20100331 UT County Candidates mingle

I had a chance to meet in Springville with a number of candidates who are running for County offices. If you go to the candidates sites you can get more “glossy” information. It was hard to get to meet the candidates since the format was so loose, but here are some of my notes.

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20100327 Val Peterson introduction

Val kindly made himself available today (3/27) for an introduction and I was able to ask him a number of questions. I was grateful for the time. We had a good discussion about states rights, helping grow the business community, and improving education. I am impressed by Val’s experience with the legislature, local education, and the entrepreneurial community. I look forward to seeing more of Val at upcoming events.

20100309 Cherilyn Eagar US Senate Candidate

This was a good evening meeting where a number of us were able to hear from Cherilyn, a candidate running for the Senate. There were about 45 people at this event. I appreciated hearing Cherilyn’s positions on the energy, finance, and states rights.
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20090613 UT State Organizing Convention

This was held at the Davis County Convention Center in Layton. An emotional farewell from Stan Lockhart and a few good speeches.

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20080510 UT County Nominating Convention

This was held at UVSC/UVU McKay Events Center. Excellent turnout of delegates who were credentialed. Over 95% showed up. I was a bit late due to other scheduled events BUT I was credentialed!

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20080425 David Leavitt US 3rd candidate

This gathering was held in the Provo Library. There were around 20 people in attendance.

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20080425 Chris Cannon US 3rd candidate

This was a morning meeting held at Jim’s restaurant.

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20080424 Jason Chafetz US 3rd candidate

This was a meeting that he had gotten announced late, so there were not many attendees (3). There were a number of questions and plenty of time for Jason to give his answers.

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20060506 3rd District Debate

This was a formatted debate held at the Noni building in Provo. All three candidates were in attendance and were given time to answer a few questions. Ivan Keller was the moderator.
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20060419 Chris Cannon Meeting

There were about 40+ people in attendance at this meeting. Representative Cannon covered a number of issues, including immigration.
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