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4/18/2015 8:15:26 AM Information Casey Voekes Due to the adoption of th agenda policy items will no longer be added to tha genda as set. People may add to tha genda at the rppporatpei te. We have a new rule.
4/18/2015 8:16:01 AM Business Casey Voekes Approval of minutes
4/18/2015 8:16:13 AM Presentation Kirby Glad The minitues are in a handout. I sent a n email asking for corrections. I liestd that we wer have a country versus county convention. That changes the minutes based on the fixed typo.
4/18/2015 8:17:01 AM Minutes Casey Voekes Approve the minutes. Approved without objection.
4/18/2015 8:17:13 AM Business Casey Voekes I am going to egin by hearing from Adrueill Herrina dn Kirby Glad and from Rob Crade and then I will swarp up the officers reports.
4/18/2015 8:17:38 AM Report Adrielle Herring “The only thing to report is that we have successfully had a lIncol Day dinner with 45k dollerr. Please give the sponsor appreciateion. We also woul giv ea recommendation when you are looking for services. I am excited to be hear today.
Lets have a courtsey and ecitgn time todgether as we elect our party leadership.”
4/18/2015 8:18:29 AM Report Kirby Glad “Make notice of our meetings scheduel. Theis gorup set it. We adopted this meeting sceheudl. Our next meeting is Sept 26.
In the minutes/ agenda we passed out there are a number of derlgaet change. Some wilhave been approved and others will be approved. I like to do it in case there are any obejctions. I wont’ read the list since you have it inf front of you.
I recommend we adopt and approve the list.”
4/18/2015 8:19:43 AM Motion Kirby Glad Move the adotpioin of the list.
4/18/2015 8:19:57 AM Vote Casey Voekes “Is there any discussion?
Approve the avote – vocal Aye.”
4/18/2015 8:20:31 AM Report Rob Cray “I actually had the budget report to show you our up to date. I don’t’ have it up on the screen. If anyone ever wants that . Youa re walwys welcome to contact me and saks questions.
This year so far we have received 44k (42 from lincoln day) 19k in expense fincluding todayas convention.
We hd some 2014 expenses that we paid this year at the beginning of the year of 8k.
We now have a balance of 16k.
Our current bank account balance is 1k.”
4/18/2015 8:22:25 AM Business Casey Voekes “Next is training segment. I was tongin to do it as a parting givft. Unfortuantley last night, as always happens before these meeitngs. This is th pattern and it has been apattern for nearly a decade.
We get together as wleaders and get it all going with good einttnions and have different situations. WE prepaare and then we make administrative things.
I wanted to ustilize technoology more and then 24 hours before this kind of meeting emails go out. This happened 3 months ago 6 months ago. And It happens all the time.
This morning I was talking wot someont who was a vicimt of these emails in th past.
The only regret that I didn’t’ have. You need to sue thess people. Calling them and having a convesation doesn’t work. So unforatnalye we get to a point where we get to therse meetgins I was looking for attorniesy and Trying to get after th utah ethics group.
Insterad of the trainign and griping I am going to take the next 5 – 10 minutes to hear your response.
I will first present a repspone to the Utah for ethiscs.
I got a lot of email with questions. This kind of sneaky and undeerhanded apporach. IT is pretty tacky. I am going ot defend myself and wil hold people accountable. I will focuse on this kind of nonsense. I donet want to impune motice and libel and slander.
I am going to start responding.”
4/18/2015 8:26:41 AM Report Casey Voekes “Read the email:
Utah for Ethics. — (copy in email here about the domain name)
First of all thDaryl Acumen was elected as Vice Chari. He moved about 200 feet from our County. He has incredible data. He scrubs the list regularly and has better data than the party. He offered to allow us to blast these emails for free.
I frequently use Michale Jolley and oDarly’s email.
In 2012 we talkeda bout fear and lack of data. I don’t usually fear outsurveys. As a group we should have surveys. The Democrats contineu to do well in these elections because they talk extensively about their concner because of their data.
We can only have good data if we are asking. My intention is to avoid the landmines that we walked in to. I want the new leaders to know the concners. It has healped. We were able to make a change based on the last survey.
Daryl has not been “”hired.”” He wants to ehlp the party awith his service and he has not received a penny.

This anonymous email went to your personal email. I have shared my thoughts on the canddiates. You shouldn’t vote for people based on their domain.
I didn’t want to hide the data.
Now that I am in leadership some people think you are a bad bad person.
I called Daryl and it tok 2 hours for hiim to call me back. Daryl has a family and was not going to be taking the data yesterday to his clients. He was at the Costco with his family.
I mentioned Michael Jolley to coall and confirm that people were on board with the sterring committee.
I am sorry if anyone was confused about the candidates.
If you take the survey who onw the results – the party.

It is clearly the intntion to mislead the survey – this is the impuning that my attorney say is the bad part

4/18/2015 8:38:34 AM Information Jacob Anderegg We took the bait and wasted a lot of people’s time this morning. Getting together and hashing through personal gripes. You have a group of people who want to kingdome build within the organtzation. Lets caget to the training and the candiates.
4/18/2015 8:39:29 AM Information Casey Voekes “Unfortunately I spent time doealing with this. People told me to send a response. I don’t’ want to get in to the mud. We as a party need to say enough is enough.
We need to delte the email and tell them no and they are insane. We need to ignore. I was not able to prepare the training because I didn’t have the time to do it.
My bsines partners will tell you. This party has always been my top rporptiry duroing thise two years.
I needed to answer this email and address the questions. I want su ot have a successful convetnion. If your deltgates are razzed and want to set a fire on beacuase of that email.
Any follow upquestions?
Hear from State Party Chair.”
4/18/2015 8:42:25 AM Report James Evans “Thank you. Id ont’ know how to faollow that. I am fighting with Count My vote.
Many hae asked about the lawtusi tand the dreiction of the party as a hwhole.
Prior to our injuction on the 10th.there was no way toget the required changes in on time. As you know it take sa lot of time to get things passed through a body of deleagete. Especially when it was conroversial. We wer not able to come up with the answer.
In the hearing something amazing happeend. Judge Newford illumninated thate pathway and it was like he was shingin a light on the issue.
He kept referring to theis – you can resolve this through your membership. You know if you look at your membership uyou c an resolve this.
We brought up other pathways – but you can resolve that through your membership requirements. In many of our heads the membership is all registered Republicans. We allow the state to amintain our membership roles. We give it to the state to keep the roles.
After the judge referecningd the membership part anumber of times then we asked – what do we want to do with our candidtes?
We want them to run the gauntlet so we know wehre they stand and we want to vote these candidates out as Repulicans and this is where they stand on the paltform.
This new opportunitiey with the petition path was that the perceiption was they just hae to get signatures and they can spend tons of money and say what they are.
As the judge said, we control our membership. Imagine if you decided to become a candidate – if you had certain requirements to be a part fo the party.
If you are required to engage for proepr bvetting then you will have to fit our needs.
In short we are putting together a framework that will ensure thos ethat are petiion candiates wiill have to jump through hoops.
No one is getting through without proper scruitiny.
The judge is clear that he will go theough the process of legally resolving this. We will have to take action and make a selection. He said come back after you make a seleciton.
He wants us to conintue with the lawsuit – as we move forwad we will review our membership requirements. It will need to be a more specific description for our candidates so they can be required to meet our requimenets.
The fact that we have had an excellent vetting preoess has then required them to be excellent and a result is the state running at the top. We have a disciplined party apparatus that involves you today.
We want to make sure no matter what path you take you are vetted. We are going to be becoming stronger as a party.
The underlying concerns will be litigated and finished by January 2016. He helped us come up with the legitimate requirements. We are going to explore that to the fullest.”
4/18/2015 8:51:32 AM Question Background checks?
4/18/2015 8:51:45 AM Answer James Evans “That will be State delegates to decide. Your county will need to make that decision.
What we are doing is making sure that we expand the framework of the memberhsip so we can be consituttionaly sound. Canddates will be compelled based on us redifining our memberhsiop. That is how you can enfoce.
Signing a discloruse will have to sign a discolure. If you can’t sign it then you are not a member of the party. You are elevating your profile in the party and your brand. We won’t force it to be a candidate.”
4/18/2015 8:53:39 AM Question Who gets to define rRepulican.
4/18/2015 8:54:01 AM Answer James Evans “We are putting together a framework for that and that is how it will be decided. Keep in mind – this does not affect people thare not candidates then this does not affect you. If you choose to nolnger be a candidtate.
If you choose to run fo roffice then you would trigger the requirments. The reason I am putting it ou there now is we want vigorus discussion. We have never had to discuss this before becaseu we have not had this much intrusion into our process.
Don’t feel shy about igvein your fedback – just be nice about it.”
4/18/2015 8:56:00 AM Report Casey Voekes “Diane on CC&B?
Final comments from me.
We have gotten a lot done in this party during the past 2 years. The last coupel of years we have not had controlversial speakers at Lincoln Day. During these two years I invtied Matt Walsh and he spoke of the principels of the party.
Rafael Cruze, Sean Yers last year. They spoke about the party in a sdistrict and abrupt way.
Why does the Conttitution land the way idt does. We had a concer to reactivate the college repuclibacn.
We worked with the lecedted foficel.
The agenda reform process we helped reduce time wasted.
GOP committee has moved our cause forward.
Jim Matheson is done.
Common Core issues were highlighted and focused on.
Party leaders got out and talked about the party. Many leadrs in the past have been quiet.
We attacked problems and not people. I have completed at moments about stragne beavhore. I have not been graetful that my age has not invovled my decision have been trusted. You treat me as a peer.
I have built some very good friendships. I am gareful for this committee and menotore. I will certinly miss being a parcitipant in this process as I have for th last couple of years.
Any other business.”
4/18/2015 8:59:43 AM Adjourn Casey Voekes
4/18/2015 8:15:11 AM Call to Order Casey Voekes
4/18/2015 8:15:18 AM Prayer

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