20050826 State Convention

This meeting was held at SLCC.
It was good to see everyone again!
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20050430 UT County Convention

It was a good meeting. We voted for our County Chair, Vice etc. There was discussion on immigration and concerns that we were “not doing enough.” These notes are fairly verbose (as usual). I am still trying a new system.
This was actually 3 meetings. (Committee, Districts, and Convention). Let me know if you think I should split it up.
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20050205 UT County Central Committee

Summary of Meeting in a slightly different format. Comments by US Representative Cannon as well as the other attending UT Senators and Representatives.
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20050129 State Central Committee

Long Notes from meeting including reports from Governor Huntsman (Jon), Lt. Gov. Herbert, and US Representative Cannon.
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20040509 State Convention

There were a few more speeches (specifically Senator Bennetts) that I have which I may make available if people ask for it. Let me know. As usual, this is a lot of typing … read more..
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