20060429 County Convention

These are notes from the meeting in the Large Auditorium where we heard speeches and voted our ballots. Another wonderful convention to get together with other good people who are doing their best to be a part of the process…thanks (great attendance percentage!)

10:03:00 AM Result “Senate 15: Maragaret Dayton 62.6%
District 61: Garr Judd 52, Keith Grover 48
District : Jim Ferrin 49%, ?? 51% so there will be a runoff.
District 56: Kevin Sumsion 65%
District 60: Brad Daw 71%
District 65: Erin Tilton 61%”
10:05:02 AM Introductions Raylene Ireland “I am introducing the party chair with an anecdote. He was headed on a trip and packed up his trunks with everything he had. His trunks were lost by the railroad company. The trunks were lost in a small town in Ohio. A letter was sent by the businessman to the local small town and the response by the station master was that he had no superiors to be reported to.
Marian has no equal.”
10:14:03 AM Information Marian M “I cleared my head yesterday during a long walk that I was taking. I am thinking of the thousands of men and women who are serving our country on foreign soil. Pres Reagan said, “”Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. It does not pass through the blood automatically.”” I recognize all now in this audience who has ever served in any branch of the military. Thank you.
I am glad that this auditorium is filled with delegates. It is a beautiful day out there. You have given time to the candidates and to the issues. We stand together with Thomas Jefferson who said, “”I would like to be found with those who spend too much time defending liberty.””
What we do here will influence everything that happens. We live in an age where respect for government is in decline. In spite of the attitude that exists, you show that it is a volunteer process and you are the ones who make the difference.”
10:14:24 AM Introductions Raylene Ireland Jeff Alexander
10:14:31 AM Information Jeff Alexander “Being in the legislature this long they let me be a co-chair. I get to introduce people. We recognize our federal elected officials. Senator Bennett could not be here since he is in Belgium. We recognize Senator Orrin Hatch. We also want to recognize Claudia Cannon since Chris is not here this moment. Someone must have caught him in the hall.
Government Huntsman is not here, but Lt Gov Herbert is here as well.
President John Valentine, Curt Bramble, Stan Lockhart, Dean Sanpei. All elected County officials. Mel Hudman has served the pary for a number of years and deserves special recognition. Introduce Susan Bramble.”
10:21:30 AM Motion Susan Bramble Approve the County Delegates
10:21:45 AM Second
10:21:49 AM Vote Vocal – Pass
10:22:10 AM Motion Susan Bramble Approve the precinct Delegates; 683 State Delegates
10:22:41 AM Second
10:22:43 AM Vote Vocal – Pass
10:23:08 AM Rules Curt Bramble We wish to adopt the rules
10:23:31 AM Motion
10:23:33 AM Second
10:23:35 AM Vote Vocal – Pass
10:23:57 AM Business Raylene Ireland 3 minutes is the limit of Introductions for the Comissioners. After the time is up we invite you to applaud. We will start with County Comm A. Stone, Grover, Anderson – the order was chosen by lot.
10:25:29 AM Nomination Howard Stone is not at war with the current position owner. He wishes to bring fresh energy after 3 terms to the office. He is a good man. The integrity of John Adams and tenacity of Ronald Reagan. He has served in the Navy. He has helped locally. Howard does not believe in vain repetition so you do not see a lot of signs around the building today. He wants us to cooperate on the transportation issues. I place before you the name of Howard Stone.
10:27:30 AM Second Howard has resourcefulness and fresh ideas.
10:27:43 AM Acceptance Howard Stone I humbling accept this nomination. I come from managing a business. I bring my experience education and know how. I want to go out and attack economic development. We need to be fearless and courageous. I accept this nomination humbly. Thank you for your time.
10:28:49 AM Nomination Randy Covington I am the county recorder. Jerry is a great commissioner. He has been supportive of technology. He has helped our office become world class. He was a good choice when he was elected and is better now.
10:29:29 AM Second Since J Grover came here I have become a citizen.
10:30:01 AM Acceptance Jerry Grover Eliminate oxygen fuel. I have done it. Eliminate tax on restaurants and keep your property tax down. I have done that. Standard and Poors of Moody says we are the best run county. We have worked well within the county. We have worked with Cities well. I do not accept endorsements especially from county employees. I made a commitment to end my speech before my time was up. And I will do that.
10:31:46 AM Nomination Jerald Wilson I have known Gary Anderson for 20 years. I worked with him in our law office. I also worked with him on the commission. I have also watched him in court. I have known him well since 1977. If you want someone to bring people together then vote for Gary Anderson.
10:32:53 AM Second Dennis Harris I have been with the Sherrifs office for 20 years. I knew Gary as a commissioner and he served this community well. I proudly second his nomination.
10:33:26 AM Acceptance Gary Anderson “I am going to take time to introduce my family. They are the best thing about me. I want you to remember one thing. We can do better. I am committed to conservative Republican principles. I will support law enforcement. I will bring back tourism. I will work cooperatively with the mayors to get the funds that we have been promised for the last number of years.
Let us work together, be great and remember who we are.”
10:34:53 AM Business Raylene Ireland Second round of commissioners for seat B. Startin giwht Shirrell Young.
10:35:50 AM Nomination Shirrel Young “I am nominating myself. I am a father of about 75 grandchildren. 10 girls and a boy and another girl. A whole bunch of great grandchildren. I have been a resident of utah county for 30 years. I nominate and second myself. I am the honorary mayor of Thistle Utah. I have not invited my family here this morning to take all of your space. I would come out of retirement to serve Utah County in commissioner seat B.
I believe that we should have more seats. I am not running against anyone I am just offering myself as a candidate. I am for more transportation in light rail and improvement.
I propose that my experience in the elderly community there is room for improvement. I may be considered an aged man and will be 90 if voted in.”
10:39:32 AM Nomination Arlen Kuhni Retired clerk auditor of Utah County. I am honored to nominate Bill Ellis for Utah County Commissioner. I have known him since he was born. I have watched him grow up. He has a lot of ambition and drive. He wants to serve the citizens of Utah County.
10:40:31 AM Second On behalf of Payson I welcome you. Bill Ellis is energetic hopeful and ready to help all of Utah County. I support Bill for seat B.
10:42:48 AM Acceptance “Thank you for coming here. Isn’t Utah County a great place. My family is all over this County. From Lehi to here in Payson. My brother is buried here. I love this county.
A leadership change is needed. We value fiscal responsibility. I am Bill Ellis. A leader is one who values the truth. A leader allows all stake holders to take hold and fly of each new purpose. We need a collaborative effort of everyone. Thank you.”
10:43:02 AM Nomination I nominate Steve White. I want a businessman to run this county.
10:43:24 AM Second John Noble I worked closely with Steve as we simplified regulation on small business.
10:43:51 AM Second Curt Bramble I whole heartedly endorse this nomination.
10:44:12 AM Acceptance Steve White “I respect and honor you. I served 4 times as voting precinct chair and served as a County Chair. I governed from the Party platform. I wrote the platform. We have done great work without tax increases. We are the fiscal conservatives of the State of Utah. Utah County is the best managed county in the state of Utah. We are one of the 10 best counties in the country.
Vote for Steve White for County Commissioner.”
10:45:53 AM Business Raylene Ireland Move to county attorney nominations.
10:46:05 AM Nomination Phillip Gunther It is my pleasure to introduce Curtis Larson. He is a devoted husband and father. He has been in publice service for 20 years. He is consistent and trustworthy. My grandfather would tell me that the failure of good men to work in office means there will only be bad men. I support Curtis larson as a good man.
10:47:07 AM Acceptance Curtis Larson “4 years ago I stood for change in this position. I stood before you because I wanted us to do something new. I did it despite the consequences. There hasn’t been change in those 4 years. I come as a true leader. I have a vision of how to return the office to what it can be. I seek not to be a politician but a public servant. I was the only candidate who stood up four years ago. It will continue to be difficult in the years ahead.
Now is the time for change. Now is the time and today is the day. I want to let you know how muhc I love my wife. She has stood beside me. Vote for change. Vote for me.”
10:49:23 AM Nomination Dough Whitney I have been with the sherriffs office for 30 years. Kay Bryson is proactive and seeks out those who jeporadize our freedom. I nominate him.
10:49:59 AM Second I work with the Sherriff’s office.
10:50:15 AM Acceptance Kay Bryson “It’s time to cut through the baloney. I don’t bring spin. I bring a record of achievement and substance. I established a special unit for child sexual abuse cases. I established a Drug Court. It saves lives and prevents crimes.
I established a drug awareness program and a mental health court.
The schools have a different view of drugs because of this program. I would bet that there are hundreds of those in this meeting who have been effected positively by this program.
I established an office at dealing with what we have. I have shown that I can lead this large law firm. I aske for your vote.”
10:52:31 AM Nomination Tim Taylor I am the city attorney of Saratoga Springs. The tihngs that Jeff has talked about in this office is true. He is the best candidate to bring integrity to this office.
10:53:27 AM Second Spencer Cannon I am on the patrol division of the Sherrif’s office. I am honored to second the nomination of Jeff for Utah County Attorney
10:53:56 AM Acceptance Jeff Buhman “I have been a prosecutor for the county for 10 years. I have watched the county decline. I have seen an alarming exodus of attorneys from the office. I am the only candidate supported by the Police offices. I am the only candidate who will work with them in prosecuting crime. I am the only candidate who has tried every type of case there is.
I am the only candidate who is supported by the Deputy County Attorneys. I am the only legal experienced individual. We want to make the County Attorneys office what it should be. A leader in the office of fighting crime.”
10:55:58 AM Business Susan Coller Final report on credentials. The final report is 1205 delegates. 61 who did not come so we are at 96% of the county convention.
10:57:39 AM Vote 3 ballots
11:11:16 AM Business Raylene Ireland County Auditor
11:11:30 AM Nomination I have worked hard to earn your trust. I introduce a young man and he has worked in this office for 6 years. His boss said that he could not do his job without him. Cary has been working on making it a great county in this state.
11:12:33 AM Second Chad Turner I second his nomination.
11:12:48 AM Acceptance Cary McConnell Good morning. I am grateful to all those who have helped me get to this point. It is with enthusiasm and humility that I accept this nomination. I would like you to consider if you value the experience of someone who has been working in the office. The office is a dual office that has a number of requirements. I am familiar with them and have performed many of the functions. I am uniquely qualified for this position and I ask for your vote.
11:14:43 AM Nomination Curt Bramble I am honored to work with Bryan and nominate him. As a clerk Bryan will be responsible for taking care of the elections. I know that we need a fresh start in the office. Bryan has the experience we need for the auditors position.
11:15:30 AM Second I second his nomination. He is a fine public servant. His cheery demeanor will help him in this office. I hope you will consider Bryan as our auditor.
11:16:01 AM Acceptance Bryan Thompson I accept this nomination. I am very grounded in Republican principles and fiscal responsibility. Many of you have asked about what the purpose of this office is. It does matter because it is the backbone of the County. The leader should be an individual with experience for management and accountability. As an accountant I will see what we make good fiscal decisions. Let me put my private sector experience to work for you.
11:18:08 AM Nomination Mel Huckerman Thank you for letting me serve as your county treasurer and I place Kim Jackson’s name in.
11:18:41 AM Second Kris Poulson I am the utah county assesors office and I second the nomination.
11:19:05 AM Acceptance Kim Jackson “I accept. I have the experience of working with funds. I am the current county clerk auditor. We wall work together so that the properties are taxed properly. I have served in the county for the last four years. I can make smooth transitions take place. Utah county has made all its changes transparently.
You know my credentials and I am the only one with professional certifications. I hold security licenses and other degrees. I have experience as a CFO and controller. When all this combined you should vote for Kim Jackson.”
11:21:32 AM Nomination Kim Kirk I nominate Robert Kirk and he has excellent experience. I nominate my brother Robert C Kirk.
11:22:14 AM Second Yes Robert has the qualifications. His biggest asset is his heart. I am his wife and his love is for our family. I second the nomination for our next county treasurer Robert Kirk.
11:23:00 AM Acceptance Robert Kirk “I accept this nomination. I have had the pleasure of serving for the past 24 years of working in the State Treasurers office. We have all kinds of changes that have happened over the past number of years. I have been a treasurer and do it well. You need a candidate who is experienced in all treasury management.
The difference between the county and state treasurer is the professionalism. I do not have a slogan, but if you can’t remember my name then write it down and put it in your wallet, because that is where we are coming from to pay taxes in this state.
Vote for Robert Kirk.”
11:25:39 AM Introductions Raylene Ireland Please welcome Lt Gov Gary Herbert.
11:25:57 AM Information Gary Herbert “I have traveled to a lot of conventions over the past number of years. I would like to pass out some thank yous. Marian and her committee. Raylene and even Jeff who have helped. I know that we come together her in convention to do a lot of things.
Just getting together is a great thing to do so that we re-energize what we need to do. The Governor is getting out to the rural part of the state. He told me to tell you that he loves you all. He is grateful for you support here in this county.
I recently had a chance to stay for 2 days on a aircraft carrier. I was told to watch for the 3 T’s. He said watch for the Top Gun, which is the jets coming and going. I was ready to sign up because it is so awesome. Second T is technology. We have advanced it so fast and far and they have so much on these carriers. They can take off and land by computer. All the pilot has to do is turn off the engine. 3000 people become 5000 when they have all their aircraft.
The third T is teamwork. To be on a 4 acre parcel with that many people, they have to work really well together. They have to fuel, eat, clean and work as a team. I am pleased that we are the Republican team together and that we can raise the bar.
As a branch we have been able to improve the economy. We have spent some money on transportation and have increased the amount to education as well. We have continued to improve it. We have also been able to put on the table a generous tax cut.
Lastly I need to comment on our congressional delegation that we get to see on CSPAN. So I thank them for helping us keep the nuclear rods out and our open spaces close to home.
I finally thank all the local enforcement officers and you locally. You keep us on the right track. It’s a team effort and I am pleased to be on the same team with you.
I congratulate all those who have run. It is not for the faint of heart or thin of skin. It is hard to say that “”I am the best”” but humbly say “”I don’t have all the answers.””
I am proud to be an American. We have so much to be thankful for. I believe that what we espouse as Republicans is the right thing. I am grateful to be a Utahn. My heritage goes way back to pioneer days. I like us being a beacon on a hill and I am honored to be your lieutenant governor.”
11:36:49 AM Business We will go on to our next ballot.
11:37:01 AM Vote 2 ballots
11:45:52 AM Introductions Raylene Ireland “Entertainment while we wait for the balot count to come back. “”Are There any Americans in the Crowd””. We invited you to check out their CD.”
11:47:03 AM Information Cody Sorenson I always listen to my grandma and she said that I should write a song after 911. We were practicing this song and I heard the bag pipers. I got teary eye.
11:49:30 AM Music
11:52:45 AM Business Raylene Ireland “We are still counting the first ballot.
We would like to hear from our federal candidates. Rather than giving a Delegation update Hatch and Cannon have agreed to introduce themselves the same as the other candidates.”
11:55:54 AM Introductions Ronald Levine NOT HERE
11:56:30 AM Introductions Michael Ridgeway NOT HERE
11:56:41 AM Introductions Brian Jenkins “It is a pleasure to be here. I love America and this party. I love being a part of this process. I hope that I can get through my speech here. My friend said that I should not run too hard against mr hatch because he is Mr Utah. Please check out my web site.
Mr Hatch has 30 years of track record that you can look at. But I would like us to return to limited government. I would like us to return to smaller, less taxes and less spending. Its not entirely Mr Hatchs fault that the government has gotten bigger. The longer that you are out there the harder it is to see the growth.
CAFTA creates government outside of the constitution.
The Patriot Act we need to move away from while at the same time we are leaving open the border.
Thank you for your vote.”
11:59:58 AM Introductions Orrin Hatch “(some standing, some not)
This is a teriffic crowd here. When I look for values I look to Utah County. I really have appreciated the fact that you have let me represent you for these many years. I try to bring your principles to the US Senate.
Pres Bush said to me on Air Force One thank you for putting good judges on the bench for this country. He talked about some other things that I can’t get in to. I will continue to do what I can to keep this county represented in DC.
My wife taught school here for the first 2 years of our marriage. If I am fortunate enough to be re-elected I will become the chair of the finance committee and my partner Bob Bennett will become chair of the banking committee so you will have 2 representatives on the 2 most importatn committees. God Bless you and God Bless America.”
12:03:21 PM Results “Comm A: 2nd ballot – Jerry 46% Anderson 50% Stone 4%
Comm B: Steve White 62% Ellis 36% Young 2%
Atty: Kay Bryson 12% Buhman 69% Larson 19%”
12:04:37 PM Vote 1 ballot Commissioner Seat A
12:10:34 PM Introductions John Jacob “We have a captured crowd because you can’t leave until we get the votes counted. With Hatch and Bennett back there we will pay down our debt. I want more business men and less politicians and attorneys in DC.
I have written my Letter of Intent. I have signed it. You have read a letter from me about raising the bar. If you want things to stay the same vote for the others. If you want change vot for me.
It’s exciting to be here and make this difference. I have my wife behind me and she was the first campaign that I won. I can win any campaign. If you see Chris’s website, he walks on water, but I want you to know that I own the water.”
12:13:24 PM Introductions Chris Cannon “Many of you know Claudia my wife. I would like to speak about you for a moment. I have met with over 600 new delegates. Many of them are new. My first convention was in 1972. I have watched people here for a number of years. We have done some great things together. None of us were born Republicans.
You chose to be Republican and you chose to be activists. You chose to be a part. You can make a difference. I want to empower you to make a difference. Anyone want to get rid of the Department of Education? [claps]
We need to get the teachers together and move for getting rid of this department.
In each of my meetings now I have been speaking for hours on immigration. There is a lot of misunderstanding on this issue. I have a clear record on legal immigration. It is a privilege to be American and I ask for your support.”
12:16:41 PM Introductions Merrill Cook “It’s a real pleasure for my wife and I to be here. I want to return to congress to serve where I have been before. Illegal immigraiton needs to be stopped. We need more Republicans there to oppose. I oppose the incumbents record on illegal immigration. We needed to stop the agricultural bill that brings amnesty to immigrants. UFIRE supports me so that we can bring this immigration to an end. We need to take away the benefits and get the employers for hiring these people.
I would have voted against NCLB. That would be better than just getting rid of the Department of Education. The incumbent has refused to reverse the bill.
It is not right for us to have given up the right to set tarriffs up to the WTO. We need a better energy policy. We need to restore America and so I am running in this race. Thank you.”
12:19:56 PM Business Raylene Ireland May 6th 7pm at the Noni Building in Provo there will be a debate for the 3rd Congressional seat.
12:20:45 PM Introductions Joe Tucker “In the the Gettysburg address Lincoln asked that we gather together and agree that government by the people and of the people be preserved. So that those who had died would not have died in vain.
Many now are sacrificing their lives to protect our freedoms. I would feel bad if I were not willing to serve to preserve the freedoms. I am going to enforce judicial boundaries. Liberal judges have changed the powers of this country. They have created a constitutional right to abortion. Congress has the ability to bring this in to check.
Americans should be able to have simple tax code. We have a problem with illegal immigration. We have to stop the flow. With Congressman Joe Tucker you get these problems solved. You give me the nomination and I will give you the answers.”
12:24:05 PM Introductions Chris Lonsberry “I saw a cartoon once that showed our problem. The 2 people were asking each other where they were going and the other said, “”I thought you were driving.”” The idea of offereing back $100.00 bill for gas that is a Democrat trick. We need to start acting like Republicans.
I am the youngest of 8 boys. I spent time in the Marines and served 3 months in Vietnam as a machine gunner. I learned a lot of lessons there.
I hold Republican ideals and graduated from USU. My primary issue is Right to Life. Secondary issue is immigration. We need to build fences in sensitive areas and high traffic places. We need to put military there to protect that border.
National Retail Sales Tax and get rid of the IRS. We need to deal with Islamic terrorism as well.”
12:27:17 PM Introductions Lavarr Christensen “Thank you. It is so great to be with you. We are somewhat of a footnote for you. I have worked closely with a number of people here who I served with. We have parts of Alpine and Lehi here.
I feel strangely that we had to create Amendment 3. With the help of so many others we were able to move that issue forward. In our Utah legislature only 2 Democrats set their platform aside and voted for it. You in Utah County passed that issue strongly.
The fight goes on. The days that go forward demand strong stands with a vision of the past. 17% of our annual budget in the federal government pays our debt. We need to change that. The Bible is Gods gift to his children.
Let’s reclaim this seat so that we have a stronger delegation from Utah.”
12:30:33 PM Business Raylene Ireland Constitutional change proposal by Laura.
12:31:32 PM Business “We have a Central Committee. This body votes on the parties changes to Bylaws and Constitution. Any change is subject to you for ratification.
Any change that you would like to see made, then provide it to your chair or vice chair and they can present the change to the Central Committee. It is then sent through the normal process.
So the final change is to clarify the statements in the Constitution. So we would accept that we would allow allied organizations to participate in a non-binding or voting position in the Committees.”
12:38:03 PM Motion Ratify the proposed changes to the Constitution
12:38:25 PM Second
12:39:14 PM Question Paolo Examples of organizations
12:39:46 PM Answer Organizations would include: Republican Womens, Young Republicans, College etc
12:40:41 PM Motion End Discussion
12:40:50 PM Vote Vocal – pass
12:41:05 PM Vote Vocal – pass Change is ratified
12:41:22 PM Business Marian M “I would like to introduce Mike McGhee who was counting ballots. I would like to recognize our 12 leg chairs. Thank you.
We had 2 goals. The first was to clean up our voter lists. 2 leg chairs did a great job. Adrielle Herring completed all precincts. And George King for almost finishing his precincts.
We decided not to do our annual Neighbor2Neighbor. Caucus night contributions were highest for Doug Cannon. $94/precinct. 200,000+ voters in Utah County. We usually give a Ronald Reagan award but he is very quiet and doesn’t like to be noticed. I would like to thank our convention chair and co-chair.”
12:47:21 PM Results Susan Bramble “Treas: Kim Jackson 28%, Kirk 71.5%
Auditor: Cary 42%, Thompson 58%
Comm A: Jerry Grover 44%, Anderson 56%”
12:48:33 PM Business Comm A run off, list (as per above information). Thanks to everyone and thanks for getting elected.
12:49:24 PM Adjourn
1:13:53 PM

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