20060418 John Jacob Meeting

John Jacob provided a breakfast for about 12 delegates and discussed issues.
7:44:02 AM Information John Jacob “I ended out at BYU. It’s pretty hard to get in there now. I ran my first campaign there at BYU trying to win my wife. I talked her in to marrying me. 🙂 She is very supportive of me.

I started selling real estate for Bill Brown here in the area. Then Pres Jimmy Carter was in place and as a President he was very dangerous. The interest rates went so high that I got out of work.
President Reagan came along and Recession is when your friend it out of work, a depression is when you are out of work, and a recovery is when President Carter is out of work.
The Air Traffic Controllers protested and walked out of the job. I became an ATC, but then later affirmative action got the best of me and I could not climb up the ladder. Since leaving ATC I have made a lot of money. Most of the money that I have made I have put back in to jobs in this area.
I have a moulding company, I develop water and have a technology company. I have a lot of knowledge about water and water law. We need the government to help us with this, but it needs to be done carefully. That is one of the things that I need to do as a Congressman.
I’ve put together a Letter of Intent and if you have gone to my website recently you will see my Contract with Utah. I have made a contract, as a businessman I think we need more businessmen and less attorneys in DC. I would like to read this contract together and then go over any questions you may have.
“”If elected I will enter into and ..”” Illegal immigration is not the only issue in this campaign, but could be the primary issue. We polled the delegates in this county and asked them what their most important issues were and this is 4 of the top 5 issues. The fifth is, I don’t know. These are the top 4 issues that you want me to work on.
One of the problems that we have is that we lack faith in our public servants. We don’t feel that they represent us. I am taking a business idea, a contract, and making it a commitment to you.
“”I will introduce and promote legislation that will . . National security . . Education . . Changing world . . Energy: Utah, Wyoming . .I ask for your vote and support at our state convention.””
A contract is normally signed by 2 people. If you vote me in, then you have signed it by your vote. I will work on these things and other things, but these are the items that I can commit to. I am willing to answer any questions that you have.”
7:54:10 AM Question I am a state delegate and I have spent my life raising my family. I feel like my ears are innocent and my foundation is in the constitution. What I have gathered from the luncheons so far is that we are in trouble and are too far from our base. How can we get back to it instead of being in Crisis Management only? How can we do it?
8:05:38 AM Answer John Jacob Have you ever been to any of my meetings? (no) I did not prepare her question but I want to address it.
7:56:50 AM Question I have lived in Southern California for a number of years. The illegals were welcomed back then, but then the social costs went up way too fast. In San Bernadino over 50% of the inhabitants were on public assistance. So the businesses that could leave did leave. The same thing is going to happen here.
7:58:01 AM Answer John Jacob “I pack this around with me. It is the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Since Merrill Cook got in the race, I do not need to beat up on Cannon since Cook is doing it. I want us to have ideas and thoughts rather than fight each other. There are so many things that we can do. We have Abraham Lincoln and Washington who showed us the way without having the technology that we have now. There is so much more that we can do.
What I am hearing is a lot of chicken little sky is falling words. When I was 17 we were talking about Social Security not existing. We are still talking about that now. I am out making money because I want to have my own retirement. Youth today are talking about not paying in to the system. But it is the same problem that we had before. Where though are all the reasons the country is doing well? Why is it that immigrants are coming in? Because we do have a lot of opportunity and we do have a lot of positive things.
There are a number of people who think that things can not be done, but I believe that things can be done. People who think that things can’t be done, they are in the wrong place.
My greatest asset is you, the 1075 delegates who are in this process. I want to earn your vote and I want you to be responsible. I think you had better pick the person that you should. You will pick the person that you deserve.
I will lose a lot of money by going to Congress, but I am not in it for the money. I have wanted to be a congressman for 12 years. Cannon has been in there for 10 years. Someone needs to step up.
10 years ago the immigration was 1/2 of what it is now. Our national debt was 5.5 trillion 10 years ago. It is almost 9 trillion now. If that is the way that you want people to run your government then I want to know.
I know that I am going to lose money personally and I don’t want to lose any more. I pack this around with me. (passing around something)
This is a widows mite. It is a reminder to me and I have a picture of it for when I go to Congress. If you have looked at utahpolicy.com they say that the reason that they spend differently in DC because it is not their money.
We have to take spending and make it right. We’ll talk about that in a bit because I need to return to immigration.
One of the reasons why I decided to run started a number of years ago. My wife first said that she would not support me as that because she thought that it would change me.
As time went on, I moved to Eagle Mountain. There were only 26 people who could vote and most of it was in my house. I was a city councilman and a developer. I lost my office because I was a developer. I have been able to do well in Eagle Mountain. My wife has been on the planning commission and a city councilman. She became involved in government.
I have been running now for almost 7 months. It has changed me. The responsibility that I feel has been tremendous. If I get out there to do this I will need your help. I believe that I represent you. There are things that we need to do. I feel badly when people tell you the right answers, but then don’t do them when they are back in DC.
I wrote this contract not just for you, but for me. When a lobbyist comes up to me and asks me to do something against this contract, then I can hold it up to them and let them know that I can’t do it.”
8:10:46 AM Answer John Jacob “Let’s talk about immigration. There are many solutions here.
We had Katrina come through a little while ago. I broke the levee and started the flooding. You can not fix New Orleans until you fix the levees. We can not stop or fix immigration until the borders are secure. We have 35,000 troops defending the Korean border, why can’t we do it here?
If we make programs before we stop our borders we will have 15 million people here. In Utah we ‘care’ more than anywhere else in the world. When I swear to support the constitution, I have to support it. No matter how much I love people I can’t share your money unless you give me permission. I can share my own money but not yours.
The borders are a national security problem. If we don’t make our borders secure then we have more problems than immigration.
I have been in other countries and I would want to get to America if I were them. Our country can not handle that.”
8:14:14 AM Answer John Jacob “I had a chance to go to a bowl game. I neglected to lower my speed between St. George and Nevada. A policeman pulled me over and I handed him my card. I spent 35 minutes talking to him about illegal immigration. The ticket had value to me and to you. He shared his experiences from Arizona.
Arizona has the highest crime rate in the US. He said that he had picked up a truckload of immigrants. He called INS and they said, “”turn them loose.””
After the football game was lost I was in mourning and lost the ticket. I got a letter from Arizona that said they would suspend my license if I did not pay my ticket. I got a hold of them and paid my ticket by credit card (and got a receipt). I paid the ticket. If I were an immigrant what would I pay?
The laws don’t apply to those who are illegal. If we don’t follow our laws we have anarchy. Does that sound familiar with what is happening now?
I have heard so many reasons and excuses about why we need to have them here illegally. Some say if they are here working we should not put them in jail. If you are a businessman you would come up with another idea. If we made it required that businesses had to pay taxes on day wages then the businesses would control themselves.
This is just like slavery. We already had a civil war and now we are creating another slave class. I don’t buy the answers. It may be true that we have gotten lax and aren’t training our kids to work. Kids are not getting a chance to work because of our laws. There are many things that have to be done.
Does anybody believe that the Senate is going to pass a bill to make it harder for people to come and actually follow through with it?
We have to stop our borders for national security and we need to take our funds to do it. I would rather pay more for lettuce than insurance.”
8:21:22 AM Question When you talk about stopping our borders, what is that?
8:21:33 AM Answer John Jacob “We need more manpower. The minute man group proved that. We need to fund the work. We need to stop the flow of money and jobs. We stopped drug trafficking we should be able to stop slave trafficking.
We have to make it so that the magnets are not here.
We need to get Mexico to work with us, not against us. We need to make sure that they get involved in this versus working against us. They are trying to send us their welfare problems and criminals.
One of the reasons that the legitimate people in line are having to wait is because we have so many illegal people. More support on the border and enforce taxes against these employers.
Our technology has improved and we can do this.”
8:24:25 AM Question Most of the work done in construction is done by mexicans and many are illegal. There is actually a place where the city lets them loiter for work.
8:25:33 AM Answer John Jacob Those are local governments because the national hasn’t done its job. We give a driving privilege card as well so that they will pay insurance.
8:26:53 AM Question It is so accepted so that the competitors in business have to beat each other using this labor. So who is responsible for enforcing.
8:27:30 AM Answer John Jacob “They are all responsible. We treat illegals better than we treat our own citizens in education with grants. That is illegal. A number of years ago they were not saying seal the borders until now. My competitor set up a committee to address this issue. He didn’t set this up in November 2004 instead he put it together now that I am running.
Who is missing from the committee? Probably an illegal immigrant that is part of the system who knows what is happening. He is missing that perspective. I do not agree with doing things illegally. Why are we letting our legislature say what we are going to do and what law we will choose to follow.
We have talked on immigration a long time. We are not even close when it comes to Mr Cannon.
Did we want to cover other subjects?”
8:30:53 AM Question NCLB is the biggest issue that bothers me. Can it be repealed? Chris Cannon said that he voted for it because it was the right thing to do. Curriculum has become a testing preparation course.
8:31:27 AM Answer John Jacob “I believe that we can get rid of it. It is another example of a government program that is trying to force us in to a round hole. So what is happening is that it is not working. None of our children are the same. When you continue to make everyone equal then you will dumb down.
Will it be eliminated? I am one of 550 people back there. We have 33 states that do not like NCLB. We should be getting their support. The teachers are being made responsible. 28 students in one class 20 who are spanish speaking and 2 don’t even speak any english. So they spend every day preparing for the test.
I don’t know of one person that says that America’s education system needs to be driven by the National government. There is one school that I have heard of that is doing well because of Title 1 money.
President Reagan tried to get rid of the department of education and I don’t know that I would follow that. I am going to be there in DC and I am going to make laws that may effect you by making your taxes higher before they get lower. Education is something that we have to work on.
First of all on education we need to get more money in to the system. My position is to remove the strings and increase the money. I would change NCLB so that it doesn’t force the states to have to do it.
An example of protecting the religion clause is by using the same premise in the courts. With NCLB I believe that we can defend based on states rights what they are going to do yet still keep the money. If we approach it in that direction then I believe that we won’t eliminate it but use it.
There are some things that need to be done step by step. Education should not be federal. Other than Safety or National Security, I believe that the federal government should be OUT.
It is not their money so they don’t think about it.”
8:38:46 AM Answer John Jacob “On my third item there under energy my daughter got 3 full ride scholarships. She is married and is going back to school to be a teacher. Wyoming had the ability to add scholarships because they have used their energy money for education.
Utah has a find of oil that is one of the greatest in the nation. If we have as much oil as we have found then we have more than Texas. We could have a 900 billion dollar windfall from that. We have oil shale, natural gas and coal.
We need the national government to help us. Senator Stevens was trying to get the bill through to allow us to take ownership of our land. I believe that we could use our energy reserves to increase our education. We have tremendous energy.
I have a molding company. 8 years ago we had a staple company come to us. Our moulding wears great. This staple company had invented a glue with a gun that would activate the glue so that moulding could be glued to the wall versus nailing.
With nails you have to fix the dips.
Why haven’t you seen this development in place? Because it might put the staple companies out of business. So why aren’t we getting to improve our energy? We need the government to step up and break up the big companies so that we can do this.
The NASA space competition with 10million prize worked great.
Canada can produce oil for $30/barrel we can do better.
Energy is one of the 4 things I will work on that will help our education. Governor Huntsman said we should focus on this as well.”
8:45:59 AM Question National Staircase Monument
8:46:09 AM Answer John Jacob “We are trying to get that back. They are trying to get rid of our roads as well. I think that I am going to bring every person that is back there and bring them out here. I don’t think they have any idea of what they are trying to do. A lot of the people who are doing this can be bribed and hindered. I don’t think that they know what they are doing.
I know and love the mountains and will do what I can to fix it.”
8:47:36 AM Question What about energy and the environmentalists?
8:47:56 AM Answer John Jacob We are paying the environmentalists because they receive the paycheck if they prosecute or take to court. Our state had to pay for the lawsuit against the Environment.
8:48:59 AM Question What about the lobbyists? In hearing Orrin Hatch they have access, power and money.
8:49:27 AM Answer John Jacob “Who did I say was my greatest asset. 168,000/year is made by a congressman. I could make a lot more money. I make 10x that amount. I have written this contract so that I can hold it up to every lobbyist. If they don’t support it, then I won’t help them.
Senator Bennett gave a talk at UVSC about technology. He said, of the lobbyists, that it is much better now than it was in the 60s. Blogs have better coverage there now then ever before. We are handling these things more openly now.
I believe that we need to change the way things are being done. By reading my contract you know what you are voting for. The Contract for America is something that people got to see. I want more people to see this contract.”
8:53:12 AM Question They can spend too much time in Washington because they forget us.
8:53:36 AM Answer John Jacob “””If I can’t make a better wheel I will push harder”” because I don’t like complaining. I like to keep moving forward. We have 600,000 people who have great ideas and I would like your answers. I have 9 video tapes of people who are business owners. They are Heroes.
I need your vote and want to earn your vote. Anything else? Thank you for coming.”

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