20140125 UT County Central Committee

9:01 Come to order Casey Voeks
CV) Elected officials (county and state) stand for recognition.
As we head in to the legislative session please make sure you communicate with them regularly. I have come to know each of them much better and they are receptive and respond to concerns.
Moving on to the next item, I recognize our Vice Chairman and Secretary and Treasurer. Our parliamentarian Carey Dixon.
Our timekeeper is Lisa Shepherd.
Does everybody have a copy of the agenda? If there is no objection we have one change and do not have a proposed budget for approval today so we will defer to the next meeting.
A resolution has been added that we will discus after the first proposed resolution. This is in support of Senator Mike Lee and we will have that when it comes up.

Approve minutes, officer reports, . . .
Objections to proposing the resolution without Executive committee review.
We won’t be including the resolution in the agenda.
As a governing body we can overrule that and propose that we hear the resolution.

Vote: Stand for votes and there are 2/3 so it will be part of the agenda.
We also have legislative reports.

Adoption of Agenda – without objection it is adopted.
Approval of minute of November committee meeting. Seeing no corrections. The minutes will be approved as stated and read.

CV) A few things. We will hear from “Keep Our Caucus.” Also, Utah First we will hear for five minutes.
The priority of the party, we need to make sure that Jim Matheson is out of office and won’t represent the fourth district. We accomplished that without doing anything. It was all the state strategy.
I spoke with the Utah State student body president. The Association has been in support of Count My Vote. Last night I finally articulated my reason for being in support of the caucus.
The reason it is, it is not perfect, there can be problems but what I see as the great strength of the system is in the campaign. We went in to convention with about 13-15% of the vote. Then there was a change in the caucus and we went in with over 18%.
We got out there with a specific message. Some days we had 4 meals of and we took nothing for granted and did it for < $100k. There were a couple of $1000 consultants. It was a volunteer campaign team. The ability to get the message out is, it still takes time and some money and strategy. But you don't have to spend $50000 to get a mailer out to primary votes. Week two we had 20, 22, 35% and at convention 55% and the second round of vote was 70%. Mia Love has a great name for politics. Then I went to Arizona and worked with Gaither Martin. He was a great candidate and a great guy. He had a great message like Mia but we were going against a payday lender loan guy who had tons of money and the local area slaughtered him as a district because he was not a good candidate but he come to the primary and it was impossible to get done what we needed to get done for the number of voters. Our candidate ran against a weasel and we lost. The Republican ticket got creamed in the General election because he was a bad candidate. The system here in Utah while you can put tons of money in to a convention, but you get a message out. Any one can be elected as a delegate. If I can be a chair of the party at 25 years old then you can win on merit, talent and skills and not just some system that is completely fueled by big money. That is my purpose of being in support of the system. I have been a little defeated these few months. I know how hard it is to fight against big money. We have a couple of organizations that we will hear from. Before we hear from these guys I need to pass this along. You are incredible to come to these meetings. We need you to continue in this. The thing is that the good people, the people that have other things going on can get fatigued in this process. We are working hours and hours and who gets mad about where we have the school meeting. It is so easy for the people with good intentions to be fatigued. I am. We can not get attrition out. People with lives and things going on have to go places. I didn't schedule my whole Saturday to be here. But there are a few people who will last beyond the end. There are people that will throw in votes at the end. Please stay throughout the meetings. Please be elected as chairs again. I think we have come a long way. Please don't get fatigued. Some of these people will out work us. They will say how corrupt leadership is. 'they are scheming.' You have to continue this fight. Now that we had a party headquarters. Let us continue on with the fight.. I would like to hear from our former chair with the Keep our Caucus. Because we did contribute some funds I would like to hear from him, Brandon Beckham. BB) Good morning. It is a pleasure to be with you. Thank you to our chair Casey and his support. Also those on executive and steering committee. Without their support much of this would not be possible. There are two organizations. One was Keep Our Caucus and the committee was formed from mostly this body. That morphed in to a full fledged campaign on this issue. The other organization is Protect our ___. Their strategy is to target the most vulnerable areas, Cedar Hills, Saratoga Springs etc. We are focused on Utah, Davis and Weber Counties. We are working with the precincts and the media. We formed a committee and we are now a political issues committee. The Utah Republican Party contributed $5000 for the campaign. Website, shirts and fliers. We raised $1200 at an event. We are now working with the Democrats on the issue. This transcends parties and I am thankful to have the Constitutional Party with us. I would like to thank Representatives Mike Kennedy, Briane Green and Dana Layton and Senator Bramble. Mia Love also came and spoke and donated. We have been on three radio and tv stations and in the papers. Yesterday former congressman Chris Cannon supported this campaign. He was defeated by the caucus system. I agree with his statement. Count My Vote is a bold face lie. We already saw this before when we went to a direct primary. Caucus is how the nation was founded. It is the apex of democratic participation and republican government. I want to protect it and I would spend some time to support it. You can buy a $7 sign. You can get a T-shirt. $5000 is a drop in the bucket compared to $810,000 they have raised. We can take a little money and go a long way. Thank you. CV) Moving on. The other thing I wanted to tell you is that we will be passing around the cash donation box. We put the money in the little box and it stays. We really need this to continue. I noticed a few legislative chairs sponsors some food but we may want to give donuts. We are moving in such a great direction with the office and tools of the party and need to continue to support the efforts. To the vice chair, Darryl Acumen. DA) I know you are all busy. I want to start with the data strategy. We got off to a slow start but got off with an Executive Director. We got our interns in. And then his wife told him he couldn't. We have made 1050 calls. We need to do better. Casey new to get on the phones (I am busy breaking up fights) We need volunteers. How many of you will become willing to come to the office? We can hook you up with Call Fire. The office is on 800 N in Orem (address is on the website) You heard I appointed a caucus committee. They had one job to get a table at UVU. They have been paying kids to get signatures. They are doing it. We put someone in charge of that and there is no table They broke off and created a political issues committee. Casey is recruiting. Freedomworks and that has been really great and offered materials. I want to bring something up. I have been helping to float the party with my American Express card. Right now the party has to write out checks and a lot of our vendors don't take a check. But, how many of you are ready to get a prepaid debit card? . . .Message to the Executive Committee to move forward with that. I have called a lot of you. It has been humbling, not like award. It is humbling and I have talked to a lot of you guys. The kinds of people who are here. How many people here have PhD.? Directors, VPs and know a Profit and Loss sheet, and marketing experience. The kinds of people who are in this party is impressive. You have to have a lot of courage to run for the chair. They get to say that he is one of the guys who is COO of Control 4. These are busy people. To get things done requires busy people. We want to get things done. Some of you have families. I know that it is a lot to ask and is fatiguing but we do need your expertise. I'll be honest with you. The guys that ask for attention don't have the skills. Listen, years ago there was a guy named Vince Lombardi. He finally got a job with Green Bay that was bankrupt and was a dismal team. He says to his team "If we are going to succeed we have to know the basics. If you don't master the basics you don't win. This is a football." That team went on to win 5 of the next championships. They were the most successful. It is a Vince Lombardi trophy for a reason. This is a political party. It is not a conservative social club. It is not a debate society. It is a political party. In particular it is a Republican party. This is not the Libertarian or Constitution party but Republican. It is the party of Reagan, Nixon, Lincoln and yeah, of George Bush. If you have a problem with all those names you are in the wrong building. The purpose is to elect Republicans. We are having a little bit of an issue. The last Democrat just abdicated because of Casey's leadership. We need to go find some and go hunting in Salt Lake County now. We are an affiliate of the National Republican party. We have a County, State and National platform. IF one of your representative doesn't follow the county platform, then still support them. This is a volunteer job. you have got to do the job. There is more at stake. We are fighting for something larger. If you are going to do it take on a job. Make sure your job is done before you start pointing fingers. We have an oversight committee that got upset about a card. Their job was to adhere to the policies and our budget was due October first. Matt Duffin) I'm Matt Duffin and precinct chair in 13. What the Vice Chair is saying is in complete contradiction. The audit committee has only one responsibility If he wants to make allegations. DA) I concede the point. Make sure we are complying with our financial bylaws as well please. I have been told by certain people. we can't expect excellence from our volunteers. There is more at stake than statistical margins of error. You have to do the best that you can. ... So we absolutely have to do the best that we can. We appoint people to stuff and it can get out of control. If you are appointed to do a task, do it. If you are appointed to committee, lead it. Don't hold a special election ...If we put you in charge of a committee please submit a budget. If you are going to submit expenses don't submit it for more than the party has. Don't submit a budget of $220,000. If we give you budget of $4,500 for a picnic don't spend $12,000 for a concert. If you spent more you have to fund raise more. If you come up short then the event doesn't lose money. If you are going to ask for money it is inappropriate to ask for checks in your own name. Don't deposit in your personal checking account. Don't write a check to friends. and if you do something like that then don't cover yourself. It is inappropriate to do your own thing and party thing. MD) Can I be recognized by the chair? I am representing someone who is being accused these things. If he wants to drag this party in to the litigation he can. DA) I am not. I was pretty much at the end. My last point was this. I am the Vice Chair. If I raise an issue with the Secretary and Treasurer and ask a question, I believe in getting things done. If I have offended some of you then, look we have to do the same here in the party. Have a great Saturday. Kirby Glad) So I wanted to let you know what happened with the cards. I didn't forget but sent them a day late. We have some appointments that need to be ratified and these are new appointments A member of the audit committee was replaced. I will recommend that we approve the ratification of Matt Duffin and Scott Ward by a division of the question. Curt Bramble) Before we vote on an audit committee chairman I think that it is appropriate to understand (the ratifying of the appointment of the chair). CV) Move in to executive committee Lisa Shepherd) This needs to come before the body. Laralyn Ebertine) Another time? Lisa Shepherd) We need to take care of this matter. This body doesn't understand this and we need to care of this business. CV) I appreciate the members comments. 2/3 vote to move the item to the end of the agenda, please stand. (almost all). Moving back to the Secretary report. KG) Approval of precinct and district officers. You continue to serve and I recommend that we approve these appointments. CV) Vote: Approve these appointments. Unanimous. KG) We have a system of electronic voting with no cost to the county. You can use smart phones. So some people may still use paper ballots. So instead of counting ballots, my meeting went till midnight last meeting. People can use a system for free and that allows for electronically voting. Some here don't have cell phone service and wifi. This system was tested by our education committee and now I have two things 1) Would you be wiling to be on a conference call to have a test of this system? To provide training to the precinct. Then the chair has the option to use it or not. Or there might be chair who has a technologically challenged group. ?) Electronic voting, would that allow for someone remotely to use their cell phone and vote at the meeting? KG) No, it wouldn't. I recommend that we adopt as a county the position to adopt it or not. Some of the schools have cell phone blockers that we can ask them to turn off. LE) As precinct chair present this as a solution. I want us to make sure that there is no negative backlash if things had a hiccup. ...keep from voting with phone and casting paper ballots. KG) Move that we allow for electronic voting. CV) Vote: Motion passes. KG) The State has given Counties a few options. You are the governing body. When the party is to make a decision, you are going to make the decisions. One of the options is Meet the Candidates before a precinct meeting. You can file online before the meeting. In order to drive a better process. Candidate can meet an hour before. On a precinct by percent basis but it would be better to be consistent across the entire county. My suggestion is that it just turns in to a real election and allows discussion and those who want to participate can. Chad Bunn) My concern is that we are in five different buildings and in different places, tell me how as an LD Chair I would do that? KG) You have them come early to each location. Our candidates would come to the specific room they just have to come early. Ken Zab?) If you have a Leg chair who is running the building and wants to run for Precinct Chair? CV) Stay tuned. ?) Also called a neighborhood meeting. I don't know that extending the time is a good idea. CV) It is optional. Motion is that we hold the Meet the Candidates at 6pm in a uniform way across the County. ?) Can the precinct officers begin registration before and during that time? LS) I would like to amend an some have 400 show up. Stan Lockhart) Some of our locations aren't allowing us in until 6:30. If your make it a requirement then it will be a problem. ?) IN caucus our potential candidates have to be nominated. CV) That will be in the training as well. Motion to make it mandatory to open at 6pm and have a meet the candidate. Vote: motion fails with 5 votes in affirmative. KG) I like consensus so that is good :). The state party give the chair the right to appoint replacements. We have the option as a county to add other business to an agenda. I like the idea of alternates. It is a recommendation. It is better in my mind. Lisa) That motion is out of order. KG) Electronic check in. The state will leave a system of pre-filing. You can file as a candidate in advance. You have the link to go to the test system. That system is the state is providing that. Precinct and and sand county delegates. Count my Vote. Let us understand our principle. IT is a replucaln principle that a small number of epopel who work hard better stand the issue. When senator Bennett is criticizing our system when he was a group of only 100 that put is 10trillion in debt. Then the system is working properly. If the delegates only made a decision like . The principle is that it is imporatn that we spend time one on one ovnervsateion rather than just run a primary. Let us not grow shy. It is the same principle. We shouldn't be shy about about expelling tng this. CV) I want to make a quick point also about point of order. If you come to e the microphone. I focus on one thing ast a time. I will follow that through. SOemtie I can't acknowledge points of order at that moment. THat is why that is happening, I am ayeloow / Blue personality. I am nice guy. We raised 732.00 today. That put sour balance at 16883.96. You should have a copy of the proposed budget in the agenda today. If you have problems or question we will want to talk about this budget that we can pass at next EC. CV) Training for Neighhod Caucus elections. For the next She is not chairing the meeting but you can direct your questions to her. Kristin Chevrier. KC) THere are ne rules in the State Cmte. We are going to show a video clip about the caucus as well. Video then Laralyn has overview of the value and the nature of the threat and how you can preserve it. LE) I tis a great video and we have blots oa materials that can help ouhelpu your neighbored. We have to be positive and not shy away from this. We don't need to shutdown on this. We have a grew system and one of the best instate in the country. I had been asked to speak of ra few minutes. I have just been asked to speak for a few minutes. So many of you are aware of the threat. Count My Vote its not the case. THis ia sa fraud every time you use it. It is misleading. It leading to pepel thinking that you can't count your ovate any othe rway. Our neighboohd caucus system mean anyone can run. You don't have to be well paid lobbyists. or to run. Even Democrate sin some areas do have a change to yes successful. THe democrat and republican party are in system of it. Those who are familiar with are aware that this sthsy should not be scraped. This is again power grab. CMV is using paid signature gathered to get rid ofou election. THey want to get apple at of party Be aware that nyone can get on the ballot if they want to be unaffiliated. They are trying to change it so that you cant unless you have a money. If you are the average sictizen that wants to run. CMV is a hafnul of wealthy and political electete. They report to be doing it in the ame of the voters. I will say in talking to my own dad. Count My Vote is good, right? They have not been cgetting inaccurate information. THis is lack of education and understanding. THis is not about manipulation but about education. http://tinyurl.com/NeighboordElectoins Let's look at the amount soy money - follow the money. CMV had roaise over 810,000 that is over any candidate or group has raised. THis is for helping you be educated to teach your caucus. I belie it is helpful to have th e accurate information. Please donate to those organizations that is working to keep urn cacucs. THese are ordinary focllks with ordinary income. SHould the average citizen count less. The fact is that if CMV happens it will be the filtering process. THis defats grassroots. 1937 to 1947 tried direct primary and filed. It was more expensive and reduced by 10%. neighborhoodelection.org keepourcaucus.com You can do things and have a family night where you invite people over and talk about thte system. You can write op ads and letters to tehe editors. PeBe sure that you do do something. THere is a text number that you can sign up for We are ordinary and average citizens and and we can do extraorderniary things. KC) Janis Reed) from Springivlle. I am supportive of the system. Thera are someone my board who have concerns about hat. Is there any constraint when us as officers want to be pushing forward this effort or advocating or this partisan effort. KG) This is the body that makes the policy. THis body has not taken a position. nd we want to be ale to help us to take that position. KC) BB) Text 'local' to 33733 KC) The more you prepare in advance the better your caucus can be. We have details bu tit works. 1) Advertising - use yard signs. At caucus last year we had signs. If you have a garage of signs. Notes on grocery store. Education - You have a flyer what to expect and how and why they should be involved. One thing I didn't do was get a lot of volunteers to help. 2) Set Clear expectations of rpolitin leaders and elevate. They must understand the platform. You also want to 'vet the candidates'. THey usually come with an open mind to meet the candidates and then make the decision. THen yothey make the decision of who they think will be thte best. The need to be avail be to question nd training and preparing for and attending central committee meetings. THey need to run an effective con 3) Ogranicea nd good check ing 4) Valid competent balloting. The information news to bet the information. 5) The candidates are waiting to talk to this who are voted in! GET the information in. We want Happy attendees who will comeback! LD duties - If there is something you want differently with your LD then talk to them. 1) Scheduling schools. The LD CHair should have done that. If you have problems tim that come talk to us today. You can advertise with church leaders of place and time. CONfirm the hosts (Precinct Chair) will be there. I called each PC who was going to host or VC or Secy or Treas if non oe them there then I had to train someone in the PRecint. ORganization: Making a map is helpful. $3.00 per big map then the little mpsp were on small sheets. Lobby signs to help direct traffic at the site. Volunteers - use teens; ballot counters; registrars; Ziplock fo deleagte lists and donations I was in my caucus and I got a lot of compliments to> I as elected as a State Delegate. Geneerally speaking it can be done.
I had contact information on the Lid of my collection box.
LD Vice Charir and chair and we needed the volunteer s to be able to locate us. If you don’t shave any officers then you can find an adult in a building to help you.
You can either have a comy machine in each school or you can have a smart phone and take pictures so that everyone has a registered copy of it. I have insecurity with this so I make sure that I have cope s of everything before it leaves the building. The LD should pick it up.
You can collect the information how you want. Anything that needs to be turned in should be
You should get there early to get things set up. I would recommend working with the custodians as well. Beavailable though out the night.

Precinct Leaders:
Advertise, Recruit, Organize, Attend Trainings, Set up
Preferential IRV training af this meeting today. Feb 13, Mar 1, Mar 13 trainings.
Meet and Greet from 6-7pm if it works.
Read through the rules. There are differences this year.
State Party Website – Caucus more information.
After the caucuses all the per work should be turned in. Fill out al lot the paperwork because we transcribe and upload to DB.
Count, seal and sign.
Be good neighbors.

Lowell Nelson) Elections take the most time but is the most important. It can take very long time.
We want to familiarize ourselves with preferential voting so you can conduct your meeting more efficiently. You have the authority to do Multiple round or presence voting.
Most of us know multiple round balloting.
One candidate on multiple round
In preferential you can express your preference. That is the efficiency you get. It is a little more thinking for the person to do when voting.
In the long run this saves oodles of time.
You need to be able to train your counters.
We will have practice sessions so you can conduct with confidence.

THis is not electronic voting.

8 delegates in one vote? Yes
Write in?

Affiliation – you should have stickers like My Name is …
You will have people who want to register and you should highlight the critical things.
I highlight the form required areas. have a separate table to do their registration.
Out of State ballots (missionary or military) there are specific rules for these ballots.
1 validate signature on the envelope and they need to print their name on the envelope. For purposes of registration it is good to have it.
Sealed envelope.

Same Day ballot assumes IRV.

?) any sign support this year?
KC) They are not going to be doing anything. Buy a few more tables at Linln Day and WE will do that.

LS) Suspend rules to move leg report up to now in the Agenda. Then cmte reports.

KV) Motion passes. Hear from Sen Bramble and Sen Dayton.
Curt Bramble) Good morning. Had a couple of people comment. Chad Bunn challenged to dress appropriately. I have been asked to talk about Count My Vote. Polling suggests that CMV will pass. 46% of all attendees support count my vote. Sufficent portion of delegates have voiced support. Over 71% of the public most likely to vote will support CMB.
There is another alternative that would strengthened the system and would also provide a mechanism to improve. Our party has started with absentee. We could say that CMV is a default if a party does not provide an opportunity to cast votes outside of meeting.
Strenghtned participation,at neighborhood, strengthen at convention, allow unaffiliated to vote in priarmy, less thWEll over 50% of voters are unaffiliated but regularly vote Replucan. We anwat to engage them in the process. IF ar party met the criteria that we are setting forth and perhaps cahgne threshold from 60-65%.
That is the essence to preserve the system to recognize the strenagh of our party. This is about the folks who don’t have the opportunity. THere is a draft bill that is not number. The Cacus has unanimously supported the on both sides of the aisle. We are pounding a stake in the ground to preserve the system.

MD) I salute you for coming out to be involved. I honor you because the opportunity to be involved has been bought by the blood of patriots. THenk you all. THank you.
I am so honored to serve. THe legistarulat starts on Monday. I know you care about issues Not everyone can afford or spend the time to come up. But you want to be aware of what is going pin . THey are live streamed. You can listen to debates and it is archived an online and available. And we wil have best and least govnerment to maintain the freedoms give in the Constitution.
Thank yo ufor being here.

CV) Committee reports. Audit Committee.

Matt Duffin) Audit committee is charge diwth on a yearly basis pic ing an autidoty ro to a d financial review or an audit. We met and presented the options. The Exec approve 2000 to approve what it could do. We did a search in Salt Lak e an Utah counties. The finding were that 13-15 firms submitted response to rqueset. All but 2 were more expensive.
We found two firms that could do it. Based on reports and email from the firms and the audit committee chose one. and Squire and Co did it. THey were our last one. They had reviewed 2013 and should be completed for 2013 County Convention.

CV) C&B comte.

?) Viche char is Paul Baltes. WE have bene meeting monthly ;We have been reviewing propose dal form this body. THere is one propasl that is rwas ready for today but I asked to move to next agenda since today was packed an ready for caucus training. That will come forward with ohtehr that may go through the process.
My email is on the website. If you have a proposal you would like to submit you can do by phone or eamil but:
1) Is it going to fix a problems?
2) Is it worth the amount of time that is spent in the process.
If you feel so then please submit and we will review with the others.

CV) Chair recongnias Lincol Day Kirby Glad.
KG) How many have never been to a alLincoln Day Dinner. I was in your boat a few years agao. I do not like pospeeches, but I was in lederarhsip and went and had a great ime.
Di dyou enjoy it? (little clap)
It was a blast. It is not just about speech and meeting as friends. Itnt joust about food but hat is there. It I remember going to one and paid 50.00 before I was married. It lasted 3 horus and ouch.
We are going to move you though faster with buffet. We will play enreatinment while you eat. Pelase go online and 39/person.
In a few days you should buy before it goes up. If
Date is Feb 8th. You should be getting a postcard on mail. UCRP.org and buy your tickets. Your name will be on the list. The actual dinner started at 7 and program should be done at 8:30. We are having it at the EVEnts center. THere is convenient parking. You don’t have to go to the Ballroom.
I need authorization to pay for the food > 5000. We only buy the food based on the number of tickets. I am going to ask you to approve a check for up to 13000 of rood.
Keynote is Sena Reyes about why Republican and another speaker – Matt Walsh – If we had him come
We are also looking at a Gettysbury address person.
Recognition for some leg who have served of rover 10 years.

CV) We have the Resolution to consider.
KG) THe reason we brought this forward. We as a leadership team have activities and are spednign time and money on this topic. We want to receive direction from this body to confirm that we should continue with this effort or not.
THe reasons are in the whereas resolutions. We talked to both sides of the issue people. I hope we can reach consecus and not just a majority. The rpeincples are replucian. THer are things that are better versus primary. We are ddefeining the principles not necessarily jeu the caucus system.
Repulican principles should be defended. We should be showing the benefits and find ways to improve the system. The caucus system works best when it represents a broad

CB) I really appreciate you bringing this forward. This dovetails with the initiative we just outlined. W e need to make a clare statement The biggest conner oin talking with those are that we are not willing to change. This will send a message that their are principles and willing to change for improevemtn based on prinpcles. This is what the lggeislatioure.

Diane ?) Ways to improve I thought “without wealth or fame” is a little snarky. I am not as comfortable. THere are many people that would love to repeal 17th amendment. My thoughts are that if we remove the system it is likened to that and our representatives would not get a clr message.

CV) Passes
Dirk Palfreyman please state the resolution.

DP) Support Senator Lee, in he’s effort to constitutionally slow growth, defund obabmcare
CV) Do you want to speak to it?
DP) He is doing what he said he would do. I have been a proud supporter. He has taken a lot of heat and it would be good to show support from this body.

Paul Baltes) defeinding
CV) -read through-

Peter Lee) Are people in favor of Affordable Care Act

CV) Resolution is adopted.
KG) Adjourn
CV) The complaint is not filed against anyone in the board.
LS) Thae caompleint to be settled
?) Separate the questions.
CV) Passes

?) The committee would have to be reconvened and re-vote on chair

CV) Refer back to executive committee
LS) Postpone and take care of next meeting.
?) No reason to defer anyone except Matt Duffin. We should amend to

?) It is clear to me that this body is concerned with the confidence of putting this person.
Matt Duffin) It seems like this vote is being made.

Dave Duncan) CONfliciting allegations.
I have a received confirm at toinat he is not suing the party.

Postponing – infavor or opposed.
Standing count
Credential report was 297

Appoint scott ward – ayes have it

Moving in Executive Session. Thise who are not a par at of this committee (credentialed with wristband) All others please leave the hall.
This is not to be discussed outside of this room.

Executive Session

Conclusion is that Audit Cmte Chair is not ratified.

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