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Robert Stevens running for congress in your district
I have been in Provo when I cam asa freshman in 1979. Masters in CS and have worked int eh valley. WordPoerforect, Noveel and own startup for last 18 years. Stayed at home and have had amore time than most to learn about government and watch news.
In 2006 I watched David Walker and his talk about our debt. He said that if we did not change din 2006 and start to practice fiscal discipline then we would reach the point of no return. He took his message to the people versus in Congress. and then he resigned.
With my programming background, we solve proglema all day long. I started to investigate and noted that if the Constistiution is divine document ehtne what went wrong?
I watch fore news and tired to follow the money. I started watching alternative news and their sites and radio. SOme of these people, thogu they have good intentions they didn’t have or make good progress.
I started to read history books and original documents. I was looking for what went wrong. I have found what is wrong and I know how to fix it.
I am going to take a bottom up approach, so image in you are in the convention in 1787 and yoga re with Groege washington and benajamae and all these greats. You had just conquered the greatest govnerment. But you didn’t want soldiers in your houses and other abuses that you fought a war for. You want a representative gonbemrent.
I want to have a senate with senators who represent our states. Then the smaller sates say that is not .. there is a problem in the small and big states. I suppose there was a lot of discussion. If we are going to have the house of repsrenstative repents us then they had to say how many repserentative should represent us.
Before then we had good vgovernmetn. We know our elected officials and felt that we were represented. Should there bee 1000, 10000 to every one? THey chose 30,000 per each representative. That was in the constitution . That ratio remanded pretty much active until the civil war. Then it was decided that if you hit 30001 then instead of having an immediate election you would wait for census.
So it got a little out of whack but they grew together until 1907 but then it looks like it was completely planned. It seems that it was planned by bankers. They set up some trusts which failed. and in 1907 there was a panic and run on the banks. JP Morgan came to the rescue and he was successful. He decided which would remain and which would fail.
In 1910 they passed an act to send Aldrich out to Europe to study banks there. He can back in 1910 they fixed the number of house of representative numbers. It has been fixed even though the population has increased.
You throw the frog in the pot and slowly turn up the temperatre. If they had continued then we would have 10600 repsenrative in the House right now.
Well that is a lot of epode and how will that help?
The founding fathers knew that most of the damage could happen in Congress. They had a term limit of 2 years. THey can fund things. If you knew your presetnatpative and you could hold them in check as well as you can.
I feel really strongly that the events happened around that era.
1912 you had the sinking of the Titanic. The country was upset and dressed. In 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank was started. It had been tried before by Alexander Hamilton bu then Adnrew Jackson chased them out. They knew they couldn’t do it unless a big event happened.
In 1913 they established the bank and the government passed the 17th amendment so that Senators were no longer sent by the State Legislature. In 1913 you could go and persuade your Senatore.
The 16th amendment was also passed for taxing.
Then they moved away from the Gold Standard.
The Federal Reserve Shareholders now have 4.2 Trillion in assets and it is up by 1 Trillion since last year. Bloomberg is spending his 50million to fight guns. What can they do with 4.2 trillion? If they keep growing at 10% per year then what happens?
What do we do about this?
I feel if we fix the House of Represntatives then all the tinges that we can fix we will fix. If I am elected or if not I want you to put pressure on the reelected officials. We should have local individuals in the area who act like the representatives directly. We will have more eyes to read the bills and debate them. And if our experiment works in our 3rd district then I believe that using viral marketing we can persuade other districts in other states.
We would have more people to keep the govenmrent in check.
That is my speech. And I will open to your questions.

?Did you ever receive and invitation from Mark HEdergrea to debate?
?Aside from job as preogramooer what other experiences?
I am problem solver. Big picture guy. Entreperenatulr guy. CEO of startup for 18 years.
I know about living in means. I never had invetstmante capital since I have started up. I knew that if I overspent it could come out of my pocket.
I am a natural entrepreneur. I don’t’ think we need incremental change but we need someone to get to the deep source of the problem nd come up with simple elemetgan solutions.
?Any congress and government experience?
I was raides in maryland. My fhter spent his life in govnerment work I was win a family of civilians. He wrote was defnee. We had lots of discussions about prepare role of governentm. I worked for DOD for a while.
My training has come from reading James Madison, Benjamain Frankiln and the Constitution of course.

Our system of govnerment was designed so that people who care about govneremnt could get in for the time that they have.

?What is wrong tight CHaffetz?
I thikn Jason has gotten to the point where he has not read all the bills. On January 13 there was a bill with 1546 pages in length. There had been a couple of pages in the fall. On the 15th they all passed it.
I can’t read a bill that big in 2 days. Mike Leee didn’t pass it. He voted agaisnts it.
In 1787 they spent a long summer and produced a comment that was 400o lines long. No one can create and debate a document so large.
-He hasn’t read the bills?
I feel that is why I sent him there. They don’t just rubber stamp things. If elected I will read the bills. If revisions I will compare the revisions. I will have a list of formulate.
Increae freedom?
Increase liberty?
Legalized plunder?
Special interests?
If I go through and it is constitutional then we can debate how much gets spent where.

?Any votes that you are not happy with?
That was the biggest one. I have not had time to go through his entree record. After 8 years of searching I found the problem and I want to get the word out. I want us to fix this problem.
If you want more, this WIRE act has me nervous. I understand the Internet and I know that as soon as you give them the power to shut down one group that opens a can of worm.s THy can polio the Internet. This WIRE act may put Free Speech on the line.
Alternative news sites will be on the line and I think there ar some who will shut it down.

?I appreciate you being willing to run and give people and option. I detest career politician and people vote for most of what they do. I like you have a progression that you can go back to. I am looking for someone who is educated and serve my principles and values not just politicians.
100 Trillion unfeneduatd liability?
I wish I had good news. Walker said there is no solution for it. Trhoughout history government usually pay off debt through hyper inflation and devaluing currency. It has never happened very easily. If you look at Zimbabwe, it is a mess.
In the best situation we would discover something the world needs, then we market that to the world and pay down. It would be great if we could start to balance th budget as fast as we can.
I have looked at the numbers and graphs. I don’t see any way of doing it.

?Securing border?
If the government wanted to secure the border they would have done it a long time ago. We have all sorts of technology and can detect a rabbit moving for miles. We could do laws to penalize for hiring illegal. THey don’t want to two this.
In Jeruasalem they had a big wall that get bombs lobbed over.
In Jerusalem they are very seruos about the border security. I am not sure that building a fence the whole way will stop it since they can climb and go under.

?Do you feel it is a priority?
I thikn the better thing it to pass laws that don’e encourage illegal. You are more likely to go to a country that offers you welfare.

?DHS? Is it necessary how do you feel in general?
THe Deparatement of Homeland Security has exceeded its bounds. We feel on guard like it is a police state. It was supposed to provide common defense across state. If you talk to government they are given a budget every year. TEven though there are some who try to reduce expenditure, most won’t THey want to increase their own budgets. That is the first thing I saw in the Deapraetemant of Defense for education – they told me to go do as much as I could to spend their budget.
DHS is to defend our country. We don’t know how many bases and how large our emprei is. We will have to retract and defend our borders agasint foreign aggressors. How many of us have flown for decades without incidents? I never fly unless I absolutely have to. Airlines can have their own defense or security.
It is completely immoral and embarrassing. I go of the pat down rather than the pictures. THeat things hdoulb e disbanded and it is awful.
Are they doing they to help us get used to the force of goernemvent and losing our rights.?

?I want your opinion because of your thoughts on money. If things done’ change do you thin our money will be worth nothing in the near future?
Since 1913 our dollar has devaluaed almost 98%. I attended a lecture by Joeal Sckousen. He is so far in to the muck. He believes that there is about 200trillion in debt that is out there. He thinks it will be like 8-10 years.
THe Federal Reserve wants to keep this up as long as they can. As long as they can keep producing money out of thin air. Every corporation in AMerica would love to take over that situation.
We are told to prepare for the worst. Hope for the pest, plan for the worst.
It is hard to know because they are a group of private indvidiaulas who have enormous power world wide and they won’t be audited.

?Securing our borders. Immigration reform with our undocumented workers now?
It is. As I have thought about his, entrepreneur do “hamster thinking.” We look at all the possibilities and we evaluate all the ideas and see how they “score.” You could start to round up and send people back. You could do it with the help of the public.
If the President really wanted that to happen then he could say you need to treat them like your own. Give them service and food abut help them go back to their country. But that is not what they want to do.
SO now you have to deal with family. You don’t want to break them up like with slavery. THey may be undocumented but have grown up here. You don’t want to kick them out of “their country.” We should be law abiding abut their are penalties.
If we decide to do reform I would like all those who were to become citizens to understand govneremnt and make the oath of allegiance. THose who go through the process make better Americans because they understand have bought in to it.

?You said that we need to respect th laws that are in place. DO you foresee any change in the way we deal with it? Or just enforce?
If I was the king then these are the things I would talk about with love and compassion. I don’t think that is what they ask to do. When you take down a free society. You create a welfare state. Youc an do that by brining in immigrants from borders. You then have a bother group of people plundering wealth in the background.
Those whoa re collection welfare will want to keep those people in power. That is how societies work. THis pater has been happening for a lead a couple of thousand years. It is too bad we don’t have long members.

?Part of congress is being able o reach across aisle. How would you do that? Obama is going great to split us up and it is a sad thing.
Your question is great.
You have to love your neighbor. You have to show love no matter what stand they take. That opens other opportunities. At BYU they teach about BoomStartup.
If I stand up then 1/5 will love, 1/5 will hate and the others are undecided. Do you want to focus on love group?
If you focus on the love group then market to swing group then they will see it. You pretty much ignore your hate group. You have to love them but ignore them.

?If you come as a Republican from Utah the rest of the world thinks we are crazy. How ill you get them to vote with you?
I am willing to vote with people and compromise.
I would not have voted for the budget there was too much plunder in there. If you have one individuatl who is firm and resolute then you would make progress in this country.

?THe last 6 years of Tea Party has not born that own. Can you expand?
THey have made lots of strides. A large majority of AMericans now know that all is not well in govneremnt. THey have not been honest with us.
We have not won the war but have won some battles and that is progress.

?THey say that Obamas ratings are going up. I am convinced that people are listening.
I would not look at the polls. The same people who push the polls are publishing the papers. I wouldn’t even bother. In the 1920s there is this guy who wrote “Propaganda” he was considered the father of PR. Edward Bearnet. THis could be used for evil too.
THere have been a hundred years and you would be shocked at how releante it is today. THere are ppoel that know it very well.
I would need to push my own change. It is a good. read.

?Woudl you have forte for the FARM bill?
I am not familiar with the Farm bill.
?It is a trillion dollar bill with entitlements 154 million in Brazil.
No. not only would I not vote for that I would publish what I thought was horrendous – the things that passed our checklist and the things that failed.

?Dept of Education?
Abolish as fast as possible. Our state never delegated those power. THere was no Amendment to do that.

?In my job I evaluate reading and writing of 5th graders. THey can’t spell the same word right more. What can Congress do about that? They can’t multiply.
The Congress shouldn’t do anything. It should be at the States and the local school systems. I have often thought, let’s start it all over again. Lets keep our money but hire common defense. Sherrif, then a Teacher. We may have more things where we delegate.but don’t want to feel like a slave like we are now.
It is not a pleasant on. We have been able to get 4 of our children in to BYU. we did not watch TV. We read. Trips, and research. THey all got along and did well. But they have exceed.
I have 4, 5, and 14 year old at home.
Turning off the TV and not letting them play video games was a big decision. Every household can make their own decision. I wish I had had you as a tutor.

?Biggest issue for State of Utah?
RIght now education.

?Feelings about School Board partisan election?

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