20100424 Utah County Nominating Convention

This meeting had a variety of County elections and Rep Chaffetz received and award for his work in DC thus far. Read more

20100323 Precinct 39 caucus

It was a great time to gather together with other people from our precinct. The turnout this year was 4 times the number of people two years ago. I am not certain what was the reason, but I believe that everyone is very concerned about the recent passing of the health care bill on Sunday (3/21/2010). Helmut Hobush was chair and ran the meeting very well. Thanks. We elected a number of new officers and delegates.
Chair: Merrill Hansen
Vice Chair: Helmut Hobush
Secretary/Treasurer: Evelyn Lewis
State Delegate:
Lee Hill
Kim Anderson
County Delegate:
David Henrie
Marlyn Garner
Laurel Martinson

I am grateful for all those who participated and look forward to providing more information on this site as I meet more of the candidates. Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

20090613 UT State Organizing Convention

This was held at the Davis County Convention Center in Layton. An emotional farewell from Stan Lockhart and a few good speeches.

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20080510 UT County Nominating Convention

This was held at UVSC/UVU McKay Events Center. Excellent turnout of delegates who were credentialed. Over 95% showed up. I was a bit late due to other scheduled events BUT I was credentialed!

There was a good amount of business that was completed considering the size of the group. Read more

20070609 State Convention 1

This convention was held in South Towne Center in Salt Lake County.

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20070609 State Convention 2

This convention was held at the South Towne Center in Salt Lake county.

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20070428 Utah County Convention

The beginning is a Committee meeting which is then followed immediately by the larger convention.

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20060513 3rd District Nominating Convention

This was a good chance to see videos and listen to the candidates. After this meeting we had our first round of balloting.
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20060513 State Nominating Convention

Good Convention. The vote in the 3rd Congressional district appears to have been a statement that the delegates were interested in “change.” (Jacob 52% Cannon 48%)

Senator McCain’s comments got a strong reception. The Vietnam stories/experiences played a role in the introduction and personal confirmation that the Iraq situation must be Won and will be Tough.
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20060429 County Convention

These are notes from the meeting in the Large Auditorium where we heard speeches and voted our ballots. Another wonderful convention to get together with other good people who are doing their best to be a part of the process…thanks (great attendance percentage!)
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