
??: I like how the question came from the mic and then it doesn’t confuse.
??: When there was a point of order someone jumped in front of me in line. What I will say is that most of us are able to make a decision. Some of us want to stop debate. If a point of order can jump ahead of me.
Casey Voeks: Anything else?
SL: Call the question
Casey Voeks: Those in favor of ending debate. Passes
Now the vote is as long as the.

Lisa Shepherd: On behalf of previous committee, B146, the two committees sent favorably.
Casey Voeks: That is the motion.
Diane Christensen: In terms of the dueling packets. I don’t care. The language is exactly the same in the bylaw proposals. Look at which ever one you want.
B146 – Officer and delegate replacement process. 15 parts and 3 pages worth of changes.
One note to make is that the vote was in the committee. Now we voted on each of the items separately and then voted on them all together. The votes were different on different sections..
Part A – changes header
Part B, C, D – vice chair always steps in
E – procedure. If the vice chair can’t then EC nominates replacement and election at next meeting.
F – is a new procedure and formalizes it. A new accuse si set up.
G – if the VC cannot then LD Chair could appoint but now appoint someone specific
H – County VC and Secy. These appointments were ratified. But the EC replace interim and election at the next meeting. This would take away the county party chairs power to replace.
I – LegChair replaces now. But now the Leg Caucus would have to happen at next meeting.
J – PC replacement – the secy or treasure would have to be used first
K, L – Interim held until next election
M – County Education is appointed but this would make it an eelction
N –
O – County Party gives official notice and candidates give 14 days before election

Lisa Shepherd: Diane, please clarify N. The reason is because it is part of Bylaw 90. We were getting rid of one area to another and we didn’t want to create problems. If the chair chooses that he wants the Parliamentarian in the meeting then he can.
This proposal rises to a more important process and it was about small committees. As what Represent Anderegg said we don’t’ want to waste time. There was 15 months of research and envelopment and several revisions. We worked through past party leaders and got direction from state party chair. We are facing a problem with the Count My Vote people.
What problems do we have when we say we will replace by appointment. This gives an opportunity to let the precinct have more power. If the sec and the is not available then they can change. It does a good job with our process and makes it more clear.
146M we disagreed but they wanted to retain more authority. We approved in committee and voted by seriatim. There was not one single one of these that failed. There were a few people that voted against them. If you want to work with people and support people that you know.
These people were just elected and we don’t want to bring these people together to make an election. We in this body regularly assembled and this is something that is important. The person who is ratified is much easier than ballot. This is the business of the party to reelect the people on the way out.
That is up to leadership to effectively manage our meetings. I would like to see more things in these meeting. Your district lets to re-assemble and elect new leader. If we are having a vote you don’t have to be there and the right is not taken from you.
I don’t have anything else.

Stan Lockhart: Thanks for bearing with me for a minute. Interestingly enough Paul said the same arguments for this issue. Rep Anderegg were germaine to that issue and this issue. This is about a new whole new set of elections. In an election you have to vet candidates and have procedures. Essentially we are expanding the amount of time that we have elections. Ever two years we ask these people to do these things. Allowing for flexibility is far more effective use of our time. The three hours will suddenly be a chunk for elections and rules changes versus strategizing and promoting our platform. It is not a great use of time to have elections.
The other compelling factor is that Count My Vote. Caucuse takes too much time. I spent some hours that I will get back. Suddenly the secy and Treas will not be a full blow nelection if someone leaves then the secy will take the place.
Another election can take place before or after meerint.
There is another area worth noticing that you have to give notice within 7 days you have to let them know. and 14 days before the next meeting. These are not glory positions . What are the specific problems concerning abuse of power. The Fear mongering goes against the practical application of the 30 years of the party.
We should come to these meetings and figure out how to better run campaigns and get people elected.

JOey: By seriatum.
Casey Voeks: Call the question. Passes to close debate.
Opposed passes overwhelmingly

Mike: I don’t’ see B146D. B146L7 replacements need to be rafted by each committee. Bylaw requires executive and central committee.

Matt-For: All the years that I have been here. This has been the meaning of our meetings to have the business. What you would like to do with these meetings. I am really for the voting

Casey Voeks: There are improvements we can do better. That said I am excited to do this.
??: Against the proposal. I am a super voter. Our Mayor is elected to appoint. If we are giant have perpetual elections we will be in campaign mode. There is a place for changes an.
We elect our chair and leg leaders and they will appoint in the best interest. If I have to get a secy and trees who will come. There is a lot of problems.

Lisa Shepherd: Motion to amend the motion. Strike proposed changes 146H – 146J.

Casey Voeks: This is already
Casey Voeks: It has to be. This is an amendment to a specific area of the Bylaws
You can modify the Amendment and leave as original language in the bylaws.

Lisa Shepherd: AND B146O as well. Basically I want to clarify.
Casey Voeks: B146H-J and O will stay as original language.
Motion passes.

??: Orem 6, we just struck B146O and effectively we just took it out since there was no original language.
Joey: B146 as amended. I think there are good points that will help us be more efficient. I want to clarify bylaws and be more effective.

??: Against. It has been 15 months we made in 1.5 minutes a significant change. It has been mentioned that we could have cronyism. THese are our friends and neighbors. The C&B committee is the guardian. I am curious why this didn’t come from the body?

??: Primary purpose is to represent precincts or districts. Not be efficient and allow them to present an agendas. By elminating their voices we limit the power. As proposed I approve. It is good to codify this professional courtesy. As far as Stan’s issues they have been resolved by the amendment.

??: PVC. I feel the passion of the previous speaker in wanting to guard against corruption and the voice. I have been listen din to the pros and cons. We are Republicans and we believe in electing people to represent. The irony is that with Count My VOte we are actually tending more towards a pure democracy rather than Republican principles.

KC: Clarify who the sponsors of the proposals are.
Lisa Shepherd: Many people who worked on these because it came from committee members but there was a whole group of people.

??: Point of Information – for amendment to come forward. If a committee has decided to amok changes.

Casey Voeks: Majority vote for bylaw amendments.
AMendment fails.

Diane Christensen: B135 Midterm replacement of county elected officials
I can identify problem. THe C&B needs to bring our Bylaws in the alignment with state law. We are updating to reflect the changes.
A-clarifies and adds section of code
B-number change
C-list offices consistent with UT code
D-UT Code 3 nominees
E-military absence and UT code
F-certification UT code
G-Lisa will do pro position
Paul Baltes noticed a technical issue

Casey Voeks: Thank you. Lisa will speak to that for 5 minutes
201 is the credential report and last meeting was 228.
C&B reviews and makes proposes for changes. It reviews proposals from the body.

Lisa Shepherd: Motion on behalf of motion. We did this 9 months ago.
B135 as Diane stated is we are required to make these changes based on UT code. We have added the things we needed to . We have struck unnecessary things and instead of references we put links.

Casey Voeks: Question is called. Closed debate.
Favor wins against 3.
Next B120 Diane to introduce.

Diane Christensen: Proposed agenda in advance of meetings. The former C&B committee recommended by 6-0. Exec wanted to change it from Bylaws to Standing Rule.
Lisa Shepherd: Not the case.
Diane Christensen: I understood it became a standing rule. I move adoption of this. It is fairly simple as a proposal. 3 sections referring to central, nominating and organizing conventions. Agenda sent to appropriate people at least 7 days prior to meeting.

Lisa Shepherd: Point of Order. I wish we had a discussion C&B committee we wanted it to be a Bylaw. Kirby as Executive was a standing rule.
This proposal is to provide better information 7 days in advance. It shows courtesy and a proposed agenda. It will help in making a decision on attendance. It helps leaders work together with advanced planning. Allows you to prepare.
It provides a starting point. The agenda may be included in timely notice but is not required.
A member mentioned that it should be moved to Standing Rule. But this is not a possibility. IT is not tied to notice. This is asking our leaders to lead. The reason to put in bylaw is timely notice to participants. I think this will not be used as an offense.
This isn’t an indictment against anyone. This can be adopted as Standing Rule is temporary . We can just put it in to Bylaws and it requires the same vote.

Kirby: Mr Chairman it breaks my heart to discuss Bylaws as the purpose of this meeting. We have 3 issues. One is elected and doesn’t show up. Then our caucus is being attacked. I resent having to spend time on this stuff.
There seems to be a feeling that we need more rules. I disagree. This could be a great idea and I don’t think it should be in here.
How to disrupt an organization – Rule 4 is make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. No organization can live up to their own rules. The letter of the law killeth and the sprit gives life.
1) We want C&B to bring substantive changes that help our party move forward.
2) Logistical matter – have the EC discuss agenda. Before we spent 45 minutes just to adopt the agenda. The EC doesn’t always meeting 10 days in advance. I had input from 10 different people including yourself.
3) If we feel we need to have this then the difference is a Standing Rule can be over. We had some people wanting to cancel the meeting. Some said that we should cancel a meeting because of the Notice. If we made a change the Agenda between information.

??: Call the question.
Casey Voeks: Call the question. 1 opposed
Really (1). Lost.

I want us to give the Officer reports at the beginning of meetings.
I want to make some remarks. I had a meeting last week with the Governor. One of the things that I brought up and explained is that we as a party, we need to focus the energy of the party on issues.
I said I d no interest in these meetings because I was helping with a campaign and there are a really nasty fight here in this school. We have a chance to build a coalition nd meeting. I’d like us to flex the muscle to the the benefit of the community and the party and our values.
It is critical that we rally support. There was a rally put on a while ago. The 4 women got together and got a rally for Senator Mike Lee and had 2000 people attend that rally. They did an incredible job. We are so buried in these discussions in trying to make money and do our jobs we are getting stuck in this minutia.
We want to support our values. At the end of the rallies Amelia Power asks people to donate to ecover the expense. And she raised 3500.00.
I was helping with the money that was donated. We want that to continue to these causes. As elected officials go out there and take heat. The media is hurting them. We should be defend them and we should be throwing our weight out there.
We are creating this committee today and I wanted to present this today to you. One of the things we have said is get the younger involved. We have to message to them. They are reliable voters but great in campaign.
The Tea party brand has been hurt. The media can’t attack the way that they did the Tea Party. We have to rally the troops to get a strong wave in 2014
Reclaim our future rally in January. The same day in other states. We are going to try and get this park going. The people that did it last time they will help us.
That is the direction I am excited in seeing us go in. You have been so supportive. I recognize my own inadequacy and youth.
I really wanted to try and emulate from Reagan is bringing in experts. I have brought in help. They are awesome to work with.
We are trying to build significant coalitions with teenage Republicans. Any one of you that just is a Republican in this county we want you to sign up on these committees. I want you to get involved with and get behind them.
Make sure Precinct people are aware in January of caucus night. Try to set some goals.
Service project that Ben Sommerhalder during the holiday season . We need to be involved in serving our community. We need to be doing something and can really bless peoples lives. and the untapped power is totally wasted otherwise.

Vice Chair: Darryl I told you about the internship program and the office. We worked really hard and then I stumbled on a revelation. You can’t run an office by yourself. We got the computers and there was nobody here. The internship program stalled because UVU said that no one is in your office. I said that we would work on that. I reach out to CD4 coming and they helped us and I am going to ask you guys Tue, Wed, Thu night supervise then we can get up to 4-5 people Let Amelia Powers know.
On the Data side I have been calling around and I want to point out. There are 101 who have never attended this meeting. I wanted to make some calls but I just want you to talk to your vice chairs but this meeting is kind of mandatory. We had 228 at last meeting. We need for everyone to attend.
To make this more like an enterprise I have 2 initiatives and I would like feedback: Weekly Scrum conference calls. This can help with issues. We had conference bridge and we will see if we can get the capacity up.
You mentioned attending 228 out of 597 potential members.
If we have a venue for people to plug in. Project management system. One of the problems has been when we do these projects we aren’t great in preserving the knowledge and what works. We have had the system for a while. I want to socialize it. If you are interested we can get you plugged in.
I called about half of you and calling the active first. If I missed you then give me a call. What we are doing is getting your priority. We want to
801 400-2200 © I am taking this on because I want to offload from Casey.

Secy: I apologize because I did screw up. 29 days in advance. I did follow up but not well done. I am really sorry.
Business meeting schedule for 2014.
1/25 – pre-session discussion
Convention 4/12
3/20 Caucus

Casey Voeks: Meeting schedule adopted. We want to make sure we have the office in there. Once we get one person we can have 18000 man hours. We want the best data in the state. We would love to help with other counties. I went to DC and I met with Susan Mullet. We have agreed to help with Salt Lake especially in CD4 to focus on Jim Matheson. Call people for their issues and letting them know that our candidate is the right person for them.
Obama was targeting based on sentiment or priority. If you care about it then he talks about that. We are going to help our candidates target the voting.

Treas: Our current balance is $18082.32
Casey Voeks: Which is more money than the state has.
??: Budget
Casey Voeks: Our office is paid for and we do not have an ongoing expense for our party. Caucus night is $5-6,000.
Education officer, Kristin is doing training.

Casey Voeks: Alvin Jackson’s finance report. He wanst you to know that we have a plan. We want to get out of the habit of just focusing on the Lincoln Day dinner. Met with Lee, Hatch, Chaffetz, and Governor. With the Love campaign we have a further example of support. Their campaign is ready to help with data collection endeavor in the thousands of dollars. Senator Valentine will help sponsor event in December.

Daryl: If you text UCRP to 3333 you can use your credit card then if we gave 20.00 from each of the participants it will fund everything.

Kristin: Several of us in the old group works with College Republicans. Because we had the prizes we had traffic. We had time to talk to them about the caucus system. We were able to talk about our platform. We gave away copies of the Constitution. Loy Brunson gave those to us. Several of the new officers hosted meet the candidate events. Thanks to them.
We have been working on educating people using social media and public media. We have also done press conferences. I would like to say I can train you on focus night BUT we don’t have definitive rules yet but electronic check and same day balloting have been in the resolution stage. We don’t know how that will turn out. We hope that the State Central has everything under control by then.
What is the WORK of the UCRP?
Govern the party
Retains power not delegated elsewhere
Delegate powers to SC, EC or individuals
Elect Audit and C&B members
Delegates to the County Party Convention
Cause Caucus and Conventions
Approve CC members
Certify – propose bylaws and amendments
Approve budgets
Approve and recommend amendments to Constitutions
Procedures for SCC
Discipline party officers
Resolve inconsistencies
Adopt delegate allocation formula

Role of the UCRP
Promote platform
Promote and support candidates
Do the work in the C&B

Platform – Identifies our party and elected officials principles
Constitution – How we operate
Bylaws – Rules, they are what make it fair
Standing Rules – Details
Roberts Rules of Order – take over if nothing else
We need rules for things to be fair and protect the rights of all involved. The making of rules scan be tedious. We may try to be more philosophical and less emotional.
Adjourn 11:28

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